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    From: "Derek Turner" Date: 6 September 2005 19:21:59 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Implacable and Foudroyant I was an Armamnet Fitter Aprentice, beginiing in 1939, and worked aboard these vessels when they were used as storeships during World War 2. I was saddened to learn of of their ultimate disposal. Derek Turner.

    From: "David Shives" Date: 26 August 2005 20:33:30 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Mitchell Family Web Site Hi: I was browsing through the web and ran across the Mitchell Family web site. I found it very interesting, I am a Shives. I noticed that you listed a Barbara Jane Shives, from Scotland. My Grandfather name was: Hamilton Franklin Shives, Born: 1858, Wife's name was Sarah Jane Johnston Born: ? Dad name was: Marvin Hamilton Shives, Born: 1899, Wife's, name was Vassie Mae Marsh, Born: 1908. I know that the Shives and Johnston came from Scotland. I have a partial family tree, I have been trying to put one together, now that I have retired. I thought I would send it to you, it may tie in somewhere. David James Shives, Sr.

    From: "Shelby Corley" Date: 18 August 2005 23:05:53 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: AD I PLACED AND WHAT HAPPENED..THANK YOU Subject: Nephew, Long Date: 14-11-2003 06:57 Received: 14-11-2003 11:11 From: Shelby Corley, peaches61@[nospam] To: Christopher A. Long, I am looking for my nephew, Christopher Avery Long, son of Donald Avery Long. My name is Shelby Jean Long, now Corley. Thank you. I PLACED THIS AD IN NOV.2003.IN FEB,2005 CHRIS CALLED AND WE HAVE ALL BEEN REUNITED.WE WILL MEET HIM AND HIS SISTER KIM IN SEPT.I HAD HIS NAME WRONG .HE'S CHRISTOPHER DAVID NOT AVERY.CHRIS WAS A YEAR OLD BABY AND HIS SITER KIM WAS 3 MONTHS AWAY FROM BEING BORN WHEN THEY WERE SEPERATED FROM THEIR FATHER.THIS WILL BE THE FIRST MEETING FOR HER AND HER FATHER. I JUST WANT TO SAY THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS FOR BRINGING A FAMILY BACK TOGETHER. SHELBY CORLEY.

    Date: 17 August 2005 02:34:45 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: M.I.9 Evaders and Escapers Dear Christopher, I am doing my PhD on the Anzact in Greece an Crete at the Australian Defence Force Academy. I am in my final year and now in the process of writing up my final chapter which is about Australians behind Enemy lines in Greece and Crete and their involvement in the Greek resistance, M.I.9, Force 133 and SOE. As part of this I am examining how they escaped from the Germans and/or evaded capture- which involved of course the use escape lines/routes out of Greece via Turkey and back to Alexandria. Some of course, depending where they were POWs ended up in neutral Switzerland. I noticed from your website that a lot of research has been done on France in terms of escape routes and agents but little if anything about Greece and Crete which is are the countries I am particularly interested in. I was hoping you could help me with some information or any names of Australian soldiers you may have come across in your research on the work of M.I.9 and escapers and evaders. Here in Australia we have few names and little information about the Australians who stayed /were left behind Enemy lines in Greece and Crete. I know now from my own research over the past 4 years that many were in fact co-opted on the ground to work for M.I.9 and SOE but as you rightly point out because of the secret nature of these organisations they did not seem to record the names of agents they recuited in the field hence our gap in knowledge. I would really appreciate any help you can give with leads and point me in the right direction. I will certainly make use of the excellent bibliography you have supplied on your site. Looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Maria Hill.

    From: Paul Couvela Date: 16 August 2005 00:20:06 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Greetings, Cousin! I'm a fellow descendant of the Petrocohino family: Denys Cyril Crompton-Couvela (nee Demosthenes Cyril) was my grandfather. A family tree and other documents, compiled by my brother Jack, can be found at I hope they prove useful to you. All the best, Paul Denys Crompton-Couvela B: 1966 M: 1999 D: No hurry.

    From: "Diane Passmore" Date: 15 August 2005 10:34:21 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Roberts Line After a lapse of many yearsI have decided to try and fill in a some loose ends of my family tree and just typed in a few names and up came your site. I am the 2x great grand daughter of Georgiana and Daniel Roberts. My great grandfather was George. I am sure I can fill in some of your gaps if you have not already done so. If you are interested I would look forward to hearing from you. Regards Diane Passmore (Roberts)

    From: "" Date: 10 August 2005 19:50:27 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Sarajevo's crying Dear Mr. Long, Yesterday a neighbour (without internet access or experience) asked me if i could search for a song "Sarajevo's crying". My search with Google led me to your website. My neighbour once lived close to Sarajevo and she has strong memories connected with this song. She has only a recording from am radio on an old cassette. Could you please tell me the artist/singer of this song, or do you know if there's a possibility to buy or download the song? Unfortunately the link in your sound items index leads to a webpage "under constuction". Thank you for yout time! With kind regards, Rolf Luedtke. PS: Please excuse my bad english. I just realized that i'm completely out of practise....

    From: Date: 9 August 2005 20:52:34 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Dear Mr. Long, I am currently working with Dr. Jan Marsh on an scholarly edition of the letters of Jane Morris, the wife of William Morris. As you are aware, the Morrises were close friends with the Ionides family. However, we have as yet, been unable to locate any letters by Jane Morris to any member of the family. After having seen your interesting website, I hoped that you might have information on the location of letters by Jane Morris to members of the Ionides family or might be able to suggest the names of other individuals we might apply to. We would be very grateful for any assistance you could provide. Sincerely yours, Frank C. Sharp 205 West End Avenue Apt. 15-K New York, NY 10023 USA

    From: Alexandra Vardas Date: 9 August 2005 18:41:06 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: MAKKAS GENEALOGY Dear Mr. Long, My name is Alexandra Vardas (née Emmanuel). I am a cousin of Alexandre Glypti who has been in contact with you I know. We share a long Makkas ascendency. I am George Nicholas Emmanuel's daughter who is mentionned in your genealogy. His second wife was Theodora Zarifi. Sadly she passed away just a few days ago. His first wife (my mother) was Darrah Waters who after her divorce with my father married Andre Lascaris. His mother was Julia Makkas, daughter of Constantine Makkas, grand daughter of the great George Makkas. I have made a very amateur attempt at publishing a little genealogy. Therefore I am sending you a link and hoping that it will work and you will be able to read it. It might prove useful and fill in some gaps for you. You should double click on the images to magnify them. And I am also including these attachments if it can be of any help. Hoping I can stay in touch with you. Best Regards, Alexandra Vardas.

    From: "Claude Moreira - Welling (UK)" Date: 9 August 2005 17:05:57 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: General De Gaulle stay in Welling Kent ??? Dear Mr. Long, In the following BBC web site in a story about the WW2, Margareth Dury a teatcher at former Maryville Catholic School in Welling mentioned that General De Gaulle had stayed his Aid and Secretary in a house in Bellegrove Road by the said school with This is new to me. Have you by any chance in your archives any information regarding General De Gaule presence in Welling in the 40's ?? Is so could I publish this material in my Welling Website ? Thanks in advance for any help on this one. Claude Piquemal Moreira WELLING 020.8306.0288 Webmaster

    From: "Judith Brodsky" Date: 9 August 2005 00:06:07 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Mr. Long, Could you please tell me if you have found any records pertaining to the last name of "Harper" who were from Scotland, linking them either by friendship or marriages to the Mitchell family. Thank you, Judi

    From: "Tom Pappas" Date: 8 August 2005 20:50:55 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Clementine Lunzi Reply-To: Dear Mr. Long, On your very interesting webite, you have Clementine Lunzi dying in 1957. She died in 1956. A bit of background: My mother's first cousin (Bobbis Zois) married Coula Mercati. Coula is the daughter of Clementine Lunzi. When my mother visited Bobbis and Coula in 1956, Clementine was very ill and staying in Paleo Faliron. From Greece, my mother went on to Venice with the understanding that Clementine's grand-daughter, Anna (the daughter of Bobbis and Coula Zois), was going to meet her there. Anna Zois never made it to Venice because Clementine had died. Thank you, -Tom Pappas

    From: Thierry Blanchard Date: 8 August 2005 08:04:38 GMT+02:00 To: Christopher Long Subject: graf dhona-schlodien Bonjour, Je n'ai pas de relation de famille avec le général-lieutenant Von Dohna-schlodien, mais je travaille sur la famille Mavrogordato,et sur l'affaire Mayerling. Die quelle wer ist 1935 ,veut dire la source de l'information est le livre Wer ist de l'année 1935. J' ai aussi 12158 courte biographie de généraux et amiraux Allemands, Autrichiens et Hongrois. Je ne parle pas anglais ,sorry. Thierry Blanchard .

    From: "Leon Vrtovec" Date: 7 August 2005 17:45:54 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: HMS IMPLACABLE Dear Sir, First of all, sorry for my English (is not briliant), my name is Leon Vrtovec from Slovenia ( a cuntry of ex Yugoslavia), a few months ago I saw a ducumentary about HMS IMPLACABLE and on the internet I find a page in which You write about it (about the ship). I am trying to make a model ship and I wont to know more informations about this ship. All internate pages of HMS Implacable do not work. Can You help me? I will be very greateful. Thank You for your answer, Leon Vrtovec

    From: "Toula Argentis" Date: 5 August 2005 16:43:09 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: The Argenti Family Hello, My name is Stamatia Argentis, and my father's name is Michael (Michali) Argentis, and he was born on the island of Chios, in 1936. His father's name is Ioannis Argentis. I visited the island of Chios back in 1988 with my mother. We visited the Argentis' library and museum. I have been trying to find out the roots of my family for many years and with little success. If you have any information on the Argentis family and the names of current living relatives, I would really like to hear from you. Thank you very much, Stamatia Argentis, CA Controller Intralot, Inc. 11360 Technology Circle Duluth, GA, 30097 Direct: 770-295-2540 Fax: 770-295-2590 Cell: 770-595-6915 email:

    From: Thierry Blanchard Date: 3 August 2005 13:07:01 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Graf von Dohna-schlodien Hannibal Ludwig Fabian von Dohna-schlodien °20/10/1838 in breslau ,T 12/12/1914 in Weimar ,er war generalleutnant der Deutsche Kaiserliche Armee Die Quelle ist Wer ist't 1935 Gruss von Paris ,Frankreich. thierry blanchard

    From: "Dorothy Thompson" Date: 2 August 2005 18:44:57 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: priestman family of Shotley Bridge Chris: I have seen your information on the net about the Long family which mentions that Christine (Francis) Long (1908-1984) married Major Jonathan Priestman. I am connected to the Priestman family who were first cousins to my great grand mother Mary Knott nee Willis. Mary had a sister Frances who married Lewis Priestman her first cousin from Shotley Bridge who I think must be the brother of Jonathan Priestman. J.L.and Lewis Priestman were directors of the Priestman Collieries. Do you have any information about the priestman family other than that shown on your family group sheet. If you would like any information I have about the priestman family please advise. If you are in contact with any one researching the Priestman or related families do you think you can let me have a note of their addresses. I live at Crowborough East Sussex. Best regards, Chris Thompson Phone 01892 665598

    From: "Christopher Reed" Date: 30 July 2005 23:23:18 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Negroponte Family Having done some research on my ancestors, descendants of Alfred Theodore Negroponte 5C3R I wonder if you would like my resulting data, and if so how I can get it to you. It is in PAF format so I suppose I could send it electronically. Very interesting site Mr Long, you should be applauded. Best wishes, Christopher Reed. Brighton England

    From: "Spencer, Dave" Date: 29 July 2005 11:34:29 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Long Family Tree Hi Christopher, Stumbled across your tree whilst searching for families of people who married in to my VINCENT family in Norfolk. I have Thomas Denn who was born 31/8/1723 at Shipdham father Thomas DENN and mother MARY, I think this must be the same DENN as yours. Thomas Denn bn 1723 married Hannah VINCENT of Westfield at Shipdham by licence 25/3/1755 wit by John Wytlee Pyke and Zachariah Ingleton. Happy to share files if you think we have a match, couldn't quite make out the relationship on your family group sheet. Best wishes, Dave Spencer-Vincent home e mail 01565 722045 17 Birchwood Drive Lower Peover Cheshire WA16 9QJ

    From: Date: 24 July 2005 15:09:17 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: famille Ralli Cher cousin Christopher, Permettez que je vous appelle cousin, puisque nous avons des ancêtres communs. Merci pour votre mail au sujet du livre "Rallis of Chio". Je vous adresse ci-dessous la généalogie des descendants issus de Ralli, par Lucie (fille de Stéphane) Ralli 1853 - 1892. Sur le très bon site internet que vous avez fait des "Descendants of father Ralli" je ne vous ai pas trouvÉ où vous êtes-vous donc caché ? Eclairez-moi sur ce point. Si ça vous intéresse je peux vous envoyer quelques autres informations. Par exemple une photo de la maison Ralli à Odessa. Croyez, cher cousin, à ma parfaite considération. [Much info supplied] Nicolas Kotzebue

    From: "jon harrison" Date: 24 July 2005 13:16:38 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Paul Jenks Hellos Sir, I am an ex international volunteer with the Croatian Armed forces, I am looking into the death of Messier's Paul Jenks, Christain Wurtenburg and Grant Mann. they all were shot at close range, in early 1992 in Osijek in Croatia. I have information which I am investigating hopefully leading to a prosecution in either Croatia or the UK. The culprits of this act I and certain departments in the Croatian MOD believe are members of the the defunct unit known as the "International Brigade". This was lead by Eduardo Flores and Christopher Freeman (aka Kit Freeman). I would be grateful for any help or assistance you could provide in the furthering of this investigation. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Yours Sincerely, Jon Harrison.

    From: Christopher Quaile Date: 22 July 2005 19:42:48 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Susan Yorke, wife of pr. nicholas B-M Prince Nicholas was the 2nd husband of Susan. She was married 1stly to Alexander Cassavetti they had a son Julian. Susan. had a decent from king Charles 11, was the daughter of Maurice Yorke ( d. 1941) and Maud, dau of sir Charles Dare. Maurice was the only child of Sir Henry Yorke by Lilian dau of the 10 earl of Wemyss. Hope this helps. Christopher

    From: Date: 22 July 2005 19:11:12 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: re: Schilizzi family Hello Christopher - My name is Lauren Breeze and I live in Media, Pennsylvania, USA. I have been trying to find an email address for Diana Schlizzi and came across your web site. I lived at Chacombe Priory way back in 1987 - 1988. Back then my name was Lauren Mathewson. My then husband and I rented the top floor apartment at the Priory. We kept in touch for a number of years via Christmas cards, but slowly lost touch. I've been thinking about her and Steven, wondering how they are, and also wanted to talk to Diana about possibly buying a King Charles Cavalier pup. (she breeds them and I used to go to shows with her). Anyway, if you happen to have her email address, or would email her for me and give her my contact information if you're not comfortable giving me hers, I would greatly appreciate it. I really liked your site, by the way. Very impressive! I'm an amature geneologist and would love to get to the point you've reached. I have so much more to do! Thanks for your help, Christopher! Sincerely, Lauren Breeze.

    From: Date: 21 July 2005 20:00:37 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Newseum Request regarding Paul Jenks Dear M Long, In my search for a photo of photojournalist Paul Jenks, I came across your website obituary. I am writing to you from the Newseum, part of the FREEDOM FORUM organization in Arlington Virginia. We are preparing for our Journalists Memorial exhibit at our new building site in Washington D C. and, we are seeking a PHOTOGRAPH of Mr. Jenks who was a freelance photojournalist until his death in Croatia in 1992. Our Exhibit promises to be spectacular. It will consist of a great glass wall with the names and circumstances of death etched into it. At the foot of the wall there will be a kiosk where photos of those listed can be accessed. Also there will be paneled photo-blowups as part of the exhibit. I am certain you will join me in recognizing the importance of this project. If you do not have a photo of him, perhaps a rapid search on your part would yield a contact (employer, friend, collegue, family member) likely to have one.I would be happy to write or phone anyone you suggest. The optimum photo would be 600 dpi at full size sent by email to me. However ANY photo over 300 DPI sent by email in JPG or TIF would be greatly appreciated. See address below for mailing prints. Also we would need stated permission to use the photo in our exhibit. You can view what has been written on Mr. Jenks and other journalists on our virtual memorial at click journalists memorial. As it is, we have quite a moving ceremony every year on "World Press Freedom Day". Friends and family of those listed come from the four corners of the earth to honor those who died bringing us the News. I hope one day you will join us. Thank you for your attention in this matter Nancy Aben Intl Dept Newseum 1101 Wilson Blvd. Arlingon Virginia 22209 Mon-Thur 10-3 703 284 3794

    From: Date: 18 July 2005 13:36:18 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Rallis of Chio Nicolas Kotzebue Le Chatelet route du Chatelet 32 CH 1845 Noville Switzerland Monsieur, Je désire me procurer le livre RALLIS OF CHIO. Puis-je l'obtenir chez vous, et à quel prix. Je suis moi-même un descendant de cette famille, mon arrière-grand-mère s'appelait Lucie Ralli (1853-1892), et son père était Stéphane Ralli (1821-1902) d'Odessa. En l'attente de vous lire, je vous adresse, Monsieur, mes cordiaux messages. Nicolas Kotzebue

    From: ppmishra Date: 17 July 2005 06:53:00 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Prof. PP. Mishra Reply-To: ppmishra My dear Sir, At the outset, I must congratulate for your wonderful website. I am Patit.P.Mishra, teaching in Sambalpur University, India. Presently am writing articles about some of the women warriors, who had taken part in both the World Wars. I am having a little bit difficulty to know about the detailed biography (early life, parent's name etc) of i) Rosemary Wright, the American lady, who joined the French Resistance ii) Edith Lederer, an award-winning reporter for the Associated Press, who had covered wars and political upheavals around the world for twenty-five years before returning to New York in 1998 to be the AP's chief correspondent at the United Nations. iii) Doreen Bryant (nee Winter) RNPS (HMS Europa),her parent's name, early life and post-1945 activity. iv) Dame Felicity Peake ( early life including parent's name). If you so desire, I will send my CV. I will remain indebted to you for your kind help. An early reply will be highly appreciated. With warm regards, Yours truly, P.P.Mishra. Prof. Patit Paban Mishra, Department of History, Sambalpur University, Jyoti Vihar, Burla-768019,Dist. Sambalpur (ORISSA), India. Tel No.0091-663-2430217 ,cell phone-0091-94370-52271 URL--

    From: Mike Schneblin Date: 16 July 2005 14:45:26 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Link Christopher, Just thought you'd like to know that I put a link to your site as a parallel need for another Mitchell-type to shake up the space program's daft usage of outdated technology. Here's the link to the site: Mike Morocco

    From: "Yen Guo" Date: 13 July 2005 06:51:18 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: about those refugees in 1978 Hi Christopher, Just read your story about those lucky refugees been rescued in Oct 1978. I wonder you can access the names of those refugees? The reason that I am asking is because my family I believed was in similar situation too in late 1978. At the time I was already settled in Australia for about a year, just before they left Saigon Vietnam in late 1978, I was still in frequently contact with my family through conventional mails. The last communication with them was through a telegraph informed that they had already left. Later, was told that the boat sunk. There were many stories but all were quite similar, of those some said, some of the younger children were rescued by foreign authorities. One recent one that I heard was the boat that my parents, 3 brothers and sisters boarded, its boat owner was undermining the Vietnamese authority (cheated with fate gold bar / jealousy between wives) and hence the authority had set bomb to the boat, after the explosion, quite a few younger ones survived and the authority put these youngsters to another boat which were about to leave Vietnam at the time too. My last hope is among those got rescued, there may be my younger brothers or sisters, at the time, my youngest sister was only 4 years old. If one of these did survive, there is little chance that I can find out too as most would be adopted as they were quite young. My family members' names are: Dad: Quach Quan Phuong Mum: Hua Ham Anh Brothers: Quach Chi An, Quach Chi Mau, Quach Chi Ung Sisters: Quach Chi Hue, Quach Chi Y, Quach Chi Tu I understand there are privacy issues involved as you can not pass those refugee names to me. However, would happy for you to pass this message to appropriate authority that may get hold of refugees names which did not record in the International Red Cross's register. Regards, Yen +618 8343 3820

    From: "Maureen Hackett" Date: 13 July 2005 00:17:54 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: The London Plane allee in St. James Park Hi, I'm Director of Horticulture for the Bryant Park Restoration Corp. in NYC. We have 200 London Plane in a Beaux Arts styled park. I was just in St. James Park for the first time 2 weeks ago. Do you know how old the big London Planes are? I am guessing they were planted sometime around 1830 during the restoration at that time by John Nash. I went to about 15 private garden sqs. that weekend, but I found those promenades of Platanus most magical thing of the whole trip. Thanks for the info if you have it. Sincerely, Maureen Hackett

    From: John Dodd Date: 12 July 2005 23:27:41 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Roughwood Park Chalfont St Giles/Agelasto/SOE I am researching and publishing on a web site, various aspects of the local history of Chalfont St Giles and have recently been looking at the history of Roughwood Park which I have traced back into the 14th C. As I often find the more recent history is hardest to uncover I came across a couple of references from a trawl of the Internet which are intriguing. One is the ownership or occupation of Roughwood Park by some of your family, specifically Christine (John) Agelasto, 3C4R. Birth, 23 Jul 1871, London, England. Death,11 Nov 1935, Roughwood Park, Chalfont St Giles and Tryphon Emmanuel A. (Augustus) Agelasto, 8C1R Death 21 Jun 1947, Roughwood Park, Chalfont St Giles, Bucks, England Having read through some of the material on your excellent web site I was intruiged by the other reference I found, which was to Roughwood Park being an SOE training School. Station No 42 Roughwood Park, Chalfont St, Giles Bucks. Station Commander MAJ. V. E. Blomfield. If you have any amplification you could give me to the bald facts given above I would very much appreciate it. For examples did these members of the Angelasto family own Roughwood and were they directly involved in the SOE activity. The secret nature of the work going at a number of local large house particularly Wilton House and Latimer House are well known locally but this the first time I have come across any reference to such activities at Roughwood Park. Thanks John Dodd

    From: Date: 11 July 2005 11:04:35 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Enquiry Dear Christopher Long, This is simply an enquiry about a member of the Schilizzi family to which perhaps you may know the answer. I am currently researching a book on Byron in Greece. Harold Nicolson, in Byron: The Last Journey (London, 1924) mentions a M. Schilizzi as having accompanied Byron on his journey back to Greece from Italy in 1823. Nicolson never gives a first name, only saying that he was 'a Greek relative of Alexander Mavrocordato' (p. 98). There is an important letter in French from him to Byron, which is partly quoted on pp. 160-162. I was wondering if you could identify this particular member of the family for me. I would be most grateful, if so. Best wishes, Stephen Minta

    From: Richard Billingsley Date: 10 July 2005 21:50:04 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: David Bosanquet I ran across the name of David Bosanquet in your website. The gentleman I am looking for was an employee of Jardine Matheson just before the Second World War and was posted in Hong Kong. He was one of a few people to escape a Japanese prisoner of war camp and through great difficulty made his way back to England. I have a copy of a pocket book entitles "Escape through China" of which he is the author. Written in 1983 (reprinted 1985) he wrote it from the many notes he kept during the war. I would be interested if you had any additional information about him. Cheers, Richard Billingsley

    From: "Pierre Kokino" Date: 5 July 2005 21:10:06 GMT+02:00 To: Hi, My name is Pierre Kokino (Cocchino). I live in Istanbul, Turkey and a member of a small italian family in Istanbul. I am trying to learn more about my ancestors which I was told from Chios island. I did not see any hint in your site about family "Cocchino". I would like to know how I can get detailed information about my family roots. I appreciate your help in advanced. Best Regards pierre

    From: Mr Sarantis Argiris Date: 29 June 2005 13:05:41 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: . Reply-To: I would appreciate if you could help me finding info by recommending to me where to search about Konidis Family from chios who bought one Property/ house in Kampos from Vlastos Family (mentioned in the site about vlastos family). The reason is that my family bought the house 3 months ago and we would like to find photos of that house in order to help us deconstruct it. Thank you Sarantis Argiris Yahoo! Sports Rekindle the Rivalries. Sign up for Fantasy Football

    From: CHAIX Date: 26 June 2005 16:23:51 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Always thought my ancestors were Cretan! My grand-father was born Dimitri ZARIFI, birthplace unknown, probably Constantinople of Greek origin, married to Catherine Joannidou. My mother (1902 - 1989), their daughter, was born Maria ZARIFI, in Smyrna, married to Albert DEMULLING, my father, a Frenchman. This ZARIFI family owned tobacco fields and fled from Smyrna to Alexandria (Egypt), in 1923-1924, when they lost their possessions and feared for their lives. My mother always said ZARIFI was a Turkish name, not their real name. I know nothing of my ancestors and found your site just by chance. Can you help ? I would be interested to purchase your mother's book : "Greek Fire - Massacres of Chios". Where was it published ? Many thanks in advance for your help. Françoise CHAIX-DEMULLING

    From: "Kim Wiles" Date: 23 June 2005 16:00:44 GMT+02:00 To: Cc: Subject: London Portrait Magazine Reply-To: Dear Mr Long, Could you please advise me where I am able to obtain a copy of the Portrait magazine. Thank you for your assistance in advance. Kind regards Kim Kim Wiles Customer Services Executive purpleparking tel: 020 8867 4581 fax: 020 8574 4560

    From: "Tony Brookes" Date: 20 June 2005 18:02:56 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Form posted from Microsoft Internet Explorer. FIRSTNAME=Anthony MIDDLENAME= LASTNAME=Brookes WEBADDRESS= ORIGIN=Europe INTEREST=Mere Chance FEEDBACK=Feedback COMMENT=I cannot find any mention of Bellasis near Dorking which I believe was used by one of the overseas wartime sabotage agencies. Does anyone have any information on this house on Box Hill ? SEND=SEND PASSWORD=Password unnecessary

    From: Jo and Nick Lawrence Date: 20 June 2005 04:00:53 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Ralli Family Hello Christopher, I hope you don't mind me emailing you but I think I have a connection (non-relation) with one of your relatives based on your website. My gggGrandmother Fanny Ward (nee Hope) worked for the Ralli family in the 1881 census as a monthly nurse. I've attached the portion of the page which shows this. The location was "Woodlands", South Parks Lane, Holywell, Oxford. Head of the family was Alexader P Ralli (and I believe she was the monthly nurse due to the birth of Pandia S Ralli. As she was a monthly nurse she probably was only with them for a very short time while she attended his wife Catherine. Fanny's husband died at a young age when they lived in Wales which forced the family to split for some period over England while they all obtained employment. Interestingly she ended up in London in 1891 where she reunited with her children. I was wondering whether she may have stayed with the Ralli family for longer (perhaps to attend to Catherine with the two future children that died) as they also appear to be in London in 1891. This is currently my best reason for Fanny moving to London where she was still a professional nurse of the sick. I was wondering if there were any family records where Fanny may have been mentioned. I know this is unlikely she she was only their nurse and may not have actually been with them for long and I believe from your website that this Ralli line did not continue. I also know you have a large number of Ralli family members on your site. Thanks for your time. Regards, Jo Lawrence, Brisbane, Australia

    From: Virginie SOUTZO Date: 18 June 2005 22:45:54 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Soutzo's Family Dear Christopher, I just see on internet that you have a little three of some Soutzo. I'm looking forward information about my family. Could you be so kind to let me know how did you get this information and how can i look for more information about my family. Thanks in advance for your answer, Best Regards, Virginie SOUTZO --- Virginie SOUTZO Vice Président Formation Jeune Chambre Economique de Monaco

    From: "Liz Gregg" Date: 17 June 2005 17:51:13 GMT+02:00 To: "Christopher Long" Subject: BBC Northern Ireland documentary Hi Christopher, Just to let you know that the programme will be going out on Tuesday 21st June (see jpeg for details). I will send on a DVD copy when they are ready but in the meantime thank you very much for all your help and we will put up a link to your website on our Peoples War site for anyone who might like to learn more about the escape and evasion lines. All the best LIZ Liz Gregg Producer, Factual BBC N Ireland Tel: 028 90 338035 Mob: 07808 403952 email: .

    From: Date: 16 June 2005 03:27:14 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Theodore P. Cozzika and Pearl White Dear Mr. Long: I am a film historian based in the United States currently writing a biography of the legendary American silent film serial queen, Pearl White (1889-1938). I am writing you for possible information on her (including the whereabouts of her personal papers) in connection with your cousin, Theodore P. Cozzika. It was in the late 1920s, I believe, that Pearl White, a resident of France since 1923, met Mr. Cozzika. Pearl by then had largely retired from show business and was a divorcee, while Cozzika was a bachelor at the time. The two became very close and spent much time together, both in France and at Mr. Cozzika's villa in Cairo. (I am including in this e-mail below a photo of Pearl White and Theodore Cozzika in Egypt taken around 1930) As close as they were, however, the two never married, whether because, having suffered matrimonial misfortunes in the past, Pearl now preferred a freer relationship, or because Cozzika was not yet ready to renounce his bachelor status, I have no idea. In any case, Cozzika was at her bedside when she died in Paris on August 4, 1938 at the age of 49. In the final version of her will, Pearl left much of her estate to Cozzika. This included her home in Paris and whatever personal effects of hers were there. Presumably, if she had any of her personal papers there (e.g., letters, diaries and other writings), they would have ended up in Mr. Cozzika's custody. As I have learned from your site, approximately a year or two after Pearl's passing, Mr. Cozzika married Despina Benachi and the two soon had a family of four children. Given the tumultuous years in which they were living--from World War II to the Egyptian Revolution--I imagine they must often have moved between their respective homes in France, Egypt and Greece. Neverthless, on the chance that the material pertaining to Pearl White could still exist, do you have any idea if Cozzika's children might have inherited, as part of their father's estate, Pearl White's papers? Might it still be in their possession? Or might they have donated this material to an archive or library? These papers, if they have survived, could be essential to my project. Might they have any other kind of personal knowledge relating to their father and his relationship with Pearl White? If you don't have any direct knowledge yourself, do you know where I might be able to contact any of Mr. Cozzika's children for information on this matter? I'm looking forward to hearing from you about this soon. Sincerely, William M. Drew

    From: "Richard Newell" Date: 9 June 2005 11:37:21 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Ralli Dear Mr Long Many thanks to you and your team for the very full and fascinating website about the Chiot families. Re: your 'Descendants of Father Ralli', (6), my wife is the great-granddaughter of Mary Ralli and Rev. John Robertson. if you are interested, we could give you more details of John and the subsequent Robertsons, who took 'Ralli' as their middle names. With best wishes Richard L M Newell

    From: "ivan farace di villaforesta" Date: 6 June 2005 13:47:39 GMT+02:00 To: "Christopher Long" Subject: Re: farace I meant that if you want to write something about me or my family, I would appreciate it it to be exact. Thank you for correcting if you wish. I did not know that we were cousins. Best regards, Ivan Farace.

    From: Date: 5 June 2005 00:00:24 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Mavrogordato Dear Sir: I am the son of Nicolas Mavrogordato and accidentally came across your listing of my name on the Internet. I was disturbed by some inaccuracies: and want to correct some errors: My proper name is Ralph Stephan(os) Mavrogordato and I was born on December 19, 1920 In Berlin, Germany. My mother's correct name was Annemarie Mavrogordato, nee Mascow. I would appreciate it if you made the necessary changes. Sincerely, Ralph S. Mavrogordato

    From: "J. Frechet" Date: 4 June 2005 14:12:38 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Alfred Angot, French physicist Dear Mr. Long, I am a French scientist, working on some aspects of history of science. This is how I came across your web site: I was surfing on the web searching about the French physicist Alfred Angot (1848-1824). Alfred Angot is cited on your genealogy pages as the spouse of Arghyro (Demosthenes) Agelasto. I would be very interested to find out if some descendent of Alfred Angot could share with me some information about Angot's scientific work. Do you happen to know the address of some of Angot's descendents who could answer a few small questions? I was also very interested to read several pages of your site, among them those about Chios history, which I didn't know at all. Yours sincerely, Julien Fréchet -- Institut de physique du globe de Strasbourg EOST, 5 rue René Descartes, F-67084 Strasbourg Cedex Tél. : +33 (0)3 90 24 03 55

    From: Longen Date: 3 June 2005 12:39:03 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Ralli Good Morning, I have placed a link to your web-site, as the content is related, at: Regards Tony

    From: Michael Harper Date: 2 June 2005 20:08:36 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Images Request Dear Sir I am a professor at Utah Valley State in the Multimedia Department and am in need of images of Billy Mitchell and the bombing trials on the German battleships. We are producing a DVD product for the Collings Foundation to help them continue their educational efforts. The 'Wings of Freedom' DVD focuses on their B-17 and B-24 bombers touring the country each year. I was wondering if we might be able to use some of the images in your collection. I have checked with US National Archives and they're lacking what we need. Please let me know what you may be able to provide. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Michael F. Harper Assistant Professor Utah Valley State 800 West University Parkway Multimedia Communication Technology MS - 246 Orem, UT 84058 Office: 801.863.7046 E-mail:

    From: PATRICK CHURCH Date: 2 June 2005 19:24:08 GMT+02:00 To: I found your article in the Evening Standard , dated 1984. Do you have any further information about the scrap trade during WW2? I have just been going through our archive for our company which was very active during WW2 in the scrap business . I have some wonderful pictures of railings being scrapped from the Law Courts / Hyde Park / Carlton House Terrace and the best picture is of our company taking the chandaliers from the Houses of Parliament regards Patrick Church

    From: Guy Savill Date: 2 June 2005 12:54:31 GMT+02:00 To: "''" Subject: Evelyn Ionides Dear Mr Long I was wondering if you could spare the time to help with an enquiry regarding Mrs Evelyn Ionides. We have, in the furniture department at Bonhams, a fairly minor piece (A William IV mahogany cellarette) which has a label from a 1936 Christies catalogue taped to the interior, 'Christies 18 June 1936, Mrs Evelyn Ionides, Hove, Part lot 95' I am assuming that is Mrs Evelyn Ionides (nee Capel) the wife of Constantine Albert 'Cotz' Capel (1863-1900) Do you have any further biographical information on her ? Any information would be much appreciated. Yours sincerely Guy Savill Departmental Director Fine Furniture Department Bonhams New Bond Street

    From: Helen Paraskevà Date: 31 May 2005 14:44:59 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: The Paraskevas Dear Sir, My name is Helene Paraskeva, I live in Italy, I was born in Athens in 1949. My father is Gabriel Paraskevas and my grandfather is Aristide Paraskevas died in France just before WW2. I know Aristides' mother (my great gandmother) was English and met Aristides' father sometime in the late 19th century. A family legend has it during the Great Exhibition but dates do not really match. Can you help me? Thank you, Yours sincerely, Helene Paraskeva

    From: Date: 31 May 2005 10:17:05 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Re: Petrocochino Hi Chris thank you for the research . A lot of it I already knew, however there were some new items which were very interesting.The reason for my interest in Ambrose is that I have his medals ( QSA , BWM & VM ) . He is no relation , am a medal collector and bough them as I thought he would be an interesting person to research . If you give me your address I will send you a copy of my research so far including a copied photograph of him around 1880's and soldier service papers etc . I can also pass on details where you can see more information regarding his last will and his photograph collection during his travels . Look forward to your reply Best Regards Geoff

    From: "L. J. Calvocoressi" Date: 30 May 2005 02:28:09 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Calvocoressi Information Dear Christopher, My wife found your website in an Internet search and I thought that you might be interested in the following: My mother Frances passed away on 11 February, 2001 and my father John, on 14 October, 2002. In addition both my sister and my brother have children. I will ask them if they wish to send you the pertinent information. You note my birthplace as New Canaan, CT, I was born in New York City You have my father's mother passing away in 1940 and she died in 1967. Sincerely, Leonidas (Lee) J. Calvocoressi

    From: Paul Watkins Date: 29 May 2005 01:29:06 GMT+02:00 To: Christopher Long Subject: Re: Contact! Dear Christopher Long Thanks very much for letting me have your website number which I have been able to check for the copy of your talk to the London Hellenic Society last week. We are very interested in reproducing this talk in some form in the Review in the next but one issue (Spring 06) as the Autumn 05 issue is full. It may been some time, therefore, before I come back to you with a proposed reduction/extract, but thanks anyway for your help so far. Best wishes, Paul Watkins The Anglo-Hellenic Review 23 Jeffreys Street London NW1 9PS

    From: Vince Gratzer [] Sent: Saturday, April 23, 2005 2:06 PM To: '' Subject: Denis Rake Dear Christopher: I am doing research on the Denis Rake story, and came across your thread "Dr. Rodocanaachi's 'Guest List.'" I remember the incident described in the thread from Rake's book "Rake's Progress," Have you found any other information on Denis Rake in your travels? Any photographs besides the one in his memoir? I am going to London and Paris this summer (6/14-6/29) to do research. I have located Rake's SOE file at the British National Archives and am having a copy sent to me this week. Since I am interested in Rake's career as a stage performer (both legit and as a female impersonator) I will visit the Theatre Museum, and the Mander & Mitchenson Theatre Collection at Trinity College. Would you have any other suggestions on museums or archives that might have any information on Denis? Are there websites where I might post an announcement on my research, both in regards to his SOE service and also his stage career? One last question. I should be fine in London with my research, but was considering hiring a research guide to help with my work in Paris. I would need someone bi-lingual of course, and hopefully someone who is somewhat knowledgeable about the resistance and how to find out information about agents working in Paris and Lyon during WWII. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks very much for your help. Best regards, Vince Gratzer Los Angeles

    From: "The Hoys" Date: 26 May 2005 17:19:33 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Alfred Croil-Again I notice that you have here-"Flag Scotland" were the Croils of Scottish blood as well? Ella's father was born in Scotland. If you have more information about this family, I would love to share. I have been trying to make a connection between my John Cross and who I believe is his brother George Cross-both born in Scotland and both came over at the same time and moved to the same county in NY. I know this isn't a lot to go on-but I have tried every other avenue so now all I am left with are long shots!! Thanks so much again. Robbi Cross Hoy

    From: "The Hoys" Date: 26 May 2005 17:15:34 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: Alfred Robertson Croil I saw your website when looking for more information on my Cross family. I have Ellen Cross in my tree and her father's obit says he had a daughter named A.R. Croil-so I am guessing your Ella and my Ellen are one and the same. I was wondering if you wanted some of her information-or info about her father. Thanks so much. Robbi Cross Hoy

    From: Date: 26 May 2005 12:57:08 GMT+02:00 To: Subject: reproduction of article Dear Editor I'm Charlotte Handel, Marketing Executive at the Barbican Theatre. I'm currently collating information for a programme for Ridiculusmus' The Importance of Being Earnest. Formed in 1992, Ridiculusmus have presented many show throughout the UK and in Australia winning the Time Out, Total Theatre and Herald Angel Awards. In this production of Importance, the duo play all the characters in a subversive and funny show which is true to the spirit of Oscar Wilde's 'play'. The show is directed by Jude Kelly OBE (founder of Battersea Arts Centre and West Yorkshire Playhouse). I have attached further information about the production and the company to this email. The company have handed me some information which they would very much like to include in the programme. One piece is an interview with Helen Vlasto called 'That Was The Season That Was' which featured in London Portrait Magazine (issue 04 - 1994). In particular they would like to reproduce 2 - 4 paragraphs from the article to run alongside images. This text would only appear in the Barbican programme for the London run. I would be very grateful if you could let me know if this would be at all possible. If you have any questions please do give me call on 020 7382 7115 to discuss this further. I look forward to your reply, With very best wishes, Charlotte Handel < Charlotte Handel Marketing Executive Theatre Barbican Centre Backing London's 2012 Olympic Bid Direct Line +44 (0)20 7382 7115 Direct Fax +44 (0)20 7382 7377 Barbican Centre Silk Street London EC2Y 8DS

  1. From: "Mary Taylor"
    Date: 25 May 2005 23:21:04 GMT+02:00
    Subject: Genealogy

    Christopher, Hi. My name is Mary Taylor. I am trying to see if our lines join. I have spent hours over the past several days comparing what you have with what I have. Is there any way you will be willing to send me a gedcom file with your information? If they merge, I will also send you what I have. Thank you, Mary.

  2. From: Anka Ghika
    Date: 24 May, 2005 20:01:27 GMT+02:00
    Subject: Calvocoressi and Kantacuzinos Families

    Dear Mr. Long, Following my internet search on the Calvocoressi family, it was really a pleasant surprise to discover your interesting site. I am myself a descendent of the Calvocoressi and Mavrocordato families, as well as of the Ghika and Romanian branch of the Kantacusinos [or Cantacuzenos]. I'm born in Bucharest Romania, presently living in Geneva. My father Grigore Ghika and myself are interested in genealogies. I am wondering if you would have some information on the genealogy of a certain Great Dragoman [or Grand Drogoman] (the first Greek Great Dragoman) Panait Nikusios Mamona? Was his mother or his wife a Calvocoressi and if it's the case, would there be any hints of her relation with the Byzantine Kantacusinos family? Are there any historical proofs of the presence of the Kantakusinos in Chios? I do not see them mentioned on your site though. Thank you in advance. Looking forward to your answer. Sincerely yours, Anca Ghika.

  3. From: Kevin Geary
    Date: 22 May, 2005 13:04:22 GMT+02:00
    Subject: From Years Ago At The Chelsea Arts Club

    Dear Christopher, I came across your website by chance while I was doing some research on the internet and saw an article you wrote about me back in 1983... I have a couple of websites: 'portraits', 'art' and 'photos'. You might like to see them. I have had some of my work come up for sale at auctions in the last couple of years and two of my works, with interesting stories related to them, are coming up for sale in London at Bloomsbury Auctions on June 20th. They are Claudio Abbado and Alfred Brendel in rehearsal, signed by both of them, and Jorge Bolet, also signed... All the best, Kevin.

  4. From: Robert Lock
    Date: 21 May, 2005 4:18:20 GMT+02:00
    Subject: Boer War Veterans

    Dear Sir, Read and enjoyed your article posted on the net regarding veterans of the Boer War. I took particular notice of your comments regarding veteran Hubert Wood who, with deserved pride, lays claim to having served the Commonwealth in The Boer War, WWl and WWll. My grandfather Captain William James Lock, born in England January 12 1882, died in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, June 11 1963 can claim a similar distinction. He joined the British Army (under age) and shipped to South Africa. He later served in France as a Quartermaster in WW1 and was subsequently called up in Canada (briefly) to serve as a Quartermaster in the Royal Canadian Army in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, thus serving King and Empire in all three conflicts. I often wonder how many Commonwealth soldiers could make this claim. Best regards Robert Lock, Ontario Canada.

  5. From: OLP
    Date: 17 May, 2005 3:44:28 GMT+02:00
    Subject: Marinos Geroulanos

    Re: Dr Marinos Yeroulanos/Geroulanos, the engineer... I met [him] in 1950 when students at the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule in Zürich. We became good friends. He and, at another time, members of his family later visited me when I was a student at Cambridge. I haven't seen him since, but just ran across your email page [web page] which of course did not provide his home or email address. I did, however, surmise your address. It would be a great pleasure to get in touch with Marinos (and Amalia, known to me only through correspondence years ago). Could you please send me the information? Ch.-J. N. Bailey. Kea'au, Hawai'I, 96749, USA.

  6. From: Rex J Hotchkiss Jr
    Date: 16 May, 2005 9:35:25 GMT+02:00
    Subject: Robert Dunmore Hotchkiss

    Hello. I just ran across your website's mention of Robert Dunmore Hotchkiss (born 10 Jul 1867, Renfrewshire, Scotland) and his father Richard James Hotchkiss. I would like to correspond with you regarding this. I have been researching the Hotchkiss families of Scotland for some time, with the intent to trace as many of them and their families as possible both forward and backward in time. As you had a firm date and place with names of parents and child, in a time period where I have accumulated a fairly good database, I suspected that I would be able to connect this family to one of the major lines I have already researched, with a minimum of effort. This has turned out to be the case. I have their line back to William Hotchkiss of Hawkeswood, born before 1580, in Shropshire, England. I will soon be placing it online on my website. Below is most of what I just looked up using : [Here he provides a long list of entries from British Census and Registrars' records]

  7. From: Scarlat Arion
    Date: 10 May, 2005 20:16:03 GMT+02:00
    Subject: Paspati Family

    Dear Sir, Regarding your information on the Paspati family I would like to add the following: I have married Alexandra (Georges) Paspati. My date of birth is: May 16, 1939. Best regards, Scarlat (Radu) Arion.

  8. From: Phil
    Date: 10 May, 2005 16:20:47 GMT+02:00
    Subject: HMS Wellpark

    Dear Mr Long, I stumbled across your website after doing a search on Google. First of all may I express my deepest gratitude to you and your family for your incredible kindness all those years ago. My parents were both part of the 347 contingent on the 60 foot fishing boat. I myself was born in London in 1979 and have only ever heard stories of their journey and rescue by the Wellpark. As you can imagine I am extremely interested to find out more about this story and was wondering if you would have any further press clippings, video footage, etc., that you could share with me? Upon reading your feedback columns, I understand that Blue Peter at the time covered the story. In any case I was fascinated to read the press clippings on your website and would be extremely grateful if you could help me to find out more about my parents' story. Again, thank you so much for your kindness, Best regards, Philip Truong.

  9. From: Mark Phillis
    Date: 4 May, 2005 21:58:07 GMT+02:00
    Subject: Lambrinudi

    Hello can you please help. I have just purchased a Victorian deposit box. Inscribed on the box is what looks like the name 'M. EMM. N. LAMBRINUDI'. I see that you have relatives by this surname. I cannot make sense of the first initials only the surname. If there's anything you can help me with like the initials and the origin... Cheers Mark.

  10. From: Cathy Ham
    Date: 30 April, 2005 15:20:00 GMT+02:00
    Subject: Aspasia Calvocoressi

    Dear Mr Long, I've just discovered your most interesting website. My mother was born Aspasia Calvocoressi in Ermoupolis, Syros, in 1922. If this information is in any way useful to you, I'd be happy to correspond with you. Catherine Ham.

  11. From: John Goldsmith
    Date: 30 April, 2005 11:14:10 GMT+02:00
    Subject: Family Tree

    Dear Christopher Long, I am your twelfth cousin, Anthea née Ionides and having discovered your riveting web site would love to have a talk and update certain things... Yours, Anthea Goldsmith.

  12. From: Zarifis
    Date: 29 April, 2005 19:04:19 GMT+02:00
    Subject: Zarifis of Cyprus

    Dear Christopher, While searching the internet I found your site. I have just been reading a book by George L. Zarifis and I decided to run a search for the name. My surname is Zarifis. We are the only Zarifis family in Cyprus. We can only go back to my grandfather who apparently was the only Zarifis in Cyprus. We do not know where he came from (about 1900). The records have been lost during the fighting with the Turks and now there is nobody old enough to remember and tell us something. My grandfather not only spoke but he was also able to write Turkish, something that is not and was not normal in the Cyprus community (the Turks used to speak Greek). I searched the details of all the Zarifis you had but it appears that nobody has a link with Cyprus. It will be highly appreciated if you could advise if during any of your searches for the Zarifis family tree you found anything about Cyprus. Except for the Zarifis family from Constantinople did you find any other family with the same surname. Regards, Nicos Zarifis.

  13. From: Judith Adamson
    Date: 28 April, 2005 23:44:45 GMT+02:00
    Subject: Eustace (Stathy) Eugenidi

    Do you know the month in 1946 that Eustace (Stathy) Eugenidi died? Thanks, Judy Adamson.

  14. From: Rai
    Date: 28 April, 2005 2:45:46 GMT+02:00
    Subject: Ambrose Argenti

    Dear Christopher . Ambrose Argenti was my great-great-grandfather. I am the oldest great-granddaughter of his son George Argenti who I remember vividly. He died when I was eight years old and I was brought up at first in his home in Pembridge Square and then in a flat nearby. My father was Ashley Argenti Cowan, G. A.'s only grandchild who married my mother Naomi Winifred Graham... [here she provides much useful family information] ... Seeing all those names brings back memories of Sunday lunches with my great grandfather, starched table cloths, and being the only child present faced with an array of heavy silver cutlery and a myriad of wine glasses. Yours with interest, Raimonde Hutchins.

  15. From: John Nichol
    Date: 27 April, 2005 16:21:22 GMT+02:00
    Subject: E & E in WW2

    Dear Christopher, I have just been reading your website which was most interesting and a mine of information. To introduce myself, I was one of the British RAF Tornado crew shot down over Iraq in 1991 during the first Gulf War. I was captured and held as a POW for 7 weeks with some of the American airmen. I was also one of the unfortunates paraded on TV - you can see some of my story at Since leaving the RAF in 1996 I have been writing books and the last 2 have been about American and British airmen in WWll - again, details are on the website. I am currently researching a book on Escape and Evasion. The basis of my books are the personal stories of the people involved and whilst I have many British stories, American accounts seem to be thin on the ground. I am particularly interested in American airman (or soldiers!) who evaded and were captured or actually managed to escape, either from a POW camp or after being shot down - especially those who have written an account of their story - either published or for personal use - and who are still alive so I could speak to them by phone. If you could point me in the direction of any such books or people I'd be really grateful. Regards, John Nichol.

  16. From: Ros Woodford
    Date: 27 April, 2005 10:58:59 GMT+02:00
    Subject: Scaramanga Family

    Dear Mr Long, I was delighted to come across your website when I was doing my own amateur research into family roots and found that you had constructed a fantastic record of family genealogy, a lot of information about people quite closely related that I didn't even know. I am Rosalind, George Ambrose Scaramanga's daughter... [here she provides much useful family information] ... Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful record. What is your relationship to the Scaramangas? I notice there is not nearly so much information about the other families as yet. Kind regards, Ros Woodford.

  17. From:
    Date: 26 April, 2005 15:21:55 GMT+02:00
    Subject: Ambrose Petrocochino

    Hi. I note reference to Petrocokino. I am doing research on Ambrose Petrocokino [Petrocochino]. Any contact information would be of interest and I could pass on what I already have. Many thanks, Geoff Scott.

  18. From: Mochan
    Date: 26 April, 2005 7:09:22 GMT+02:00
    To: Christopher Long
    Subject: Ralli Brothers of India

    Sir Long, Please tell me about the Ralli Brothers of India. Koichiro Mochida.

  19. From: Jean-Claude Duprez
    Date: 24 April, 2005 16:48:46 GMT+02:00
    Subject: Recherche Aviateurs Aidés à La Madeleine (Lille)

    I am sorry I did not speak English yet. Mon père François Duprez (amputé de la jambe droite mais portant une prothèse) et ma mère ont acceuilli et aidé des aviateurs a s'echapper dans le cadre de l'organisation Pat O'Leary dont mon père a été un des responsables dans le Nord de la France entre Juin 1940 et le 6 Décembre 1941 jour ou il a été arreté sur dénonciation d'Harold Cole. Il a été présent lors de la réunion chez le Dr Rodocanachi avec O'Leary, Bruce Dowding et Mario Prassinos à Marseille en Septembre 1941. J'aimerais au moins avoir communication des noms des aviateurs qui sont passés chez mes parents au 1 Rue de la Gare à La Madeleine (Nord). D'avance tous mes remerciements. Après avoir été condamn&eachute; à mort mon père est décédé en déportation au camp de Sonnenburg vers Juin 1944. Je suis son fils ainé. Nous sommes 4 enfants mais mon plus jeune frère est né en Février 1942, 3 mois après l'arrestation de mon père. J'ai fait ma formation de pilote au Canada dans la RCAF en 1952-53 et j'ai quitté l'Armée de l'Air Française en 1967 avec le grade Commandant. Avec mes salutations et mes excuses pour avoir oublié mon anglais depuis 50 ans (je comprends encore un peu la lecture des textes en anglais). Jean-Claude Duprez.

  20. From: Vince Gratzer
    Date: 23 April, 2005 23:06:20 GMT+02:00
    Subject: Denis Rake E&E

    Dear Christopher: I am doing research on the Denis Rake story, and came across your thread Dr. Rodocanachi's 'Guest List'. I remember the incident described in the thread from Rake's book Rake's Progress. Have you found any other information on Denis Rake in your travels? Any photographs besides the one in his memoir? I am going to London and Paris this summer... to do research. I have located Rake's SOE file at the British National Archives and am having a copy sent to me this week. Since I am interested in Rake's career as a stage performer (both legit and as a female impersonator) I will visit the Theatre Museum, and the Mander & Mitchenson Theatre Collection at Trinity College. Would you have any other suggestions on museums or archives that might have any information on Denis? Are there websites where I might post an announcement on my research, both in regards to his SOE service and also his stage career? One last question. I should be fine in London with my research, but was considering hiring a research guide to help with my work in Paris. I would need someone bi-lingual of course, and hopefully someone who is somewhat knowledgeable about the resistance and how to find out information about agents working in Paris and Lyon during WWII. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks very much for your help. Best regards, Vince Gratzer. Los Angeles.

  21. From: Robert Hepburn Wakeham
    Date: 23 April, 2005 4:54:01 GMT+02:00
    Subject: Wakeham/Schilizzi

    Happened upon your website. I have a family bible given to George and Jacobine Wakeham. They are my g-g-grandparents. Written in the bible is an entry for the birth of Margaret Campbell Wakeham. Seems as if it is the same as the Margaret Wakeham you mentioned. Robert Wakeham.

  22. From: Craig Sechiari
    Date: 21 April, 2005 22:03:19 GMT+02:00
    Subject: Sechiari Info

    Hi, I am Craig Andrew Sechiari, son of Jeremy Michael and Gail Patricia Sechiari. I have a brother Michael George and a sister Karen Anne. Please let me know if you are interested in info on the Sechiari family of South Africa. I can also give you info on the Sechiari family of Liverpool... Craig Sechiari, Toronto.

  23. From: Joy Goodwin
    Date: 21 April, 2005 19:18:05 GMT+02:00
    Subject: Kafedzic Family

    Dear Mr. Long, I am a fellow writer who is seeking to contact the Kafedzic family. I wonder if you could put me in touch with them via e-mail. I would be most grateful for any assistance you can provide. Theirs is an important story and I much appreciated your writing about it. Sincerely yours, Joy Goodwin.

    [... a woman who never bothered to acknowledge the help given to her...]

  24. From: Jane Sandy
    Date: 21 April, 2005 18:43:45 GMT+02:00

    Just wanted to congratulate you on a wonderful site - have bookmarked it for further reading. If my genealogical trail and writings produce such interesting material, I shall be very happy indeed. Incidentally, congrats on the 'Mouton' family tree too - maybe you should consider starting an ovine version of the GenesReunited website! With best wishes, Jane.

  25. From: Mochan
    Date: 21 April, 2005 17:46:52 GMT+02:00
    Subject: What Is The Chiots?

    Now, I am translating Mani, written by P. E. Fermor, to Japanese. Then I can not understand about the 'Chiots of Bayswater' and the 'Guards' Club'. If possible, please tell me about them.

  26. From: Lindsay Badenoch
    Date: 10 April, 2005 19:47:31 GMT+02:00
    Subject: Our Meeting In West Norwood Cemetery

    Dear Christopher, A quick note to make contact. Your website is phenomenal! Best wishes, Lindsay Badenoch.

  27. From: Rebekah Burgess
    Date: 6 April, 2005 19:36:32 GMT+02:00
    Subject: SOE Papers

    Dear Mr. Long: I feel so lucky to have found your fantastic website as a resource. My name is Rebekah Burgess and I am working as the historian on a as-of-yet untitled film project produced by Kevin Misher for Universal Studios in Hollywood. Mr. Misher would like to focus in on the work of SOE/MI9 during WWll, and is coming to England in a few weeks to begin research. He is especially interested in interviewing people who worked with MI9 and historians who specialize in that topic while there. I am hoping that you might be of help in pointing us to helpful resources or would be willing to be interviewed as a resource for the film. Many thanks. Rebekah Burgess.

  28. From:
    Date: 5 April, 2005 17:37:55 GMT+02:00
    Subject: Greeting From Another Rodocanachi Cousin

    Hello Christopher! I've seen your site a few times over the years, but yesterday while googling 'Rodocanachi Darsham' (actually looking for some info on the land my grandfather willed to the Wildlife Trust), I came across this page which I hadn't seen before, which directly deals with my branch of the family. I though I might just take a moment to add/correct a few things. Feel free to update them whenever you have a chance - with so many family trees on your site I'm sure you must get a lot of bits and pieces like this! ... [here he provides very useful updates and corrections] ... I must run. Keep up the good work! Hope to hear from you in the future. Alex Page.

  29. From: Alice Nissen
    Date: 4 April, 2005 19:29:17 GMT+02:00
    Subject: The Ralli Family

    Your website is most interesting as I am transcribing the journals of a forebear of mine between 1854 and 1909. Mary Ann Chadwell was a close friend of your forebears and her journals often mention many members of the Ralli family, the Scaramangas and Mavrogordatos too. I haven't yet had time to sort out who was who - and may never do so. MAC tends to refer to Mr and Mrs Peter Ralli for example, or even Mr and Mrs Ralli. MAC lives in London, but she travels quite regularly on the continent, mainly Italy and the south of France but also to Athens, Corfu, Constantinople etc, places where the above relatives of yours show up! My work on the journals has progressed from 1854 to 1862. I have a further 14 volumes to go! My current little puzzle, having seen your site: "... Mr and Mrs Mavrogordato came to stay for two days before their departure for Bombay. I knew her at Connaught Place some years ago, as Marietta Ralli. Her husband is a younger brother of Mrs E Ralli of London." ... The journal continues: ... "Wednesday 19th November (1862) - a few of Mr Ralli's relations came to dinner. Marietta and her husband left us at 10 o'clock in the evening. They are obliged to sleep at Marseilles to be ready for the steamer which leaves for Alexandria early to-morrow morning. Saturday 22nd November - Peter and his wife started by the steamer for Algiers at 12 o'clock. They will probably reach their destination in fifty hours." ... The trip to Algiers was on Peter Ralli's doctor's orders - he was suffering from the proverbial dreadful cough. All very interesting. Yours sincerely, Alice Nissen.

  30. From: Mary Palmgren
    Date: 4 April, 2005 11:44:57 GMT+02:00
    Subject: Olga Rodokanakis/Rodocanachi

    Dear Editor, I have just been going through the Rodokanakis book and noticed that my mother Olga Rodokanakis time of death is wrong. My mother died in 1972 and not 1973. Also I see no mention of her five children... [here she provides new information]. Is it so that you are missing the information or don't need it. In case you need to know more just let me know. Best regards, Mary.

    [Later on 5 April 2005 she provided further useful information]

  31. From: Kalunga Lima
    Date: 31 March, 2005 11:39:14 GMT+02:00
    Subject: Re: Info about Nicolas Socrate Politis

    Hi Christopher, Thanks for getting back to me, your info is invaluable as we had no information as to his descendants. Our research is pointing to the fact that Nicolas Socrate Politis, because of his position in the League of Nations, notably his experience as High Commissioner for Russian Refugees, was approached by the Rothschild family to intervene with the Portuguese Minister of Overseas affairs (Ultramar) the possibility of settling a large number of German Jews in the Benguela highlands of southern Angola. The idea of a Jewish settlement in Angola was actually first raised in reference to Russian refugees as early as 1886 by a member of the Portuguese Jewish community by the name of S.A. Anahory. Furthermore in 1912, the Portuguese Parliament actually passed a bill authorizing a large portion of the province of Benguela (half the size of Portugal) on behalf of the project. We also know that Nicolas Socrate sent his son Jacques Politis to Portugal with the project in 1938 and that this was the preferred solution to the 'Jewish Problem' by Roosevelt himself who feared that a massive immigration of Jews to a post depression America would cause havoc to the economy. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again. kalunga Lisbon, PORTUGAL Cel (351) 96-867-8456

  32. From: Virginia Cecil Zervudachi
    Date: 30 March, 2005 18:56:10 GMT+02:00
    Subject: Zervoudachis in Chios

    Dear Christopher Long, Am trying to write a short history of our ancestors for my - very - Italian grand nephews. My sister and I were brought up in Alexandria and have always understood that the family came originally from Chios. Two small children saved by their nanny during the massacre and taken to Trieste to their uncle Scaramanga who brought them up. The boy was sent to Alexandria where he became the banker. and married a Mavrocordato. He had I believe 3 sons, one , the youngest, Emanuel Constantin, married my grandmother Despina Draneht, while the others disappeared after the bank went bankrupt. Their eldest daughter, my aunt, married Sophocli Venizelos, while their younger daughter Domna, Married Kostia Rodocanachi. These two last ones appear in your index. I see you say you were related to the Rodocanachis. We seemed to be vaguely related to all the Alexandrian diaspora: Rallis, Vlasto - Etta , unmarried, was my aunt Kathleen Venizelos best friend. Choremis, Benachis. I know there is a "spiti Zervoudachi" in Chios, or the remains of one.. My query is: how do I find out more about the Zervudachis? Your research has been really extensive. Should I try going to Chios? Where does one begin? I logged in per chance on "Massacre de Chios" on Google, and a whole new world has opened up. I live in London with my English husband. My email address is Would love to hear from you if you have time to spare. Yours sincerely, Virginia Cecil Zervudachi

  33. From: Kalunga Lima
    Date: 30 March, 2005 0:11:31 GMT+02:00
    Subject: Info about Nicolas Socrate Politis

    Dear Mr. Long We are a Portuguese based film production company presently working on a documentary project entitled Eretz Benguela. Our film is about the efforts made to negotiate with the Portuguese government, the relocation of German Jews to the African colony of Angola. This proposal, sponsored by the Rothchilds, was brought to Lisbon by a French Lawyer by the name of Jacques Politis, the son of Nicolaos Socrate Politis (Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece; Former President of the Assembly of the League of Nations )whom you mention in your web site. We are trying to locate any surviving descendents and are hoping that perhaps you may have some information that may help us. With the backing of the Portuguese film institute, my producer and I are planning to come to London shortly and perhaps we can arrange to meet. Thank you Kalunga Lima Lisbon, PORTUGAL Cel (351) 96-867-8456 Luanda, ANGOLA Cel (244) +92 334-441

  34. From: N. G. Olsen
    Date: 26 March, 2005 1:03:28 GMT+01:00
    Subject: Angus Sladen

    I stayed with an Angus Sladen on Tite Street off Old Hospital Road in December of 1977. I have been trying to locate Angus and found he was employed by Lloyds of London in their charity department several years ago. My name is Norman Olsen and I live in Atlanta, Georgia USA and I would love to have an address, phone number , or email address for Angus if it is the same man. Angus attended Texas Tech University in the seventies and I believe he graduated from there. If is the same fellow you have listed on your web page I would appreciate your help. I may be traveling to London in the near future and would like to get in touch with Angus if possible. Thank you for your time.

  35. From: Adrian Stickley
    Date: 22 March, 2005 17:31:20 GMT+01:00
    Subject: XXX

    FIRSTNAME=adrian MIDDLENAME= LASTNAME=stickley WEBADDRESS= ORIGIN=Europe INTEREST=Mere Chance FEEDBACK=Feedback COMMENT=Dear Mr Long, Re Frederick Beddington. We have a watercolour landscape, initialled F.B., undated, which may have been bought by a Georges Pollitzer from the Wilton Gallery, Belgrave Square. Would this be the same person? I came across your site by chance through Google, as I am searching for information on the artworks of Sigmund Pollitzer (1913-83) And very interesting; A Stickley SEND=SEND PASSWORD=Password unnecessary

  36. From:
    Date: 20 March, 2005 23:00:36 GMT+01:00
    Subject: No Subject

    Dear Cousin Christopher: I figured we would find each other at some point! I don't know the story as well as my brother John. I suspect that by the time Michel and I came along, my father has stopped discussing too many details about his parents. His childhood was not a happy one. My grandfather had left Taganrog around 1910. Spent some time in Berlin. Settled in Lausanne, Switzerland were he lived out his life. He married Helen Stathatos around 1910. My aunt Mariette was born in Berlin (1911?). My father was born in Lausanne (1915). My grandparents divorced when my father was very young. My grandmother spent he rest of her life in Davos, Switzerland. My father lived in Klosters/Davos until he was about 17. Do you know he was the first Greek to represent Greece in the winter Olympics? My father was orphaned very young. He was looked after by my uncle Didi Stathatos. Working for Didi sent my father to Athens in 1938 for a period of time. He met and married my mother that year. They were very young. John was born in London in 1939. The rest of us in New York. My parents lived here in New York until 1972. They moved "back" to London where they lived out there lives. They enjoyed those years in London. My father had a very conflicted relationship with the USA. My mother and father came to New York at the "request" of my Coumantaros grandfather Nicholas. The story goes that he wanted one of his children out of Europe as the war broke out. My father worked for Stavros Niarchos at first. In the early 1940s. Then for Didi Stathatos. Then eventually for himself both here and in London. He always did fairly well in his business but it wasn't easy. We were all sent to the very established schools (Choate, Exeter, Yale and MIT). Our "Americanization" was really accomplished more by these schools than our parents. I will pass your contact information to my brothers. You recently showed up in a google search I did on myself. I had heard about you for years from various "relatives" who have found me. My father would have been 90 years old this coming week! In haste, George

  37. From:
    Date: 19 March, 2005 22:49:20 GMT+01:00
    Subject: update on Negroponte

    Dear Christopher: I thought I would make contact with some additional information: george alexander negroponte (1953- michel christopher negroponte (1953- we are the twin sons of Dimitri and Catherine Negroponte. Younger brothers of John and Nicholas. Michel married to Joni Wehrli. children: Peter and Ramona George married to Virva Hinnemo. children: John Dimitri and Mikko Alexander My brothers Nicholas and John have children too. Thanks, George Negroponte Catherine, my mother died in 2000 John Dimitri, my father died in 1996 I can give more information if you would like. Thanks, George Negroponte

  38. From: Livanos, Toula
    Date: 19 March, 2005 22:20:56 GMT+01:00
    Subject: Yiasou

    Your site is very interesting. Both my parents come from Chios. I was hoping to see if you had some more information on the Chian families & history. Thanks Toula

  39. From: M. & S. Warner
    Date: 17 March, 2005 3:08:22 GMT+01:00
    Subject: Flags

    Hello Christopher, Thank you so much for replying to my email so promptly and in such depth, I truly appreciate the time you have taken to write to me on this matter. I also certainly respect your views and opinions just as you said that you respect mine and I'm gladdened by the thought that we live in such societies that allow us to have and express differing views and not have be looking over our shoulders in case our correspondences are being read by others who may not like the fact that one or the other of us may not be adhering to accepted government policy. It is the cornerstone of our magnificent democracies. I apologise to you for my inability to properly convey the point of my original email, I am not a particularly gifted writer and sometimes the things I am thinking are not adequately put down on "paper". Firstly, I must say that I'm somewhat disappointed to think that you thought that I saw you as a "British target". With all respect, my writing was not directed at you because of any perception I may or may not have had that you were British but rather, that you were yet another author (regardless of nationality) whose work I had read who, in this work, had failed or decided not to recognise or acknowledge the great contribution that was rendered to the allied effort in the participation in the Great War (and WW2) by non British, Commonwealth troops and had been happy to label all participants as "British". I am of course, referring to your page on the Somme campaign but I can assure you that, considering that I am 50 years old and have been reading and viewing items with reference to, in particular the two World Wars, since childhood, I have to report to you that it is a very depressing and undeniable trend that a vast number of persons whose works I have viewed during those decades, choose to totally ignore the contributions of other nations and are content to label everything under "British" irrespective of whether or not (in the case of some authors, commentators etc.) their were truly British troops even present on some particular occasions. This was closer to the point that I was trying to make to you and the flag issue was just the catalyst that motivated me to write. If you would please take the time to reread my original email (if you still have it of course), you'll notice that, rather than advocate the flying of the flags of every nation that is represented in each of the all too numerous military cemeteries that are to be found in France and Belgium, what I meant was that I do not think it unreasonable that countries should be allowed to respect and pay homage to their countrymen by flying the flag under which they fought "at locations of particular significance" and "at locations that are sacred to them", much the same as Britain does at Thiepval. I would defend to my utmost, the right of Britain to fly the Union flag at Thiepval but at the same time, I would expect that other nations would be extended the same entitlement and in this instance, I cited the case of Villers Bretonneux. You ask me in your reply why I don't campaign for the "wretched French Africans who died in the mud and have never been acknowledged" I am and always have been of one nationality and my energies are directed toward achieving what I can for the memory of my fellow Australians but I promise you that if I were born of a French African nation, then I would campaign just as hard to achieve for my countrymen, the recognition and acknowledgement that they earned and deserved just as I would had I been born in Vietnam or any other French colony of the time and my fervent hope is that there is someone at least in each of these countries who is doing their utmost (just as I am attempting for my particular countrymen) to campaign and to write or to email, whatever it takes, to those who are in a better position than I to present the facts, in an attempt to achieve at least some recognition and acknowledgement for people who up to now have been totally anonymous and have been conveniently labelled French. It's not so much about the flags, it's all to do with at least some recognition and acknowledgement for a shared sacrifice in a common cause and also of a shared identity that is largely unknown outside the country concerned. Flags are just a very minor but at least achievable form of acknowledgement and I reiterate that I don't advocate and never have advocated anything like the flying of the flag of every nation that is represented in every military cemetery in France and Belgium but rather, the option of flying a nation's flag "at locations of particular significance" (Thiepval, Villers Bretonneux etc. and as the case may be) and at "locations that are sacred to them". One thing that I'm sure we both would whole heartedly agree on is that war of any kind, in any era is a totally repugnant, detestable and evil concept and the fact that as so called "civilised" nations, we can't get beyond the idea of killing the citizens of other nations and having our citizens killed by them as a means of resolving our differences, is for me, impossible to grasp but it is certainly not the war that I seek to honour nor would I ever but rather the people who have to endure this most barbaric, grotesque and obscene of human pursuits. I must say that not only do I respect your opinions and your absolute right to express them Christopher but I also totally respect your credentials as a front line war reporter in the Balkans, a position which I, thankfully, have never had to fulfil and also a position that is certainly worthy of the utmost respect but I have what I sadly know is a futile hope and that is that there will never be the necessity to have any more front line reporters ever again but at least, I guess we can't be condemned for hoping can we? I am indeed fortunate to have never had to experience the nadir of man kind, i.e. war but nor have I been able to totally escape having to deal with the tragic scene of violent death either. During my 17 year career as a full time fire fighter (now medically retired) in Sydney, I was far too many times called upon to attend scenes that in all honesty, I'd prefer not to recall if only that was achievable and I too have lost colleagues from this occupation. Anyway Christopher, I apologise for being so long winded about this and I'm sure you're glad that I've finally come to the end of this email. Thank you sincerely for your opinions and also for sharing them with me, I certainly value and respect input from any credible source regardless of whether I agree with it or not and I too hope that we can, as you said in your email, agree to differ. Thanks once more, all the best, Mark Warner.

  40. From: M. & S. Warner
    Date: 15 March, 2005 8:06:07 GMT+01:00
    Subject: National Flags in Northern France

    Dear Sir, I have just read with interest, your account of the "Battle of the Somme" on the web site, "" and while I found it to be a very interesting and well written piece, I have to state that I was very disappointed indeed to read the part where the flying of national flags in France is referred to as "grossly impertinent". My wife and I have been to the Somme region from our home in Australia and we are only a matter of weeks from returning for another visit there. My great uncle was an artillery gunner / driver in the A.I.F. for the duration of the Australian involvement in France and in Belgium. He, like more than 400,000 other Australian volunteers, enlisted to fight in a war thousands of miles from their homeland and a war in which 60,000 of them, from a population of less than 5 million, would die. Like so many participants of that most barbaric of conflicts, my great uncle, although he eventually returned to Australia, died at a young age, (48), the legacy of a gassing he received near Ypres in Nov. 1917. I'm sure that you are also aware and it is perhaps superfluous for me to say that Australia had the highest casualty rate per capita of any allied army involved in this murderous affair. You may view it as "grossly impertinent " for the participating nations to fly their flags at locations of particular significance to them but perhaps this stems from the age old trait of British commentators in both world wars of claiming in their writings that everyone who participated in the various battles of, in this particular case, the Great War (if they weren't French or later, American) was British and that all gains, losses, casualties and victories were also British without so much as a mere mention that a great number of these troops were in fact, the countrymen of other nations, the vast majority of whom had never been anywhere near England before the war. On your web site, you mention Pozieres but you neglect to mention that Pozieres was taken by the 1st, 2nd and 4th Australian Divisions at a loss of 23,000 casualties after British troops had failed to take it on the 1st July. You only mention "British troops" and "British Casualties". This is an all too common trait among British commentators and I suspect is a direct reason why countries choose to fly their flags over locations that are sacred to them (e.g. The Australian National Memorial at Villers Bretonneux which is in fact, Australian soil) because the British do and have always done more than just fly a flag (which one has to be near by to see in any case), they, in so many instances refuse to concede that any other Commonwealth country was even present at any campaign that involved hostilities and to read their writings, one would naturally assume that the only troops that were involved were in fact British. Other nations can speak for themselves but Australian troops are and were Australian with a strong sense of national pride and I find it "grossly impertinent" that they are ignored by so many writers and just lumped in as "British". It is also grossly erroneous to suggest to the readers of your site that "most" of the dead of non British armies were never found and lie in unmarked graves where they fell. There are countless thousands of identified dead of Australian and other Commonwealth armies who lie in marked graves in military cemeteries and which are tended by the CWGC. It might be pertinent to mention also that many of these same cemeteries have the official title of " — British — Cemetery" even though they almost invariably also hold the sacred remains of the fallen from many other nations as well. You also state on your web page that the 1st World War was caused by national pride and flag waving and that this is partly the reason why you are so offended by seeing these other nations flags flying over French fields or is your being offended brought about more by the thought that by seeing these flags, people, including British visitors will realise that, contrary to what they have been told over the period of their lives, there were more than just British troops in these areas and very many of the gains, victories and unfortunately, thousands and thousands of the casualties, in fact belong to these other countries. If the 1st World War was in fact caused by national pride and flag waving then it is extremely doubtful that any such flag waving in Australia, Canada, India New Zealand or South Africa could be held as the reason for the genesis of this gruesome carnage and is perhaps the reason why, as you state, the Union Jack is seldom seen over the fields of France. One must also consider that, unlike British families, travel to Europe by almost all who lost loved ones in the Great War, to view the last resting place of their dear departed, was totally out of the question. Also, you may be aware that in Oct. 1920 Australia was informed by the British Government that Australia now owed them the sum of 42,695,000 pounds plus 5% interest (1920 value) for the privilege (excuse the sarcasm) of being fed and transported to the other side of the world to fight and to die or be maimed in England's war. This brought the total cost of the war to Australia to an estimated 364,000,000 pounds. I think that Australia and other Commonwealth nations have paid more than enough of the price in blood and also (if one was to become materialistic) from a monetary viewpoint to allow us the right to fly our national flag wherever it is deserved and after all, it is the French and not the British who are the hosts of these flags so perhaps it is best left to them to determine whose emblem they are happy to fly. It's none of Britain's affair and nor is the business of anyone except for the French and the governments of the respective nations involved. Thank you sir, for the opportunity to convey my thoughts to you on this issue and I'm sorry that I have been compelled to correspond with you about this matter as I was truly enjoying your web page but felt that I couldn't let this topic to pass without comment. Yours sincerely, Mark Warner

  41. From: The Coronel Memorial
    Date: 9 March, 2005 1:28:59 GMT+01:00
    Subject: Signal from HMS Canopus

    Dear Sir Having browsed your site, I noted with interest the wireless signal that was sent from HMS Canopus to the Governor, Falkland Islands. Would it be permissible to reproduced this signal along with the transcribe text on my website about the Battle of Coronel. Regards Richard Bishop The Coronel Memorial

  42. From: Enkavi
    Date: 5 March, 2005 9:13:52 GMT+01:00
    To: Christopher Long
    Subject: RE: Yorgo Zarifi

    Dear Mr. C. Long , Thank you for your response , and I do understand your reaction , please forgive my inexperienced approach. Let me introduce myself first .. I'm a male Turkish citizen of 45 yrs. of age and dealing with international garment business. I had my Bsc. In Buss. Admn. Degree in Watford-UK. During 1979-1984 . Four years ago I heritaged a decent premise from my father , which belonged to him since 1974. On 1978 the Turkish courts , legally declared that Mr. Yorgi Zarifi had been lost and fugitive since 1910 . Since then the State has been taking over all the ex-owned-Zarifi premises from the current owners , even though these premises were not bought directly from Zarifi family. For instance , in our case , my father bought this premise from a Turkish citizen in 1974 , which had bought from Dimitra Kutelas in 1973 . But during the years of 1908-1910 Mr. Yorgo Zarifi had 1/5 of the premise registered on his name. Because of this over 90 years old 1/5 ownership , now , the State is about to cancel our title deed . It sounds unbelievable , but its a fact. Within the Turkish Laws we have to prove that Mr. Yorgo Zarifi was not a lost or fugitive person . He might have died in Athens , according to the Lozan agreement , any Greek citizen can have ownership in Turkey . If we cannot solve this problem within Turkish justice system , then we'll have to go to European Human Rights Court. Until then, we have to use all the legal possibilities within our domestic system. Sorry to occupy your valuable time with our personal problems , but we are just seeking a helping solution for this injustice case. We would much appreciate your kind contributions. Yours Sincerely , Tahir Enkavi

  43. From: MK
    Date: 5 March, 2005 0:47:00 GMT+01:00
    Subject: Ypsilanti family tree

    Hi, I think your work is great. I am trying to build a history of my family tree. I know I am a descendant of the Ypsilanti family however I have a great gap between 1830 and 1888. Can you recommend any material that I can read to try and bridge this gap. Regards, Michael Karakinos

  44. From:
    Date: 4 March, 2005 16:47:18 GMT+01:00
    Subject: genealogy

    hello, I was trying to find out something on the internet and stumbled across your website with my mother and father's names and my grandparents and great grandparents (I'm from the Holme family). I was wondering if you would want to know anything else about our family. Several pieces of information which I can see you are lacking are: My mothers maiden name: Denise Simmons (she is currently under Denise Holme) and her birth date 11/11/55 and she's still alive. My mother and father (Denise and Richard) were married on 15/7/1978. My mother and father have two children: myself (Alison), 14/04/88 and Thomas 22/2/93. My grandfather (John Holme) did have a wife Jean Lambourn and my grandfather died 10/6/2001 and my grandma died 24/6/2001. You have also omitted my Aunt who was the daughter of John Holme her name is Katherine. If you want to know anymore we have extensive records of our family history. Sorry if you don't want this information but when I stumbled across your site I thought you might like to fill in the gaps that were missing. Alison R. Holme

  45. From: Enkavi
    Date: 4 March, 2005 14:37:21 GMT+01:00
    Subject: Yorgo Zarifi

    Dear Sir(s) , We are in search of Mr. Yorgo Zarifi's background and his family roots. Especially where & when he died . Any document or registration records concerning his death and/or where he is buried. We are working on the traditional families of Constantinople , and , Mr. Yorgo Zarifi has a significant character in our search. Please see below his family connections : Name : T. Leonidis Yorgo ( Yorgi ) Zarifi Father : Leonida Zarifi Wife : Eleni Zarifi , or , Lili ( Argiro ) Zarifi / Died 1975 Children : Eleni Etien Evgenidi / died 1976 & Tresiya ? Left _stanbul : by 1910 (?) t/w his wife . Died : ???? 1943-1945 in Athens ?? According to the Turkish legislative records , he is considered as a "lost & fugitive" person , where as this record is not convincing at all . We would much appreciate your kind reply to our request Looking forward to hearing your soonest consideration . Yours Sincerely , Tahir Enkavi Add.: Gen.Yazgan Sok. No: 2/1 , Tunel Meydanı Beyoglu - _stanbul / Turkey .. Tlp : 00 90 212 324 84 02 Mob : 00 90 532 559 89 37

  46. From: Rosaly M Lopes-Gautier
    Date: 27 February, 2005 23:40:34 GMT+01:00
    Subject: hello!

    Hi Christopher You may get this email twice, as I don't understand the email system in your website. I came across this site purely by chance. I hope you are well. I was sad to learn that World Magazine ended. I am very grateful to you for guiding my first steps into popular level writing. I have been working for NASA/JPL since 1989, when I left the UK. I recently published The Volcano Adventure Guide (Cambridge), a popular level book that encourages people to visit active volcanoes. It has had very good reviews in the UK (they are in my website It only became available in the US two weeks ago, so let's hope it does well here. Let me know if there is anything I can help you with, if you ever need information on space or volcanoes, get in touch! Cheers, Rosaly

  47. From: g_yannacopoulos
    Date: 20 February, 2005 22:03:21 GMT+01:00
    Subject: Roots for the Rali-Rodokanaki-Zervoudaki Look at the History of Chios by ZOLOTAS.

    These families start from de Argentis (1205) and through centuries we see Kalvokoressi, Rali, Rodokanaki, Zervoudaki, Konstandinidi (and Nomikos). I descend from Argenti-Kalvokoressi-Konstandinidi (daughter Marry married my great grand father the poet George Souri)- Souri. I have documents (hand written) from my great great grand mother. Rgrds Nicholas G. Yannacopoulos - Souris you can contact me at

  48. From: Lavinia Cohn-Sherbok
    Date: 23 February, 2005 12:58:14 GMT+01:00
    Subject: Michael Beeching

    Sorry - I just started to send you a message but pressed the wrong button. I have just come across your site and would like to ask you about your memoir of Michael Beeching. My mother, now aged 90, knew Michael very well when she was a girl in Hythe - indeed he gave her his dog when he left home. They lost touch at the start of the war when they both married. I know that it would give her huge pleasure to read the book and find out what happened to him. I understand that it was privately published and only intended for family, but would it be possible to find a copy anywhere? I would be perfectly prepared to contact his widow (if she is still alive) or the daughters. Any help in this matter would be gratefully received (My mother's maiden name was Joan Small), Lavinia.

  49. From: George Argyrakos
    Date: 22 February, 2005 10:50:52 GMT+01:00
    Subject: Chios families

    Sir, in your web-page referring to the Vlastos family of Chios you cite a certain Marouko Ralli, born in Syros 1838, unknown spouse and death date. However, in another page referring to Mavrogordatos family there is one Marouko Ralli, b. 1834 Constantinople, married to Platon Negroponte, died 1866 in Cannes. Are these two the same person? Also, you may be interested in an old photograph I've found. It shows a group of boys and girls, who are Platon Negroponte (looks around 11-12), Evange A. Petritzi (boy, around 10), Melville Price (boy with Scottish dress, around 10), Menelas Petritzi (boy, 8), Marie Clothy (about 15), Comelie Andrantiz (name not clear, girl 15-16) and a Serb military officer, Milan Djimitech. The photo seems to be around 1900-1910. This young Platon Negroponte could be the grandson of the aforementioned. The photo was found in Athens among other papers etc, belonging or related to some Rallis. I hope this info is of some use to you. Yours faithfully G. Argyrakos

  50. From: Chris Pratt
    Date: 21 February, 2005 12:51:56 GMT+01:00
    Subject: Your remarkable work on De Gaulle

    Dear Mr. Long, Thank you for this remarkable work on De Gaulle. I am assisting a friend who prepares a book on De Gaulle, Indochina and Colonel Zivony Pechkoff. Would you suggest documents or people to contact ? In advance thank You, CP

  51. From: Andrew
    Date: 21 February, 2005 12:21:13 GMT+01:00
    Subject: XXX

    FIRSTNAME=andrew MIDDLENAME= LASTNAME=Calvocoressi WEBADDRESS= ORIGIN=Europe INTEREST=Mere Chance COMMENT=Dear Christopher, its been a few years since we last met. I've just spent the last 2 hours looking at your superb site and all its family trees etc (especially the Calvos)it really is most interesting... I was fascinated to see that the Mavrogordatos lived in Westerham! What relation were they to you? Did my parents know them... although I see he died in 1950... Had a quick look at your Laverock site (I didn't go there). Andrew C SEND=SEND PASSWORD=Password unnecessary

  52. From: jim warburton
    Date: 20 February, 2005 3:43:19 GMT+01:00
    Subject: 1996 article, the Somme 80 years on

    Hello there, I came across your site while searching for information on the Bantam Battalions who fought during the great war, but as I expected found very little indeed. My great uncle died of wounds at Arras in 1918 while serving with the 16th battalion Lancashire fusiliers, but when he originally arrived in France in early 1916 he was one of the original bantams of the 20th Lancashire fusiliers. After reading your 1996 article 'The Somme 80 years on', which I really enjoyed, I thought now maybe here is someone who can give me an idea as to why the Bantam Battalions have been totally ignored by the media as a whole, TV, radio, history books etc. Surely there must be a journalist somewhere who can do justice to the sacrifice the bantams made?, as far as I am aware there is not one memorial of any shape or form in France or Belgium dedicated solely to the memory of the Bantam Battalions, maybe I am wrong, I hope so. In March of this year 2005, I will be making my first ever trip to France to visit the grave of my great uncle private 19578, Arthur Warburton. I have never been abroad in my life. In fact I don't think I have travelled more than 70 miles outside of Manchester where I live, I did not even know about my great uncle until my father died nearly 12 months ago and I started to do a little family research, but my father did mention years ago that his father had a brother who died in the great war. I was born on Dec 8, 1957, my great uncle was also born on Dec 8, and his service number was 19578. Is this a good enough reason to go to France to a graveside of someone who I have no real knowledge about?, no of course not, I just feel I have to go, and when I'm there, I'm sure I will know why I had to go. The Bantams, the untold story by Sidney Alinson. it's worth a read. regards Jim Warburton

  53. From: Brendan Foley
    Date: 17 February, 2005 17:17:24 GMT+01:00
    To: Christopher Long
    Subject: Re: Louis Nouveau

    Hi Chris, Many thanks for replying and offering to scan the pic of Louis Nouveau. Since writing I managed to get a copy of Des Capitaines par Milliers, so now have the artwork you mentions and have shown Bill both gents. His memory is understandably a bit foggy at 87 - he thinks it was Jean de la Olla, but not certain (thought his Monsieur Jean looked a few years older than the photo, which is very possible. It also sounds unlikely that Nouveau was around in the north in April 42. In a nutshell, the Spitfire Pilot William Ash, an American flying with the RCAF 411 Sqdn was shot down in the Pas de Calais on March 24 1942. He evaded and was helped by members of the local resistance in Alquines (Marthe Boulanger and Emile Rocourt in Quercamps). They passed him on some time in April to a 'Monsieur Jean' of an escape line, who brought him by train to Lille, where he stayed with a war widow and was looked after by a young woman called Juliette whose guitar-playing brother was on some kind of hostage death list to be arrested and bumped off if the local resistance acted up. Bill tried to get him to come along, but the young man said if he did the Germans would simply put his sister's name or mother's name on the list so he was staying put. Monsieur Jean resurfaced after a few days in Lille, with forged papers and took Bill by train to Paris where he was left in the care of a couple who had a flat in the Porte Doree opposite the entrance to the Bois Vincennes. Bill knew the guy as Joseph (a former French pilot) and his girl as Giselle. There was some hold-up along the line at that point and Bill was there for the remainder of April and all May 42. The couple took him out several times over the weeks including a trip to the swimming baths and the cinema(!) before they were raided by the Gestapo at the very end of May or first few days of June 42. Bill was very badly beaten by the Gestapo, partly because he refused to cough up any names and partly because they thought he might be an agent, being in civvies with no ID. He was saved from execution (or at least the very imminent threat of it) by the Luftwaffe who sent a senior officer to Fresnes and who engaged in a shouting match outside his cell door with a Gestapo man apparently reluctant to release him. A rather battered Bill was then deposited in Dulag Luft (he went on to become one of the most prolific American escape artists of the war in Europe). I have a book coming out about his wartime life in April, but would love to help him close some circles such as the identities and fates of his brave helpers. He was reunited with his pas de Calais resistance friends but never found out about his escape line helpers, despite trying in the chaos immediately after the war. My French is deeply crappy, but nosing through Des Capitaines, there is an interesting mention on pages 222 and 223 presuming you have the same edition, of what sounds like it might be Bill and his unfortunate host (here called Miquet). I'd be very interested in what you think. Hope this is of interest. All the best from me and from Bill. Brendan

  54. From:
    Date: 12 February, 2005 11:08:31 GMT+01:00
    Subject: copyright

    I am a teacher in the Highlands and wish to include your article as a link in a presentation for use by my pupils in order for them to formulate views on immigration. The full publication, including links and credits, will be available to them.

  55. From: Professor James Croll
    Date: 11 February, 2005 20:43:03 GMT+01:00
    Subject: Croil/croll

    Dear Christopher Long, I have been doing a little research to see if my ancestors who left the Dundee area in 1841 to seek their fortune (without success) in initially Australia and subsequently New Zealand had any relationship with James Croll of Ice Age fame. Have you come across this illustrious, very likely close relative of your ancestors? He was born in Little Whitefield (birth registered at Cargill) in January, 1821. His father was a David Croil who seems to have changed his name to Croll. I was intrigued by your excellent research that one of the sons of Thomas Croil who resided in Whitefield (reproduced below) was a David Croil born 1789 which would be about right for having 4 sons one of whom could have been born around 1821. However, I think somewhere else in your material you indicate that this David Croil died at a very young age. Would be fascinating to know. If you would like a little more info on James Croll I would be pleased to send it to you. I have scanned your early family tree and cannot see any obvious connections to that of my own. Our data at present only goes back to about 1764. If you are interested in the NZ connection I could copy this to you. Best wishes James Croll James G A Croll, FREng, FIStructE, FICE, PhD, CEng Professor of Structural Engineering University College London Gower Street London WC1E 6BT Tel: 020 7679 2723/2700 Fax: 020 7380 0986

  56. From: Brendan Foley
    Date: 11 February, 2005 1:01:43 GMT+01:00
    Subject: Louis Nouveau

    Dear Christopher, I enjoyed your site (and reading your work in the past). Do you happen to know if there is a clear photo of Louis Nouveau in any of the previously published books on the Pat Line or anywhere else? I have an old friend who was a Spitfire pilot helped by the Pat line and I think his guide was either Jean de la Olla or Louis Nouveau but he only knew him as 'Monsieur Jean' so I would like to show him pictures of both to see if he recognises either of them. If you can point me in the right direction for a Nouveau photo, I would be very grateful. Many thanks and best regards, Brendan Foley.

  57. From:
    Date: 9 February, 2005 10:43:37 GMT+01:00
    Subject: Battle of the Falklands - HMS Macedonia

    Dear Mr Long, My father served in a Royal Marine detachment on HMS Macedonia for a few years after WW 1. I did find and download a photograph of this ship from an internet site but have now lost it. I can't find this site again, can you help me please? Yours sincerely, Vin Grant, Lichfield, Staffs.

  58. From: Victoria Greenly
    Date: 8 February, 2005 15:05:46 GMT+01:00
    Subject: BBC TV Programme

    Dear Christopher, I am producing a programme for the celebration of the 60th anniversary of VE Day and would like to know if you might be interested in being involved in some way. Please could I have a contact number and I could explain what we're doing in greater detail. Thanks very much and best wishes. Victoria Greenly (Producer/Director: 'We'll Meet Again'), BBC TV Centre, London.

  59. From:
    Date: 4 February, 2005 19:52:04 GMT+01:00
    Subject: Jean Fourcade

    Dear Christopher Long, I found your website relating the story of Jean Fourcade and would like very much to get in touch with him because I'm writing a book on the resistance and there are a few chapters that deal with Marseille in late 1940-41. I found the website because I was looking for info on hôtels de passé. Jean's definition of hôtels de passé as well as his whole story is most interesting. He obviously has very good memories of 1940-41 Marseilles. Could you give me his address and/or phone number and better still his e-mail address if has one. I would be most grateful. Thanks, Linda Posson, Fort Collins, CO USA

  60. From: Rachel Rigby
    Date: 2 February, 2005 4:32:48 GMT+01:00
    Subject: coracle help

    Hello, I am looking for help/information/inspiration for a project that my 14 year old son has embarked upon. He is at Bristol Steiner School and at that age in Steiner schools they choose something to study for an in depth project over the course of a couple of months. Will has chosen CORACLES, much to the mirth of most of his friends. He made a very beautiful Ironbridge coracle last summer and has paddled around some Welsh lakes. We are now looking for best sources on history etc.... and also where best to look for information on Tibetan yak versions, Indian etc... Can you help? With thanks in anticipation, Rachel.

  61. From: Ulysses Chioatto
    Date: 29 January, 2005 15:08:37 GMT+01:00
    Subject: Tracing Chiots

    Dear Mr Long, I am researching my family history. There is a family tradition that our founding ancestor arrived in Italy, settling in the Veneto near Venice, in the 1700's from Greece, he was wealthy and changed the family name to avoid recognition. I was wondering if our family name, Chioatto, derived from Chiots, or from Chios? Another variation of our family name is Chiovatto. I know for certain our family name is not Italian. Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated. Ulysses Chioatto LLB MLLR MBA

  62. From: John Kassimis
    Date: 25 January, 2005 13:11:08 GMT+01:00
    Subject: Kassimisgen

    Dear Sir, I have been looking at your website with interest, in particular the Family Descendants Section. My Father is Greek, but I have never been certain of the origins of the name, "Kassimis." I've always felt it has in some way been altered slightly to make it 'sound' more Greek, & have suspected a possible Italian connection. If you have any information you feel might be of interest, I would be very grateful if you would pass it on. Thanking you, Yannis.

  63. From: Ophelia Byrne
    Date: 25 January, 2005 12:12:49 GMT+01:00
    Subject: Bill Magrath And The Nouveau Family

    Dear Christopher Long, I am currently researching a project for BBC Northern Ireland on the life of a former RAF man, and consequently read your site on the internet with interest. I wonder if you would mind my running a query past you? I think our RAF man may have been one of those who was on the Pat O'Leary Line. To be certain, I would need to trace the Nouveau family, to see if they would permit me to check their inscribed Voltaire set of volumes. I have read Safe Houses Are Dangerous, and at the time of its publication (1985) I think Renée Nouveau was described as living at Aix-en-Provence. Evidently, however, that was twenty years ago. If you have any suggestions or thoughts on how I might set about finding the Nouveau family, I would be very grateful indeed. I realise I will have to proceed with sensitivity, and any assistance at all that you could give would be hugely appreciated. I can be contacted at this address, or at the mobile phone number below. All best wishes, Ophelia Byrne, BBC Northern Ireland.

    [This story of Bill Magrath's escape and evasion in WWll was told in an excellent BBC documentary Flight to Freedom, released in Summer 2005.]

  64. From: Chris Scaramanga
    Date: 21 January, 2005 19:46:06 GMT+01:00
    Subject: Theodore Emmanuel Rodocanachi

    I found your site on Rodocanachi most interesting. I was shown a number of documents only yesterday, relating to Theodore Rodocanachi, who died on February 8th. 1983. He served in the 1914-18 war and was apparently injured, as there is correspondence from the Ministry of pensions dated 1920. There were three notices of mention in Despatch for gallant service and he was also awarded the Distinguished Service Order on June 18th. 1917. If you know of anyone who would be interested, I would be happy to put them in touch with my source of information on this. I see you have no record of my branch of the family in the Scaramanga section. If you would like to include our details, I would be happy to let you have what information I have. Yours sincerely, Christopher Scaramanga.

  65. From: WavelengthFilms
    Date: 17 January, 2005 16:08:12 GMT+01:00
    Subject: Searching for Vietnamese family

    Dear Mr Long, I am trying to trace a Vietnamese family who were featured on BBC Look East in 1978. I do not know the name of the family just that they were rescued along with many others from a boat in the South China Sea in October 1978 and were offered council homes in Peterborough by the then mayor - Benjamin Franklin. We have a picture of them which I have attached. The gentlemen had very good English and was sitting with four (we believe to be his) children. We would like to contact them to see if we could talk to them about their experiences and find out how they have settled in the UK for a programme for BBC East called The Look East Years. I came across some information on your website regarding volunteering to help the Vietnamese people from the Kensington Barracks in 1978 and I wondered if you could offer any advice on how I could try to find this family. I have been in contact with Peterborough Council but with no luck. Yours sincerely, Christina Bellamy, Wavelength Films.

  66. From:
    Date: 12 January, 2005 15:34:20 GMT+01:00
    Subject: Ralli donation to royal Sussex county hospital for a path lab

    Dear Sir, I read the historical outline article about the Ralli brothers (by Sarah Long). Can you tell me anything about the legacy left to the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton (around 1902?) by Mrs Ralli in memory of her husband? Did a daughter die at the hospital? I am interested because of an interest in bacteriology in Sussex (being a bacteriologist one gets interested in these things). Regards, Simon Hardy, University of Brighton.

    Date: 10 January, 2005 11:43:54 GMT+01:00
    Subject: Hi Christopher it's the Casanova researcher again :)

    You may remember me, we had corresponded about a year ago and I had even posted a query on your web site regarding some Casanova ancestors. The wife of my grandmother's 2nd cousin (Margaret Georgiadou) also has emailed you because we are researching the same line. First I would like to thank you for scanning and sending her a copy of that page in the Libro D'oro on the Casanovas. What I did is I took as much information off that sheet and created a gedcom file and posted it to I've researched back to my 4th great grandfather Stephanos (this would be Margaret's husband's 2nd great-grandfather) I have no idea where Stephanos was born or where he died but his son Stamatios was likely born in Chios (his brother def. born Chios) and Stephanos died in Chios, I have a copy of his last will and testament. I must stress that we don't have a link yet between our Casanovas and the Casanovas in Argenti's book. We are working on the idea that there couldn't possibly be 2 families in Chios with the same surname without a connection between the 2. My husband says (though jokingly) that I don't have any noble heritage that my ancestors were simply popular with the ladies and just changed their surname to reflect this. I'd like you to help yourself to the information that I entered from Philip Argenti's book, its attached as a zip file. When we make the connection you are welcome to our data and you can quote us. I think Stephanos has about 200 descendants (that would include daughter's in law and everyone else of course). Hope to hear from you soon, Debbie Sideratos-Petrides

  68. From: Nicholas Murray
    Date: 10 January, 2005 9:44:38 GMT+01:00
    To: Christopher Long
    Subject: Petros Vlastos

    Dear Christopher, Further to our correspondence on Petros Vlastos (I am not sure if I should be writing "Vlasto"; I am using the form deployed in the English translation of Kazantzakis' book) my mother says that she doubts that the house in the picture is the Vlastos house because his was called Osbourne House. Apparently Fulwood Park was (and still is) a part of Liverpool favoured by the Greek shipping families. A recent book has something about the area: "Liverpool Park Estates" by Susan George (Liverpool University Press, 2000). The Greek Orthodox Church of St Nicholas in Berkley Street, Liverpool is still flourishing and draws people in from North Wales and the North West of England. My latest book, a biography of Franz Kafka (Little, Brown, 2004) is to be published later this year in a Greek translation from the publishers Indiktos in Athens so my philhellenism continues apace! With best wishes Nicholas.

  69. From: Margaret Georgiadou
    Date: 7 January, 2005 18:27:52 GMT+01:00
    Subject: Casanova family - Margaret

    Christopher, Very many thanks for the scanned page of Casanovas! The date range on that page should have brought us a link, I would think, but.... We have a Demosthenes (though the name on the document in Chios was very blurred - perhaps could be Dimitri - need another visit!). However, this 'Demosthenes' had a brother John (Jean?) as the page chart also lists, who also lived in Piraeus. 'Demosthenes' father was Stephanos Casanova (married Theodora in Chios), who is my husband's 2x grt grandfather. 'Demosthenes' left for the USA on Nov. 13 1918 from the port in Bordeaux on board the 'Rochambeau'. He arrived in New York Nov. 24 1918 to go to the Greek Consulate there as a 'diplomatic courier'. He was carrying 3500 dollars, was 5 foot 5 inches, brown complexion, black hair, black eyes, birthplace Chios, aged 40 (i.e. born abt 1878) and single. He left behind his brother: Mr Casanova at Rue Gladston, Le Piree(all the above from the ship's manifest). We called City Hall in Piraeus and were told the man living at that address in 1918 was John (Jean?) Casanova and HIS parents were Epaminondas Casanova and Marouko Ralli. BUT: the dates for our Demosthenes do not match the Demosthenes' on the chart you sent (could the '78' have been switched to '87'?) Also, 'ours' was born Chios, NOT Athens. But they both had brothers called John (Jean) living in Piraeus at that date. Is it possible there are inaccuracies in the chart? Or maybe City Hall is in a muddle? Is there any info on what happened to Marouko Ralli. She was still alive when Epaminondas remarried in Chios - or perhaps he was a bigamist??! Very many thanks once more for your help - greatly appreciated! Yours, Margaret.

  70. From: Janet Tyson
    Date: 7 January, 2005 1:44:26 GMT+01:00
    To: Christopher Long
    Subject: Re: Paul Ralli

    Dear Christopher: How uncanny the timing was, to receive your email the day after I heard from a cousin in England, asking if I had heard from you yet! Because I am so keen I am to establish family links, I often react too quickly and have to retrench...I found these entries in the FreeBMD listings. As you know FreeBMD is very limited in scope, so I am continuing my search elsewhere. The family recollection of Caroline's union with Ralli is quite strong, so there must be SOMEthing to the tale! Another sibling at the time did some business with the company, so we know it was the Ralli Brothers and not just someone called Ralli. Your Paul died in 1931 (why didn't I see that on the website - it would have made me think twice), but our story was that he died before 1900. Hmm. We know Caroline was married for the last time by 1913, so if Paul Ralli was around, it would have to have been between 1880 and 1913. [Here she provides information from a number of London marriage records] I am presuming you have investigated the Ralli Brothers and Coney business, for any historical information? And I just found a site on the Greek cemetery in Norwood, where many of the Rallis are interned: I will keep you informed of any progress I make, of course. Thanks for getting in touch! Janet.

  71. From:
    Date: 6 January, 2005 1:48:13 GMT+01:00
    Subject: Re: Burial site of Gen. Billy Mitchell

    Hi, I have found out that Gen. Mitchell is buried in Forest Home Cemetery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Hope this helps. Joe Nemeth

  72. From: Sue Strobbe & Kees van Schagen
    Date: 5 January, 2005 5:43:00 GMT+01:00
    Subject: Argenti family - Canadian line

    Dear Christopher, I am one of your many cousins from the Argenti line. I am the a 7 GGG granddaughter of Ambrose Sechiari. I do have some missing information for you if you are interested. I live in Canada and have 8 siblings and my mother, Raimonde Arghyro Ashley Cowan, is still alive and is the daughter of Ashley Cowan and Winifred Graham. She is the granddaughter George Argenti. Raimonde's brother is Peter Argenti Ashley. You have Peter but not the two sisters and all the rest of the clan. I was born in England in 1947 and 7 of the children and parents emigrated to Canada in 1957 where two more children were born. We have all reproduced and the children have also reproduced. I was very fortunate this Christmas to receive from my sons a trip to Europe to anywhere I wanted to go. As I have always had a pull to go to the island of Chios ...that's one of the places that my partner Kees and I have decided to include in our holidays. One of my many sisters came upon your web site by entering George Argenti and low and behold a great wealth of information. Hope to hear from you soon and if you want any more information please let me know. Take Care. Sue Strobbe.

  73. From:
    Date: 3 January, 2005 2:34:41 GMT+01:00
    Subject: Burial site of Gen. Billy Mitchell

    I am trying to find out where in Wisconsin Gen. Billy Mitchell was buried. can you help? Thank you. Joe Nemeth.

  74. From: dau1@[nospam]
    Subject: Frederick Beddington
    Date: 7 January, 2005 17:43:13 GMT+01:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Dear Mr. Long, I just came across an undated obituary for Colonel Frederick Beddington that I believe you wrote, and I am wondering if you know if he was the nephew of Violet Schiff (née Beddington)? Regards, David A. Usher, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Cornell University.

    [... and later on 9 Jan 2005...]

    Christopher, many thanks for your prompt reply. The Frederick Beddington in whom I have an interest apparently wrote a book entitled The Rest of the Family, in which he (as I understand it) mentions his aunts Violet, Ada and Sybil. When Violet was about twenty years old, Sir Arthur Sullivan (in his fifties) proposed to her, and she turned him down. Interestingly, Violet and her husband (Sydney Schiff) also had a reputation for aiding struggling artists. Could this be the same Frederick Beddington? I will indeed try contacting the Wildersteins Gallery. Regards, David Usher.

  75. From: JPWNEMETH@[nospam]
    Subject: Burial Site of Gen. Billy Mitchell
    Date: 3 January, 2005 2:34:41 GMT+01:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]
    I am trying to find out where in Wisconsin Gen. Billy Mitchell was buried. can you help? Thank you. Joe Nemeth

  76. From: sp1243@[nospam]
    Subject: Lorenzo Argenti
    Date: 1 January, 2005 4:14:51 GMT+01:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Would you possibly have Lorenzo's current address .I have lost contact after his father died in 1974. Shiraz Panjwani.

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