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  1. Subject: Dr Rodocanachi's 'Guest List'
    Date: 23-12-2001 18:34
    Received: 23-12-2001 20:46
    From: Keith S Janes, keith@[nospam]
    To: Christopher Long,

    Hey Christopher, Could have three more names to add to those who stayed at Dr Rodocanachi's house. I believe SOE agent Denis Rake along with two [British] army sergeants named H. J. Foster and W. H. Allen may have stayed there whilst Georges and Fanny were away in mid-December 1942. Could there have been two girls there at that time, believed by Rake to have been the doctor's daughters? The group were quickly passed on to a Greek who got them to Perpignan. Unable to confirm at the moment but thought you might like to be kept informed of progress. Best wishes as ever, Keith

    ... and later on 24-12-2001...

    All Rake says is that the girls put their heads out of an upstairs window when he rang the bell at an address given to him by a French officer at Chambaran camp. You have been to the flat – could that have happened and is it likely Georges and Fanny would have gone away "to the country" for a few days? They [the girls] are described as being about twenty and twenty-five years old and quite receptive to the two soldiers with Rake. The book wasn't written until 1968 and as Rake himself was older... he probably didn't take too much notice of them. They apparantly remembered that there was 'a Greek' who helped 'their father' in the Resistance who Rake then went to find.

    [It seems very unlikely that Rake, Foster and Allen stayed with George & Fanny Rodocanachi (NB in his memoirs Denis Rake calls Allen 'Hall'). Firstly, the couple had no daughters. Secondly the idea that any of the household would have had such a conversation out of an upstairs window is contrary to every account we have of the security precautions taken by the Rodocanachis whose home was Pat Line's headquarters. Thirdly, Rake's description of the location of the Marseilles doctor's house is inconsitent with that of Dr Rodocanachi's apartment, while a conversation from the street with people at an upstairs windown would have been very difficult given the position of the apartment and the presence of a pro-Vichy concierge on the ground floor. Fourthly, Fanny and George are not known to have had 'a place in the country' or to have left their apartment during those hectic days. Fifthly, Rake's memoirs (Rake's Progress published in 1968) shows that he had very little knowledge of the Marseilles escape and evasion line, failing even to understand that Ian Garrow, Pat O'Leary and George Rodocanachi were all leaders of the same 'line'. If he had travelled through Pat Line he would surely have met one of these leaders, or perhaps René Nouveau. And surely, as a radio operator, he would have been aware that the Rodocanachi apartment had its own radio and operator almost working almost continuously from 1941 to 1943. Finally, it's most unlikely that Pat Line would have simply given him the name of a courier and told to find his own way to the Pyrenees.

  2. Subject: Limpsfield Schools
    Date: 22-12-2001 23:37
    Received: 23-12-2001 1:08
    From: Georgina Edwards, gmaf@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Hi Chris, I was delighted to see your site, although I didn't go to Laverock, I was at Dunrobin from about 1953 and then at Manor House. However a lot of the names [on the page] are familiar to me. It would be great if you could work this up into a site for all the folks who were at all these schools. I have some wonderful old photos of myself and others dressed as fairies at a Dunrobin panto. Best wishes, Georgina Edwards (née Fox)

  3. Subject: The Vlasto Family
    Date: 18-12-2001 15:11
    Received: 18-12-2001 16:57
    From: Bianca VLASTON, bianca@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Hello and congratulations for a wonderful site. I must say that I haven't seen such a website full of information in a long time. My question might seem a little bit silly, but I am doing some research and it might help me: is there any connection between the name Vlaston and the Vlasto family? Thanks very much for your time, Best Regards, Bianca Vlaston

  4. Subject: Information re: World Magazine
    Date: 06-12-2001 6:12
    Received: 06-12-2001 13:42
    From: Melanie Woollett, msw@[nospam]
    To: '',

    Hi, I am writing on the off chance that you may be able to help. I work in a library in Townsville, North Queensland and have been asked by a borrower to help him locate an article that appeared in World Magazine. He thinks it was published in December 1995 although I am not sure this is correct. He is looking to buy a copy of an eight page liftout that illustrated all 8 sub-species of tigers in the world. If you know how he might obtain a copy of this he would be very grateful. Many thanks, Mel. (Melanie Woollett, Reference Librarian, Townsville Library Service.

  5. Subject: Escapee Air-Chief Marshall Sir Basil Embry
    Date: 02-12-2001 14:16
    Received: 03-12-2001 21:48
    From: Maughan James, James.Maughan@[nospam]
    To: '',

    Dear Christopher (if I may), I have enjoyed reading your site! I wonder if you have ever come across information about the escape from France in 1940 of ACM Sir Basil Embry? I am very good friends of the family in France who helped him escape. I found copies (in French & English) of Sir Basil's autobiography and A. Richardson's Wingless Victory which discusses the escape and shows pictures of the family. However they wonder if more information exists. They tell the very amusing story of when Sir Basil came back to thank the family after the war in a huge car with motorcycle outriders. The French Gendarmes thought the mysterious visitor seen passing through the village was a German, and sent some officers on bicycles to make some arrests! All was well when they found out Sir Basil was British... Yours sincerely, James Maughan.

    ...and later, on 20-12-2001...

    ... Just after his plane crashed near Calais, for safety, he [Basil Embry] was looked after in a small hut in the forest and the Beugnet family brought him food etc. To escape, Paul Beugnet dressed Embry in a scarecrow's coat to make Embry look like a beggar. He had to teach Embry to walk hunched up like a beggar, not upright like an English officer! They practiced this for a week and walked slowly through the village past some Germans singing a French song they had learned and chatting. Paul's grand-daughter Sylviane Ledet still lives in the house where they received Embry: 'Le menage', Contes, Pas-de-Calais... Best regards for the season and complimnets on your website. Yours sincerely, James

  6. Subject: Secret army
    Date: 29-11-2001 10:33
    Received: 29-11-2001 23:19
    From: Michel Bafort, dr01162@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Hello, Flight leutenant W. J. Moore was helped by my grandfather after his plane was shot down [an escaper & evader in WWll]. He stayed a while in Eeklo to recover before he was moved to free territory. My question: Is it possible to find back W. J. Moore? What was his history and who is Major Glorieux (see .jpg)? Thanks a lot, Michel Bafort, Koning Albertstraat 62, 9900, Eeklo

  7. Subject: Sorting Churchill
    Date: 26-11-2001 16:55
    Received: 27-11-2001 22:20
    From: Nigel Parker, n.parker1@[nospam]
    To: '',

    Dear Christopher, I came across your site while passing the time and looking up Laverock School, which I too went to but a few years after you. I am afraid my memories of the place are obviously not so clear as yours, although those I have are very happy ones; perhaps having moved out of the area and never having been back to view the place doesn't help.
    I was though most interested in your article all about sorting Chartwell – funnily enough, my partner and I only visited the place the other week, as she is a history teacher, and I had not been there for very many years. Reading through your account and how one finds the place now, one wonders what the great man would have thought of it all... with best wishes, sincerely, Nigel Parker.

  8. Subject: Sir Winston Fan
    Date: 23-11-2001 15:53
    Received: 24-11-2001 1:52
    From: Lucinda C. Ford, agentlcf@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Mr. Long, I enjoyed your story on Sir Winston [Churchill]. I have for some odd reason begun studying his life. I was glad to read of so many awards, offices, ranks and the like this man held. It was so fortunate that you were able to sit under such a man as he was. Sir Winston was a man of impeccable taste for life. He showed it through painting and word on paper. I thank you for this sight, although I am three years behind, its never to late.

  9. Subject: Vladimir Ivanidze
    Date: 19-11-2001 18:34
    Received:20-11-2001 5:11
    From: brice.courty@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Hello, I would like to find Mr. Ivanidze, a journalist you've met a long time ago. Do you have news from him? Maybe an e-mail address... Thanks for your help — Brice Courty.

  10. Subject: Petrocochino & Chios
    Date: 18-10-2001 19:04
    Received: 18-10-2001 20:36
    From: Anthony, Anthony.Murray@[nospam]
    To: '',

    Like you I am descended from a Chiot family – Petrocokino. We went to Chios in April 1999 and found the tomb of my great-great grandfather who had returned to die, I suppose, in 1894. It was at a little church called St. Isadore of the Petrocokinos. There were several other tombs and I could not quite understand one or two in relation to Argenti's genealogy but now you make it clear. We also had trouble with the coat of arms. Have you seen The Massacre of Chios by T.J. Barker in Bath? We found a family house restored after the earthquake and since sold. Also a ruin of another... Anthony Murray

  11. Subject: Betsoms
    Date: 17-10-2001 17:09
    Received: 17-10-2001 23:05
    From: PerranNman@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Dear Christopher, You may remember me from the Hill School. I lived next door at Betsoms which has strong family connections for you [the former home of Michel & Chrissie Vlasto]. I found your site fascinating and we share a great interest in the Somme. I have made several visits and have subsequently scared myself witless when I think about the places I visited and the things I unearthed. My main reason for writing was to enquire about the 3 etchings of Betsoms that you mention as in your possession. I would love to see them but realise that this may be asking too much of you, even if its only scanning them. I found your relative's book on Westerham at War [by Helen Long] a great read and the description of the V1 incident was fascinating. Mr. Vlasto showed us a secret compartment in a bookcase when we first visited Betsoms [c. 1960] and inside were some remnants of the V1. Sadly all gone now. Very best wishes – Perran Newman [son of L.Hugh Newman, 'the Butterfly Farmer'].

  12. Subject: Negroponte-Ralli Connection
    Date: 12-10-2001 4:35
    Received: 14-10-2001 1:32
    From: Christina Vlachos-Edwards, cve3@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Dear Mr. Long, I had been in touch with you previously about my great-grandmother Themis Negroponte (b. 16 Aug 1883 Smyrna, d. 3 Jan. 1943 NYC) and trying to find our connection to the family in the Libro d'Oro. We have since discovered her parents were Constantinos Negroponte and Theano Kouvelas. We are thinking that we might be from the Iakovos [Jacob/James] and Oriettou Negroponte line. They had three sons, Stavros, Theodore, and Constantine, and they all married women from England. Through our research, we know our family was in England in the early 1900s, and we know a Mr. Couvelas was at the funeral of Stavros Negroponte. Do you know anything about this branch? My cousin Elly Michael in Australia also told us that after her grandfather, Nicholas Michalopoulos of Constantinople, died, her father Aristides Michalopoulos' education was financed by a Ralli in India [of Ralli Brothers]. Her mother said this Ralli was a relative. This would have been some time in the 1930s. Aristides, whose mother was Helle Negroponte (Themis' sister), was raised in Egypt after they fled Smyrna in 1922. He attended French school and received his engineering degree from Mulhouse in France. I have looked on your site and through some papers I have but I cannot find any Rallis in India that I can connect. Can you help me here? Thank you in advance for any insight that you can provide. Christina Vlachos Edwards.

    [Ralli Brothers, the vast trading and shipping company, had extensive interests in India until it was re-born as Rallis India at the end of the C20th.]

  13. Subject: Chios, Vlasto and Salvago
    Date: 10-10-2001 16:36
    Received: 14-10-2001 1:32
    From: Julian Vallis, jules@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Dear Christopher, I would like to thank you for your incredible insights into the massacres of the families of Chios during the war [of Greek Independence, 1822], and especially the in-depth accounts of your descendants [sic], and their goings-on at the time. With this in mind, I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself. My full name is Julian Vallis-Salvago, which you have mentioned in your accounts correctly as one of the families on Chios during the massacres. However, in your genealogies you mentioned that Constantine Salvago died as a result of them. He was in fact the only surviving member of the family. As an orphan, he was taken by Venizelos to Marseilles where he grew up and re-established himself with a family and a son, Mikes Salvago, before moving on to Alexandria in Egypt, where he and later his son made their mark as 'the cotton kings', essentially monopolising Egypt's cotton stock due to his popularity as a fair, but very powerful trader. This link is to an article explaining his involvement of setting up Egypt's National Bank, to give an insight into the Alexandrian era, which ended with the Suez crisis (another family-wrecking disaster for us) in 1952:
    As a result of Constantine being the only survivor from Chios at a very young age, there is very little information with regard to our family before the massacre. So if it is at all possible, I would be very grateful if you could give me any references so as to point me in a direction to find out more about our family, as it seems the Salvagoi and the Vlastoi are two of the very few Greek families who have records dating from BC... Kind regards, Jules

    [In a subsequent message Jules acknowledged that much of the information on Constantine Salvago, 'the sole survivor', was incorrect: "There were in fact two Constantine Salvagos – the one you mention did indeed die during the massacres, but I think his son or at least some child in the family who was called Michael or Mikes Salvago was the single surviving boy. I was also wrong about Venizelos; it was in fact John Capodistria who took care of this boy and paid for his education. Initially he grew up on Syros, and subsequently lived and died in Marseilles. The son he had in Marseilles was the second Constantine Salvago who went to Egypt, hence why I was mixed up!"]

  14. Subject: Beecham History
    Date: 09-10-2001 0:15
    Received: 14-10-2001 1:32
    From: Tony Brown, jtresearch@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Dear Chrisopher, Have just visited you site and am very interested in the history [That Reminds Me...] you helped write [with Michael Beecham] about the Beecham family as a limited edition. Are there any copies still available, and if so, how much please. I am trying to locate a book on the famous Thomas Beecham, called A Guinea A Box by Ann Francis who was a member of the Beecham family. Would be grateful of any help. Thanks for your time. Kind regards, Tony Brown, Dartford, England.

  15. Subject: Henry Scott Holland
    Date: 01-10-2001 4:52
    Received: 14-10-2001 1:32
    From: RB4775@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    How do I get a printed copy (sheet ) of Henry Scott Holland's poem on death?

  16. Subject: Mavrogordato Family
    Date: 25-09-2001 13:44
    Received: 14-10-2001 1:32
    From: Playfair Anthony, anthony.playfair@[nospam]

    Dear Christopher Long, My mother's father's name was Mavrogordato (first name Eustacious or Eustratis or something similar). He died in London in the mid 1950's. Assuming him to have been 75 years old, he would have been born in about 1880. The family lived in London in Ladbroke Gardens, Notting Hill. Out of curiosity I looked on the internet and found your site with a genealogy of the Mavrogordato family and I recognised a number of surnames of people who my mother had often mentioned such as Ralli, Vlasto and Rodocanachi. In a quick glance through the genealogy I did not see an entry that corresponded to my grandfather. I would have been interested to know more about where he fits into the family, especially as we are leaving for a holiday in Greece... which will include some time on the island of Chios. I appreciate that it is probably too late to obtain information before we leave but I would be interested to follow up the matter further when we are back from holiday... If you have anything that you think might be relevant which could be sent without involving yourself in work, I would be most interested... Yours sincerely, Anthony Playfair

  17. Subject: Scaramanga
    Date: 22-09-2001 0:12
    Received: 22-09-2001 12:54
    From: Jane Blake, janeblake@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    I would be very interested to know when the genealogy of the Scaramanga family will be posted on your website again. I was born in England in 1937, the daughter of Pandia Andrew Scaramanga (1877-1952). Best regards, Jane Blake.

  18. Subject: Sechiari's genealogy
    Date: 22-09-2001 20:55
    Received: 22-09-2001 23:57
    From: emmanuelsechiari@[nospam], emmanuelsechiari@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Sir, I found your website about the families and diaspora of Chios island. My name is Emmanuel Sechiari and my family is from Chios and left this Island in 1822 for Marseilles. I live in Aix en Provence with my wife and children. I would like to give you more information about the Sechiari family. My ancestor Ambroise Sechiari lived in Chios around 1780. His son Paraskeva had a son Augustis Sechiari who married Virginia Ralli. Their son Paraskeva was born in Chios in 1766 and died in Marseilles in 1841. His wife was Arghiro Ralli born in 1755 at Constantinople and died in Marseilles in 1863. Paraskeva and Arghiro Sechiari had a son, Théodore, who married Marie Rodocanachi (Emmanuel Rodocanachi and Franga Mavrogordato's daughter). One of their sons, Etienne Sechiari, my grand-father, married a French women, Marguerite Rigaud. They had three children: Elisabeth (who married Pierre Leduc), Marie (who married François Clerget) and Jean, my father, born in 1911 in Marseilles and died in Aix en Provence in 1995. Jean Sechiari was married with Alberte de Campou de Grimaldi-Regusse born in 1911 in Marseilles and died in 1978 in Aix en Provence. I'm the only child. I was born in Paris in 1947 and married Sabine Bretteville, born in 1954. We have four children: Alexandra born in 1976, Maylis born in 1979, Caroline born in 1985 and Pierre-Emmanuel born in 1988. I have discovered with great pleasure your website and I would like to know if you have any information about my family, their origins and properties. I have the Libro d'Oro written by Philip Argenti, and Les Grandes Familles de Grèce by Mihail Sturdza. I received last year news from an English cousin, Jeffrey Sechiari, who is living in London but I never met him. Cordially, Emmanuel Sechiari

  19. Subject: Mavrogordato
    Date: 20-09-2001 21:53
    Received: 21-09-2001 13:46
    From: Christoph Schürenberg, c.schuerenberg@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Dear Sir, I've found your genealogy information about the Mavrogordato family. My great-grandmother has been Helene Maurokordatos (b. Athens 28. May 1846, d. Weimar 1924) – married Hannibal Ludwig Fabian Burggraf und Graf zu Dohna-Schlodien (see Gotha/Dohna). It would be interesting to find the connection to your genealogy, but I have no further information from my mother or other relatives. Best regards, Christoph Schürenberg.

  20. Subject: Re: Chios
    Date: 25-08-2001 1:10
    Received: 25-08-2001 18:14
    From: Jason's Unitech E-mail, jason@[nospam]
    To:Christopher A Long,

    Mr. Long, This letter is just to thank you for the extensive amount of research and journalistic skills and energy that you have invested on The Massacre of Chios project. I myself being a pure-bred native of Chios (Montreal, Canadian born), have a very profound and personal appreciation for any form of recognition my ancestors receive whatsoever. Having visited the Chian community many times on vacation, (sometimes even being mistaken for a local) I've notice that nobody is ever willing to discuss the history of their own blood. Sadly, it's due to ignorance or shame. Those very few who actually do, are very reluctant to discuss demographic details, or explain ownership of abandoned property. I for one have always been very curious as to who I am and where I came from. For example, between 1899 and 1908 all eight of my great grand-parents were born. Most in Tholopotami, and some in Patrika (700 meters from Kalamoti). Patrika is one the very few villages that survived the great earthquake of the 1880's due to it's castle like structure. Today, I have over one hundred second cousins alone that I have actually met, (this excludes 1st and an unmeasurable amount of 3rd cousins). From all of them, nobody knows where we were during the massacres. Care to take a few guesses? I'm open to anything. I think that you are the most qualified person to guess, which is why your opinion matters to me. Last names, Skoufaras - Christakis... Sincerely, Jason Skoufaras

  21. Subject: Brig. Gen. William Mitchell photos
    Date: 24-08-2001 21:54
    Received: 24-08-2001 23:00
    From: Claudia Costas, ccostas@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Dear Sir, I am writing to obtain information regarding the copyright ownership of General William Mitchell's photographs. I work at National Geographic Society in Washington DC in the permissions department. One of our foreign editions wants to republish several of his images that were published in the November 1924 Geographic magazine. Our records from that time are incomplete, and I am trying to locate the copyright holder for permission and make payment if needed. If you can help me with this information or direct me to the appropriate people, I would appreciate it greatly. Sincerely, Claudia Costas

  22. Subject: Police Story
    Date: 19-08-2001 15:24
    Received: 19-08-2001 22:05
    From: Nicki, nkm3@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    I have just come upon your account of the police in Chios and found it very interesting. I am from the US and am presently here in Chios now. I was supposed to leave this morning to go back to the States and ended up staying because I still have some things to finish up. Chios seems to be a very interesting place in that everyone is intertwined with everyone else and I think people are afraid to help you for fear they will be ostracized by the people who live here. I have found it a challenge to cope with their ways of life and to stay one step ahead. Don't let them scare you off the island, come back and fight back. Nicki

  23. Subject: Hughes & Bolckow & Co. Ltd
    Date: 13-08-2001 17:02
    Received: 13-08-2001 17:17
    From: T. Custer G-S Products, timcuster@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Hi Chris, Surfing the web for information about some furniture we own manufactured by the Hughes & Bolckow Co. I came across your web site. Could you point me in the direction for information about this company. Any help will be appreciated. Tim Custer, G-S-Products, USA.

  24. Subject: Shia Ismaili Islam & Sunni Islam
    Date: 11-08-2001 3:58
    Received: 11-08-2001 23:19
    From: Name/address witheld
    To: Christopher A Long,

    I got your details from surfing the internet. I am interested in knowing more about Shia Ismaili Islam & Sunni Islam. Some literature I've read gives the historical position of splits and schisms. I am more interested in how Ismaili Muslims operate now. What is the significance of the Aga Khan. Are the Ismailis liberal Muslims practising a reform Islam - like the difference between orthodox and liberal Jews? Are Ismaili and Sunni Muslims welcomed to mix and pray together etc. Regards

  25. Subject: Elizabether and Timothy Rochfort
    Date: 27-07-2001 13:00
    Received: 28-07-2001 0:33
    From: Barry Rochfort, BRochfort@[nospam]

    I can probably give you some basic information on Elizabeth and Timothy Rochfort. They were distant cousins of mine. Please reply to rochfortb@[nospam] Best wishes, Barry Rochfort

  26. Subject: Calouta Family
    Date: 21-07-2001 2:10
    Received: 21-07-2001 10:29
    From: GJ Versendaal, gj.versendaal@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Dear sir, Let me introduce myself first, my name is Theodore Panagiotti Mariano Di Calouta and actually I live in Dordrecht, Holland, now. A few years ago I went to Chios and discovered some information about my ancestors named Calouta and also visited the widow over there. I went to the Kampos and to the library. I also tried to speak to the Calouta widow but unfortunately because of my poor Greek (just had classic Greek at grammar school) she didn't understand a word I said and I didn't understand a word she said. Nevertheless it was a very nice meeting and, what was more important, in her home was a portrait which was also here with my family, so there were some connections. In fact my grandfather was born in Liverpool while his parents were born in Chios. Later my grandfather moved to Indonesia, where my father was born and later on myself. I was looking at yahoo and found the name Calouta, but there was nothing mentioned about it, just the Vlasto family, while in the main text I noticed my name. Now I wondered if you could give me more information about it. If not it was worth trying to find more about my ancestors. By the way my grandfather's brother Carl went to Argentina. I would like to thank you in advance just for reading this and hopefully I might get more information. My name in full is: Theodore Panagiotti Mariano di Calouta Cavalcanti. With kind regards, Theo.

  27. Subject: Tapestries, The Somme, etc
    Date: 20-07-2001 1:23
    Received: 21-07-2001 10:29
    From: Donni Hakanson, donnih@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Hi Christopher, I found you searching tapestries. Interesting web page you have there. My late grandfather was in the Battle at Somme. I remember him telling me tales about it. He was just 17. I am a writer too, but my genre is perhaps more frivolous than yours! I also used to be Australia's youngest paid radio announcer in my day – cheap wages for the manager. That was in outback Queensland. Loved it! Anyway just wanted to say "g'day" before resuming exploring your site. (It's a virtual archive!) Donni (My website:

  28. Subject: Thanks
    Date:14-07-2001 4:05
    Received: 14-07-2001 20:27
    From: Patricia Crotty, pcrotty@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Dear Christopher, Thanks for your informative and fascinating site. I am interested in the Mediterranean diet and in particular how its (medical) advocates ignore history and culture of the region – outside an over romanticised version. Apparently Chios will be the site of a joint Chian/American program to advocate the Mediterranean diet and your site has expanded my understanding of the area. Pat Crotty – Food & Society ('people first')

  29. Subject: May Sechiari
    Date: 08-07-2001 13:15
    Received: 08-07-2001 14:05
    From: amayhew, amayhew@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    I have just heard of your website from a member of the family – we have connections with Chios through my grandmother May Sechiari. Did your mother know someone called Adda Samoilys during the war? The name Helen Vlasto rings bells – I think I may even have photos of her wedding which my mother either attended, or may even have been a bridesmaid at (desperate grammar, sorry!). I would so love to know if your mother remembers mine – she sadly died in 1988 but any long-lost stories of their war-time experiences would be fun to hear. My mother was very involved with the Greek Sailors Home and spoke fondly of the times she spent with all the Greek contingent during the war – occasionally quite riotous by all accounts! ... Sincerely, Alexandra Mayhew.

  30. Subject: Nott/Poole
    Date: 03-07-2001 22:41
    Received: 04-07-2001 3:24
    From: Michael Nott, mikenott@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    I have a document which lists a Nott family tree with many Pleydell Notts listed. It doesn't list yours, probably because it was produced in 1879. If you are interested, let me know. Not my line! Michael Nott.

  31. Subject: Libro d'Oro de la Noblesse de Chio
    Date: 28-06-2001 11:45
    Received: 28-06-2001 15:13
    From: alexralli, alexralli@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Mr, Mrs, I am a children of the Ralli family from Chio. Nine years ago we went, my parents, my sister and I, to Chios, where we have seen in the [Kora¨i;s] library the Libro d'Oro de la Noblesse de Chio. My grandfather was inside. Today, I am looking for this book to do a present for my father. It's really hard to find it and after looking at your website I write you to know if you have any idea what to do or where to look for? Many thanks in advance – Alexandra Ralli.

  32. Subject: Pooles and Hales
    Date: 27-06-2001 18:09
    Received: 28-06-2001 0:39
    From: Bertram, bertram@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    My daughter has just alerted me to your site, which she stumbled on accidentally! We are descendants of Pooles and Hales and could render significantly more and more accurate information on a chunk of descendants. But I am pretty unfamiliar with the best ways of presenting or communicating this sort of information. I use the Reunion Grand Suite programmes, but have not yet mastered e-mailing info to others via Gedcom. But if you are interested in more names etc, please let me know. Mark Bertram.

  33. Subject: Mitchell Family Geneaology
    Date: 26-06-2001 1:23
    Received: 26-06-2001 13:24
    From: Lisa Carter, lcarter85@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Mr. Long, Margaret H. Mitchell is my great-grandmother. She lives in a small ranching community not far from the HR Ranch (in Wheatland, Wyoming). If I can provide you with more specific information, please let me know.

  34. Subject: Gen. Billy Mitchell
    Date: 20-06-2001 19:35
    Received: 20-06-2001 22:52
    From: Alex Mitchell, Alex_Mitchell@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Greetings, I was browsing about on the web trying to find members of my family that might be alive as well as to trace my family history back further. I came across your site. It alluded to the idea that your grandmother (or whomever wrote the little excerpt) raised Gen. Billy Mitchell. I am interested in any leads to find my family members. I am Alexander Mitchell IV, a direct descendant of Alexander Mitchell of Aberdeenshire, Scotland [1719-78] and a direct descendant of Gen. Billy Mitchell. When my father (Alexander Mitchell III) joined the USAF it was a big media event. I am in the process of scheduling a trip to Alexander Mitchell's house that he built in Milwaukee, Wiscon which is now known as the Wisconsin Club. I look forward to hearing from you on any of these matters. Thank You, Alex Mitchell.

    [The 'little excerpt' (!) does not 'allude to the idea' that Christian Mitchell Croil raised her cousin William ' Billy' Mitchell – not least because she was 16 years younger than him! The cousins did, however, grow up as neighbours and friends in Milwaukee.]

  35. Subject: Billy Mitchell
    Date: 18-06-2001 4:41
    Received: 18-06-2001 13:06
    From: Sharon Durost, sdurost@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Dear Mr Long. I like your site on Billy Mitchell. I'm emailing you about a photo of Billy Mitchell. I first came to your site last January. Then [I went] to it again last May. A photo of Billy Mitchell I can't find. I don't remember where I saw it. I thought I saw it on your site of Billy Mitchell. I have been searching the net and don't see it. So I'm hoping you can help me. I saved the picture first time. Here it is. [From David]

    ... and later (20-06-2001):

    Thanks for reading my email and answering me back. I think Billy Mitchell was one of the greatest people in aviation history. Because of him we have a strong Air Force. He is a 'hero' to me. How does it feel to be related to him? Do you get a lot of attention being a cousin of Billy Mitchell ? Also there are no books currently available on Billy Mitchell. I called the book store and they said out of print. They gave me a number of a lady who finds books for people. I gave her a call and she said [she would] try to find one for me. She never did call me back. That's sad that no one is writing any more books on Billy Mitchell. He is one of the most famous people in U.S. military history. That picture that I emailed you is the best one I have seen. I just can't remember where I saw it. It makes me mad. People change things around. I feel honored to be in contact with a cousin of Billy Mitchell. I hope to stay in contact with you. [From David]

  36. Subject: Shirts
    Date: 09-06-2001 15:30
    Received: 09-06-2001 20:08
    From: Heather Matuozzo, heathermatuozzo@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Dear Christopher, I was so joyous to find your article about Jermyn Street Shirts for the Ritz Magazine. I will explain why... I am looking for a 'shirtwise' hero who can help me through this ignorant fog about men's shirts. I have a client (I am an Italian interpreter) who makes very, very high quality hand-made shirts and he wants to sell these masterpieces in the UK. As you may appreciate I am not too up in this world but obviously you are. However I am fascinated by it and want to know more. Could you possibly advise me who to contact and perhaps things not to say, to get an appointment. I am so sure that when they see the finished shirt they will be interested but it is getting there. Any ideas? ... Yours hopefully, Heather Matuozzo.

  37. Subject: Byzantine Coat of Arms
    Date: 08-06-2001 2:22
    Received: 08-06-2001 11:33
    From: allegro, allegro@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Your website on Byzantium and the Vlastos is very informative. Do you know which family Leo VI, Emperor of Byzantium would belong to? Would there be an emblem associated with his particular royal family (Basil I/Michael III)? If you do not have any information, do you have any idea where I might find such data? Appreciate your assistance. Rose

  38. Subject: Mitchell Site
    Date: 06-06-2001 18:18
    Received: 06-06-2001 21:18
    From: Dave Rannie, jdrannie@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    I have just spent a half hour looking at information in your site with great interest. I am a descendant of John Mitchell b. 1803 in Ellon who was a brother of George Mitchell b. 1821 (your great-great grandfather?). I have old letters & photos (one of George, I think) which may be of interest to you. Dave Rannie, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

  39. Subject: Hi...
    Date: 03-06-2001 18:03
    Received: 03-06-2001 19:57
    From: RandaNW@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    I enjoyed this site very much! I had come here to see your pics of St Victor-la-Coste after a search engine brought your page as a result. You certainly have an interesting life, in all your travels. I'm a flight attendant for a US carrier, so travel is my life, as well. Thanks for taking the time to share your photos with the world. (Would love to hear about your travels experiences!) Regards... Randa

  40. Subject: France
    Date: 30-05-2001 15:59
    Received: 30-05-2001 20:52
    From: wim gombeer, wim@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Hi, I 'accidently' hit your site when I was searching for info on my holiday destination. I've rented a house near Vaisons-la-Romaine. I saw that you've been visiting this place before, so I thought you might have some information about this place/area in France. Thanks. Wim Gombeer
    PS I've strolled around your site and liked it a lot. I will examine the content more profound later! Wim Gombeer, Belgium

  41. Subject: MI9
    Date: 02-05-2001 16:25
    Received: 02-05-2001 22:40
    From: Mad Hat Studios, studio@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Hi. This is a long shot. My father, so I believe was in MI9 during WW2, but was such a secretive person I never had a chance to 'debrief' him on any of his activities and I was wondering if you could tell me a direction in which to find out more. He was Wing Commander F.W.B. Stuart, possibly known as Wing Commander F.W. Ballance. Any info or pointers to info would be gratefully received as I am starting to research a possible autobiography of his and my mother's life. If you do have any info please email me. Thank you. Regards, Mark Stuart

  42. Subject: Zarifi
    Date: 22-04-2001 23:31
    Received: 22-04-2001 23:57
    From: Lauriane Zarifi, lauriane.zarifi@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    My name is Lauriane Zarifi I live in France. I would like to know if I am in the Zarifi family, what you say. Sorry for my English. Bye

  43. Subject: Negroponte Family
    Date: 16-04-2001 21:49
    Received: 17-04-2001 0:38
    From: Christina Vlachos-Edwards, cve3@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Dear Mr. Long, My sister and I have spent some time on your site trying to find some clue to further the investigations of our family from Chios. I am hoping that you can provide some advice or leads. My great-grandmother Themis Negroponte was born in Chios in the 1880s. She married John Sav(v)aides (1881-1957) who originated in Smyrna. He was in shipping. The couple had a daughter Theano, who was raised by Themis' sister, Clio Negroponte Pappas, in Alexandria, Egypt. She married an Englishman and spent the rest of her days as Theano Winterbourne in Surrey (died 1994). Themis and John moved to New York, had a son Constantine John (1907-1966) and another daughter Dido Helen Savaides (1910-1993). At some point, they returned to Smyrna and, during the massacres, they fled back to New York. My grandmother Dido remembers the postman's head on a pole and stepping over bodies to get to the American ship and her father, not a U.S. citizen making it out on another vessel (bribed a French ship). Themis also had a sister Angela Negroponte who married Michael Savaides. Their son Harry was born in N.Y., returned to Smyrna, and after the massacre, went to Athens. Harry returned to the US during WWII. The other two Negroponte sisters were Eli Michalopoulos and Dido Vasiliades, and they lived in Athens. My great-grandmother Themis wrote to relatives in Ukraine/Russia. About four years ago, I contacted Nicholas Negroponte, who acknowledged my request and then I received several e-mails from his brother John and mother Catherine, who stated we had the same histories and were distantly related. Then all contact stopped. I know Catherine died last year and John has the UN post now, but we are still interested in finding out more about the Negroponte family beyond my great-grandmother Themis. I know some Negropontes appear in your genealogies. Can you find these Negroponte women anywhere? They were probably all born in the 1880s. Themis went to a French convent school, and although Orthodox, had a devotion to St. Therese of Lisieux. She also spoke English. Any help in finding a Negroponte contact is appreciated. Thank you.

  44. Subject: Albert Guérisse & HMS Fidelity
    Date: 09-04-2001 21:11
    Received: 15-04-2001 15:49
    From: Paul Young, rogue13@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Dear Mr Long, I came across your website whilst searching the web for information relating to Albert Guérisse. My interest in Major-General Guérisse stems from research I have been carrying out into the Royal Naval special service vessel HMS Fidelity (ex Le Rhin) on which he served. He served onboard the Fidelity from her capture from the French in 1940, until his capture by the Germans whilst carrying out an operation working from the Fidelity.
    I had always known that my grandfather, was an Able Seaman during WWII, and that he had died midway through the war, but knew nothing more. Following receiving some documents regarding him, I discovered that he had died aboard the Fidelity and decided to look in to the ship. I expected to find the usual sort of thing regarding the loss of a ship at that time. I could not however have been more wrong, with the loss of her shrouded in secrecy, as was, as I later found, the rest of her career. Both the ship and her officers and crew were far from regular. The ship was a French cargo ship converted for use as a 'Q-Ship'. The officers (which included a female French WREN as First Officer) and crew was made up of a number of nationalities with many operating under aliases for security reasons, owing to the very nature of their covert operations.
    My original interest in this ship concerned only her sinking. But upon finding out more about her unusual nature my interest grew to include her early career, and then onto those who had served aboard her at various times. This brought me to my current interest in Major-General Guérisse. My reason for writing to you is in regard to the episode of 'This Is Your Life' [BBC television] which featured Major-General Guérrise. I was hoping that you might be able to tell me more about this particular program or, if you cannot, whether you know of anyone who maybe able to help me. Thank you for your time. Yours sincerely, Paul Young

  45. Subject: Escapers & Evaders, France, WWll
    Date: 17-03-2001 10:21
    Received: 17-03-2001 12:15
    From: Keith S Janes, keith@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Christopher. Did you know that the Royal Air Forces Escaping Society files are all at the Imperial War Museum, still in their boxes and uncatalogued? I arranged a special visit there to view them a couple of weeks ago but it was only because I knew roughly what I wanted that anything useful was found. Included in that was the most amazing coincidence. When I first visited the Auchel (France) last year the only two people I found who spoke any English were a Polish fighter pilot shot down at the end of the war and the young waiter at my hotel so that despite meeting several people who knew and had helped my father, much of the information they tried to give me went over my head. I can get by in French but you can imagine the problems – especially with local patois. At the IWM I found the membership card of a Polish pilot shot down over Auchel in 1944 who named amongst his helpers (all RAFES members fill in a form which includes naming their helpers) Hélène Macleod at St Pierre. This is the same Hélène Macleod from the diaries who sheltered and later married Arthur Fraser and who I went to visit in Scotland and will be meeting again at Eden Camp next month. I confirmed Zenon's identity (I didn't think to take his name at the time but it is Zenon Bartkowiak) from the name of his house 'Helice' and remembering the big wooden propeller he has over his front door.
    Back on the web-site – I assume you know that the one-eyed radio operator called 'Jean' was Alex Nitelet. Nitelet was a Belgian ex-Spitfire pilot who travelled the Pat Line on Cole's last trip in a party of 13 servicemen which included Oscar Coen (probably the first American) and George Barclay (I have the names of the whole group) and 4 guides (including, from Paris, Suzanne Wharenghem) and then came back to France by 161 SD Lysander on 28 May 1942. The plane was stranded on landing and the pilot, John Mott (another previous evader through France after his bomber was shot down in January 1941) was arrested and sent to Fort de la Rivère, only to escape again whilst being transferred from the Italian Campo 5 to Germany in 1943. I spoke with him on the phone a few weeks ago... Very best wishes, Keith.

  46. Subject: Duncan Harry Gosnell & Mary Vlasto
    Date: 14-03-2001 9:56
    Received: 14-03-2001 10:49
    From: Julian Gosnell, jules_gosnell@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Christopher, I have just started looking into my father's side of the family and was thrilled to find my great-grandfather mentioned on your website. It will take me a long time to digest the huge amount of material that you have collected. Thanks. I was also interested to see that you had the names of DHG's parents John Gosnell & Mary Sinclair. I would be extremely grateful to hear if you had anything more about them or Duncan Harry Gosnell & Mary Vlasto hidden away in your archives or if you could direct me to a source where I might find something. This is the first mention of these gt-gt-grandparents that I have come across and more detail would aid me in pushing back further in that direction. Looking forward to hearing from you, Julian Gosnell

  47. Subject: Henry Scott Holland
    Date: 07-03-2001 20:26
    Received: 08-03-2001 0:04
    From: Barnet/Gale, gale.force@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    On your site there is a passage about death by the above noted man [Henry Scott Holland]. Please could you tell me where you obtained this. I have seen numerous versions of this and am trying to find the original. Thank you for any assistance that you can give me. Best Regards, Margo Barnet.

  48. Subject: Escapers and Evaders
    Date: 05-02-2001 17:49
    Received: 05-02-2001 18:55
    From: Steve Ogilvie, SOgilvie@[nospam] To: '',

    Hello Mr. Long. Was at your website and went to the below link: [RAF Escaping Society]. My dad (Col. Allan M 'Joe' Ogilvie, D.F.C. and Bar, C.D., O.M.M. Retired) was navigator to W/C Norman Mackie D.S.O. D.F.C (retired) on that sortie March 11, 1943 and I have his account as well. Actually Dad put his accounts into a book All the Luck in the World which as published in 1994 in Newfoundland, the proceeds of the book going to charity... Anyway, Norman Mackie's account is extraordinary, and so is my father's. If you want any more info contact via email or fax. Regards, Steve Ogilvie.

  49. Subject: Kara Pasha
    Date: 05-02-2001 4:49
    Received: 05-02-2001 4:58
    From: Jordan, Deane, DJordan@[nospam]
    To: 'calong@[nospam]', calong@[nospam]

    Please pardon this letter from a stranger. I'm a genealogist, who after 25 years of working on the English mother side, has turned to the Greek father side. In talking with a most-helpful cousin, Eli Karson, who has done a lot of work in sorting out the Hellenic family – and closer to the family and name than I – I learned some family folklore regarding our prime name, Karantzalis. The story, as Eli relates from different wings of the family, is that a Kara Pasha [Capitan-Pasha Kara Ali] took several children of the family of Kolara or Gloara or something close to that – my apologies for not having that exactly at the moment – and for that a member of the family killed Kara Pasha. In recognition of that deed that person changed his name to reflect he took Kara Pasha's life and by that deed the family name of Karantzalis was created. It is not a common name.
    As a genealogist I know from long experience that family stories usually have at a shadow of truth in them but rarely are they 100 percent accurate. As one familiar with this era in history and the elements surrounding this, is this a familiar story or a plausible one? As I was reading your accounting of the Chios tragedy I was struck by the possibility that the family story which was told as the act of an individual could have been one of an individual in a group that accomplished the same deed.
    According to your history, among other atrocities, under Kara Pasha's orders, Christian Greek boys were taken from their families and involuntarily circumcised – which of course is what most circumcisions are. But the children were taken. A Greek fleet kills Kara Pasha. While it would be illustrious to think ones ancestor lead such a cause, one could also have had an ancestor participating in such a cause. My question is, in your research and family knowledge of this era, did people change their names to reflect the slaying of Kara Pasha? Have you heard other such stories? Do you have the names of significant individual involved in this act?
    There seems to be an implausible number of coincidences to rule out the family scenario in some form or fashion: Kara Pasha taking kids, the Greek fleet finding and killing him, and the family story from different quarters, of killing him and thus changing the name to reflect said. In short, I'm trying to pick your brain for facts and insight. Any ideas?

  50. Subject: Womens Royal Naval Service
    Date: 05-02-2001 15:01
    Received: 05-02-2001 18:55
    From: J & G Chambers, gjj@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long, calong@[nospam]

    I am looking for posters pertaining to the British WRENS [Women's Royal Naval Service] from the Second World War. My mother was in the WRENS and she would love to obtain a poster. Searches here in Canada have produced no results. Also it is almost impossible to find anything whatsoever to do with this branch of the service. Can you help? J.C.

  51. Subject: Land Rover Defender 110
    Date: 05-02-2001 9:35
    Received: 05-02-2001 11:25
    From: ManVirtue@[nospam]
    I could use a bit of advice on the [Land Rover] 110. I have spent a lot of the last 5 years in Europe, travelling, yet without driving myself. This spring I am hoping to buy a used 110 wagon that would be suitable for sleeping in while travelling – campgrounds or wherever. I am an antique dealer and am trying to see what England and France has to offer outside of the cities. The Defender seems perfect. If not too much trouble, please advise the type of vehicle specifically you recommend. I saw the one preceding your article had been converted to sleep in. Any long-term reputable dealers you know of would be helpful. I am looking for used, so price is also a concern. In any case I have a bicycle shop but mostly deal in antique eyeglasses. If there is anything you need I can hook you up for sharing your expertise. I look forward to some adventure with this vehicle. Perhaps you can get me off on the right footing with some advice on getting a vehicle and what I can expect to pay for one. Regards, Sean Michael McWilliams, USA.

  52. Subject: Kosovars & Serbs
    Date: 03-02-2001 8:23
    Received: 03-02-2001 11:22
    From: Marko Lopusina, lopusina@[nospam]EUnet.yu
    To: Christopher A Long,

    What you are thinking about the attack [by] OVMBP terrorists on the Serbia? Thanks – by Marko [journalist with Nedeljni Telegraf Belgrade]

    [This concerns the allegedly unprovoked attacks by Kosovars on Serb communities across their border with Yugoslavia]
    See: Origins of the War in Kosovo.

  53. Subject: Baron and Baronne de Clauzel?
    Date: 01-02-2001 20:07
    Received: 01-02-2001 22:29
    From: Okierunnels@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long, calong@[nospam]

    My neighbor has an old Rolls Royce automobile that was purchased in Morocco. It was owned by Contessa de Clauzel of Paris. There is a plate in the car that has the following info on it: 'Madame de Bombergen Magdaleine, 13 Square Petrarque, Paris'. I am trying to find some info on these people and I hope you might be of some assistance. I know this is a long shot but if you do have any info it would greatly be appreciated. Thank you Jack Runnels.

    [This query may have been prompted by the appearance of Rolls Royces at Vlasto family gatherings at Saltash Castle in 1911 and holidays in 1912!]

  54. Subject: Sylvia Malkin in World War ll
    Date: 01-02-2001 4:11
    Received: 01-02-2001 8:29
    From: Dave Neil, daveneil41@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Dear Christopher [further to a message on 18-11-2000] ... I managed to get the Navy to send her [Sylvia's] War Service Medal, which made her very happy and started her talking about some of her experiences. As briefly as possible, it appears that she was in Paris at the outbreak of war, having finished her schooling in Belgium and Paris. She joined the evacuation of the city after the Occupation, heading for Bordeaux, but because of Axis air activity was unable to reach there, returning to Paris to reside with her aunt. Sometime about here – and she is very reticent – she returned briefly to England where she "tried to join the Navy, but they wouldn't have me". She then returned to Paris where her aunt was running an armed forces Leave Centre, the French equivalent of the NAAFI apparently. This was in fact the cover for returning Allied service personnel to the UK, mostly those left over from Dunkirk. She was required to be registered with the Vichy Police, although whether this was from her first or second trip is obscure. She was arrested by the Vichy Police, probably 1941, handed over to either the Gestapo or SS, and sent to a women's' detention centre called [at] Besançon. This is the centre from which she escaped and returned to England where, as you know, she was then 'allowed' to join the WRNS. I have made contact with one Christopher Lack who is with the Royal British Legion in Paris and am hopeful that he may be able to give me a lead or two. Regards, Dave Neil.

    On 31-01-2001 this site moved from <>
    to <>. Correspondents may have had difficulty locating it.

  55. Subject: Billy Mitchell and the Great Transcontinental Air Race of 1919
    Date: 31-01-2001 12:58
    Received: 31-01-2001 13:08
    From: Herb Friedman, hfriedman@[nospam]
    To: 'calong@[nospam]', calong@[nospam]

    Thank you for providing the interesting and well laid out web page. We have been trying everywhere to get a copy of the Air U. Review article. (Leary, William B.: Billy Mitchell and the Great Transcontinental Air Race, Air U. Review, May-Jun 1984). What appeared to be an easy search has turned out to be very difficult. Even the New York Public Library seems to lack that particular volume of the Review and I am having no luck with queries to the Air University. Do you have a copy you could email or fax to us? We would be happy to pay the costs. Alternatively, do you have any suggestions on how I could obtain a copy? Thanks Herb and Ada Friedman.

  56. Subject: Aussies in the Western Front
    Date: 26-01-2001 21:19
    Received: 26-01-2001 11:50
    From: Michael Brook, walruss@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long, calong@[nospam]

    To quote your page: Countries such as Australia, Canada, Newfoundland, South Africa and the United States are among those that are increasingly flying their national flags over cemeteries and even whole sectors of the front lines. It appears that they have learnt little from the history they purport to honour. As an Australian I find this offensive. Australia suffered more casualties per head of population of any nation that fought in World War 1. Australia had the only fully volunteer army in the whole war. The Aussie digger fought with distinction despite incompetent British generals. If many thousands of Aussies died at a place like Pozières they should be honoured with the flag flying over their graves or at least the places where their bodies were blown to pieces by German guns and the arrogant incompetence of the British generals. Regards, Michael B.

  57. Subject: Billy Mitchell
    Date: 24-01-2001 18:01
    Received: 24-01-2001 23:33
    From: BarryFineJr@[nospam]
    To: Editor @[nospam] JTN, calong@[nospam]

    Dear Mr. Long, I tip my hat to you for the great job with the website. There are many people that respect and appreciate the many things that General William Mitchell has done for the voice of air power. I'm glad to see that he is still recognized today in movies, documentaries and even the U.S. Air Forces promotion study guide, which I'm studying now. General Mitchell has not only secured himself the recognition for today but the future as well. God Bless... Sincerely, Barry Fine Jr.

  58. Subject: The Somme From The Air
    Date: 21-01-2001 19:36
    Received: 21-01-2001 22:57
    From: Mike Insall, mobair@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long, calong@[nospam]

    Hi there, I've just seen your web site [The Battle of The Somme] and thought the following that may be of interest to you. As a result of a book written by my grandfather who was in the RFC, I have been able to understand a lot about the Somme battle, etc. Last summer I was able to visit the area, and undertook some aerial photography around the main sites. Please see my web page [which also contains other interesting commercial work]. In any event, I would be happy for you to use any of my photos on your web site should you so wish. Apart from those on my site, I have quite a lot more. Please let me know if you would like to use anything. Best regards, Mike Insall.

  59. Subject: Nancy Wake
    Date: 17-01-2001 21:48
    Received: 18-01-2001 8:36
    From: Uli Kohler, Uli@[nospam]
    To: 'calong@[nospam]', calong@[nospam]

    Dear Christopher, Are you able to assist me? While browsing the web for information on Nancy Wake, the famous New Zealand war [WW2] hero, I came across your interesting London Portrait Magazine page, which makes reference to her. I am trying to make the information we gathered on Wake accessible for as many people as possible. It consists of a detailed biography as well as a comprehensive bibliography, covering both her life and her achievements. I've e-mailed you because we hope you can implement a link on your page which leads to Wake's biography... The information on Nancy Wake is part of our 'Heroes' section on The New Zealand Edge. Also on you'll find stories of other inspirational New Zealand heroes, a weekly news page featuring a real diversity of New Zealanders whose achievements appear in the world's media, a lively mailbox, picture galleries and resource material. I look forward to hearing from you in due course. Best Regards, Uli Kohler,

  60. Subject: George Tamvaco – Martyr of Chios
    Date: 09-01-2001 16:17
    Received: 09-01-2001 21:08
    From: tamvaco, glym@[nospam]
    To: Editor @[nospam] JTN, calong@[nospam]

    Dear Mr Long, I am Jean Louis Gilbert Tamvaco, born in Alexandria Egypt, on 29 May 1931, son of Costi Tamvaco (born 1900 in Odessa) and Elena Fraiola (of Catholic Italian origin), now residing in Paris. I am the direct and possibly only male descendant of George Tamvaco, one of the martyrs of Chios. The only other surviving descendant known to me is my aunt, my father's sister, Rudolphine (born in Alexandria 1906) who is married to Michel Conil-Lacoste, living in Paris. My younger sister (born in Alexandria in 1939), now married to Alain Zedda, also lives in Paris. I was educated in Victoria College, Alexandria, studied art in Paris and have a doctorate from La Sorbonne on Theatrical Studies. My book, which took me 10 years of preparation: Les Cancans de l'Opéra (2 vols) was launched last October by CNRS Editions, Paris.
    Back to my ancestors: my dad, who died prematurely of heart failure 1946, now rests in the Greek Orthodox cemetery of Alexandria where lie the remains of many descendants of the martyrs of Chios. My grandpa, named Eustratios Costas Tamvaco, died in Alexandria of heart failure in 1917 when he found out that all his belongings in Odessa had been confiscated by the Soviets. In fact he had a shipping business in Odessa while sharing his time between Alexandria and his office quarters. He owned many cargo ships and was actually in Alexandria when the revolts broke out in Odessa. He had many relatives in Alexandria but he had married a girl much younger than himself – and worse of all a Catholic from Marienbad – Marie Van Klotch. This marriage did not meet the approval of the rest of his family, including his own sister, Ninitza Choremi, who disapproved of his continental lifestyle and sending his children to English and French schools. You can imagine our relationship with the Greek family circle did not improve with my father's way of life which was found to be too broad-minded and mostly that of a man of the world.
    All this is to express my gratitude for helping me learn more about my family and for reviving the memory of my unfortunate ancestor George Tamvaco and his fellow martyrs. Up to now I did not know of the existence of the book Greek Fire [by Helen Long] which I will at once order from Galignani, hoping the first edition is still available.
    Since I learnt about the horrible treatment my ancestors endured – when less than a century later we all lived comfortably in Alexandria, unaware of the hell they went through – I can only feel ashamed, and I have had great difficulty in sleeping soundly. Thank you again for the enormous job you made reviving these sad pages of history. All the best, from JL.

  61. Subject: Re: Captain Garrow
    Date: 04-01-2001 14:15
    Received: 04-01-2001 22:19
    From: Sandy Garrow, WPMasters@[nospam]
    To: Editor @[nospam] JTN, CALong@[nospam]

    Christopher, ... On the assumption that you have a good working knowledge of the Public Record Office I was wondering if you have you come across Ian Garrow's 'Escape Report' which must be fuller than the one I have and which came from the RAF's file? Most of the report is about his & his men's escapades from the vicinity of Breteuil, Eure, which I assume must be in the vicinity of St Valery (I shall need to re-read Saul David's excellent book on the Sacrifice of The 51st Highland Division), to their attempt, initially, to escape via the Channel Islands and then south to Marseilles. All he says about his work there was:
    "In Marseilles I made myself responsible for the administration and general welfare of the British internees. I remained in Marseilles until Oct. 41, but in Oct. 41 I was arrested and confined in Fort St. Nicholas. Subsequently, I was transferred elsewhere and was assisted to escape. I reached Gibraltar on 5 Feb. 43 and left two days later by air for England. I arrived in London on 7 Feb. 43."
    I assume there must be fuller versions elsewhere, perhaps as mentioned in the footnotes in Appendix A 'List of Helpers' distributed to IS9 & MI6(D) & in Appendix C, distributed to DDMI(P/W), IS9 & MI6(D). But then you probably know all this. However, any known leads that you may have would be much appreciated.
    I am also trying to find anything in the PRO about my father's own escape adventure in the Far East, without much luck. But they do seem to be releasing more & more such files. My father, Dr William Garrow, had been dropped behind enemy lines to give medical assistance to Allied troops, with the assurance that he would be air-lifted to safety within a few days. That never came, resulting in him spending over 2 weeks, making his own way back. I assumed that he did file an Escape Report but the staff at Kew [PRO] seem to have a sketchy knowledge of MI9. Anyway, it is proving that travelling is better than arriving in that the searches have led me to other interesting stories of escapes & the strange German interpretations of the POW's who had to work in factories, etc., as to the problems caused by these men. Uncle Ian's favourite reason for why he & Caskie got away with what they were doing for so long was: "The Germans were never suspicious of the obvious." Then he would go into the amusing anecdotes.
    He was rarely serious about those times. I suppose it was because (as with your Balkan experiences) unless the listener had direct personal experience it would be impossible to comprehend. The one lasting memory of the Pat O'Leary This is Your Life was looking into the eyes of those who had been in concentration camps to see that all emotion had been ripped out of them & that no one could hurt them any more. That was in 1963 & I was 14. I shall never forget that experience. Sorry, I seemed to have rambled on a bit more than intended. Regards & thanks, Sandy.

  62. Subject: Pat O'Leary
    Date: 02-01-2001 16:56
    Received: 02-01-2001 18:14
    From: Taylor, Mike, MTaylor@[nospam]
    To: 'calong@[nospam]', calong@[nospam]

    Dear Christopher, I'm doing a bit of research into the women of the WWII Escape Lines and I noticed you mentioned Elizabeth Haden-Guest on your 'Ian Garrow's Secret Papers' site. I wonder how much you know about her. I have been told she was the daughter of a wealthy Eastern European industrialist and left home at the age of 16 to join the Communist Party and set up Escape Lines for Jews in Berlin throughout the 30's . The only other thing I have been told is that she is living in London and is the mother of both Christopher Guest, the Hollywood actor husband of Jamie-Lee Curtis, and artist/bon vivant Anthony Haden-Guest. A web search on both brothers revealed very little about their mother and I have no idea how much of this is true. I wonder if you can help me. I did click on her name on your website but was directed to the Rodocanachi genealogy page, which must be a mistake unless she is related to the Rodocanachis and therefore to you! Could this be? Many thanks for taking the time to read this. Mike Taylor

    [CAL can only say that Elizabeth Haden-Guest, who lives in London, wrote an autobiography Dream Weavers under the name of Elizabeth Furse and was a founder of the WW2 escape and evasion network known as Pat Line. In recent years she ran a renowned restaurant in London. She is indeed the mother of actor Christopher Guest and of journalist Anthony Haden-Guest. The latter was critically ill as a child in war-time Marseilles until tended by Dr George Rodocanachi whose apartment soon became the headquarters and chief 'safe house' for the escape line. She is not related to the Rodocanachi family, nor to CAL – a false link caused the confusion!]

  63. Subject: Richardson & Clark of Halifax & Guysborough N. S.
    Date: 02-01-2001 4:16
    Received: 02-01-2001 11:39
    From: j.david clark, j.davidclark@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long, calong@[nospam]

    Hello there and happy New Year, Christopher. My name is David Clark and I reside on Prince Edward Island, Canada. I came across your web site while searching the Cheshire, England, site for information on the Hamlet 'Belmont' and the surname Clark. I was pleasantly surprised and interested in your Richardson lineage and especially the allied family Clark, which is my lineage.
    I encountered a great deal of difficulty in establishing the linkage between Louisa Sophia Richardson, Richardson and William 'Belmont' Clark, who was Sophia's second marriage as well as Belmont's second marriage. It will take some exchange between you and I as it seems there might have been some hanky-panky going on.
    My research, being what it is, is a layman's approach at best. I have Sophia's husband, James Richardson, born --- at Jones Harbour, Shelburne County, N. S. and his death recorded as December, 1842, and as being lost at sea on the schooner, "Fair Lady" on a trip from Canso, Guysborough County, to Halifax, N. S.
    I will not get into Sophia and James Richardson's children tonite, however, I make reference to Jane Gordon Richardson as follows:
    Jane Gordon Richardson, according to the records of Christ Church... Guysborough, N. S., lists her at the time of her death as Jane Gordon Clark, daughter of Louisa Clark. Jane, born ca. 1842, died at Guysborough, August 13, 1865.
    William 'Belmont' Clark was born June 23rd, 1820 in Halifax, N. S., the son of John Clark and Elizaphronia 'Eliza' Frances Koch. 'Belmont', as he was called, married, 1st, Isabella Nixon, born at Guysborough 1819 and died on August 20th, 1848 and buried at Camp Hill, Halifax. Two children as follows:
    William 'Belmont' Nixon Clark, born 1845, disappeared in the Dakota Territories of the States, ca. 1778. I can elaborate on this incident if you are interested.
    Ida Alice Clark, born 1847 and died March 25th, 1854 in Halifax or Guysborough.
    William 'Belmont' Clark married second. Louisa Sophia Richardson and lived on the 'Belmont Farm' near the town of Guysborough. Belmont was a merchant in Guysborough town. However, his extensive customer credit forced him into receivership. 'Belmont' and Louisa married on June 21st, 1849. William Belmont Clark died March 02, 1865, children as follows:
    Robina McIntosh Richardson Clark, born at the Belmont Farm 1854 and died there in 1855.
    Laura Louise Clark, born April 28th 1852, died at Halifax on September 5th 1878; married, James Bernard Lloyd (1848 - October 19th, 1884). One son Belmont Clark Lloyd, born August 10th, 1878, died January 6th, 1879.
    The Clarks and Richardsons were on Prince Edward Island as early as 1772 and conducted business intercourse with one another. I'm unsure as to the origins of the Clarks. However, they might have come from Cheshire, England. John Clark, merchant and banker of Halifax, mentions [this] in his will of 1838. His step mother was Hannah Braddock. Hannah was the daughter of Samuel Braddock of Cheddleton and Rugeley, Stafford, who married Hannah Clark at Witton Parsonage, Cheshire, England.
    When you have had the opportunity to consider the foregoing, I'd sure like to hear from you on this subject, kindest regards, J. David Clark.

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