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  1. Subject: Greek Merchant Art Patrons
    Date: 31-12-2002 18:58
    Received: 31-12-2002 19:28
    From: leeandhopkinson, jane@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    I am the former Curator of the Whistler collection at the Hunterian Art Gallery, University of Glasgow and now work as a freelance art historian. Currently I am engaged in research on the patronage in the nineteenth century by Greek merchants in London, Manchester and Liverpool of contemporary artists . The Rodocanachi, Sechiari, Setoricos, Zizinia, Ozi, Zarifi, Argenti, Calvocoressi and Uzielli families are among those in whom I am interested - as well as the families of Ionides, Cavafy, Ralli and Spartali, which are much better known to art historians. I am much impressed by the wealth of genealogical information which you have assembled. I would be very grateful if you could provide me with full details of the publication[?s] by Sturdza, which you refer to as a major source of information. Yours sincerely, Martin Hopkinson.

  2. Subject: Chios Diaspora
    Date: 28-12-2002 17:11
    Received: 28-12-2002 20:46
    From: Menelaos Pangalos, menelaospangalos@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Christopher, A quick e-mail to say that I have found your website absolutely fascinating. I am particularly interested on all the sections to do with Chian History and the Diaspora. I am born in the UK but all my grand parents are from Chios. I have also began researching my family history but so far I am not making huge progress! Nevertheless, I am enjoying reading about Chian, Greek and Balkan history and in this respect, would you be able to point me in the right direction in order to get hold of a copy of your mother's book - 'Greek Fire' - The Massacres of Chios? Many thanks for your help and may I take this opportunity to wish you and your family a healthy, happy and prosperous 2003. Yours sincerely, Menelaos Pangalos.

  3. Subject: WW11, Escape & Evasion – Balfe Family
    Date: 22-12-2002 21:47
    Received: 22-12-2002 22:58
    From: andrew dale, andrew@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Mr.Long, I have just come across your site [Pat Line] and wonder if you or anyone can give me further information on the Balfe line which my grandfather Joe Balfe ran with his wife and two sons. He also had two younger daughters Madelaine and Marie-Thérèse [the youngest being my mother]. She has now died and was reluctant to speak of the heroic work of my grandfather. I do have some information but would like to know much more. Is there anyone who may have come across the family who ran their line in Hornoy le Bourg near Amiens from their hotel. Germans were billeted there in the front part of the hotel whilst downed airmen were hidden in the back part of the hotel before being moved on down the line. I shall keep this brief but any help you can give me would really be most welcome. Yours hopefully, Monica Louisette Dale nee Hyland.

  4. Subject: Your Site in General
    Date: 19-12-2002 21:36
    Received: 20-12-2002 0:42
    From: armenak y. kutchukian, armenak@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    I am an offspring of the Armenian Genocide and it is with great pleasure that I went through your complete articles from A to Z. You were recomended by a good schoolfriend of mine from the good old days of British boys' school of Alexandria, and of course your articles [about the Chios Massacres and Chios Diaspora) spoke very close to my heart and his, as his father happened to be one of the survivors of Chios. I will try and get back to you with a letter and until then, I wish you all the best, and remain yours truly, Armenak Kutchukian, New York.

  5. Subject: The Agnidis Surname
    Date: 19-12-2002 5:16
    Received: 19-12-2002 7:58
    From: Zoe Agnidis, zoe.agnidis@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Hello Christopher, My name is Zoe Agnidis and my father Leonidas Agnidis was born in Florina, Greece. I was doing a search under my last name when I found your website. I am involved in clinical research and I periodically search under my last name to see if one of our articles was recently published. That is how I came across your website [and genealogy pages] and the surnames you have listed. I don't know how accurate my information is but my father told me that my grandfather whose name was Sotiris Agnidis was actually of Greek heritage but came from Albania. The story I was told was that the last name Agnidis was originally Agnas and my grandfather or some relation prior to him wanted to make it sound 'more Greek' and it was changed to Agnidis. I personally know very little of my father's side of the family but thought I would pass this on if you should find it useful. Regards, Zoe Agnidis, Mount Forest, Ontario, Canada.

  6. Subject: Nicolas Benachi of New Orleans
    Date: 18-12-2002 1:24
    Received: 18-12-2002 1:53
    From: ZaneKatsik@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Hello, I'd like to contact you about Nicolas Benachi/Benaki who New Orleanians believe was from Chios. He is reputed to have founded the Greek community in New Orleans and worked with the Ralli brothers of Chios. But was he from Chios? Zane Katsikis.
    PS. This info will be used in my story about the Greeks of New Orleans for the Athens News.

  7. Subject: Nicolas Zarifi's Family
    Date: 17-12-2002 20:33
    Received: 17-12-2002 20:54
    From: Diana, diana4@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Sir/Madam; We are looking for information on our family. My mom is Olga Zarifi, whose father was Jean Zarifi, brother of Marie and Lucie. Their Father was Nicolas Zarifi who was married to Eleni Sisli*? Who do we get in touch with to find out further information? Thank you and regards, Diana Bartolini (daughter of Olga Zarifi). We were all born in Alexandria, Egypt, except Jean Zarifi, born in Istanbul, emigrated to Alexandria in 1920. Thank you!

    [* Nicolas Zarifi (1820-1895) may have been a foundling and passed off as the long-lost son of Iannis & Tarsi Zarifi; he married Eleni Theodoridi and both were buried at Sisli.]

  8. Subject: Croil Air Force Base
    Date: 17-12-2002 20:23
    Received: 17-12-2002 20:54
    From: MacDonald.JD3@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Hello! I am just dropping you a line concerning Croil Air Force Base. I currently work at Canadian Forces Base Borden. I was reading your family history on your web site. I have never heard of a Croil AFB in Canada. It may have existed and I am unaware of it, however the reason I send this e-mail, is that here on Canadian Forces Base Borden there is a large classroom complex known as Croil Hall [in memory of Air Marshall George Croil]. It is probably the largest structure on Base Borden. It was in a scene in the Jack Nicholson movie, The Last Detail... and there is probably a commemorative plaque... J. D. MacDonald.

  9. Subject: Houghton & Gunn – Asprey's
    Date: 12-12-2002 23:30
    Received: 13-12-2002 0:18
    From: Keith Houghton, keith.houghton1@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Christopher Long, I came across your article on the history of Asprey's whilst trawling the internet. I was aware of my ancestor William Houghton running his stationery and fancy goods business at 161-162 New Bond Street. In c. 1841 he was trading as W. Houghton - Stationer. I was also told by a distant relative that the business became Houghton & Gunn. An entry in an old directory of 1879 records the business as Houghton & Gunn. Do you know anything else about the firm, e.g. who was Gunn and when did he come into the business? I know William Houghton died in 1862 but his widow Ann lived on until 1882. Did she go into partnership with Mr Gunn when her husband died? I realise that you probably won't know the answers to my queries – maybe Asprey's have archives that might shed some light? Keith E. Houghton.

  10. Subject: Company Ralli
    Date: 12-12-2002 21:35
    Received: 12-12-2002 21:21
    From: ivo medovic, msa@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Sir. We are looking to find a company named Ralli Brothers Ltd, belongs from ex Duncan Fox & Co. Ltd. They changed the name about 1980-1982. Do you think that you can help us. Best Regards, Ivo Medovic D

  11. Subject: Warsberg in Lorraine
    Date: 12-12-2002 17:16
    Received: 12-12-2002 21:21
    From: Sylvain Post, spost@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Christopher, I am a French past newspaper journalist and now chief operating officer from a professional press company in Paris. My name is Sylvain Post, born 1946. My family is the owner of Warsberg Castle (Varsberg in French), located in Lorraine, near Saint-Avold, East France. I found your site as I was looking for the name 'Warsberg' which is on the list of the members of your family. So I am pleased to welcome you on our personal site. Please let us hear something about you. Sincerely, SP.

  12. Subject:Lady Colin Campbell
    Date: 10-12-2002 17:24
    Received: 10-12-2002 18:15
    From: Paul Bernard Grounded, inquiry@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    I am trying to locate a contact number for Lady Colin Campbell and wonder (long shot) if you had any information? I am researching for a US client for a TV documentary and they would like to interview her for the programme. Thanks for your consideration, Paul Bernard, Grounded Television

  13. Subject: Laskaris
    Date: 10-12-2002 11:02
    Received: 10-12-2002 13:38
    From: Anna-Maria.Mavroviti@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Sir, Just by coincidence I found your site about all genealogical families as I was looking for Anne de Zogheb whom my family knew in Alexandria Egypt and I went through all the families we knew in Alexandria, the Dragoumi to whom we are related as my aunt is Dragoumi-Casuli married to Mavrovitis. I would like to know if you have anything about Mario Lascaris, my mother's father married to Marie Ange Alliotti, both dead. My mother is Ellen Lascaris, married to Christos Mavrovitis who died in 1991. I would very much appreciate as I have very few elements. My family lives since 1957 in Athens, Greece and I work for the European Union in Brussels since 1982. I also gave your site to Mr. P. Argyris who wrote you and you gave him someone else's e-mail to contact for his family tree. He very much appreciated it. Best regards, Anna-Maria Mavroviti.

  14. Subject: Safe Houses in Athens
    Date: 07-12-2002 20:27
    Received: 07-12-2002 16:36
    From: Tom @[nospam] Basis, tom@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Christopher, I found your site on the internet. For a few years I have been listening to stories from my girlfriend's grandfather, who is English but was running a hotel in Athens during WW2 as a safe house for spies. Can you recommend any further reading? Kind regards, Tom Parker.

  15. Subject: Charles James Monk, MP
    Date: 26-11-2002 19:00
    Received: 26-11-2002 19:47
    From: Ken Owings, KenOwings@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    I was reading about the Massacre in Chios and came across your wonderful web site. I noticed you were looking in your family's genealogy. I've been doing the same with my own family. I was looking up some of my own family names in the 1881 Census, remembered your site and thought I might as well do some digging. I've received so much useful information from other researchers that I like to return the favor whenever I can. Hope it helps! Best Wishes, Ken Owings.

  16. Subject: The Search for Sidney, Normandy 1944
    Date: 23-11-2002 3:28
    Received: 30-11-2002 3:56
    From: Tom Bates, certcito@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    I'm writing because I believe you will be interested in my dual-language book, Normandy: The Search for Sidney / Normandie: A La Recherche de Sidney.
    The 'Sidney' of the book's title was Corporal Sidney Bates, VC, a young, working-class, cockney boy from South London, England. In June 1940, after the British evacuation from France through Dunkirk, he enlisted in the Royal Norfolk Regiment, one of the élite regiments of the British Army. Four years later he was in the assault division at the invasion of Normandy on D-Day, June 6, 1944. For two months after that he and his unit within 3 British Infantry Division (the famous 'Iron Division') fought in one battle after another as the Germans were slowly pushed back through the heavily defended hedgerow country of the formidable Norman bocage.
    Sidney fought his last battle on August 6, 1944, near the hamlet of Pavée hidden deep in the bocage about 5 miles east of Vire. There, with his outnumbered battalion threatened by German Tiger tanks on both flanks, he turned back one frontal attack after another of Panzergrenadiers of 10 SS Panzer Division. Felled three times by the enemy's machine-gun bullets and by mortar, grenade and shell fragments, he fought on until he could fight no more. But, all alone, he broke up the German attack and saved his battalion from being overrun. For that act of courage and self-sacrifice he was awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest award issued by the British for valour. Sadly, Sidney died of his wounds two days later so the award was a posthumous one. He was twenty-three years old.
    Finding the battlefield forty years after the battle proved to be surprisingly difficult. That was the 'Search for Sidney' of the book's title. Finally, with the help of two of Sidney's former comrades-in-arms and with the aid of local French people who had been caught up in the same battle, I found the exact field in which Sidney made his last stand. Today, carefully maintained by the locals, there is a monument nearby to record exactly where it all happened.
    The book was translated into French by my friend and helper, Jean Brisset of Flers, Normandy. The two languages, English and French, are printed side by side in parallel columns in such a way that one language never outstrips the other, thus maintaining the entente cordiale between our two cultures!
    There are two other two sections to the book: The Madame Lenaud Story which refutes a libel perpetrated by Daryl Zanuck in the movie he made of Cornelius Ryan's fine book, The Longest Day; and an account by the late Lt. Colonel Eric Lummis of how the 1st Battalion The Suffolk Regiment captured the formidable and notorious feature known as 'Hillman' on D-Day.
    The book has been favourably reviewed by, among others, Sir John Keegan, Carlo D'Este and Paul Fussell. Charles Whiting called it "Private Ryan in print!" If you are interested in buying a copy (30 US dollars or equivalent, available in the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Australia) please find further details and an order form at
    Tom Bates, Berkeley, California.

  17. Subject: Wellpark & Vietnamese Boat People
    Date: 30-11-2002 8:45
    Received: 30-11-2002 14:38
    From: patz, patz@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Hello... I was just talking to my husband this morning... [about the rescue in 1978 of more than 360 Vietnamese boat-people rescued from their sinking craft in the South China Sea by a British naval vessel]... he was an officer on HMS Wellpark and rescued many children and adults during the incident. We have not talked about it for many years... but I came across your web site [and articles about the Wellpark boat-people]... We were just wondering what had happened to some of the people who where on board. We correspond only with one person who was saved. Regards, Patricia Griffin.

  18. Subject: Whistle Training
    Date: 27-11-2002 12:08
    Received: 27-11-2002 14:01
    From: Sarah Gleave, about_dogs@[nospam]
    To: Christopher Long,

    Hello, ... I wanted to say to you that in my time while working with dogs you are one of the very few people who write about training dogs that I can relate to. I am forever trying to get my head around dogs and why they do things. Let me just tell you a bit about myself. I started working with dogs in 1996. I worked at a kennels that took in unwanted dogs that were possibly suitable as Substance Detection Dogs (Search Dogs). They were mainly English Springers and Labs with some GSPs, GWPs and Border Collies. I left there and became self employed doing the same thing on a small scale. I sent some dogs to the police and prison service. During my work it became so obvious that there were more dogs requiring 'pet' homes as they were not suitable as search dogs. So I took in GSDs, ESSs and Labs. I then progressed onto ESSs only. In Jan 2002 I moved to Lincoln and was lucky enough to buy an old boarding kennels and decided to carry on the rescue on a larger scale. I called myself the Lincoln English Springer Spaniel Rescue and set about taking in unwanted English Springers to re home to new 'pet' homes. I am now on dog '55' since I started in Jan 1999. I struggle from month to month and have just started a part time job as Dog Warden. The reason why I found your web site was because someone came to my door the other day asking if I knew about 2 cockers that had been stolen from him back in June. I offered to hunt out a phone number for him of a lady who did rescue and bred these dogs. We talked for a while on the phone and I became hugely interested in his training methods – namely whistle training. Consequently I did some research on the net and found you. I read your article and it made a lot of sense to me, I understood you and I could see that you had done this yourself not just read it from a book (as many trainers do!)... I am, as a result of all this going to pursue this method with my more problematic dogs here at the kennels now, but I think I will start on an easy dog to gain knowledge for myself. Kindest Regards, Sarah Gleave

  19. Subject: Family Tree
    Date: 27-11-2002 14:22
    Received: 27-11-2002 19:33
    From: Perry Argyris, perry.argyris@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Sir, I am searching for my family tree. Could you help me? The family name goes back to the 1800s, the birth place was Portaria, Pelion, Volos, Greece. The name was, the oldest I remember, Apostolos Hadji-Argyris. I would appreciate your help. Yours truly, P. A. Argyris [see Genealogy]

  20. Subject: Armand and Michaela Dennis
    Date: 19-11-2002 22:11
    Received: 19-11-2002 23:01
    From: Colin McNally, colinmcnally@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Hi, I am wondering if you would be able to assist me. I am trying to find some information on the photographs of Harry Drewitt. He is a distant relation of mine and worked as a photographer with Armand and Michaela Dennis in some of their African trips. As you can probably guess I am clutching at straws a bit and this is me really only starting on my search. I feel though that I would like to attempt to try and get a book with at least one or some of his photographs. Sorry in advance for approaching you in this manner, let me know if you can help. Thanks, Colin.

  21. Subject: Some Advice?
    Date: 19-11-2002 13:24
    Received: 19-11-2002 13:45
    From: Jo Thompson, Jo.Thompson@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    I have a late 50s dial phone that I love and adore but the plug on it doesn't fit the modern socket. I would like to know where I can get a modern one put on. The cord from the handset to the body is also split. Can I get this replaced? Where would you recommend going to... Thank you, Jo xxx

  22. Subject: Grandfather Clock
    Date: 17-11-2002 1:06
    Received: 17-11-2002 3:13
    From: clclynch, clclynch@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    My name is Charles and I am looking for information on a Scottish clock builder by the name of George Jamieson, of Aberdeen, Scotland, I think around the early 1800s. I have a 9 foot grandfather clock with the inscription, George Jamieson and Son, Aberdeen, Scotland. I thank you for any information on him, that you could provide. Thank you very much. Charles Lynch.

  23. Subject: Those Priestmans
    Date: 08-11-2002 16:15
    Received: 08-11-2002 16:25
    From: Will Costa, wcosta@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Hail Distant Cousin, Can you or your cousin Christine Priestman help me determine how far back one has to go to tie the Bradford or Hull Priestmans to your line? [see Slaley Hall, former Northumberland home of Major Jonathan & Mrs Christine Priestman] Regards, Will, William Dent Priestman Costa, Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

  24. Subject: Pat O'Leary
    Date: 03-11-2002 21:28
    Received: 04-11-2002 0:53
    From: Goldstein Philippe, philippe.goldstein@[nospam]

    Bonjour Monsieur, I have recently been in touch with Keith Janes. Also I was on your site SOE/MI9 for some months now. If you so wish, I can send to your postal address some copies of 'poems' made by Norbert Fillerin of whom L. H. Nouveau (Saint Jean) in his book, page 277, Des Capitaines par Milliers says: "Pour bien comprendre cette famille Fillerin, il faut savoir que ce sont des gens extraordinaires..." [These] 'poems/ballades' are about le réseau Pat O'Leary. Norbert was arrested in 1943 like the other members (Nouveau, G. Rodocanachi...). He survived Buchenwald and Flossenburg. Also numerous quotes on 'the way back' and the most extraordinary picture of the daughters... Sincères salutations, Philippe Goldstein, Boulogne-sur-Mer, 62200 France.

  25. Subject: James R. Forman
    Date: 06-11-2002 0:54
    Received: 06-11-2002 2:48
    From: Jay Underwood, jp.underwood@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Sir or Madam: I came across your family tree featuring James Richardson Forman while continuing my research into his life for my book about his involvement in the construction of the Nova Scotia Railway from 1854-58. The manuscript is almost complete, but I need a photograph of him, since none exist in the Nova Scotia Provincial Archives. Can you provide one? Jay Underwood, Elmsdale, Nova Scotia, Canada.

  26. Subject: Canfranc and Escapers & Evaders
    Date: 05-11-2002 15:05
    Received: 05-11-2002 17:50
    From: George Courtice, courtice@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Mr Long, I have just come across your excellent site on Ian Garrow. We are researching a TV proposal about the international railway station at Canfranc, in the Spanish Pyrenees. The station was a key transit point during WWll. We have made contact with one of the surviving resistance fighters who used to escort escapees out of France along the route from Oloron to Somport through the Vallée d'Aspe which we understand was part of the Comet Line. We are keen to locate any British servicemen who escaped along this route and would be very grateful if you or any of your readers would get in touch to help us trace any possible survivors. Many thanks, George Courtice. Merlin Films, 2 Post Office Farm, Middleton, Morpeth, Northumberland, NE61 4RE, UK.

  27. Subject: Vlasto - Avierino Families
    Date: 02-11-2002 9:20
    Received: 02-11-2002 20:42
    From: IEA, ieasas@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear dr. Long, Looking at your interesting history of the Vlasto family I've seen connections with the Avierino: Franga Avierino. As a descendent of Spiridon Avierino who lived in Egypt in the beginning of the XIXth century (he married Anastasia Churka ) I'm interested to collect information regarding this family. Are they coming from Chios? Do you know other information in this regard? I know of George Avierino killed in Chios by Turks after the insurrection of the island in 1821. Best regards, Edoardo Gautier.

  28. Subject: 153 New Bond Street, London
    Date: 02-11-2002 17:12
    Received: 02-11-2002 20:42
    From: Jackie Emery, Jackie.Em@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,
    Dear Sir, I am trying to find out about IW & FB Thomas, Gold & Silversmiths, of the above address [New Bond Street] in the 1800s. I have a 1844 carving set in its box from above address. If you could help me I would be most grateful. Kind Regards, Robert Emery.

  29. Subject: Press Query
    Date: 27-10-2002 11:23
    Received: 27-10-2002 12:57
    From: Caroline's Hotmail, cojbarker@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Hello Christopher! I am a student of Journalism at the London College of Printing, and have been set an assignment to research parking in Kensington and Chelsea. As a result, I came across your website, and wondered if you wouldn't mind answering the following questions? * what is your current opinion on parking in the area? * have you experienced any issues with regard to parking? * In what ways could parking be improved in the vicinity? In particular I would like to know details about your own consultation on parking in Kensington and Chelsea. Any information you are able to offer would be gratefully received! Thank you in advance, Caroline Barker

  30. Subject: Bond Street Jewellers
    Date: 23-10-2002 11:56
    Received: 23-10-2002 14:48
    From: Anniewood38@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Hello, I came across your very interesting and informative site while searching for information on an old Bond Street jewellers called Ciros of Bond Street. I'm trying to find out when the shop ceased trading and wondered if you give me any suggestions as to how I can trace them? Many thanks for your time, Annie Wood.

  31. Subject: UK Property Market
    Date: 23-10-2002 17:54
    Received: 23-10-2002 18:30
    From: Graham Walker, walkonwood@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Mr Long, I came across your site and read the piece on the UK property market in the 1980's with interest, as I am currently writing an MBA project on this subject. With your permission and of course properly referenced, I would like to use one or two quotes to add 'flavour'. In addition, if you can point me in the direction of any further sources of information it would be appreciated. Yours sincerely, Gillian Barker

  32. Subject: Mitchell Family Genealogy
    Date: 19-10-2002 15:06
    Received: 19-10-2002 17:39
    From: Jill Lamont, jilllamont@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Hi Christopher – You must be a distant [Croil] relative! Just thought I could fill in some blanks for you. I got print outs of the genealogy from my mother's cousin, Neil Morley (who had written in some dates for his side of the family) quite a long time ago! My mother has filled in some more dates as well, so here goes! How long has this taken you to do? I would really love to research my father's side of the family (Ian Thomson), but not quite sure where to start. One of these days I will find the time to do it. Now I am going to go and read all about the family! Kind regards from a very distant relative, Jill.

    [She then provides useful genealogical information]

  33. Subject: Elizabeth Haden-Guest (Feedback 2001)
    Date:17-10-2002 0:31
    Received: 17-10-2002 2:49
    From: Shinjinee Sen, ssen_romance@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Elisabeth (not Elizabeth) Furse (by her 3rd marriage) was the mother of journalist Anthony Haden-Guest but not the mother of his half-brother Christopher Haden-Guest who inherited their father's barony. Anthony was born illegitimate (before his parents married), and therefore could not inherit. Elisabeth Furse, née Wolpert, died recently... "The mother of Anthony Haden-Guest (b. 1937) has died. Her 2nd marriage was to Peter Haden-Guest, son of the Labour MP".
    [See: Obituary for Elisabeth Furse in The Daily Telegraph 15 Oct 2002]
    [See: Escape & Evasion in Occupied France in World War ll]
    [See: Jean Fourcade's Memoirs re the alleged unreliability of Elisabeth Furse's testimony in her published memoirs 'Dream Weaver']

  34. Subject: Zervoudachi – a Chios Refugee?
    Date: 12-10-2002 15:09
    Received: 12-10-2002 20:03
    From: cecile.zervudacki, cecile.zervudacki@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Mr Long, Having a look at your personal site [Genealogy], I thought you could help me in getting some information about the father of my great-grandfather, who I suspect was a refugee from Chios. My great-grandfather, Alfred Zervoudachi, was born in Alexandria of Egypt on December 24th 1849. He was baptized on January 11th 1850, at the Italian catholic church of Alexandria, according to the wish of his mother, who was an Italian speaking roman catholic, Maria Cassiano (or Casciano). The only thing I know of his father is his name: Nicolaos Zervoudachi. I don't know where he comes from, and even if he was alive at that date. I never found a mention of this first name Nicolaos in the genealogy of the relatively well known family Zervoudachi of Alexandria. Can you help me to find who he exactly was? Thank you in advance for your help. Cecile Zervudacki, Paris (France)

  35. Subject: Laing
    Date: 07-10-2002 19:28
    Received: 07-10-2002 19:49
    From: Halina Kijowska, HK@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Mr. Long, I found your website about Croil family which is so impressive and interesting. I found date of marriage of James Stuart Laing and Anita Courally Hunter as Nov 14, 1906. Can you be so kind as to provide me with information as place of marriage of James Stuart Laing and Anita Courally Hunter, please. I am looking for the children of the above couple. Thank you in advance for your help. Sincerely, Halina Kijowska, Mondex Corporation, Toronto, Canada.

  36. Subject: Escape & Evasion in France, 23 Jun 1944
    Date: 01-10-2002 23:57
    Received: 02-10-2002 2:53
    From: Peter Johnson, pjohns16@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Hi Christopher, I am searching around to find the proverbial needle in a haystack. I have a web site and get a lot of people asking me questions. If you have a read of the following story you will see that the pilot, Bruce Buckham is trying to find the six that got out of the train. Maybe you can help, maybe not. Congratulations on a very fine site. Regards, Peter J

    [This story concerns the Australian crew of a World War ll Lancaster bomber 'Whoa Bessie' which, on 23 June 1944, decided on a whim – and strictly against regulations – to liven up their return from a bombing mission over Limoges by shooting up a locomotive in German occupied France. A week later it emerged that in the ensuing confusion six Allied escaper/evaders were able to avoid arrest by the Gestapo and were sheltered instead by the French 'resistance'. They all, apparently, later returned to Britain in a submarine. Bruce Buckham, the Australian pilot concerned, is hoping to trace any of the escapers who benefited from his crew's extra-curricular activity!]

  37. Subject: France, WWII Escape & Evasion
    Date: 27-09-2002 23:43
    Received: 27-09-2002 23:20
    From: Fred Greyer, f.s.e.greyer@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Mr Long, I was very interested to read your web pages about Escape & Evasion during WWII in France. I am writing to you in order to try and find out about my natural father – Dominique Edgar Antoine (?) Potier. He was a Belgian national, who escaped to England, via Portugal, in 1942 (?). I believe he joined the RAF, and was then attached/seconded to MI9. According to my mother, he was parachuted into France (1943?) to set up an escape route for allied airmen in the Rheims area (the Possum line?). He was eventually captured and imprisoned by the Germans. A letter from the British Red Cross indicated that he died in 1944. My mother remarried in 1948, which accounts for my change of surname. I have contacted the Red Cross (and Belgian Red Cross); over a year ago - but nothing so far. The RAF Personnel Management Agency had effectively nothing. Are the MI9 archives accessible? I am grateful for any information you can provide, including any other organisations I could contact. I have some personal possessions:
      His diploma in Aeronautical Engineering from the "Université Libre de Bruxelles" dated 1935. It shows he was born in Seraing (near Liege) on 2 November 1903
    • RAF clothing card (26165) dated 22 November 1942, from Tern Hill
    • Various letters (no address) from him to my mother. Two letters appear to be dated 1943, just before he was captured (11/12/43 and 20/12/43). Was there a method for sending personal messages?
    • Various photographs of him some in uniform.
    Yours sincerely, Fred Greyer.

    [Thanks to the help of my fellow specialists in this subject, Fred Greyer made the discovery, within 48 hours, that his father was one of the most remarkable men operating for MI9 in occupied France during WWll. His story is already well documented by Verity: "... 16/17 November 1943 – double Lysander Operation Magdalen II landed Ray Labrosse and Lucian Dumais east of Compiègne to set up the 'Shelbourne' escape line from Brittany. Five airmen were taken back plus Capitaine Commandant Aviateur Dominique Potier of 'Possum'. A month later Potier parachuted back into France but was betrayed and arrested at the end of December 1943. After ferocious torture, during which he told the Germans nothing, Potier killed himself by jumping from the second floor of Frèsnes prison..."]

  38. Subject: Disguised Air Shafts for London Underground
    Date: 24-09-2002 16:06
    Received: 24-09-2002 16:46
    From: d s, dr_samizdat@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Hi Christopher, I read your very interesting article Ghosts Beneath Our Feet: Some Secrets of London's Underground Railways. I wonder where I could get some pictures of the disguised air shafts cum building facades and ornamental public park pavilions? Do you have any? If not, who does? I research and write about underground facilities and tunnels, and would like to include some of the pictures you discuss in my next book. Best regards, Richard Sauder, PhD.

  39. Subject: Chios Massacre Video
    Date: 23-09-2002 20:56
    Received: 23-09-2002 23:33
    From: PaTmOss99@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Sir, My name is John Themelis. Hoping I am contacting the correct person, if I am not mistaken, you directed (wrote?) a documentary about the Massacres of Chios. I hope you remember: I played with Leftheris Bournias on the traditional Chian music tracks (including the bagpipe). I was told that I would receive a copy of the video, but I have never heard of it since. Is there any possible way that I may obtain a copy? (I have no problem paying for it, if that would be the case). Thank you, sir, for your time. John.

    [In fact I had nothing to do with this documentary! — C.A.L.]

  40. Subject: Very Interesting Website...
    Date: 14-09-2002 5:03
    Received: 14-09-2002 12:59
    From: oikologi xiou, oikologia@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    ... and looks pretty well researched too. Not sure what to say about cops [on Chios], but... If you want, two sites to link to are and mine!. Will link to you when I get time, anyway. When next in England/Chios let me know... Rgds Alex

  41. Subject: John Kingston James
    Date: 11-09-2002 0:59
    Received: 11-09-2002 4:31
    From: Ron & Jan Kulperger, jaro@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Christopher, I am tracing Sir John Kingston James who was Lord Mayor of Dublin 1821/22 and 1840/41. Your site didn't indicate if your people were English/Irish. I had John married in 1812 to Rebecca Cash. I would be interested to know if this is one and the same person as yours. Mine was born in 1784 and the James family I am tracing claims through family stories to be related to him but I have been unable to find the connection. Thanks for any information you can provide. Jan.

  42. Subject: Aircraft Nose Art
    Date: 06-09-2002 5:12
    Received: 06-09-2002 11:58
    From: pennsy065, pennsy065@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Need some information on a certain air craft 'Keystone B-3A Bomber, picture taken in Ashville PA, USA, year 1936, nose art stated as: City of Altoona PA. [See: Gen. Billy Mitchell.] I am from Altoona, PA, USA now and have found a post card of the aircraft stated. Do you have anything about the nose name on the plane? Appreciate any help you can give me on the info I need. Thank you for your time: Barry.

  43. Subject: Argenti Family
    Date: 23-08-2002 4:48
    Received: 23-08-2002 4:54
    From: Mkladyelli@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Am interested in your Argenti family info. Are you related to the Argenti family? This family profiled here, they are not from Italy? That is where my Argenti family is from... just wondered if there is a connection somewhere. Email back when you have time. Elli Mussolino Argenti.

  44. Subject: Scanavi
    Date: 18-08-2002 22:42
    Received: 19-08-2002 0:15
    From: kostakis k, kosthell@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Cari sign. Gentilmente stiamo cercando informazioni per comporre e collegare gli alberi genealogici dei Scanavino – Scanavin con la nobile famiglia greca dei Scanavi o Scanavis dell'isola di Chios e di Constantinopoli. In caso che abbiate informazioni genealogiche di probabile collegamento con la Grecia medievale [occupazione genovese dell'isola di Chios] vi preghiamo di comunicarcele e in caso di risultati efficenti verrete informati. Inoltre cerchiamo di complettare il nostro albero geneologico da Scanavis Dimitris +1788 fino al nostro rame che comincia al isola greca di Tilos con...

    [He then provides genealogical data for some Scanavi and descendant families]

    Distinti saluti, Kostakis Scanavi Konstantinos

  45. Subject: Croil Geneology
    Date: 17-08-2002 1:01
    Received: 17-08-2002 4:13
    From: Croil, croil@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    When browsing for family genealogy information I came across your website, and am interested in finding out if you have information available on my family history. When looking through your genealogy listing for the Croil family I wasn't clear if it connected into my personal family or not.
    My name is Croil Hunter (Jan. 16, 1951 - )
    My father's name was John Croil Hunter
    My grandfather's name was Croil Hunter (Feb. 18, 1893 - July 21, 1970)
    Thank you for your help. Croil Hunter

    [... and later...]

    My grandfather's family was from Scotland. I remember as a young boy he mentioned at one time that in Scotland 'Croil' was a surname. We had (have) a family tartan and coat of arms. If I remember correctly the Latin inscription on the coat of arms was "In cornua salutem spero"... My grandfather came to Fargo, North Dakota, from Canada – Manitoba, I believe. He eventually, with others, bought and built Northwest Airlines into much of what it has become today. His son, my dad, John Croil Hunter, was born in Fargo, though they moved to St. Paul, Minnesota, while my dad was still young.

  46. Subject: Great website! Ian Garrow
    Date: 12-08-2002 19:30
    Received: 12-08-2002 20:23
    From: Fourcade, Georges, gfourcade@[nospam]
    To: '',

    Dear Mr. Long, I came across your website while searching for information on an individual (Elizabeth Haden-Guest) for my father. Much to his surprise and delight, I brought him a printout of your story on Dr. George Rodocanachi. Turns out one of his uncles worked with Dr. Rodocanachi. And my father actually served with Captain Pat O'Leary and may well be pictured in the photograph of "Capt. Ian Garrow and companions...being held in captivity...". I'm writing to you on my fathers behalf. He is very interested in getting in touch with you... Thank you for your help. Georges Fourcade.

    [See Jean Fourcade's account of his wartime activities (1939-45).]

  47. Subject: Pamella Bordes
    Date: 12-08-2002 16:52
    Received: 12-08-2002 17:57
    From: Name & address witheld...
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    I was reading with interest your archive feature story in the Evening Standard regarding Pamella Bordes and her links with Colin Moynihan in the mid 80's. Would you be interested in a follow up story: what are Colin's feelings towards that relationship and Pamella Bordes' life now? ... I was thinking of writing a short feature. Kind Regards, Suzanne.

  48. Subject: Wellpark 'Refugees'
    Date: 07-08-2002 18:44
    Received: 07-08-2002 18:51
    From: Tonks, Paula, paula.tonks@[nospam]
    To: '',

    Dear Christopher, I am researching a programme for Granada Television and am interested in finding out more about 'The Doctor's Tea Party'. We are essentially looking for groups of people to reunite and would love to find out a little bit about what happened to some of the 50 [Vietnamese refugee] guests you had to tea on that Sunday in October 1978. I would very much like to talk to you about the possibilities and would be grateful if you could get in touch... We are on quite a tight schedule with this show so hopefully we can chat in the not too distant future. Regards, Paula Tonks

  49. Subject: Mitchell & The Ostfriesland
    Date: 30-07-2002 21:26
    Received: 30-07-2002 22:18
    From: Jonathan, jjm8789@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Good afternoon, I was hoping that maybe you could help. I am trying to locate the names of the two Japanese observers that witnessed Gen. Billy Mitchell's sinking of the Ostfriesland. Their names sound something like Kusuda and Shibuta. It would be a great help if you could find these two names. Thank you, Jonathan Millis, Electronic Resource Librarian, Educational Resources, NTID at RIT

  50. Subject: The Last of...
    Date: 24-07-2002 16:30
    Received: 26-07-2002 0:43
    From: Welch, Sarah, sarah.welch@[nospam]
    To: '',

    Christopher, After reading your articles on the web, entitled That Was The Season That Was I really need your help with this subject and contacts. My name is Sarah. I am working on a series for Meridian Broadcasting entitled 'The Last of...'. One of the half-hour programmes is on Debutantes and I know, through reading your articles, that your mother, Helen Long (née Vlasto), is a former debutante. I am trying to find women who would share their experiences of the Deb season with me as I am finding it quite hard to locate contributors for this documentary. I would very much appreciate it if you could give me a call on either my work number 023 80 71 2250 or 07939 241159 or via my email address: sarah.welch@[nospam] Many thanks, Sarah Welch. Meridian Broadcasting Ltd., Southampton (Granada Group)

  51. Subject: Korais Research
    Date: 23-07-2002 2:37
    Received: 26-07-2002 0:43
    From: Geog68@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Sir, I am researching the Korais family. My great grand-father, Michael Athanasio Korais, came to America in 1857. He was a 'subject of The Sultan of Turkey' but was born in Greece. If you or any of your friends would be interested in helping me, please contact me at the address below. You will be rewarded for your help. George Corie (Korais)

  52. Subject: Mavrogordato Genealogy
    Date: 17-07-2002 12:04
    Received: 17-07-2002 12:25
    From: Amanda Baker, Nobby.Baker@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Hi, I found your website today because I was trying to look up some information on my stepfather, Peter John Mavrogordato. I can't find him on your long list but I know the following facts about him:
    Born in 1941
    Father, Nicholas Mavrogordato
    Mother, Noll ?
    Uncle, Michael Mavrogordato
    Grandfather, John Mavrogordato
    I think his grandmother was Christina (Scaramanga?). If you would like me to find out more, if it would be useful to add to your family tree, please let me know! Regards, Amanda Baker, Minehead, UK

  53. Subject: Dr. Aidan G. G. Long
    Date: 17-07-2002 9:24
    Received: 17-07-2002 12:25
    From: Mary Olson, kmolson@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Christopher: I came across your website because I was checking to see what I could find under 'Westerham Society'. I just wondered whether you are related to Dr Aidan G. G. Long who was a GP in Westerham, Kent when I was young girl? Curiosity has got the better of me. I just thought I would ask you. Sincerely Mary (née Benson) Olson, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

  54. Subject: Genealogy
    Date: 16-07-2002 18:17
    Received: 16-07-2002 18:47
    From: Vassiadis, George, VassiadisG@[nospam]

    Dear Mr Long, Many thanks for an excellent site, which I have visited countless times over the past few years (particularly for its genealogical and historical content). It is clear that Philip Argenti's Libro d'Oro is one of your principal sources for the genealogies. Do you not think this should be more clearly stated? It would also be very interesting to have a short list of sources at the beginning or end of each genealogy, including the names of individuals who have sent you information which has been subsequently incorporated into the site. Another question: why 'The Hellenes'; wouldn't Greece be simpler? Once again, many thanks for a fascinating site. Sincerely, George Vassiadis

    [... and on 17-07-2002...]

    ... As far as the Kessisoglou family is concerned, I am almost certain that it originated in Smyrna. I do have a few facts at my disposal, including references to a sensational London court case in the 1920s, when various Zarifis sued some of their Kessisoglou kin for slander. Have you been to the Greek burial ground at the West Norwood Cemetery? Apart from being a wonderfully evocative place, there are large and fairly elaborate Kessisoglou and Zarifi family tombs there. Likewise, do you have a copy of My Life Dossier to 1981, the charming memoirs of your distant cousin Sonia Simeonoglou (née Zarifi)? The Zarifi family originated on Avlonia, an island in the Sea of Marmora, and settled in Constantinople as wine merchants at the end of the 18th century. It was George Zarifi (1806-1884) who branched out into banking...

    [... and on 22-07-2002...]

    ... For your information, the Chian families I am interested in are: Benachi, Choremi, Eugenidi, Ionides, Photiades (the family of Cavafy's mother), Pitzipios, Psichari, Scanavi, Spartali, Scouloudi, Sevastopoulos, Syngros, Zervoudachi... I have made quite a bit of headway on most of these (with the exception of the Pitzipios family, which is very elusive despite being well-connected). As far as the Benachis and Choremis are concerned, I am now at the stage where only the families themselves can offer further enlightenment... I have encountered a number of different Carallis over the years, but mostly as the spouses of members of better-known Chian families. There are many Chian families like them, which flit in and out of the historical record, without leaving any substantial traces...

    [... and on 29-07-2002...]

    ... Re the Kessisoglou-Zarifi court case, I can't remember all the details, but I think it took place around 1920. The cuttings in the Gennadios Archive were from publications like the Illustrated London News and include photographs of most of the litigants. As I recall, when Xenophon Kessisoglou died, the descendants of Michael Zarifi decided to stop paying an annuity which he had promised to the Kessisoglou family. This upset Xenophon's widow (who from her name sounds British), and she and her daughter began sending letters to Michael's descendants and their neighbours in which they alleged all kinds of improprieties. Again, I can't remember exact details, but I think the ladies' morals were called into question! This prompted the Zarifi ladies to go to court, hence the sensational coverage. I think the Zarifis won the case...

  55. Subject: The Massacre of Chios
    Date: 13-07-2002 4:46
    Received: 13-07-2002 12:28
    From: E.J.Walford@[nospam]

    Sir: As a grandson of Sir Strati Ralli, and as someone who just remembers Jack Vlasto, I have read through the volumes of materials you have posted on the web, with great interest. My late mother never really told us anything much about the Ralli family, and though, as myself a professional art historian, I have always had an eye to history – and my own encounters with Delacroix's famous painting – and discovered a fair bit about the Chios diaspora, your postings have been nothing short of eye opening, and highly informative. So, thank you for the generosity of your sharing the fruits of your labors. This leads me to a question: Is your mother's book, Greek Fire, The Massacres of Chios (Abson Books 1992), still in print, or available anywhere you know of? I have searched the web for Abson Books and can't trace them, and searched for the book, and can't trace it. You must get inundated with inquiries, but a short reply: yes, try here, or no, long out of print and not available, would be appreciated. I just want to be sure I have tried all ways to obtain a copy as I think I would find it both most interesting, and, for my family, a fitting keep-sake. Sincerely, John Walford.

  56. Subject: Inquiry
    Date: 13-07-2002 11:03
    Received: 13-07-2002 12:28
    From: Worldwide_001@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Hello Mr. Long, I'm in the position to offer you the following items :
    1. War in Croatia/Herzegovina 1992 original video tapes
    2. Full information about 'Conflicts Brigade' and 'Tuta'
    3. Mladen Naletilic as warlord – attack Mostar
    4. Original founding speech 'Conflicts Brigade' UN was present during this meeting – original pictures and sound
    5. Battle scene – infantry assault – very good detailed pictures
    6. War diary – eight month in war – as mercenary in the 'dirty war' supplemented by video tape
    7. Information about the Mafia organisation in Croatia/Hercegovina.
    Looking for a publisher. Best regards, Balkan Specialist.

  57. Subject: HMS Implacable
    Date: 10-07-2002 8:53
    Received: 10-07-2002 18:06
    From: Sandfaker@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Many thanks for the information about the old Duguay Trouin [the original name of HMS Implacable, captured from the French during the Napoleonic wars]. I remember how sad I felt when I read that it had been scuttled. Was it really as long ago as that!? I was a Sea Cadet in Blackfen in Kent from about 1946 to 1948 when I was able to spend a week aboard the HMS Implacable. She was moored in Portsmouth Harbour alongside HMS Foudroyant [a similar vessel captured from the French]. I seem to recall that we slept on the Implacable and did our training on the Foudroyant. Although many years have passed I remember it well. I didn't join the Navy (I flew with the Royal Air Force) but I am proud to have served in the Sea Cadets. It was a time of my life when whatever had happened would have shaped my future. I'm glad it was the Royal Navy and not television! Regards, Frank Saunders.

  58. Subject: Tom Corkill
    Date: 04-07-2002 1:49
    Received: 04-07-2002 11:01
    From: j123, tanmayoprem@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Hi Christopher, I am a friend of Tom Corkill. Do you have any information that would help me to contact him? He would know me as Jill Hancock from Surfers Paradise, Australia. My name is now Tammy Nulty. Namaste, Tammy.

  59. Subject: Your Website
    Date: 02-07-2003 10:59
    Received: 02-07-2002 12:21M
    From: vanhagens@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Christopher, Wow! Steve.

  60. Subject: Telephones
    Date: 19-06-2002 18:07
    Received: 19-06-2002 19:34
    From: Ashley Buckman, ABuckman@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Hello, My name is Ashley Buckman, I work at D.L. Fail Engineering in Mississippi. We are starting a telephone museum, and I need some information. Where do I go to research old phones? I need to gather as much information as possible. Is there a place where I can plug in the information already given on the phone. Please Help!!! Ashley

  61. Subject: Digging
    Date: 19-06-2002 6:15
    Received: 19-06-2002 4:39
    From: msmills, msmills@[nospam]
    To:Christopher A. Long,

    Christopher, Are you still there? Have been digging thru your site anew. Not sure when I last ran across such an abundance of things I honestly wish to read! Best wishes, Megan Mills, Toronto

  62. Subject: Stanislas of Ostorog
    Date: 18-06-2002 14:32
    Received: 18-06-2002 21:30
    From: Delphine DESVEAUX, desveaux@[nospam]
    To: '',

    Dear Sir, I am looking for information about Stanislas of Ostorog, known as a photographer with the name of Waléry? Do you know something about him? Thank you in advance. Delphine Desveaux, Agence Roger-Viollet, Résponsable des Projets Culturels

  63. Subject: Ghika
    Date: 13-06-2002 1:33
    Received: 13-06-2002 2:12
    From: Perllan987@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Mr. Long: I have just visited your wonderful site again. I first found it over a year ago through when I was researching [the] Ghika [family]. found Ghika there because Mateo Girelli of Italy had written you an email asking for help with a book he was writing on several families, including Ghika. I emailed him, with the result that we exchanged genealogies we had obtained... and he sending me genealogies of Mavrocordato, Ypsilanti, and Cantacuzene. The Ghika genealogy I purchased... did not include the Ghika ancestors of my now deceased husband, a Hungarian who was born in Budapest and emigrated to the US in 1950 after living for five years in Germany. I have obtained more information about Ghika from the internet, including the years that Scarlat Ghika was voivode of Moldavia (1757-1758) and Wallachia (1765-1769). The site gives no personal or family information about Scarlat, however. According to my husband, Scarlat was the father of five sons, including Michael Ghika, who was father of Naum Ghika, who was father of Anastasius Ghika, who was father of Maria Ghika, my husband's great grandmother, who married Aloysius Nagy. A gentleman in Australia suggested that my husband may have been descended from Ghica-Dadiani in Mingrelia. He wrote that Ghikas were ennobled in Hungary in 1758. That would seem to connect with the time of Scarlat Ghika's voivodeship, but I don't know if there is any connection between the Ghica of Mingrelia and Ghika of Moldavia and Wallachia. I have scoured the internet for all references to Ghica of Mingrelia without finding information that helps me. I am writing you to ask if you can advise me how to proceed with my research. I have emailed the national library in Budapest, asking for information about the family of Scarlat GHIKA; I have not received an answer yet. I tried emailing the national library of Rumania, but it seems impossible to do that, although I have succeeded in doing so in the past for a different reason. Thank you very much for any suggestions you can give me, Jayne Szaz

  64. Subject: Scrini/Mavrogordato
    Date: 27-05-2002 14:52
    Received: 27-05-2002 19:52
    From: George Scrini, george@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    My great-great grandfathers escaped from Chios in 1822. Their names are Theodore Scrini and Alexandros Mavrogordato. My great-grandfather, George Theodore Scrini married Virginia Mavrogordato in July 1867 in Syros. I went to Syros and saw the wedding certificate for myself. I have Virginia's family photo album. I am having difficulty in putting names to the pictures. I am fairly sure that the first picture is that of Alexander Mavrogordato, her father. The only photo I have definitely identified is that of Alexandros Agelasto. He married one of my great-grandmother's sisters. As Alexander Mavrogordato married Polumia Ralli he could be a direct descendant [ancestor?] of Peter Agelasto, a previous visitor to your site. I have very limited information about my family history but if I can help please let me know. Meanwhile I will continue to try and identify my pictures. They are all taken between 1870 and 1880 in Syros, Liverpool, Trieste, Marseilles, Alexandria, and the United States. Bye!

  65. Subject: Greece Datodi
    Date: 26-05-2002 22:07
    Received: 27-05-2002 19:52
    From: Paolo Datodi, p.datodi@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Mr. Long, Excuse me for disturbing you. My name is Paolo Datodi. I am an Italian journalist and I live in Trieste. In an internet search about my family name (Datodi) I have found your [Genealogy] web address but I cannot find any information. May you help me? Before they arrived in Trieste I am sure they lived in the Greek islands, and after that to Bornova near Smyrna and to Berdjansk (Sea of Azov) in Russia. Sorry for my English. Best regards, Paolo Datodi.

  66. Subject: Chios History
    Date: 23-05-2002 10:02
    Received: 23-05-2002 10:18
    From: Mixahlidis Andreas, drma@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    I am from Chios island. It was unexpected for me to find such a site in the net! Congratulations for this! I found so many informations about great Chian families. Dr. A. Michailidis, President of the Chian Medical Society

  67. Subject: Chiots Network
    Date: 21-05-2002 9:29
    Received: 21-05-2002 9:34
    From: webmarine, webmarine@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Many thanks for the chance you gave me to go through your pages and find more info for those Chiots' historical families and their trade network covering Europe, Africa and Asia... Congratulations for your excellent work. Best regards – John Griblas. Piraeus, Greece.

  68. Subject: Lost Forces' Friends
    Date: 17-05-2002 8:19
    Received: 17-05-2002 18:23
    From: John Jones, johnjones677@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Hi, I saw your post [perhaps posts by visitors to this site?] looking for lost forces friends on a message board somewhere. You may have more luck if you try here. Cheers, J.Jones.

  69. Subject: Chios Island
    Date: 08-05-2002 2:06
    Received: 08-05-2002 11:44
    From: Kostas Anastasakis, kostas@[nospam] To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Sir, I think we have met at Koraïs Library, Chios island. Please check our new Travel Guide - Chios Online. Can you add a link in your pages? Sincerely yours, Kostas Anastasakis.

  70. Subject: Fast Track Visas
    Date: 05-05-2002 7:55
    Received: 05-05-2002 12:37
    From: centre@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Mr Long, I like your website (I also have various websites) especially your article on immigration. Have you looked at the [British] fast track visa scam? The minister Patricia Hewitt went over to India to attract Indian IT experts of whom 17,000 have arrived, for "acknowledged skill shortages". Acknowledged by who? Not the Professional Contractors Group who thinks there are no such shortages, and I entirely agree, see:
    Also useful is:
    This new visa scheme is yet another badly thought out scheme like Individual Learning Accounts, stakeholder pensions etc. Regards, Stephen Wynn.

  71. Subject: Esmond Knight
    Date: 30-04-2002 11:50
    Received: 01-05-2002 3:05
    From: John.Hughes2@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Mr Long, I am compiling information about the actor Esmond Knight whom you interviewed in the early 1980s. I have read the article you wrote about him but would very much like to see the photographs that accompanied it. Are they by any chance still available? Regards, John Hughes.

    ... and later...

    Christopher, Thanks for your reply. If you do come across the original cutting I'd be grateful just to see the pictures – it doesn't matter at this stage about the quality. My interest in Esmond Knight originated in my long-time admiration for the films of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. Beyond the star billing in many of them (The Red Shoes, Black Narcissus, Peeping Tom, A Canterbury Tale, etc.) one name kept cropping up again and again – Esmond Knight – yet I found it hard to put a face to the name. When I began to look into his roles further, I realised it was due to his skills as a character actor. Like Alec Guinness he has the extraordinary ability to mould himself into the character he plays. I didn't realise he was virtually blind until later and when I watched him again on screen it made his performances all the more remarkable. Then some coincidences started to happen. For example, I read his autobiography and realised that I live quite near the place he was born (East Sheen) and had driven past the house many times. So I decided to research his life properly and write a biography. Few people nowadays even know his name, yet he led a full, fascinating and (as you rightly point out) courageous life which I think will amaze many people. Any help would be gratefully received. Do you know anyone who knew him personally whom I might interview? Regards, John Hughes.

  72. Subject: Princess Petrocochino
    Date: 25-04-2002 12:51
    Received: 25-04-2002 14:18
    From: D Garforth-Bles, dgarforth@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Good morning, I am researching a relative called Princess Petrocochino who was the daughter of David Bles (1821-1899), a Dutch court painter. I believe she married [a] Prince Petrocochino and would love to know more. You appear to be the best authority and if you can help with any information I would be most grateful. Great website! Regards, David Garforth-Bles.

  73. Subject: Archibald Clark Kerr & Mustapha Cunt
    Date: 19-04-2002 14:31
    Received: 19-04-2002 22:01
    From: dgillies, dgillies@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    He [Mustapha Cunt] did exist and was a Turkish diplomat in Moscow during the war [WWll]. Archibald Clark Kerr refers to him in his private papers held at the Public Record Office: files F0 800. I saw this while researching Clark Kerr's biography 'Radical Diplomat' which was published in 1999 by IBTauris. The copy of the letter which circulates may not be original but there was such a letter and such a person. I suspect he pronounced his name 'Koont' but what the hell!

  74. Subject: Duguay Trouin / Foudroyant / HMS Implacable
    Date: 14-04-2002 0:11
    Received: 14-04-2002 0:35
    From: Stuart Evans, evans@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    I have just read the piece you wrote on the above ship [Duguay Trouin, Foudroyant or HMS Implacable] and agree that it was a dreadful waste. My family tree is being researched and my great great grandfather [actually, several generations back] was a midshipman on the Duguay Trouin at the Battle of Trafalgar on 21st October 1805. As you know, on 4th November the ship was captured and my great great grandfather Louis Leon Chasteauneuf was captured and imprisoned at Crediton in Devon. (Sandra Evans)

    ... and later...

    Louis Léon Chasteauneuf was born on 14.12.1787 in Paris and died on 25.9.1854 in Woolwich. He apparently served in the French navy on a number of ships as a 'ship's boy' (age 17) and later as a midshipman on board the Duguay Trouin at the Battle of Trafalgar on 21st October 1805. On 4th November the Duguay and 3 other French ships were engaged off Cape Ortegal and received heavy damage, were captured and taken to Falmouth. Louis was imprisoned at Crediton in Devon. (Sandra Evans)

  75. Subject: Shelburne Network (WWll France)
    Date: 10-04-2002 21:16
    Received: 10-04-2002 21:47
    From: labrayca@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Sir, I am given your email address as a person more likely to supply information, or directions to, the above subject [escape & evasion in WWll France]. A far cousin, Raymond Labrosse, was active in the 'Maison d'Alphonse' in Plouha, Côte d'Armor, in Brittany (Bretagne). I have been able to gather some information from Canadian and French sources. But, I would like to read the British side of this network and its operatives. Can you help in any way, shape or form? Thanks for reading so far. I will receive with gratitude anything you send my way. For the Labrosse Family Association, Jean Labrosse.

  76. Subject: Ian Garrow
    Date: 06-04-2002 21:23
    Received: 07-04-2002 0:10
    From: MalcolmIGSmith@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Interesting extracts from the notes [concerning the WWll escape line in France run by Ian Garrow for a while]... I am Malcolm Innes Garrow Smith, the third name called after Ian's father, Alexander, for whom my aunt Jessie was housekeeper & who subsequently married Ian. Alex Garrow performed a cataract operation on my grandfather at a time when this was pioneering [surgery which] improved the quality of his life immeasurably – hence I was called after him. I am passing the notes to my mother, Jessie's sister, who is still alive and alert at the age of 93. Malcolm I. G. Smith.

  77. Subject: Nicolaidi Info
    Date: 01-04-2002 3:11
    Received: 01-04-2002 10:35
    From: Mike Nicolaidi & Michael Houstoun, mmnichou@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Christopher Long, Through my English cousin, who already has written to you, I have been made aware of your site and the valuable information it contains re Chios families. What a fantastic and huge endeavour you are involved with! I am seeking information re my Nicolaidi ancestors, particularly my grandfather Michael Panyotti Nicolaidi, born (location unknown, maybe Smyrna, maybe Syros) 31 December 1862, and who worked for Ralli Brothers in India before setting up on his own account. By 1919 he had homes in London and Smyrna and was operating his company – M P Nicolaidi & Co – out of Smyrna, London and Constantinople. He died the following year in Tunbridge Wells, England (20 April 1920), his wife dying shortly after. They left three young children who knew little of the family history. My cousin says you remember your grandfather, Michel Vlasto, making reference to Nicolaidis in London. This could be right as the three children were baptised in St Sophia, Moscow Road, where my grandparents were married in 1908. At that time they had a residence at 3 Queen's Gardens, Bayswater. He also says you have a Nicolaidi in your genealogy, a Christine, married to Count Alexandre Lunzi (where might the Lunzi's fit in?) Could you provide any more info? As I have discovered that my grandmother, Annie Jane Willoughby Crispe, was probably born in Bombay, where her father was chief accountant with the Public Works Department under the Raj, and where it is likely she first met Michael Panyotti. I am embarking on a book about these roots of mine. I am a journalist and writer. My first book The Featherston Chronicles: A Legacy of War was published by HarperCollins NZ in 1999. I'd be grateful for any further information and guidance you feel able to provide. Best wishes and congratulations on your site! Michael (Mike) Nicolaidi

  78. Subject: Rev. Robert Laing of Halifax, etc
    Date: 01-04-2002 22:24
    Received: 02-04-2002 8:51
    From: Daniel J. Kane, djkeft@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Mr. Long: I've been researching various Laings in Chicago and have been hoping to find descendants of the above-mentioned Robert, who appears in your extensive Croil family listing on the internet. Ironically, there was a Robert Laing, with surviving wife Christina, who died in Chicago in 1919, but I do not think it was the same Robert who was a minister at St. Matthew's Church in Halifax. Your account mentions Robert's three children, James Stuart (or Stuart James) Laing, Jessie Croil Laing, and Allan Pollock Laing, with hints of a Chicago connection for the two sons. I am going to the Cook County archives this week to check on some probate papers for a Jessie Laing and a few other (male) Laings who may be related, but I wonder if you by any chance have the source documents (or could point me toward them) for Rev. Laing and his children. Thank you again for your extensive work thus far on behalf of the Laings, an Aberdeenshire family with roots back to the early 1700s in Chapel of Garioch, Fettenmear and Monymusk. Daniel Kane, Chicago, Illinois

  79. Subject: Atif From India
    Date: 19-02-2002 1:42
    Received: 28-03-2002 3:11
    From: Atif Khan, atifla@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Sir, Can I get present e-mail address of Pamela Bordes? Since I am also photographer I want to communicate [with] her. Thanking you.

  80. Subject: Ralli Family History
    Date: 24-03-2002 19:56
    Received: 24-03-2002 20:22
    From: r parry, parry_r@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    I am fascinated by your site. However, please correct the details about my mother, Katharine Jeanne Ralli, b. 30 November 1920, d. 22 August 1999. Please note the unusual spelling of her first name, and the correct d.o.b. She was always known as Kitty, never as Jeanne. Her sisters: Marietta b. 1 August 1912, d. 29 February 1988; Dorothea b. 5 November 1918, d. 3 July 1998. I don't know George's dates but he died first. I look forward to spending more time in the site when I can. With best wishes, Ruth Parry.

  81. Subject: Greek Exhibition
    Date: 19-03-2002 11:37
    Received: 19-03-2002 13:41
    From: Panorea Ziffo, Mziffo@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Mr. Long, You are probably aware of the current exhibition Treasured Offerings Legacy of Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Sophia currently on at the Hellenic Centre, 16-18 Paddington St., Marylebone, London (daily until 25th March 2002). If you haven't seen it you will find it very interesting as it shows a magnificent portrait of Emmanuel Mavrocordato (1880) and lists the gifts given family by family – Ralli, Mavrocordato, Schilizzi, etc. Also, photos of their tombs and on sale a book by Michael Constantinides written in 1933 listing photos of the families and gifts... Yours sincerely, Panorea Ziffo.

  82. Subject: Mavrogordato Genealogy
    Date: 17-03-2002 21:06
    Received: 18-03-2002 1:05
    From: Stefanie Rothenburg-Unz, Rothenburg-Unz@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Mr. Long, I would be very interested to open the Mavrogordato page which is unfortunately not possible. I am the daughter of Irene Mavrogordato born 1917 at Constantinople as first daughter of Nicolas Mavrogordato, engineer at the Bagdad Bahn (and other projects). Please tell me how to get the information you collected... Looking forward to hear of you, Stephanie Rothenburg-Unz

    [The Mavrogordato page, like many genealogy pages, is now so large that download times are unacceptably long! These will eventually be restructured to improve the situation...]

  83. Subject: Bravo Pour Le Site
    Date: 07-03-2002 23:00
    Received: 08-03-2002 1:28
    From: Aymeric Soudée, aymeric@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Hello, bonjour – I spent a little time to begin to read your personal & professional pages. It's huge, Mr Long! It's impressive... enfin... well, I'm impressed... flabbergasted! And did you see the famous Barbacane site... Salut, Ay.

  84. Subject: Arm of Byzantium
    Date: 07-03-2002 18:53
    Received: 07-03-2002 20:13
    From: Joakim Berggren, joakim.berggren@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Hi. Thank you for an interesting site. There's something I wondering about. How can you be sure that the Arm of Byzantium looks like the one you have? Regards Joakim.

  85. Subject: Info re Nicolaidi?
    Date: 28-02-2002 21:20
    Received: 28-02-2002 22:31
    From: Waveneyman@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Christopher, I have spend hours reading the fascinating information and history you have put together on your website and thank you very much for putting it on the internet and allowing people like myself to glean information about their roots. I was wondering if you have any information or links about the Nicolaidis who I think originated from Chios and came to England in 1908. I can find no information prior to this except that my grandfather, Michael Panyotti Nicolaidi, worked with the Ralli Bros in Smyrna and Bombay and then became a merchant in London. I have only traced a cousin of his, Merca Savali who came to live in the UK. I know records from Chios and Smyrna are virtually non-existent for the period 1822-1922 but if you have any information at all I would be very grateful. In all probability it could be the family was wiped out in the massacres of Chios and in Smyrna. Yours, Chris Nicolaidi

  86. Subject: Croil/Barnhart Family
    Date: 30-01-2002 4:47
    Received: 30-01-2002 12:49
    From: Bruce Cheesman, bcheesman@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    I came across your website while looking for information on Barnhart. I can help you with some of your queries under James Donaldson (William) Croil. Alice Olivia Kezia Barnhart was born 29 Aug 1851 in Streetsville, Canada West. I don't have her date of death. Her father, Dr John Barnhart was born 21 Sep 1812 on Barnhart Island, Upper Canada and died 9 Aug 1901 in Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada. Her mother, Maria Robertson was born 20 Mar 1823 in Cornwall, Upper Canada and died 3 Dec 1900 in Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada. John and Maria were married 18 Sep 1844 in Trinity Anglican Church in Cornwall, Canada. I am related to Solomon Jesse Barnhart, one of John's younger brothers. I hope this information is useful to you. Bruce Cheesman (Goddard, Parker, Barnhart)

  87. Subject: Deane-Drummond
    Date: 26-01-2002 0:34
    Received: 26-01-2002 12:17
    From: Keith S Janes, keith@[nospam]
    To: Christopher Long,

    [Extract from longer message...]

    Deane-Drummond was a Commando sent in to Italy to take out a viaduct – which he and his team did – but then their 'exfil' got screwed and they were all captured. Deane-Drummond was sent to Sulmona and then escaped from a hospital in Florence and got himself to Switzerland. From there he was sent to Louis Nouveau's and got out on the first 'Bluebottle' evacuation, with Whitney Straight, from Narbonne... He later went into Arnheim and got back from there on Airey Neave's 'Pegasus Operation'. He wrote a book about it called Return Ticket but does not name Nouveau or the two airmen he came back from Switzerland with – I do of course! Best wishes as ever, Keith

  88. Subject: Ziffo
    Date: 26-01-2002 18:48
    Received: 26-01-2002 19:01
    From: Mziffo@[nospam]

    Dear Mr Long, I'm sending you the information I have re Despina George Ziffo.
    George Ziffo b. Syria [Syros?] 25th Dec 1831 d. London 14th July 1909. Married Julia Franghiadi daughter of Etienne Franghiadi and Angeliki Drako. Julia Franghiadi b. Manchester 18th Oct 1839 m. Manchester 21th July 1860 d. London 2nd Jan 1917.
    Despina Ziffo b. London 7th June 1861 m. Antonio Ralli in London 2nd Aug 1884 (Antonio Ralli b. in London 29th Dec 1852 d. New York 12th Aug 1916, son of Pandia Ralli 'Pitsis' and Despina Ralli 'Chaviara-Chatta').
    John Ziffo b. Triest 24th July 1842 d. Constantinople 16th Dec 1885 m. Arghyro Mavrogordato (daughter of Eustratius Mavrogordato 'Vitello' and Perdica Negroponte). Arghyro Mavrogordato b. Constantinople June 1857 m. in Constantinople 1875 d. in Constantinople 1918.
    Yours sincerely, Panorea (Theodore) Ziffo

    [... and on 31-01-2002...]

    ... John Ziffo born Athens 7th Dec 1848 died London 30th March 1938, Chevalier de l'Ordre du Sauveur, married Arghyri Petrocochino in London 16th Oct 1868. Arghyri was born in Liverpool in 1861 and died in East Grinstead 17th Jan 1954. She was the daughter of Dimitrios Petrocochino (Hamartolos) and Despina Rodocanachi (Merle).
    Olga Ziffo born London 2nd Dec 1889 married in London 18th Oct 1914 to Peter Rodocanachi born London 21st Dec 1890 died Uckfield 20th April 1952, son of Pandia Rodocanachi (Vlachou) and Alexandra Schilizzi (Araba)...

  89. Subject: Scaramanga
    Date: 24-01-2002 20:49
    Received: 24-01-2002 22:27
    From: CScaramang@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Hello, I was interested to know when the Scaramanga pages will be updated (I'm sure you can imagine why!). Regards, Claire Scaramanga, MBA, Scaramanga Marketing Ltd

  90. Subject: Byzantium
    Date: 23-01-2002 3:48
    Received: 23-01-2002 12:14
    From: Ted Lebar, ted.lebar@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    I was looking for the history Byzantium (Vlasto) and the origin of the name itself. I took it in history in my early grades when I was still in Slovenia. Apparently there was a village called Byzas which Constantine chose for his new capital of the Eastern Empire. There was also a general Byzas? I have a feeling that there is meaning to this word, such as: Byzantine politics, etc. Can you tell me more about the root of this word? Thank you very much, Ted Lebar.

  91. Subject: The Real Charlotte Grays
    Date: 16-01-2002 12:35
    Received: 16-01-2002 13:51
    From: Paul Gardner, paul.gardner@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Hello Christopher, I am the film researcher working on a documentary for Channel 4 to coincide with the release of the adaptation of Sebastian Faulks book Charlotte Gray. The programme will be a testimony film tracking the experiences of 4 women working as SOE agents behind enemy lines in France. We have interviewed Nancy Wake, Pearl Witherington, Lise de Baissac and Sonia d'Artois (née Butt). Unfortunately the programme was a late commission and as such we are up against time to get it completed to be aired in the same week as the film premières. Therefore I am attempting to track various stills required to illustrate the various characters in our stories. I noticed that you have some stills on your web-site that would be extremely useful to our production. Could you possibly advise on the source of the following stills: (may I take this opportunity to say that I do not usually do this but time has forced the issue). The three are of: Is there a possibility that you have other stills in the context of the above people and stories? I look forward to your reply. Paul Gardner, Head of Archive Research, Darlow Smithson Productions

  92. Subject: HMS Foresight
    Date: 17-01-2002 14:10
    Received: 18-01-2002 1:07
    From: Philp, Carole, Carole.Philp@[nospam]

    I am researching any information there may be on HMS Foresight as my grandfather was on the ship. He was subsequently injured and spent a long time in a Russian hospital. My grandfather died a young man, when my father was in his teens, so as a result we know very little of the story of the ship. Could you point us in the right direction to get any information or contacts there may be? This would be most appreciated – Carole Philp

  93. Subject: Captain Ian Garrow
    Date: 08-01-2002 13:17
    Received: 08-01-2002 13:21
    From: Andrew Garrow, garrowuk@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Christopher, I wish you well for the New Year. As you may remember I have emailed to you before regarding Ian Garrow... Reading about the group of 'Escapers, Evaders & Their Helpers' it concerned me that out of most of the group's main players, Ian Garrow DSO did not receive an OBE or CBE. Do you have an opinion about this? I will contact the appropriate government authorities (who ever they are) on this matter and I may well seek to ask if a posthumous award could be granted even at this late stage. With regards! Andrew Garrow

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