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  1. From: oliver@[nospam]
    Subject: Constantine Scaramanga-Ralli
    Date: 31 December, 2004 11:36:51 GMT+01:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]
    Reply-To: oliver@[nospam]

    I have just read your website, and found numerous Scaramangas and Rallis and note that these two families inter-married. My interest is in Constantine Scaramanga-Ralli (1854-1934) who in 1910 was Liberal candidate for the Isle of Wight (The Leasowes, Shanklin, Isle of Wight)and owned West Hill Manor at Shanklin. He wrote three books in 1906, 1907 and 1908. In 1913 he was a magistrate. I am researching West Hill Manor and would like to know about the family that lived there and the period that they lived there. Do you know where he fits into your family trees, and whether he has living descendants? Oliver Parsons.

  2. From: ColinCollector@[nospam]
    Subject: Norbert Fillerin 'Pat Line Operative' WWII
    Date: 29 December, 2004 15:19:28 GMT+01:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Hello Christopher. I have been trawling and looking for information touching upon the activity of the Fillerin family during WWII. Norbert Fillerin worked for the escape line supported by his wife and daughters. I am researching the history of Squadron Leader Barnard who was a pilot in 142 Squadron. He and his crew were aided by the Fillerin family in 1942. I know of the connection between the above family and Louis Nouveau, it would appear that S/Ldr Barnard was taken to the address in Marseille as seen on your site where Louis is sitting with the other Pat Line operatives. This is a brief introduction by myself and my hope is that you may be in a position to point me in the correct direction to further my research. I would love to be able to make contact with any known survivors who may just have known about S/Ldr Barnard and his transit through the escape line. I hope you will find time to reply. I look forward to hearing from you. Rest assured all and any information will be warmly received. Kind regards. Colin Pateman in Sussex UK.

  3. From: Luthfid@[nospam]
    Subject: Mary Georgala
    Date: 27 December, 2004 2:08:53 GMT+01:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    By almost pure chance I stumbled across yr website, and saw the entry for my mother, Mary Georgala. She was indeed the daughter of Basil... I'm just looking through Aleca Georgala's 'Confessions' album ('reflecting the general sentiments of my friends'), with its many amusing and interesting entries, and was idly putting some of the signatories' names into Google to see if I could find more about them. I put in Mary Zicaliotti and thus came to yr website. The entries in the album are all around 1892. Under 'my favourite qualities in man', Mary has written 'knowing when he's not wanted'. There are so many amusing and interesting entries in the album. Regards, John Dixon...

  4. From: margaretgeorgiadou@[nospam]
    Subject: Casanova Family
    Date: 20 December, 2004 13:22:27 GMT+01:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Dear Christopher, Some time ago this year, I contacted you regarding the Casanova family of Chios, and you were kind enough to send me some details. I have since discovered via the Giustiniani site that the Casanovas arrived in Chios from Genoa around 1750 (a branch of the Genoese family Fieschi de Caneto) and had 62 descendants. I have, however, been unable to connect the Casanovas you sent me with those I know are related to my husband. I have been in contact with one of Sophia Casanova's daughters, Eleni, (still living in Chios) who is now very old and is unable to give me much information. I wondered if you had managed to look in the Libro d'Oro to find any further information regarding this family? I would be very grateful for any help. Yours sincerely, Margaret Georgiadou.

  5. From: janettyson@[nospam]
    Subject: Paul Ralli
    Date: 18 December, 2004 18:37:27 GMT+01:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Hello: I am researching my family tree and have come across your site. My great-aunt Caroline married into the Ralli family. A cousin wrote to me: "Paul Ralli was of Ralli Bros, wealthy Greek merchant family with large interests in India; lived with him for a while on a ranch in the USA, subsequently in Wilton Street, London W. Paul Ralli died in 1883 or later. It was from Paul Ralli that Caroline acquired the greater part of her wealth. Harold Bridgen said; on her death the principal was returned to the Greek company. Harold was at one time buying their calicoes". I am sure there must be a connection, even if we have the dates a little skewed. Do you have any ideas about this, or further information? Wonderful to have found even the name online! Thank you for your time, Janet Tyson.

  6. From: JhWadhams@[nospam]
    Subject: Duke of York's Headquarters
    Date: 12 December, 2004 9:18:29 GMT+01:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Hi Christopher. I'm writing to you about your interesting article on the Duke of York's Barracks. I served with the 47th infantry brigade as a TA soldier in the Royal Fusiliers. & I can tell you the Duke of York's was one of the busiest of places during the 1960s. Our brigade was for morale a great brigade. We met for drill every Tuesday & weekends. We were disbanded when the amalgamations took place. The Royal Fusiliers became the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. The Duke of York's bar was a great place to meet. I just thought I would like to support the interesting article you wrote on the Duke of York's. Bye for now & God bless you. Mr. J. M. Wadhams.

  7. From: thegoodeyfamily@[nospam]
    Subject: Mr Goodey
    Date: 10 December, 2004 19:57:45 GMT+01:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    I was interested to read an archive article recently about Mr Goodey, Music Teacher at The Hill School. He is my father who now lives in Ireland. Regards, Peter Goodey.

    [...and later...]

    ... It was only by chance that I stumbled across the article on the internet... I was amused by the article and I know that my father would be as well. He has always had a very good sense of humour. Unfortunately he has suffered with Alzheimer's over the past few years and he may well remember you and his school teaching days better than events today. He has led a very full and varied life since 1958 and both my parents are possibly two of the best known buskers in Ireland. They would not be afraid to play the odd hymn on accordion and violin, possibly not Jerusalem, a little English in sentiment. At times they are more Irish than the Irish. He has explored Classical, Church Music, English and Irish Folk Music and has played most days for as long as I can remember. I was born in 1962. My father will be 88 next week. Thanks again for your kind memories; the power of the internet is amazing! Kind Regards, Peter Goodey.

  8. From: CAHBEAMAN@[nospam]
    Subject: Helicopters
    Date: 8 December, 2004 16:17:44 GMT+01:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Hi Christopher, I refer you to your London Helicopters article. Are you able to enable the photo of the helicopter so that I can get an enlarged copy of it? Regards, Carl Beaman.

    [When his request was met and the image was specially emailed to him, he did not feel that the time and trouble involved merited any acknowledgement!]

  9. From: lexy266@[nospam]
    Subject: Long of Wraxall
    Date: 30 November, 2004 12:44:07 GMT+01:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Hi, Are you related to the Long family who once owned and lived at South Wraxall Manor just outside Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire? A. Trapnell.

  10. From: David K. davidklwhite@[nospam]
    Subject: Commonwealth Institute, Kensington
    Date: 29 November, 2004 17:54:21 GMT+01:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Am researching history of the Commonwealth Institute. Searching for information on how it came to be in what was Holland Park I came across your piece on the Friends of Holland Park and wonder if you have any history on the acquisition of its site; was it given by the Ilchester estate or purchased from them? My interest has been prompted by an article in The Guardian recently by David Hencke (26-11-2004) entitled 'Architectural Icon faces demolition'. Many thanks for your help. Best regards David White.

  11. From: Peter.Burgess@[nospam]
    Subject: Natural History Museum, Kensington
    Date: 29 November, 2004 16:32:56 GMT+01:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Hello Christopher, I found a very interesting item on the Natural History Museum on this site, and how some specimens were taken to a hearthstone mine in 1941. I am a member of a society that studies the old mines of Surrey and we have a good website. I would like to extract the relevant text of your article and put it in the Mine Records section of our site. Clearly you have the copyright so I am asking if you would grant permission for us to do this. Please visit the site and enter the Archives section... Thank you. Peter Burgess. Surrey Mines Agent. Wealden Cave and Mine Society.

  12. From: aphilipp@[nospam]
    Subject: Rodocanachi Envelopes
    Date: 25 November, 2004 20:02:12 GMT+01:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Dear sir, Just saw your web site yesterday and by pure chance today noticed items [Rodocanachi company envelopes from Alexandria] for sale that may be of interest to you. I have no connection with the sale or the seller, I am just a person doing genealogical work looking for Arathymos family members from Chios (resettled in Alexandria) using the internet. Best Regards, Adam D. Philippidis.

  13. From: tuckerbrown@[nospam]
    Subject: William Henderson
    Date: 20 November, 2004 16:39:48 GMT+01:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Hello... I am a descendant of William Henderson and Edith Henderson who married Eustratius Eumorfopoulos. My grandmother who was niece to the above Edith worked as s maid for them when the family lived in Pirbright Surrey. Helen Tucker- Brown.

    [... and later...]

    Hello Christopher, I have only recently started to research my Henderson, Scottish roots and I have found 2 other cousins also researching this line. We have come up with some family 'stories' which seem to be true but we have yet to verify! My mother is the only one to tell me stories about Edith Henderson, married to Eumorfopoulos, handed down to her from her mother who was named after 'your' Edith (the other cousins also know about the union). Edith was one of 11 children born to William Henderson and Eliza Atkins. William Henderson was adopted by a groom, his wife thereby taking the Henderson name. We believe we know who his father was, a prominent person in society with connections but not his mother's name. I would love to know if you have found out anything interesting? History is interesting and strange how some things touch/repeat into descendants lives? Great to hear from you, Helen Tucker-Brown.

  14. From: shirley@[nospam]
    Subject: Gould-Smith & Pat Line
    Date: 16 November, 2004 23:29:47 GMT+01:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    My own grandfather was helped to leave France over the Pyrenees in October 1942. He was a 58 years old lawyer and with the Pat Line was able to reach Madrid Embassy, and then was helped to Gibraltar where he was taken to England on HMS Adventure, a mine layer, captained by R Bowes Lyon. He reached England the day after Christmas. I have been fascinated by all I have read on your site. Thank you. [Shirley Gould-Smith]

    [... and later on 3 Dec 2004...]

    Dear Christopher... my grandfather was one of the escapees from France in Nov 1942. His too is a good story but I am still trying to find out if I could ever find his de-briefing papers, which I know would be interesting. He met Michael Creswell in Madrid where he was hidden for some days before being taken to Gibraltar and being returned to England on a mine layer. He dictated for four hours what he had to 'tell' in Madrid. He was 58, an international lawyer who had done more than just that while he was in Montpellier for two years! Some mysteries there to be discovered maybe. Today I have spent over and hour on your site: utterly fascinating. I love your cottage at the 'stuffed bridge' [Pont Farcy]! My brother and I have just two little house very similar looking near Bricquebec in the Cotentin. We are a bilingual family, British from France. Thank you for all that I have discovered from you this afternoon. In the line of reaching more about the Pat Line, which helped my grandfather, I have come across Keith Janes, and... my husband and I are meeting him tomorrow for a pub lunch. More wonderful exiting research tales. Thank you. Shirley Gould-Smith.

  15. From: clive.bradhargwhite@[nospam]
    Subject: Thomas Denn & Hannah Long
    Date: 12 November, 2004 23:32:53 GMT+01:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Hello Christopher, I have recently obtained the will of a Robert Denn of Brandon Hall, Suffolk. The will mentions Elizabeth my 4 x gt grandmother, formerly married to Charles Catton. The daughter of this marriage was Maria who is my 3 x gt grand mother. Robert also mentions his mother and father who according to the burial records of Shipdham, Norfolk, were Thomas Denn and Hannah late Vincent of High Ongar, Essex. I have also obtained Thomas's will where he mentions a brother Christopher Jeffrey Denn and sisters Hannah Long and Mary Hall. This Mary Hall, I believe to be my x gt grand mother, mother of the above Elizabeth. Are these the same Denns who appear in your tree? Clive Branford Hargest White.

  16. From: gcoumbia@[nospam]
    Subject: Sinadino & Coumbias Families
    Date: 7 November, 2004 20:37:49 GMT+01:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Dear Mr Long, During my husband's most recent research on the internet he fell upon your most interesting family tree research... I am the daughter of Themistocles A. Sinadino and Jeanne Vlasto who were killed in that fated car accident in 1939. I was wondering why you did such an extended research in my parents background? Did you know them? Did you live in Alex? I would love to hear from you... [she then provides valuable information for the genealogical records...] ... We all live in Canada... During one of our trips to London in 1961 we stayed at aunt Aziza Vlasto's home near Sloane Square, [London]. Do you know of her? She passed away but I remember she had a son in the diplomatic service [in fact a son-in-law, Sir John Nicholls]. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best regards, Betty Coumbias (Elisabeth).

    [... and later...]

    ... It is fun to read all about our family and both my girls... are thrilled to discover relatives. You once mentioned [that you'd be interested to hear] 'anecdotes' and I thought you might like this one. Tante Etta Vlasto was sort of a snob and when she found out I was dating George she asked me pointedly: 'Does he know the Salvagos? Is he related to the Choremis? Does he own a car?' To all of which I answered 'No'. So her comment was: 'Well, what do you see in him?' I guess I saw enough to know that I'd be happy to spend the rest of my life with him. We're still going strong after 46 years! Best regards till next time. Betty.

  17. From: ThorpeDixon@[nospam]
    Subject: Louise Warrington
    Date: 5 November, 2004 19:02:21 GMT+01:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Dear Sir, Louise Warrington was my great aunt. She married Sir Strati Ralli. We hold the details of her date of death, etc., and photos should you be interested in filling in the gaps. Please contact me. Yours, John Thorpe-Dixon.

  18. From: d1gger@[nospam]
    Subject: Ian Burrell Thomson
    Date: 5 November, 2004 8:34:12 GMT+01:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Dear Mr Long, I have just found mention (in your web site) of Ian Burrell Thomson and I wonder if you could provide me with more information about him; as I have recently become interested my own family history. I know quite a lot about my maternal side but little about my paternal side (other than the direct line) – and am trying to find out more. I am actually British but emigrated to New Zealand some years ago and my family name through many generations has been Burrell Thomson. It seems such a coincidence that there should be an Ian Burrell Thomson; we must surely must be related (i.e. a cousin)? Can you give me any more detail – such as parents, grand-parents etc. Your help would be gratefully received. Regards, Nicholas Burrell Thomson, Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand.

  19. From: andrew@[nospam]
    Subject: 12 Noble Families
    Date: 2 November, 2004 10:46:24 GMT+01:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]
    Reply-To: andrew@[nospam]

    Dear Mr. Long: I was so elated and surprised when I came across your research on the Vlasto Family and the "twelve great families of Crete." I am a direct descendant of one of the twelve great families – Andrew Saridakis. I have forwarded your details to my uncle in Greece (Les Vlasto, Une Famille Patricienne Crétoise)to begin our research again. Our family name was changed when we arrived after Constantinople. I have asked my uncle to advise what our previous name was. Our people the Saridakis's are still concentrated in the Village of Megalo Charifia, Western Crete (approx. 3km from Souda and 9km from Hania) and were one of the twelve major landowners of Crete. I will provide more information about us since I am writing a book on the subject and would like to trade and information on the subject, etc. Sincerely, Andrew Peter Saridakis.

    [... and later on 5 Nov 2004...]

    Dear Mr. Long: My uncle has been searching for a book he once found about Crete, Aptera and the families of Aptera. I think some French or English wrote it. It's an old book. Do you have a copy of this book or is the book available in the NLG (national library)? I apologize but we do not know the title of the book, however, our family name "Saridakis" is mentioned in the book along with the original surname that was later changed after the trip from Constantinople. We are able to trace our roots from present day to approx. 300 hundred years, through property, family and relatives that still reside in the village. Our family dates to the Byzantium era over 1,000 years ago. I appreciate your response and look forward to hearing from you. Incidentally, my Uncle Andreas Saridakis(his e-mail listed on top) knows of the name "Vlasto," however, the book is critical as to our lineage. I will give you a list of Saridakis that either reside in Europe, Canada, or the United States, and it is uncanny how we are all very similar in looks, intellect, etc. I recently baptized my son Andrew Michael Saridakis in Aptera, Crete. Nevertheless, as I get older this beautiful story is unfolding thanks to my uncle who got in contact with my eldest brother Dr. Michael Andrew Saridakis, M.D. I look forward to trading information with you and staying in contact and thank you for your efforts and excellent research! Best Regards, Andrew Peter Saridakis.

  20. From: jim.detar@[nospam]
    Subject: Request for Interview
    Date: 1 November, 2004 20:17:36 GMT+01:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Hello Mr. Long. My name is James DeTar and I am a reporter with Investor's Business Daily, an American daily business newspaper. I am doing a story on Billy Mitchell and I would like to interview you on the phone, if that is possible. IBD has a section called "Leaders & Success," in which we profile people who have been successful in a chosen field. These are very positive stories that focus on what shaped the person into the leader that he became. Are you available for a phone interview of about 20 minutes in the next couple of days? Tuesday would be best for me, if you are available. Our office is in California, so you would be, I believe, seven hours ahead of us. If I called you at 8 a.m. my time, I believe that would be 3 p.m. in Scotland. Are you available at that time on Tuesday or Wednesday? Please respond and let me know. If that time does not work, and another is more convenient, please suggest an alternate time. Thank you for your consideration. -- James DeTar, Reporter, Investor's Business Daily.

  21. From: pc@[nospam]
    Subject: Long Family
    Date: 1 November, 2004 11:42:00 GMT+01:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    I have some Longs in my family tree, although I haven't noticed any overlap with yours (mine lived in Suffolk, around Bury St Edmunds). I also bought my present house from a Christopher Long, but I know it wasn't you! If you are at all interested in finding distant relatives I'd recommend you visit which is an innovative website that I helped to set up. You never know, you might even want to write an article about it! Regards, Peter.

  22. From: conrana@[nospam]
    Subject: Argenti Family
    Date: 1 November, 2004 9:57:02 GMT+01:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Christopher, I've been looking at your excellent family trees: Virginia Argenti, died 17 Jan 1981 at Picts Hill, Turvey; Ambrose Alexander Argenti was a stockbroker; Nicholas Andre Argenti (my father) was also in RAF (war squadron leader) & a stockbroker; Elfreda Ionides (my mother) was born on 28 Sept. If you wish, I'm sure my nephew Matthew & niece Hilary would get you up to date with their families. Yours, Anne.

  23. From: cdchang@[nospam]
    Subject: Billy Mitchell in China
    Date: 29 October, 2004 21:05:39 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Christopher, Thank you for your kind reply. My question was prompted by a photograph in my possession showing General Mitchell (then Captain) together with Marshal Chang Tso-lin (my paternal grandfather) and several other dignitaries including a Captain Pabst. The picture was taken on the eve of the 1911 Revolution that toppled the Ching Dynasty. I believe the setting was the province of Kirin (Jilin) in Manchuria, since the Governor General Meng of Kirin is also included. I will let you know if I come across any further information. Best regards, Clarence.

  24. From: michaelhalliday@[nospam]
    Subject: Table
    Date: 28 October, 2004 16:47:59 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Could anyone give me any information about a table made of teak salvaged from HMS Powerful made by The Hughes Boclkow shipbreaking company In Blyth. I would be most grateful for any help. Thank you.

  25. From: andreabarham@[nospam]
    Subject: Quote for Book 'Pedant's Revolt'
    Date: 28 October, 2004 12:53:00 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Dear Christopher, I am a published author researching for a commissioned book about fallacies called; 'The Pedant's Revolt: an end to fabrications, falsehoods and fallacies.' (To be published by O'Mara Books). While researching, I found the article: War Effort That Misfired. The Evening Standard – 24-05-1984. May I include the following excerpt: Please feel free to delete or amend. Also, how would you like to be described in the attribution?
    Legend: Iron railings were melted down during WW2 to aid the war effort.
    Refutation: People who lived through WWII often tell how iron railings were sacrificed to the war effort to make planes and ammunition. The old Crimean war cannon on St Peter's Green in Stamford and iron fences in Camden designed by John Nash are just a couple of examples of ironwork given up and melted down for the war effort.
    Not true according to journalist, Christopher Long who quotes dockers who had: "worked during the war on 'lighters' that were towed down the Thames estuary to dump vast quantities of scrap metal and decorative ironwork. They claimed that so much was dumped at certain spots in the estuary that ships passing the area needed pilots to guide them because their compasses were so strongly affected by the quantity of iron on the sea-bed." (Source: Christopher Long. Journalist and Broadcaster).
    Many thanks for your help. Andrea Barham.

  26. From: annes@[nospam]
    Subject: Vlasto Family Genealogy by Philip Argenti
    Date: 22 October, 2004 23:19:22 GMT+02:00
    To: editor@[nospam]

    Hello, Sir: I am a reference librarian in Mount Prospect, Illinois, USA. I am trying to help a patron locate a source that she says was mentioned on your website. It is called "Vlasto Family Genealogy" by Philip Argenti and was published in 1955 by Oxford University Press. I myself could not locate where it was mentioned on your web site but I did try to find it in other libraries with no luck. If you are aware of this source, could you please give me the full title and publication information? Also, if you know where copies of it can be obtained I would appreciate knowing this. Thank you for your assistance. I realize that you are very busy and appreciate your attention. Respectfully, Anne V. Shaughnessy, Reference Librarian, Mount Prospect Public Library, Mount Prospect, IL. USA.

  27. From: cdchang@[nospam]
    Subject: Billy Mitchell Query
    Date: 20 October, 2004 18:35:38 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    I am looking for any information relating to Gen. Billy Mitchell's tour of China, especially Manchuria, in 1911. Are any of his original reports available? Thank you. CDChang.

  28. From: satish@[nospam]
    Subject: Bridget Martin
    Date: 16 October, 2004 17:37:37 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Greetings from South Africa. I hope you can help me. I used to have a pen friend named Bridget Martin. She should be between 45 to 55 years of age . That is about all I can remember except that she came from an area nbot far from where Enid Blyton lived. I hope you can assist me. Many Thanks. Satish Dhupelia.

  29. From: spmontgomery@[nospam]
    Subject: Wyllys Surname
    Date: 1 October, 2004 21:03:39 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Christopher, I see that you have the name of William Wyllys on your web site tree, marrying a May Edwards Everington. William Wyllys was born in Yarmouth registration district 1871 quarter 2, Volume 4b Page 3. His occupation was Doctor of Medicine. This information was given to me by Gerard Wyllys, a living relative who is a retired solicitor. I have more ancestral information on this family if it is wanted. Regards Shaun.

  30. From: Juan.Garduno@[nospam]
    Subject: Unicorn Learther Co.
    Date: 1 October, 2004 1:30:40 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Dear Mr. Long, I hope with my e-mail not to disturb you too much. I read an article that you wrote some time ago regarding the Burlington Arcade. In it you mentioned the Unicorn Leather Co. Which apparently is no longer there. Would it be too much trouble to ask you – where and how can I buy some of their leather goods? You wrote so highly of them that I am attempting to buy some of their items, I would appreciate your help. Regards, J Garduno.

  31. From: penhughes@[nospam]
    Subject: Jean Fourcade
    Date: 26 September, 2004 14:40:31 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    I saw your very wonderful article on Jean Fourcade and his involvement in the Pat Line ( I knew a Jean Fourcade in the late '60s who was posted at the French Embassy in Washington, DC as commercial attache. I knew then he had involvement with the Resistance and feel that he is the same man in your article. I would very much like to know if my hunch is correct. I do believe he is still alive and living in Virginia and I would like to contact him if possible. Would you be able to help me? Penelope Huntington Hughes, Centreville, VA, USA.

  32. From: n.murray@[nospam]
    Subject: Petros Vlasto, Liverpool
    Date: 16 September, 2004 17:33:22 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Dear Mr Long, In a search I reached your website because I was trying to find out something about Petros Vlastos whom Kazantzakis met on his trip to Liverpool in August 1939. (I am writing a book about Liverpool). Do you know if anything has been written about Vlastos or do you know the address at which he lived ("in a park", Kazantzakis writes)? Best regards. Nicholas Murray.

    [... and later on 5 Oct 2004...]

    Dear Christopher, Thank you for your reply. I have been on holiday since 18 September and returned only this morning. My mother, an assiduous Liverpool local historian, has in the meantime come up with this:- "Peter Vlastos lived in Fulwood Park,Toxteth Park. There were 3 cottages containing 3 gardeners and a chauffeur, and next door was Lady Muspratt, widow of Sir Max, of I.C.I. whose family lived in the "Greek mansion", designed by James Picton in 1841, called Seaforth Hall, now Kellog's mill. The Muspratts used to entertain Dickens, Leibig, Ellen Terry and many more. I t was bigger than Seaforth House, home of Gladstone." Vlastos does seem an interesting writer. With thanks for your help. Nicholas M.

  33. From: GaryJohn@[nospam]
    Subject: Holland Park
    Date: 16 September, 2004 13:23:36 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Hello, I wonder if you might be able to help me please? In July I was invited to the reception celebrating the launch of the BBC Neighbourhood Gardener Scheme. This was held at The Orangery in Holland Park and Monty Don was our guest speaker. Before the reception started I had time to wander through some of the park and experience the vibrancy of the whole place. It was a very warm evening and the park was full of life. Needless to say it made a big impression upon me and my friends agreed that it would be a place to revisit and spend a day there in the future. Two weeks ago I returned to college for year two of my FdSc Garden & Landscape Design course, at Otley College, Suffolk, and was promptly given an assignment. This piece of work is centred around either a historic garden or park. Most of my classmates are going to focus on areas either in Suffolk or Norfolk but I would really like to explore the possibility of using Holland Park as my subject. Could you please let me know what kind of information you might be able to offer and also any guidance you could give me in respect to the park's history. Are there any books that I could obtain via my local libraries? I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible, and thank you in advance of any help you are able to offer. Best regards, Gary J. Hardman.

  34. From: m-mesnil@[nospam]
    Subject: Avranches
    Date: 15 September, 2004 23:56:06 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Je fais un site perso où il est question d'avranches. Puis-je faire un lien vers votre site que je trouve très bien? Merci de votre réponse.

  35. From: liebl@[nospam]
    Subject: Gen Billy Mitchell
    Date: 15 September, 2004 3:12:17 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Dear Mr. Long, I am a member of the Greenfield Historical Society in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. Greenfield is the township where Gen. Mitchell's family lived. We are in the process of putting together a 'family tree' for the city of some of the early residents. Since the Mitchell family was very important in the development of Greenfield, we would like to include the family tree in our files. Could you please send me a GEDCOM file or Family Tree Maker file of the family. We would be honored to include it in our files. Thanks, Bob Liebl.

  36. From: dsruckstuhl@[nospam]
    Subject: William Mitchell
    Date: 14 September, 2004 20:16:47 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Congratulations on a great site. I am interested in your cousin [William 'Billy' Mitchell]. I had an interesting cousin of that time as well. He was an engineer, early aviator, inventor for Henry Ford, race car driver, among many things. In a biography about my cousin, William 'Billy' Mitchell is mentioned. Something about Glover travelling to Europe for Mr Mitchell. It seems my cousin Glover E. Ruckstell was made a Captain in WWI and was in charge of the building of aiplanes in California. Was wondering if you knew anything of Glover E. Ruckstell? Your site had mentioned pictures of your cousin with other influential men. Kindest Regards, Sandra.

  37. From: tschiliz@[nospam]
    Subject: Anthony Theodore Schilizzi
    Date: 7 September, 2004 20:24:33 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Hello, My name is Theresa Schilizzi and I was checking on the internet for some info regarding my family heritage when I came across your website. I believe it is possible that Anthony Theodore Schilizzi could be my great grandfather on my dad's side of the family. I see on your website you have him listed as unmarried and there is no date of death for him. My great-grandfather's name was Anthony Schilizzi and he migrated here. My grandfather's name was Joseph Schilizzi. He passed away 4 years ago. His birthday was August 28, 1911 which would have made Anthony around 36 when my grandfather was born and my grandfather was the youngest of 9 siblings. It could be possible. I do not see any other info listed for Anthony on your website. Any leads you can provide would be great. Thank you for your assistance. Best Regards, Theresa Schilizzi.

  38. From: Humphy2@[nospam]
    Subject: Charles Iossifoglou
    Date: 6 September, 2004 22:02:24 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Dear Mr. long: I was just surfing and happened to plug in my grandfather's name. Your site came up as having information on my uncle, Charles Iossifoglou. A reader who states that he worked with my uncle during the Greek Civil War was asking if you had any information to relay on my uncle's descendants and/or his ex-wife. My aunt is still alive and so are my three cousins. Two live in Greece and one in Maine. I am enclosing the email of the eldest daughter who is a writer and a long time equestrian. I hope this helps your correspondent. Marina T Sabatacakis.

  39. From: sawyerskingsley@[nospam]
    Subject: Articles on Shirts
    Date: 3 September, 2004 23:48:37 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Dear Mr. Long, I read an article by you on bespoke tailored shirts which I find very fascinating. Are there any similar articles or books that you can recomend? Regards Kingsley.

  40. From: antonia.demetriadi@[nospam]
    Subject: Demetriadi
    Date: 1 September, 2004 11:49:44 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Would you like some updating of my bit of the tree, when I've time?

    [... and later on 2 Sep 2004...]

    Will do. If you've a copy of Debrett's Peerage, the immediate family (mine) is under the Earldom of Mar (the Countess, being Scottish, has inherited from her father). Antonia.

    [... and from her husband on 2 Sep 2004...]

    I am married to Antonia Demetriadi, second daughter of Michael and Nancy. Missing information for me is, born 1950, Bridgnorth, Shropshire. Hope this is helpful! Murray Chrystal.

  41. From: johnlachlan@[nospam]
    Subject: Somme
    Date: 30 August, 2004 0:11:15 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Dear Mr Long, I was interested to read your article on the Somme. This year I visited the area for the first time and was one of those people who you describe so well: walking alone down old lanes and through fields, searching for long-dead great uncles. I would like to commend you on your insight and found paricularly interesting the paragraphs under the heading "Beware of Flags". I well understand your sentiments and myself have a low threshold for innappropriate flashiness: I also visited the Normandy Coast and was troubled by the American War cemetary at Omaha Beach – complete with battle diagrams, enormous statuary and noisy busloads of people. It was in marked contrast to the German cemetary at Orglande or any one of dozens of Commonwealth Cemetaries I visited. I'm not sure, though, that I agree with you that flags are entirely inappropriate in all cases. I well take your point that rampant nationalism causes a lot of the problem of war in the first place, but I would like to offer you my perspective. I am Australian and thus was interested when you noted the presence of Australian flags on the Somme and stated "It appears that they have learnt little from the history they purport to honour." I – like you – value the atmosphere of Commonwealth War Cemetaries devoid of flags and such imagery. The Australian flags I saw, however, where at the Villers Brettoneux Memorial (alongside the Tricolour) and at the Australian Corps Memorial at Le Hamel (with the flags of Great Britain, Canada, France and the United States). I don't think these memorials need be viewed in the light which you describe with the following words: "grossly impertinent that individual countries attempt to claim flag-waving sovereignty over areas in which men of many different units and countries took part and died in their millions". I never got an impression of an impertinent claim of sovereignty and would have been most embarrassed if I had. With the exception of that which adjoins the Villers Brettoneux Memorial, at no other Commonwealth Cemetary full of Australian dead was I able to see flags. To be honest, seeing the Aussie flag up there next to the Tricolour in Villers Brettoneux somehow helped me feel a little more connected to the whole tragic mess and to the men and boys who had come all the way from the other side of the planet just to die in a muddy field. So saying, if there was a convention against flags at all sites of remembrance on the Somme, I would quite understand and support it. As is, those which I did see caused me no distress and I don't feel that their presence necessarily would justify anyone adjudging that those represented have "learnt little from the history they purport to honour" Yours sincerely, John Stewart.

    [... and later on 18 Sep 2004...]

    Dear Christopher, Thank you for your reply. It has got me thinking anew several months down the track from my Somme visit. I find myself confronted by a strange paradox at such sites: I understand as well as I am able, without personal experience such as your own in the Balkans, the wretched consequences which can arise from nationalism (or any number of other "isms"), and yet it is difficult not to be stirred by tales of bravery or sacrifice. I guess it comes down to drawing a line between commemoration and glorification and that's sometimes dangerous ground. From my own personal perspective, I cannot help but be moved to a kind of admiration when reading of deeds which were, in essence, pretty horrible things for anyone to be doing and when I look at a place such as Pozières and, naturally, think of the Australians who died there I cannot help but feel things more intensely because they were from my country. But really, was it the same country? It was a very different Australia in a very different time. I found myself thinking very much of Australia while gazing at rows of cream headstones topped by the rising sun hatbadge – and I realise now that I was thinking of the land much more than I was the country. In a quiet cemetery surrounded by rolling farmland, I willed up images of beautiful coastlines, creeks and gumtrees for my sister-in-law's great uncle and told him "It's still there, mate". So, maybe we go to these places years afterward not even knowing exactly what we're going there for, and maybe that's how it should be. I found myself feeling that – if I was there at all – I had to connect to something. I confess to feeling proud of those men (though I guess I don't have any right to because that almost implies that I understand what they went through) and above all I realised that I mourned them. Obviously not in the same way their mates would have: as you say, "They simply mourn their mates... as I mourn 86 of my fellow journalists... but not because of their nationality... merely because they/we shared terrible experiences together". But I just felt how horribly we'd all lost something. Thanks again for your reply. All the best, John.

  42. From: Robert.Flanagan@[nospam]
    Subject: A Mavrogordato
    Date: 26 August, 2004 13:03:47 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Hi, Just been given a copy of the St Thomas's Hospital Pharmacopoeia (Edition 1902, 2nd issue) with the above name in the front. Any ideas? NB I, with others, also try to look after West Norwood Cemetery. Best wishes, Bob Flanagan, Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital Trust, London.

    [...and later on 9 Sep 2004...]

    Hi, You can read about our efforts at Norwood at . The Greek section was badly vandalized last year – about 25 monuments smashed (including a listed tomb) – mainly crosses broken up so probably satanists. You would be welcome to join FOWNC. The Greek community in London have little interest in the cemetery now. The book in question could have been bought well after 1902 – that's just the date of publication. I'll send a scan from home. Best wishes, Bob.

  43. From: George.Zarifi@[nospam]
    Subject: Zarifi Geneology
    Date: 23 August, 2004 19:38:41 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Dear Christopher, I am sure that many others have contacted you about the Zarifi geneology as well as the others you have posted. I just wanted to clarify the question-marks that you have beside my name. George Zarifi – born 1962 or 1963? The correct date is January 1963. Thanks for documenting the whole fanily tree. George.

  44. From: linda@[nospam]
    Subject: MI 9 Escape and Evasion
    Date: 22 August, 2004 14:53:59 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    I am interested in the MI 9 Escape and Evasion aspect of your website as I believe this may be the unit to which my father was attached. I have documents showing he attended an interview with Captain Thomas in Room 900 of the War Office in November 1943 – run by the Inter Services Liaison Department (MI6) and trained at No. 5 St James Street. He was Robert André Jones, dual French/British nationality, born Pas de Calais in 1921. If in the course of your research you should ever find his name mentioned I would be very grateful to be informed. Yours, Mrs L Jones.

  45. From: svanzieleghem@[nospam]
    Subject: Rodocanachi, Taittinger & Pérol
    Date: 28 July, 2004 21:42:31 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Bonjour, Je m'intéresse depuis peu à la généalogie de mes ancêtres et c'est en parcourant votre site que je suis tombée sur la généalogie Rodocanachi. Je vous écris donc pour rectifier une erreur concernant mon père et mon grand-père. En effet mon père, Pierre Rodocanachi, est né en 1921, il a épousé en 1ère noce Colette Taittinger et ils ont eu 4 fils, il a été officier au Maroc et en Indochine, il a ensuite épousé ma mère Jacqueline Pérol née en 1942 et décédée en 1999, il ont eu une fille, Sophie (moi même) née en 1972 et un fils, Stephane, né en 1974, tous deux né à Aix en Provence. Mon père est né de l'union de Théodore Rodocanachi et de Alice Pétry mais il a été confié trés jeune suite au décés de sa mère à la Comtesse de Meaulde. A bientôt, Sophie.

  46. From: rexjhotchkiss@[nospam]
    Subject: Hotchkiss
    Date: 27 July, 2004 5:30:37 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    I found your [Galati] very interesting. I am working on tracing the genealogy of the Hotchkiss family in Scotland. I have a pretty good effort at having all of them up until about 1850. One more generation and I will probably be able to connect your line. I was wondering if you might actually know your line back at least one more generation already? Anyway, please check out my public website... Our complete family tree file has over 8,800 people so far...

  47. From: mdimit@[nospam]
    Subject: Romania
    Date: 24 July, 2004 2:02:05 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Hello, I have visited your website and have found many interesting things there, especially about the Chios diaspora in England. I think that the site may give you useful information about Greeks and 'Greeks' and what was the idea behind the Greek revolution. Best regards, Maria Dimitriadou.

  48. From: RGarza@[nospam]
    Subject: Maria Cassavetti
    Date: 23 July, 2004 21:37:30 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Dear Sir or Madam: Would you know whether the Maria Cassavetti from the descendants of Father Ionides is the Maria Cassavetti that sculpted a bronze figure of an adult male angel with a large bow? I recently saw an antique lamp of such an angel and I wrote down the artist name 'Maria Cassavetti' from the card but of course it was sold upon my return. If this is indeed the correct person, would you have any information about her works? I truly appreciate any assistance you could provide. Very truly yours, Richard A. Garza.

  49. From: BallisA@[nospam]
    Subject: Ballis Xenophon and Calliope
    Date: 23 July, 2004 19:01:42 GMT+02:00
    To: editor@[nospam]

    To whom it may concern, My name is Andreas Ballis and I am trying to create the Ballis family tree. There are records of a Xenophon Ballis and spouse Calliope Ballis being marital witnesses in the marriage of Esther (Theodore) Kessisoglu in London. If there are any members in the company that are descendants of the Ballis family please forward this message to them as I do not have any more information on Xenophon and Calliope. Our part of the family descended from Smyrna and Constantinople. Thank you for your time and any help would be appreciated. Sincerely Dr. A. Ballis.

    [... and later on 27 July 2004...]

    I am very pleased to finally find someone. I have a book in Greece that explains much about our history. The family contributed in the fight for the liberation of Greece from the Othoman Empire and were one of the most influential families in Smyrna. One of the members was I believe the chief engineer of the Orient express train line linking Rome with Constantinople. I will ask for my relative to send me a copy here in the UK and will inform you of all the details. All the best, Andreas.

  50. From: Gilles.Thomas@[nospam]
    Subject: About K. B. Dowding
    Date: 17 July, 2004 18:45:27 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    When he was a English tutor at the 'Ecole Normale' (Loches – France), he wrote on a window of the school what you can see on the photo. If you need more information, just send me a mail! Sincerely.

    [He attached a photograph of Bruce Dowding's graffito signature of a window pillar. Later on 25 Jul 2004 he wrote...]

    I think that the number of the Stalag is VIc and not VIg (which is written only one time in the text ; two times for VIc). VIc = Bathorn / Emsland near Netherlands; VI g = Bonn / Duisdorf. Fronstalag 151 was at Montargis, a town in France. It was opened 07/40 and closed 04/42. Thanks a lot for your help! P.S.: I'm trying to write a paper for a newsmagazine (or maybe a historical magazine) in France about Bruce Dowding. Just for information, this is the list of other tutors who were in Loches (France) before Bruce Dowding (I have also pictures of their graffiti): Edmund Field, Chicago (1928-29); G. F. Hunnam, Durham University (1929-30); XXX Y ZZZ Glasgow University (1930-1931), (we need another photo to read the name); J. Grant, Glasgow University (1934-35); H. M. Knox, Edinburgh University (1936-1937); J. O. Thomas, UCW Aberystwyth (1937-1938); K. B. Dowding, Melbourne Australia (1938-1939).

  51. From: boyles@[nospam]
    Subject: Oak Chest
    Date: 10 August, 2004 12:22:48 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    I have recently acquired a very old oak chest. I think it was originally a late 16th century money chest. It has had later alterations and on the front is a brass plaque with A. J. Ralli ( it could be A.T. the letter is a little hard to read) engraved on in script. It also has 'No 1' engraved as though it was part of a number of boxes which were used for travelling. This looks as though it has been added in the early part of 19th century. I came across your web site about the Ralli family. Was there, to your knowledge a A. J. Ralli? Any information would be much appreciated. Simon Boyle, Southampton, England.

  52. From: JEPJRP@[nospam]
    Subject: Stupsi dolls from Germany
    Date: 7 July, 2004 17:35:02 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    I was searching for information on cleaning and preserving 20-25 year old Stupsi dolls from Germany and I found your website with the Stupsi dolls search. Please let me know if you can provide some information for my quest. Thank you. Janet Phillips.

  53. From: janich@[nospam]
    Subject: Duc Rodocanachi Justinian of Chios
    Date: 29 June, 2004 11:22:54 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Hello! My name is Ekaterina. I work in the Grabar Art Conservation Centre in Moscow. A portrait of 'Duc Rodocanachi Justinian of Chios' (?) came recently in our department (commission of experts). Unfortunatly I have not sufficient information about this personality. If you can help me, send, please, some information about his life. I am very greatful beforehand.

    [... and later on 1 Jul 2004 she wrote...]

    Christopher – Thank you for so quick answer! I am not sure this man in the picture is really Rodocanachi Justinian of Chios. I read this information in some catalogue. I do not know where the authors found the name of Rodocanachi. I think you know this picture. A work which is now in our Centre is only a copy of a portrait from Dresden's gallery. This portrait was attributed earlier to Van Dyck but now the authorship of Van Dyck is not confirmed. Van Dyck painted his portrait in 1622. How do you think can this work be a portrait of one of your ancestors? Thank you very much. Ekaterina.

    [... and later on 1 Jul 2004 she wrote...]

    Christopher – Thank you for your attention! Your information is very helpful for me. I send you a photograph again. I hope you will open the image attachment now. But I am afraid Constantine (Dimitrios) Rodocanachi can't be represented on this portrait. The portrait was painted in 1622 and Constantine was born in 1635. It is possible an other Rodocanachi is represented here. Many thanks! Ekaterina.

  54. From: verityellen.jones@[nospam]
    Subject: Carlton Gardens & RAF
    Date: 28 June, 2004 15:21:09 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Dear sir, I have just found your wonderful site regarding the Free French Forces that were based at Carlton Gardens. I am hoping that with your knowledge on this subject you could be of great help to me. I am researching some family history and I beleive that my uncle's father may have been one of the French men stationed at Carlton Gardens. My uncle's mother was conscripted to the Royal Air Force and posted to Fulham Palace where she operated balloons which prevented low level attacks. (Incidentally, he has a picture of her being presented to the then Queen!) His mother and father met at this time in approximately 1942-3 and the proximity of the two places seems too coincidental for Carlton Gardens not to be where his French father would have been posted. Is there any information you think may be of help in this? Are there any archives or lists of the French who were there at the time? Thanking you in advance, Yours sincerely, Mrs Verity Jones, Powys, Wales.

  55. From: suds91820@[nospam]
    Subject: Dannreuther Family
    Date: 25 June, 2004 6:56:13 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Hello! Are you, too, a Dannreuther? My name is Susan Dannreuther and I live in the state of Maryland, USA. I saw your site on the "net" and just want to say that I can fill in some of the missing data if you'd care to have it for your site. I am a great-niece of Edward Dannreuther, father of Hubert, Wolfram, Isolde, Tris, etc. Have met some of them, and was entertained at the Hastings home by Hubert & Janie in 1961. Great experience. My grandfather, Gustav Dannreuther, the brother of Edward, was a violinist & chose to return to the US after studying in Germany with Joachim for a year, whereas his brother Edward, pianist, chose to remain in Europe & settled in London, as you know. Please let me know if you'd like to update your site with some missing dates & places. I will fill in as best I can, except, of course, for grown children who are still living. Do you by any chance know of Roland Dannreuther? I saw a reference to a site regarding him also on the "net" (Google), but couldn't access it. Google's entry said that Roland is with the Dept. of Politics at the Univ. Of Edinburgh. Do you by any chance have an email address for that university? I'd like to contact him and learn how he is connected to the family. Thank you so much. Nice to 'meet' you! Susan Dannreuther.

    [She subsequently provided a great deal of detailed information on the origins and personalities of the Dannreuther family]

  56. From: apringo@[nospam]
    Subject: Pringo
    Date: 21 June, 2004 12:25:34 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    On your site, Julie Pringo, spouse of Ralli (Pandia) was my aunt. Fyggy relates to a surname [nickname] she had and she died in 1978. Best regards, André Pringo pringo@[nospam]

  57. From: sameerjain@[nospam]
    Subject: Indonesian Refugee Camps & Vitnamese Refugee
    Date: 15 June, 2004 19:33:30 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    In short: I need photos and film of the Galang, Ariaya (Ariya?) and Galang camps in 1979. Do you have any? Do you know anyone who might? In more detail: I'm Sameer Jain from the Federal Public Defender's office in San Jose. I'm working on a death penalty case here in the Northern District. Death penalty cases here involve a guilt phase and a penalty phase. Should the case get to the penalty phase (if our client is found guilty), the jury has the choice of life without parole or the death penalty. Our client, David Lin, was one of the "boat people" who emigrated from Vietnam in 1979. We're trying to find photos and film of the specific relocation camps they stayed in before coming to the U.S. He and his family stayed in the Leton, Ariaya (Ariya?), and Galang camps in 1979. Do you have any photos or film of those camps? Are you aware of any organizations, agencies, or individuals (news agencies, documentary-makers, etc.) who'd be able to get us this media? Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is for the penalty phase of the trial, so it is literally a matter of life and death. We can of course pay for any copying costs for the pictures and film. If needed, we can be called collect at (408) 291-7753. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Sameer Jain.

  58. From: dmeliotes@[nospam]
    Subject: Neromyliotis of Kampos
    Date: 15 June, 2004 5:09:39 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Dear Mr. Long, I've read your text on Chios. You did a very good job. Do you know anything about the family Neromyliotis of Kampos, alternate spelling Gampos? They originally came from the mountain area of Chios to Kamos about the mid-1800's. In their mountain homeland, the family name was different. I would appreciate any information you provide. Du Wayne Meliotes.

  59. From: michael@[nospam]
    Subject: Rodocanachi
    Date: 9 June, 2004 13:41:03 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Hi there I was just wondering if you might be able to help me. A friend of mine has an antique riding crop with the words 'L. F Rodocanachi 1924' inscribed. I was wondering if this person was perhaps related to this line of Rodocanachi's at all and if so, could you possibly tell me some more about them? That is of course if you are not too busy. Thanks ever so much. Katie McCarthy.

  60. From: jfedmond@[nospam]
    Subject: Ionides Family History
    Date: 8 June, 2004 23:06:13 GMT+02:00
    To: editor@[nospam]

    I have recently been made aware of your web site and the inclusion of 'Descendants of Father Ionides'. You will find me in section 8, now Jane Edmond. Although I have the web number to access it, our computer says it cannot find it! As there are some errors in spelling and dates, my sisters and I would like to get them corrected and, if you are interested, take you up to date. But we are more interested in seeing the rest of the family tree as we only have the 4 pages that relate directly to us. I can get up a web site for you, but not the one I want! Hoping you can help, Best wishes, Jane Edmond.

    [... and later on 10 Jun 2004...]

    Many thanks for that very fulsome infomation, including bits I didn't know about my immediate family, i.e. that my aunt, Ruby, had had a child at all. I also learnt yesterday from Anthea Ionides that her sister, Daphne, had had affairs amongst others with Noel Streatfeild, and was described as a 'flamboyant socialite'! It doesn't quite fit in with the aunt we knew and adored, as there was never a hint of anything like that, how times have moved on. I can fill in one or two blanks for you... [... she provides much useful information...] There are of course lots more offspring than those of James's but as they are not Ionides by name you may have opted to leave them out, which I can quite understand! If that is not the case I can supply the information, but it probably runs to 25-30. Many thanks again, it has all been very interesting and must have taken ages to collate it all. Jane.

    [... and later on 12 Jun 2004...]

    Thanks for your latest email, all looks fine. I don't think I ever met your great-aunt Opie. Daphne was more in touch with the famiy I think... How interesting that you too had contact with Noel Streatfeild – it is spelt like that by the way! My husband, John's family also knew her in Eastbourne, where her father was vicar, small world. I was very interested to know you had Demetriadi cousins. A great family friend was Amelia Demetriadi, known to all as 'Muggins' who was married to William Rhodes Moorhouse in 1937 but widowed in 1940. She was my brother's godmother and she died last year in her late 80's. The R-H family had a house on Constantine (very apt name for us!) Bay in north Cornwall, where we spent 3 holidays during and after the war. John and I took the house again every year from 1977 till 2002, and were due to go last year till she died in April. I really miss not being able to go anymore although the house was in a very decrepid state, as Muggins hated anything new and merely patched up problems. She was a delightful lady, though very tough, and I really miss not hearing her lovely soft voice on the phone. I will gather names and dates on my children, nieces and nephews, find out Phil Crabill's birth date and send them to you in due course, and ,if I can, Evelyn Capel's birth date. I tried looking up Carnegy on the web and found a Carnegy Arbuthnot of Balnamoon, but I couldn't get anything as it seemed to be a Burke's Peerage site for subscribers, and I am a very incompetent on computers – and spelling I think! – having come to them very late in life. Enough rambling for now, Many thanks again, Jane.

  61. From: ann-marie@[nospam]
    Subject: Sorting out Sir Winston
    Date: 6 June, 2004 15:11:51 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Hi Christopher, My name is Ann Marie and I am doing some research for a television programme for Carlton ITV. I came across your Sorting out Sir Winston article, which was a pleasure to read. Firstly, I will explain a little bit about our production to you. It is a regional travel/local history show called Tarrants' Way where our presenters, Chris and Ingrid Tarrant, drive around London and the South East in a 1938 Bentley. To guide them, they are using a 1950's AA roadmap so that they can note the changes on the British landscape. Our director is interested in including a stop at Chartwell to visit the family home of Winston Churchill. What we are looking for are personal stories that can bring the past to life. I was very entertained by your recounting of your childhood meet with Churchill and would love to chat to you about it. It would be great if you could email me back and I could give you a ring at your convienence or you can reach me on... I hope to hear from you. Regards, Ann Marie. Tarrants' Way.

  62. From: lmtruse@[nospam]
    Subject: General Billy Mitchell
    Date: 17 April, 2004 20:00:28 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    I have just read your web page on the General [Mitchell]. I saw the movie [The Trial of Billy Mitchell] the other day, probably for the third time, but I never followed it as I did this time. Your web page was great and gave me a history lesson. Thanks, Len.

  63. From: mhillier2001@[nospam]
    Subject: Monty Modlin
    Date: 6 June, 2004 0:46:24 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    I enjoyed reading the 'Ghosts Beneath Our Feet' topic, very much. I originally came upon the site by searching for information about the 'cheekie chappie' Monty Modlin. I'm surprised at how difficult it is to find information about the man. I recall him as being 'a charismatic breath of fresh air'. Martin John Hillier.

  64. From: nicktgregory@[nospam]
    Subject: Hewetson
    Date: 3 June, 2004 18:19:05 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Hi Christopher, Browsing the internet, I've been led into your remarkable site through what's become a genealogical quest. I have in my possession a very old early miniature photographic album, which I bought some years ago in Belper where I live. It is the record of what must have been a powerful family (possibly involved in textiles from the sumptous dresses). The only clue as to its provenance is a small picture of a gravestone marking the death in march 1875 of James Hewetson, son of Henry and Clementina Hewetson. In three years I have not tracked where this grave might be, though I had some evidence that it might possibly even be in Melbourne Australia. Any clues from your Hewetson connections? Nick Gregory.

  65. From: paul@[nospam]
    Subject: Samolys
    Date: 1 June, 2004 14:14:13 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    I think I must be related! I have some more news re your family as my sister Melita has a son and my father Philip Anthony Samoiys died in 2002. I also married and have two children, Constantine and Ava. I would love to have the opportunity to talk to you personally. Very best wishes, Paul Samoilys [Spyridon Paul Samoilys].

  66. From: ahughesX@[nospam]
    Date: 1 June, 2004 0:51:01 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Dear Mr. Long; I am doing research on a famous Attic vase known as the 'Vlasto Vase' because it was once part of a great collection, principally of coins, belonging to M. P. Vlasto of Athens. The catalogue of the collection was published in London in 1947. The vase was subsequently owned by 'Mrs Jean Serpieri', also of Athens. I cannot certainly identify either M. P. Vlasto or Mrs Serpieri in your geneology of the Chios Vlastos. Could 'Mrs Jean' have been Julie 'Diddie', spouse of Jean Baptiste Vlasto? And is it possible that M. P. Vlasto is Michael (Pantaleon) Vlasto? Or am I all wet? Thank you for any hints you can give me!

    [...and later on 2 Jun 2004...]

    Dear Christopher; Thank you indeed, for your very helpful and thorough reply. I am delighted not to have been entirely mistaken. My question arose because I was shown (and photographed) the famous pot in the National Museum in Athens. The top authority on Greek theatrical pots wrote recently that it was "not visible since before World War II and known now essentially from the often-reproduced drawing by Gillieron." So I scored a great coup and determined to write about it, because the pot is a key "document" in theatre history. Many errors and vaguenesses have crept into the literatur: viz, it is known as the "Vlastos" vase, but nobody seems to know who the collector was; or that he was more important as a coin collector. In 1968, the revised ed. of Pickard-Cambridge's Dramatic Festivals of Athens gives the present owner as 'Mrs Jean Sarpieri'. So Michael's name was unknown, or that this was his daughter, or... I wonder how it passed to the Museum--in 1988 I'm told, but I have asked Dr. Kostas, Director, for further details and will let you know what I learn. The Serpieri mine near Laurion in Attica yields "Serpierite" a beautiful blue crystal named for Didi's husband's grandfather Giovanni Battista, an Italian mining entrepreneur. Can Didi be alive? She'd be 101. If she and brother Pandely were the result of maternal hanky-panky, the dates show it took place awfully close to Michael's wedding to her mother--young Pandely was born 8 months after. Yet both kids took Michael's surname; both were christened with Vlasto family names (Didi/Penelope after her 'paternal' grandmother), and Didi inherited Michael's collection. Must have kept it for a while, too, since Ravel published the catalogue in 1947. And it took money--surely "Daddy's"--to be a tennis star at the Marseilles Tennis Club and win, not just the French open, but Olympic silver (1924)! At some point she sold off the collection, or much of it: the coins are found all over the market today, and seem to gain value from their Vlasto provenance. An eccentric collection, specializing in Tarantine coins. Pots too: there is a "Vlasto Painter" who did boring lekythoi. Michael owned at least 3. Your remarks on your family's reticence about their possessions no doubt explain why the theatrical pot was "invisible" since the 1930s: Michael died, left it to Didi, and she was probably not answering inquiries! The pot has been reconstructed from fragments. It was smashed long ago: the bits are worn, so when they were reassembled (when? by whom?) there were big cracks. The Gillieron drawing is "imaginative". Research in that quarter shows the he and his father before him "reconstructed" frescoes and the like for Evans at Knossos. A recent book suggests that Emile Gillieron pere may even have been a forger. This is certainly the most exciting research project I've ever done. Scholarly error, cuckoldry, mystery, minerals, tennis, secrets and skulduggery. I shall keep yopu posted about findings relevant to the Vlasto/Serpieri clan.

  67. From: villageinn@[nospam]
    Subject: Teak Tables
    Date: 31 May, 2004 20:02:08 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Hi, I am writing in response to a letter you recieved from . I too have a teak table with a plaque saying that it was made by 'The Hughs Bolckow Shipbreaking Company Ltd' from the teak taken from the S. S. Otranto. I am wondering if you could suggest how I could obtain more information about the ship or the company that made this beautiful piece of history. Thank you from Kenneth Randall Swift (Forest,Ontario,Canada).

  68. From: emmerling@[nospam]
    Subject: Vicomte Jean-Louis de Bretizel-Rambures
    Date: 29 May, 2004 13:30:14 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Hallo Mr. Long, I am a German journalist and a friend of Jean-Louis de Rambures, whom I visited some weeks ago at Château Vaudricourt (Picardie). Jean-Louis, who himself does not have any possibility to search information in the internet, asked me, to find out some details of his family's history in the worldwide web. So I found your name and the genealogiical information on the families Calógeras, Ralli, Vlasto and Rambures. Thank you for this big work; I learned much by studying these pages. If you would, you could contact Vicomte Jean-Louis de Bretizel de Rambures, whose health actually is not the best one. His address is [...] Yours sincerely, Eugen Emmerling.

  69. From: Lucy@[nospam]
    Subject: London Portrait Magazine
    Date: 28 May, 2004 13:58:20 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]
    Dear Christopher, I am trying to get hold of a copy of the above magazine, but cannot find a telephone number for the publication. Can you help at all?! We are a PR Agency and one of our clients (Henry and James) are featured in the latest issue. With kind regards, Lucy Phillips.

  70. From: dimitri@[nospam]
    Subject: Alexander Benachi Rika Agnidis
    Date: 26 May, 2004 3:05:18 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Dear Sir, I do not know but I hope that the following information will help you. They may enlighten the origin of 'Rika Agnidis and Alexander (Alec) Benachi. Please find some information concerning the family name: Agnidis (Agnidès or Aghnidès). My name is Dimitri Haller-Daskalidès, born in Belgium and living in Montreal, Canada. My grandparents, Prodromos Daskalidès-Rouchalidès (1900-1964) and Efthalia Kestekidès-Aghnidès (1899-1979), left Constantinople in 1922 through Marseille to join their uncle Leonidas Kestekidès (1876-1954) in Belgium. Leonidas was a merchant born in Nigde (Cappadocia), at first in New York, USA (1893-1898), then in Paris (1898-1908) and he finally settled in Ghent, Belgium in 1903. Later, he opened a chain of tea rooms and pastry shops, today knows as Leonidas Belgian chocolate. His brother Dimitri, my great grandfather was his correspondent in Constantinople while a third brother Abraham was the correspondent in Brazil. The main trade was almonds, sweets, dry fruits, pistachios, hazelnuts and tobacco from Anatolia. My great grand mother, Maria Aghnidès married Dimitri Kestekidès. She was born in Nigde in a large plantation that belonged to her family since 1675 ( as far as we are able to trace it). She had moved to Constantinople after the local Turkish massacre of 1904 with her mother and all woman and children of the family where the family owns a house at the Phanar. The Aghnidès family roots are in Kayabashi, a suburb of Nigde (Vilayet of Konya), and where the original family plantation is located (1675). The last Turkish census in 1903 shows a Greek population of 42.000. The last Aghnidès who live in today's Istamboul is a dentist in his eighties. I know also that a few Agnidis live, since the population exchange, near Komotini (Thrace). That may help Zoë. It is possible that Rika Agnidis was a cousin of Maria Aghnidès my great grandmother. Nigde is closet of Adana and at that time all sea merchant were Greeks. One of Maria's nephews, Apostolos Aghnidès, a tobacco merchant, was established in Finland in the 30s and his daughter Evry had married a Benaki in the 1960's in Athens. I remember also that my 1st cousin Paul Seiloglou had worked in one of their family resorts on the island of Kos near Chios on the summer of 1973 (Cyprus invasion). Three other well know Aghnidès this century are: 1) Nicholas (Prodromos) graduated from the imperial law school of Constantinople in 1909 who became professor at Columbia University (1883-1974). He publish in 1916 the famous ''Mohammedan theories of finance'', still used today by government and law school; 2) Elias P. Aghnidès (1904-1988) ,a prolific inventor including the massage shower. Elias Aghnidès foundation helps every year the Anatolian college in Thesaloniki ( an American college for young Greeks); 3) Ambassador Athanasios P. Aghnidès who was the ambassador of Greece in London during the second world war also assistant general secretary of the Societé des Nations and UN in Geneva. Athanasios wrote also a book about the Greek churches in Turkey. Nicholas was married and died in New York in 1984, Elias also in 1988. I met him several times. My last visit two weeks before he passed away he promised me all the documents on the family. Unfortunately I was never able to trace his estate. Athanasios lived the end of his life in Geneva with his sister. On another name in our family but on my grand father's side is Leonidas Kessisoglou 1st cousin of my grandfather (Prodromos Daskalidès) who came in Belgium from Constantinople in the late 1950's. His family came indeed from Smyrna. My great grandfather's roots are more in Cappadocia (Kaysery) but his wife's roots are from Smyrna (Rouchalidès) and her sister was married to a Kessisoglou. I hope that this may help you in your research. If you know anything or hear anything about some lost 'cousins' let me know. It is so exciting to see that all this Hellenes society has not completely disappeared like the monthly newspaper from Paris L'indépendance Anexatisia that I was reading while a child. I am sure that you may find more information at the patriarchate Stin Polli. Amitiés, Dimitri Haller-Daskalidès.

  71. From: navkirat_sodhi@[nospam]
    Subject: Query
    Date: 25 May, 2004 16:49:16 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Dear Christopher, I'm writing to you in connection with your article titled Ghosts Beneath Our Feet (The Mayfair Times, 1988). I am currently researching on the issue and was wondering if you could help me in terms of how best can I get information about all that lies under the pavements of London, excluding the lost tube stations and the conserved war cabinets. If you could suggest the best way to start, your help would be much appreciated. Looking forward to hearing from you. Sincere regards, Navkirat Sodhi.

  72. From: Modinoua@[nospam]
    Subject: Paspati Family Group Sheets
    Date: 25 May, 2004 16:48:09 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Dear Sir/Madame, I accidentally saw the site. I am a direct decendant of the Paspati family (mother Hélène Paspati) and I saw that there are some wrong and some missing information concerning the family. If there is any information you want please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely yours, Alexandra Modinos.

  73. From: TicehurstBarbara@[nospam]
    Subject: Descendants of Father Ionides
    Date: 24 May, 2004 19:05:37 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    I have found your website very interesting and notice that you have traced some Sergiades in connection. with your history of [the Ionides family]. My mother's maiden name was Sergiadi (it seems a family feud led to some of them changing their name from Sergiades to Sergiadi). I have even found a Sergardis! However I am stuck because there seem to be two Alexanders born around the same time – 1823-1828 – and I cannot make the jump between Soterios Sergiades, born around l790 apparently, and the next generation which includes Ioannes (Nikolaus) Sergiades (who seems to have married Aspasia Ionides), Alexandre Sergiades and the other Alexander Sergiades who is alleged to have married a Miss Russell. These three Sergiades seem to have been cornbrokers in Liverpool. The one I am particularly interested in is Alexandre who seems to have been born in l828 in Constantinople and who married Catherine Wood (or did not actually marry her!) and these are the parents of my grandfather Alexander Camillo Horace Sergiadi born in l856. (I suspect grandfather may have been illeitimate!). I have found some more details of the Liverpool Sergiades – where they lived and where they had their business. I also think I have found a slight discrepancy in one part of your on-line family members and would be pleased to pass on anything I have already found. My investigations are ongoing! Can you help me please? Barbara Bailey.

  74. From: chesterpotts@[nospam]
    Subject: Escape!
    Date: 19 May, 2004 22:54:05 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Chris, I am currently researching my grandfather's escape from France. He was Major W. C. W. Potts, 7th Bn Royal Northumberland Fusiliers. He was with his friend Captain C. R. I. Besley from St Valéry to Marseilles where they ended up in the Seamans Mission with Lt Waters, 2nd Lt Lennon and others. I have ordered the PRO files and should have them shortly. They were befriended by three pro-British Russian legionnaire officers, one of whom was Nicholas Makiew who later came to visit my grandfather after the war. Have you heard of this man and do you know anything about him? Mention is also made of a Madame Friot in his notes of a lecture he gave to a local school after the war. He may have met her in Africa (Algiers or Morocco). Does she feature anywhere else? Regards, Chester.

  75. From: dj.halliday1@[nospam]
    Subject: Hans Hass
    Date: 19 May, 2004 20:27:04 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Hi – Saw your website and wondered if you could help. I have a magazine from 1951 with Hans Hass story written by himself. Is this worth anything? Regards, David.

  76. From: anub@[nospam]
    Subject: Boardroom
    Date: 19 May, 2004 19:04:35 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Dear Sir, I read your article London's Golden Geese (Mayfair Times 00-10-1988)... I am keen to get the contact details of the Magazine called Boardroom that was mentioned in this article. I would be very very grateful to you if you could please mail me their contact details or details of their archives. Yours sincerely, Anu.

  77. From: dana.vanier@[nospam]
    Subject: Inquiry about Robert Vanier
    Date: 19 May, 2004 4:13:22 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Hello Chistopher and Fred, I am a nephew of Robert Vanier (Shelburne Line?) who is mentioned with Raymond Labrosse and Lucian (sic) Dumais [see Feedback 2002] as well as with Dominique Potier - Dominique Edgard Antoine Potier (1903 – 1944).:
    ... On 28 September 2002 I received a request from a man who had been given my address after contacting the website of my friend Christopher Long. He claimed to be the natural son of a dead Belgian MI9 agent named Dominique Potier. Could I tell him anything about his father. I had a few references to Potier in the literature – Neave and Verity for instance – but nothing very useful. I asked some friends and fellow researchers what they knew about Potier and the answers that came back suggested he had been a very special man..."
    Wonderful research, BTW. Do you have any recollection of Robert Vanier's SOE activities? Dana Vanier.

  78. From: patchwork@[nospam]
    Subject: Demetriadi Medallions
    Date: 13 May, 2004 15:20:55 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    I have a small medallion with beautifully enamelled initials CGD. The other side has Constantine G. Demetriadi around it. In the centre: Born 17th Feby.Baptised 24th April 1909. I would be interested to know if this is given from a church on someone's baptism and what the history of this person is. I am not Greek, but have found your website very interesting, I have many lovely Greek friends in America, the lovely Demus Family. I am sure you are very busy, so I shall understand if you cannot find the time to answer this question. Sheila Gale [Mrs]

    [... and later on 2 Jun 2004...]

    Christopher, Thank you so much for taking an interest in the medallion, which has now become medallions. Let me give you a brief rundown on events. The first one was bought at Wimborne, Dorset, the second two at Matchums, near Ringwood, Hampshire,and the fourth one at Parley, near Bournemouth airport. All of these places are car bootsales. The last one came with another Greek medallion with various Greek letters which I cannot produce on this keyboard, I will have a group photo taken for you... they all originally came from the same 'dealer', all on a silver jump ring and a small broken chain. We will try and find out how he came to get them, probably from auction or a bootsale like us. But how they came to be there is an interesting mystery. Thank you for the absolutely lovely picture of the two brothers, they look so happy. It's sad to think he died in a riding accident, but maybe he was doing the thing he liked best...

  79. From: john.baillie@[nospam]
    Subject: Please remove yourself
    Date: 11 May, 2004 11:28:38 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Dear Mr Long, A Google search for Laverock School brings Chrisopher A. Long at the top of the list. You do the school a disservice. Grateful if you would deal with this matter. The school deserves better, much better than this. I will check again shortly. John Baillie.

  80. From: alan@[nospam]
    Subject: Fwd: Colditz Drama for Granada TV
    Date: 5 May, 2004 20:02:57 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    To whom it may concern: I am working as a graphic designer on a Colditz drama for Granada TV. We have some scenes involving MI9 agents and offices and therefore would like to reproduce some kind of ID card or papers for a couple of the characters. As I assumed, it is quite difficult to source what such papers would look like, until i clicked onto your website and noticed the thumbnails. Is there any possibility of me seeing larger versions of the papers that you have, purely as reference, in order to mock up something that looks correct. We are actually shooting on sunday, so if you could please reply as soon as you can I would be very obliged. Many thanks, Alan S Payne.

  81. From: stanleydignam994@[nospam]
    Subject: Operation Infatuate
    Date: 28 April, 2004 20:56:55 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Dear Sir, I would like to know why there is no film footage – documentry on UK History Channel of The Forgotten Battle of World War ll (Operation Infatuate), The Battle for Walcheran. Two years ago I had the honour of meeting Captain John Oldroyd Forfar MB., MC., a marvelous and fascinating human being. My father served with him with 47 Royal Marine Commandos. At the end he received the Military Cross..He himself calls it the forgotten battle. He wrote a book called From Omaha To The Scheldt. I bought the book on my return to England and was not dissapointed. Sorry to go on a bit, please excuse. Best regards, Stanley Dignam.

  82. From: avivafelber@[nospam]
    Subject: Press Card
    Date: 28 April, 2004 16:23:08 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    As a freelancer just beginning to write, where can I get a press card? A.F.

  83. From: ljanwils@[nospam]
    Subject: Arlington Lodge
    Date: 25 April, 2004 6:10:12 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Dear Editor – Requesting information on something I saw on your google-cached site – the name 'Arlington Lodge'. The one mentioned on the site was Bibury – Glos. I presume that is Gloucestershire. I am trying to find the Arlington Lodge of Brixton, London – on Wanlep or Wanless Road. Do you know anything about this? Thankyou, Layna Jan Wilson, Vancouver, Canada.

  84. From: rav4diesel@[nospam]
    Subject: RAFES
    Date: 13 April, 2004 18:03:30 GMT+02:00
    To: Editor@[nospam]

    Dear Sir, I am trying to research the service history and any other information of W. T. B. Weare. RAF, who was a member of the RAF Escaping Society and its standard bearer of recent times. Are you able to help please? Regards. Ian (Grimmett.).

  85. Subject: Constantine Lambrinudi
    Date: 12 April, 2004
    From: Petros J. Boscainos pbosc@[nospam]

    Dear Mr. Long, I am a clinical hip fellow in the department of Orthopaedics at Guy's Hospital. Being of Greek origin and an orthopaedic surgeon, I was aware of the work of Constantine Lambrinudi in foot surgery but never really aware that he has been a consultant and a clinical director at Guy's Hospital in London. Having been appointed as a hip fellow 6 months ago, I have learned of his service at Guy's and also have gone through his transcripts of papers, biography notes and also obituaries. Certain aspects of his work as well as the fact that he was a clinical director in a prominent teaching hospital in London are not well known in Greece. I am willing to prepare a historic note of his life and work for the Journal of the Orthopaedic Association in Greece, Acta Orthopaedica Hellenica. By doing an internet search I was fortunate to come across too your elaborate and splendid genealogy charts. If you have any information or contact suggestions on Constantine Lambrinudi that you would like to share for this historic article, I would be delighted to include them and also cite them. Yours sincerely, Petros Boscainos, M.D. Clinical Hip Fellow, Department of Orthopaedics, Guy's Hospital, London.

  86. Subject: Hypatia Rodocanachi
    Date: 10 April, 2004
    From: Andrew Lewis a.d.e.lewis@[nospam]

    Dear Mr Long, As part of continuing work on the history of the church at St Endellion, North Cornwall I have come across Hypatia Rodocanachi, said to have settled as a local artist here in the early part of the twentieth century. It seems likely that she is the Hypatia, great-great-granddaughter of Michael Rodocanachi, b. 1872 and listed on your genealogy. Local information has it that Hypatia paid for the restoration of the interior of the church carried out in the period 1937-39: she herself contributing some carvings on pew-ends identified as her work by an HR monogram and a flower of uncertain species. In addition there is a bas-relief signed by her on a wall in the church. I write in the hope that you may be able to confirm the identification I propose. I should be delighted if you had any other information to add. Professor Andrew Lewis, Laws, UCL.

  87. Subject: Small World
    Date: 9 April, 2004
    From: Rob Tisdall tisdall@[nospam]

    Greetings from a shirt-tail relative: Stumbled across your genealogy site while looking up something for my cousin, John Croil Milligan, son of Ailsa Arnold Croil and George Milligan. Will pass the information to him. Rob Tisdall.

  88. Subject: Heather Blundell Croil
    Date: 2 April, 2004
    From: Diane Takao dtakao@[nospam]

    Dear Mr. Long, Your website of your family's genealogy is of interest to me, because I am trying to locate Mrs Heather Blundell Croil on behalf of a friend of mine, Mrs. Dorothy Britton, living in Yokohama, Japan. Some time ago, I became friends with Mrs. Britton, who attended the Yokohama International School with Heather Blundell many years ago (1935, I believe). The Yokohama International School celebrated its 75th anniversary in 1997, and there was an effort to contact as many alumni as possible. At the time, Mrs. Britton wondered if it would be possible to find Heather Blundell through the Internet, but I was rather busy with other aspects of the celebration, and put off investigating whether I would be able to find her. In my spring cleaning just now, I came upon the paper where I had written Heather Blundell Croil's name, and was surprised to find her name appear on the website. Would you be so kind as to tell me if this could be the same woman who lived in Japan so long ago, and if she would be interested in contacting her old friend? Thank you, Diane Takao.

  89. Subject: George Zarifi
    Date: 29 March, 2004
    From: Mert Soyluoglu soyluoglu@[nospam]

    Hello Mr. Long, I came across your web site while I was reading about the late Ottoman financial history, and conducting some Google search on specific names, one of them being George Zarifi (grandson). I just wanted to express my appreciations on your detailed genealogy. Since Greek and Albanian history are also on my long term reading list, I will surely visit your site again. Thanks for sharing.

  90. Subject: Argenti Libro
    Date: 29 March, 2004
    From: Constantine Costandis londongreek@[nospam]

    Hello Christopher, I recently came across the Argenti book Libro d'Oro de la Noblesse de Chios (in French, 2 volumes) as well as another three of his books. Do you know if there existed a Greek version of the Libro, and also of anyone who might be interested in it? Best wishes.

  91. Subject: Charles Yossifoglou
    Date: 29 March, 2004
    From: Walledard@[nospam]

    I am taking the liberty of emailing you (knowing, from your website, that you have many such emails), in order to ascertain whether you can assist me in informing me of the whereabouts of the widow and/or any of the descendants of the above gentleman [Charles Yossifoglou/Iossifoglou]. My father, who was in the British Army, fought in the Greek Civil War and was decorated accordingly by the Greek king. While there, he had Charles Yossifoglou as his interpreter, and they became good friends. I am sorry to read from your website that he is now dead, but it would appear that his widow, Nora, may still be alive – even though they may have been divorced. She would certainly remember my parents, if she is still active mentally at her advanced age. I know that they settled in New York after WWll. I note that you are related to the Zarifi side of the family, therefore I am hoping that you may know the whereabouts of any of the 3 daughters – or even their mother. I can provide you with any other bona fides references, should you so wish. I live in Henley-on-Thames. Thanking you in anticipation and regards from Michael Carlton.

  92. Subject: Rodocanachi Genealogy
    From: Ernest J. Balladur dallab@[nospam]
    Date: 28 March, 2004

    Greetings from Yakima, Washington State USA. I received your contact information from a Christina Vlachos Edwards in Flushing N.Y. I was born in New York, the 16th of October 1922. My parents were born in Smyrna (Izmir, Turkey). The Balladur's (armeno-catholics) originated in Persia and like other Christians suffered persecutions in the 1700s, during the Persian Wars, which led to many fleeing to Smyrna. They prospered and became connected by a bewildering sequence of marriages to a great number of Latin families established there. Because of that I find myself related to more than half the families in Smyrna. I have been working on my genealogy for a few years to fill some gaps and your site led me to contact you. Our ancestor, Jacob (Agop) Balladur (1731-1812) had 4 sons. One of his grand-sons – Pierre – married a Hypathia Rodocanachi. Unfortunately I could not find any dates of birth, marriage or death in the existing registers of St. Polycarpe in Smyrna. Could there be a connection with Hypathia Rodocanachi [not this Hypatia – CAL] and the family you mention at length in your documentation? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Ernest J. Balladur.

  93. Subject: Lady Ralli
    Date: 26 March, 2004
    From: Dolores Mulkerrins dolores@[nospam]

    Hi Christopher, I am the purchaser of a beautiful hand made cream satin dressing-gown with a fleur-de-lys pattern and hand-made buttons with a silk lining. It would fit a very slim figure. It has short sleeves, a fitted bodice from which flows a floor-length skirt. It is in a box marked with an address label: 'Bradleys Cold Storage for Furs, Chepstow Place London W2' which lists prices in shillings and pence. The address label states: 'Lady Ralli, Flat 47 3, Grosvenor Square [London] W1', but is undated. I sought some information on the internet and came across your website. I wonder if there are any Rallis still around who would know who owned this beautiful garment. There is a portrait of a very tiny waisted woman on your site and it could certainly have fitted her perfectly. I would be thrilled if you can help trace the wearer of the dressing gown. Dolores Mulkerrins. [This refers to Lady Ralli (née Louise Warington Williams)].

  94. Subject: Jan Jankowski
    Date: 24 February, 2004
    From: Arran de Moubray arran@[nospam]

    Hi, I am trying to get some information about my grandfather, Capt. Jan Jankowski, who was an officer in the Polish Cavalry, eventually stationed in Scotland, UK, during the War [WWll]. I read your journals and was wondering if this was the same Jan Jankowski? Do you have a clearer photo of that group image? Other things I know about him are that he was born on 1st October 1908, and that he was shot in the throat whilst escaping from a camp, and subsequently spoke with a very strange growl! Thank you. Arran de Moubray.

  95. Subject: SS Eastern Princess
    Date: 24 March, 2004
    From: Dianne James Dianne.James@[nospam]

    I was searching the web looking for the origins of SS Eastern Prince. I have a garden chair with a plaque stating that this was made from wood from the above vessel. The company who made it was Hughes Bolcrow Shipbreaking Co Ltd., Blyth, Northumberland. While searching your web site was listed and I spotted the name. Have you any more information about this company or the vessel? Look forward to your reply. Di James.

  96. Subject: Glyptis
    Date: 23 March, 2004
    From: Vangeli glyptis@[nospam]

    Hi! I am Evangelos Glyptis son of George Glyptis, and grand son of Strati Glyptis from Cardamila, Chios – now living in South Africa. My brother, Stratis (Akis) Glyptis is now living in Athens, Greece. The rest of the family, my sister Helen, mother Pararkevi, also in Athens. Father passed away in London, England. Please contact me if you feel like it. Vangeli. [See Glyptis]

  97. Subject: Zarifi Family
    Date: 23 March, 2004
    From: Hariklea Papageorgiadou

    Dear Sir, I am a research assistant professor at the National Hellenic Research Foundation (Centre for Greek and Roman Antiquities) and I am preparing the publication of a donation by Leonidas and Perikles Zarifis at the Numismatic Museum (1904). As I intend to include a short history of the family I would be very grateful to you if you could help me by providing more information about Leonidas and Perikles. A first presentation of this will be announced at a conference held by the end of this year, organized by the Centre, in Athens. Looking forward to hearing form you soon, Dr. Harikleia Papageorgiadou.

  98. Subject: Billy Mitchell
    Date: 19 March, 2004
    From: N. Holden momsheart55@[nospam]

    I recall, when growing up, being told that I was related to Billy Mitchell through my father's side of the family. His mother's maiden name was Mitchell and they were from Ruckersville, VA. Do you know anything about the Mitchells in that area? Advance thanks for your time, Nina T. Holden.

  99. Subject: S. D. Petrocochino
    Date: 17 March, 2004
    From: Brian & Amanda Williams bkw@[nospam]
    R> To:

    Dear Christopher, I am writing to you as I have found something which may be of interest to you regarding one of your descendants mentioned in your web page Descendants of Loucas Petrocochino. I have a reference written by S. D. Petrocochino, dated Jan. 3rd 1905, for my paternal grandmother, a Mrs Hall, who was a children's nurse. She apparently accompanied the [Petrocochino] family to London from Calcutta and was glowingly referred to in the letter. It is written on a sheet of note paper, headed 'The Heathlands, Prestwich, Nr Manchester'. Given that Stephen (Demetrius) Petrocochino was an India trader and his wife, Anna, was buried in the cemetery at Prestwich, I think I'm correct in assuming that this is indeed written by the said ancestor. I am researching (with difficulty) my father's family and on a whim, typed the name Petrocochino, from the letter into a search engine and came across your site. This Mrs Minnie Graves Hall, who was a widow, married my grandfather, Edward D'Abreu and worked as a matron at Victoria School, Kurseong. She had two sons and died sometime in the 1920's. She was buried at Patna. Anyway I thought you might be interested in seeing this very neatly written letter, which I have scanned. If it is of interest to you, please contact me and I will email it to you. Regards. Amanda Williams, Perth, Western Australia.

  100. Subject: Escape & Evasion Across The Pyrenees
    From: Martinez-Colom,LM L.M.Martinez-Colom@[nospam]
    Date: 15 March, 2004

    My name is Luisa Martinez Colom, and I'm a Master's student at the London School of Economics. I'm just about to start researching a dissertation which is due in on September the 12th 2004. The topic I have decided to write on is Allied escape and evasion through the Pyrenees during the WWll but focusing on the Spanish side of it, mainly due to the fact that I am Spanish and secondly because I have discovered that the Pat O'Leary route went through Esterri d'Aneu which is where I live and that the prison there (in Sort, another nearby village) holds many archives which still have to be researched. Searching the internet I came upon your webpage and was extremely impressed by the immense amount of information you have regarding the topic. Hence, that is why I am writing to you. To see if there would be any possibility of asking for your help on where the best places for information would be both here in England and in Spain. I have found that my library here is not very helpful although I have managed to purchase, second hand, a couple of books but M.R.D. Foot and Ian Dear. I was just wondering where I could find a copy of the London Portrait Magazine for which you wrote an article and any MI9 archives or documents which are available for public viewing. Any help would be much appreciated. It's such a large topic that I really am slightly lost as to where to begin. Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you in advance for your help and time. Yours Sincerely, Luisa.

  101. Subject: Chios Family History
    Date: 14 March, 2004
    From: William Zalick william.p.zalick@[nospam]

    Mr Long, My grandfather was born in Chios in 1884. His father, from what I understand, had the surname of Pappas. His mother was a Tsalikis. The Tsalikis, it is said, were land-owners, owned a village and church, etc. Anyway, my great-grandfather Pappas left the family. My great-grandmother took on (and so too her children) her maiden name. My grandfather at the age of 14 years ran away to sea. That would be in 1898. His ship must have docked at Newport dock in Newport, Monmouth, for it was here he met my grandmother. She was a school girl. They married in 1905, he 21 years of age, she 18 years of age. He was naturalized, was given the name of Zalick. From the time he ran off to sea until the day he died he never returned to Chios. To shorten my story a little, my uncle George, through his Greek contacts, was told that there were no surviving relatives left in Chios, and as my grandfather Dimitri Tsalikis married outside of the Greek church, any estates were passed to the Greek crown. That was it as far as my late Uncle George was concerned. But to us remaining grand-children, great-grand-children, it leaves us in mid air as far as our roots are concerned. We are presently working on our family tree. Any help would be appreciated. Reading the history, yours in the main and others, makes me dread what it must have been like. Thank you for bearing with me. Yours sincerely, Bill Zalick.

  102. Subject: Cerda
    Date: 12 March, 2004
    From: Roumiana roumiana@[nospam]
    To: Editor

    Dear Mr. Long, Since a few years I am doing genealogical research about the roots of my family. I was born in Philippopolis, Thrace (currently a Bulgarian territory) in an old family of landlords and priests from Goliam Cerda (Great Cerda, in Slav language). As many others, my family suffered the adamnatio memorema of the Bulgarian communist regime. A large part of the written documents were destroyed or lost in those years but I have found remaining traces of history at the church of Cerda: Hellenic names carved in the altar and upon gravestones, and a family emblem with the double-headed eagle. I shall kindly ask if you could offer me your help for the identification of the emblem or with bibliographic material concerning the history of this particular region. I shall be very grateful indeed. Sincerely yours, Roumiana Kristeva Popova.

  103. Subject: Descendents of Scaramanga
    Date: 11 March, 2004
    From: Liza_Brings@[nospam]

    Hi – I live in the US and there is a whole branch of us [Scaramanga] over here. Would you like details? My mother is Julia Scaramanga Robinson, daughter of George John Scaramanga. His father was John Scaramanga ('old Johnny'). I'd have to go home and look at my books to see which one it is on your records). Liza (Tench) Brings.

  104. Subject: Victorian Music Sheets (Concanen, Brandard)
    Date: 8 March, 2004
    From: Ljldslusa@[nospam]

    Dear Mr. Christopher Long, I'm just wondering if you can help me determine the price of some Victorian music sheets I have in my possession. Some of them are with cover sheets done by A. Concanen and J. Brandard. These are actually part of a book binding of music sheets collection by a certain Mary Bushby. Some of the music sheets are with signatures by names such as Madame Sainton Dolby, W.P. Collins. Thank you for your time reading this inquiry. Sincerely, Lyndon J. L., Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A.

  105. Subject: Genealogy
    Date: 8 March, 2004
    From: WBert99999@[nospam]

    I was idly looking up my name when I came across your site. You seem to have a few members of my family listed – parents, brothers, nephews and nieces – so presumably we are related! [See Long family] If you would like further information, please contact me. Best Regards, William Bertram.

  106. Subject: Paul Jenks
    Date: 5 March, 2004
    From: jon.harrison@[nospam]

    Hello. I was a serving volunteer in the Croatian Armed Forces for 6 years [in the 1990s]. I worked for certain departments within the Croatian MOD. Your friend Paul Jenks was not killed by Serb Sniper. In fact he was killed by an English idiot posing as a mercenary. I am willing to provide you with further details if you require them. Jon.

  107. Subject: Churchill Among The Ruins
    Date: 5 March, 2004
    From: EM em@[nospam]

    Hello Christopher, I am working on finding pictures for a book in Danish about Winston Churchill. On your website I have noticed a picture of him standing on some ruins in London after the blitz in 1940. I am curious to know where I can find the original, and to find out if I can be allowed to use it in the book. I hope you can help me and that it is not too much trouble for you. Best regards, Ellen M¿lgaard.

  108. Subject: Zarifi Family Tree
    Date: 4 March, 2004
    From: Elias Vassiliadis evassiliades@[nospam]

    Dear Mr. Long, I have just been looking at your site at he suggestion of George Bonanos and was amused to discover my wife and daughter included in your index. My name is Elias D. Vassiliades (or as you have it Vassiliadis) and I am married (since 1969) to Frosso, daughter of Nora Zarifi and Charles Iossifoglou. My father's family also comes from Constantinople with links to my wife's family in the more distant past. My daughter, who is currently doing her Masters' at L.S.E., has asked me if I could put together an overall family tree of our ancestors. Since I have many of our families' records (though with some gaps) with some going as far back as 1570, I thought it would be fun to try and do it. Since you are obviously very experienced in this matter, I would appreciate it if you could advise me of a suitable programme or software that I can use for this purpose. Best Regards, Elias Vassiliades...

  109. Subject: Brigadier General William Mitchell
    Date: 25-02-2004 03:54
    Received: 25-02-2004 11:30
    From: Dave Bradley, newsroom@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Mr. Long: I'm writing to you hoping that you can provide me with some information about Brigadier General William Mitchell for some research I am doing. The focus of my research is a couple, Spencer and Agnes Ilsley. Mitchell was a neighbor and friend of theirs when he lived in Middleburg, Virginia, in the 1920s and 1930s; I think he had known them and the Ilsley family in Milwaukee prior to those years. I'm working on what I hope will be a book about the Ilsleys and a court case that resulted from Mrs. Ilsley's 1932 murder. Any information you could provide or point me to that would enlighten me on Mitchell's years in Middleburg, his relationship with the Ilsleys, or anything else you think might be pertinent would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, David Bradley. Sterling, Virginia.

  110. Subject: C. J. P. Ionides
    Date: 25-02-2004 01:11
    Received: 25-02-2004 11:30
    From: Simon Davies, tabora@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    I came across your website by a convoluted route. Is C. J. P. 'Iodine' Ionides a relative of Christopher Long? I was trying to find a photograph of him. I have some cine film of him, I think, (the projector is broken) from the '50's in Tanganyika. My mother, who knew him and used to entertain him to dinner occasionally has been writing some memoirs for the grandchildren and I thought photos would enhance her efforts. My mother's recollection of him is as follows: (personally I remember him bawling me out when I was a kid for going too near his bloody snake cages which he stored on our veranda): Extract from Joan Davies memoirs: One of our many visitors on the Rondo was the herpetologist, C.J.P. Ionides, known throughout East Africa as 'Iodine'. He was once in the King's African Rifles. He later became a White Hunter but afterwards joined the Game Dept. and began a collection of rare species of African snakes, which were sent to zoos all over the world. He was a tall, gaunt figure who wore a battered, festooned, greasy trilby. His African boys, who accompanied him on his safaris in the bush, were convinced that this hat protected Iodine from snakebites. In fact they refused to go with him unless he was wearing it. His Greek name, Constantine Ionides, belied his English origins (he was born in Hove, Sussex in 1901) My favourite recollection of him is when he told us of the time when, more than twenty years earlier, he had sailed for England on home leave. He said it was raining when his ship docked at Southampton so he didn't disembark and sailed back to East Africa on the ship's return journey. He never afterwards returned to the UK and died in Nairobi in 1968. Any comments or corrections welcome. Regards Simon Davies, (Tanganyika territory 1955-1962).

  111. Subject: Tapestry
    Date: 24-02-2004 22:36
    Received: 24-02-2004 00:06
    From: Michael J. Atkin, michaelj.atkin@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Sir, My mother has been doing tapestries for about 29 years. We have often wondered if it is possible to design a tapestry from a print or photo, (RMS Windsor Castle being one in mind). Any advice please? Regards, Michael J. Atkin.

  112. Subject: Lewis David Einstein — Husband of Helen Ralli
    Date: 23-02-2004 15:37
    Received: 23-02-2004 16:25
    From: DrRNDal@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Christopher, I noted that you have Louis David Einstein on your family tree... but you do not have some of his dates, etc. Lewis David Einstein died in 1967. He was a celebrated US diplomat. He also lived a remarkably long life and penned his memoirs in the 1960s, called A Diplomat Looks Back. The book is out of print but can be found through used book sources. You can read this about him on the Political Graveyard site: 'Lewis David Einstein, (1877-1967) — also known as Lewis Einstein — of New York. Born in New York, New York County, N.Y., March 15, 1877. U.S. Minister to Costa Rica, 1911; Czechoslovakia, 1921-30. Jewish. Member, Council on Foreign Relations; Sons of the Revolution. Died in 1967. Burial location unknown'. He was a celebrated observer and commentator on world politics and predicted WWl in a much quoted article published in Britain nearly two years before the war started. He was best friends with Oliver W. Holmes and the two kept a remarkable 50 year correspondence, also now in book form. When he was in Turkey he served as secretary to John Leishman, whose life I am researching. Hope this is helpful, John Dalles, Longwood FL

  113. Subject: Ferdinand de Lesseps
    Date: 22-02-2004 16:38
    Received: 23-02-2004 14:12
    From: Caroline, cfb@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Hi Christopher, I am a relative of Ferdinand de Lesseps, the Suez Canal engineer, and am trying to find out more about him, and particular search for relatives/family trees/connections. I wondered if this was something which you might be able to help with? I know he had a son called Charles and a daughter whose name I don't know but this is about the sum of my knowledge. Do you have any ideas? With grateful thanks for any thoughts, Caroline F-Brown.

  114. Subject: Terrier and Benoit
    Date: 21-02-2004 14:15
    Received: 21-02-2004 20:20
    From: Daniel Vangheluwe, vangheluwe-smietan@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Bonjour, I am researching information, books or ways to follow about the participation of French Jewish men and women during German Occupation, recruited by the Belgian or Belgo-British Intelligence Service (SIS?, MI9?...) to organise escapes to London... To be precise, I am researching info about Louis Tcherkoski or Czerechowski or Cherkoski (1903-1994) alias Louis Terrier and about his daughter Esther Bromberger alias Evelyne Benoit. They were officially honored for their actions. Avec mes remerciements, mes très cordiales salutations, Daniel Vangheluwe.

  115. Subject: Jedburgh Team Brian (859th BS)
    Date: 21-02-2004 13:48
    Received: 21-02-2004 20:20
    From: ludovic gavignet, montmahoux@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Good afternoon, I'm Ludovic Gavignet, a French student living in Montmahoux (France). In order to well understand my village history, I would like you to help me in my information retrieve. Indeed, I've discovered recently that my village (Montmahoux) was an actor in the French 'Liberation' with a Jedburgh Team whose codename was 'Brian'. It was in the night between the 27 and 28 August 1944. I know who composed the team: F. P. C. Johnstone, Sgt N. A. Smith (English) and a Frenchman the Cdt R. Cretin. To succeed in my research, I would delight if you could give me other information or documents (for free) about this team and/or the work it has done. If you know other organization or else who could give me the information I'm requesting, thank you to transmit me its address. I thank you for the help you'll give me. Sincerely, Ludovic Gavignet, 3 rue du Mont 25270 Montmahoux (France)

  116. Subject: Jean Chryssoveloni's Rolls-Royce
    Date: 18-02-2004 20:41
    Received: 18-02-2004 23:20
    From: kjgor, kjgor@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    I found your very impressive web site. The reason for posting this mail is that I am trying to identify the history of a 1921 Rolls Royce. The car was exported to Norway in 1931, and still exists. In the warranty book of the Rolls Royce I could find a list of owners. The first owner was Jean Chrissoveloni (16 Albermarle Street London). I have searched a lot on the web and found that you had a record of Jean Chryssoveloni. I have found information that Chrissoveloni/Chryssoveloni was a Romanian banker. I have found his on several pages e.g. it looks like he bought this castle in 1924. I have also found another web page with the following info: Zanni (Jean) Chrissoveloni, banker Galatzi (Rom.) 10.5.1881 +Bucarest 23.10.1926 x Galatzi 11.10.1907. Jean Chrissoveloni sold the Rolls Royce in 1924 to Edouard Jonas (Syon House). Possibly the actual owner may have been the 8th Duke of Northumberland. Edouard Jonas may have been a chauffeur or administrator at Syon House, or a house guest of the Duke. Do you have any more information or confirmation that Jean Chrissoveloni the Romanian banker was the same person I am seeking information about? Best regards, Kjetil Langsaether. Norway.

  117. Subject: Land-Rover 110 Steering
    Date: 17-02-2004 20:37
    Received: 18-02-2004 01:35
    From: mo, mgabr@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Hi, I would like to replace the Gemma [power steering unit] on my [Land-Rover] 110 with something better. Which box would you recommend? Thanks, M. Gabr

  118. Subject: Sergiades
    Date: 14-02-2004 14:13
    Received: 14-02-2004 15:55
    From: WillowGrayOwl@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Hello. I have in the course of tracing family members come across your website. It is quite fascinating particularly as I am a Sergiades. I have to date traced back to Soterios Sergiades and am now wanting to go beyond him – question: is that possible? May I ask you if you have any information my branch of the family? My great, great grandfather, I believe, was Alexander Sergiades, brother to Ioannes & Alexandre [surely she means Chariklea?]. Many thanks, Jane.

  119. Subject: Ex-Army Land-Rovers
    Date: 13-02-2004 17:30
    Received: 13-02-2004 18:50
    From: Samerica, samerica@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Hi. I read your article re the [Land-Rover] 110 tdi with interest. I am thinking of buying an ex-army 110 tdi from Whitham Auctions who... sell... ex-army surplus vehicles. Would you think this a good idea in your experience. Regards John Mac 1.

  120. Subject: Braggiotti & D'Andria
    Date: 07-02-2004 16:20
    Received: 07-02-2004 19:30
    From: Elisa Petitta, elisapetitta@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Beautiful site! I am an Italian psychologist, my hobby is the genealogy. I am a descendant from 2 Latin families in Ottoman Empire: Braggiotti and D'Andria (from Chios). I found a link Braggiotti /Rodocanachi /Vlasto in your site. I am working with an international group about the family tree. My English is orrible (sorry!). If you are interesting to change some information...

  121. Subject: Traxler/Rodocanachi
    Date: 06-02-2004 17:13
    Received: 06-02-2004 17:59
    From: david traxler, northernproject@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,
    Dear Sir, Having bumped into my ancestors' name on your web site I thought I might write to say that not only do we know about Augusto, but he and his Rodocanachi wife are buried in our family chapel near Livorno in Tuscany. My brother, named Manoli, was given this Greek name in memory of our Greek descendence from her. If you are interested in more news I would be happy to send it along, Best regards, David Traxler.

  122. Subject: Calvocoressi/Woodfall
    Date: 04-02-2004 23:29
    Received: 05-02-2004 11:19
    From: Gary Woodfall, woodies@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Sir, I notice on your... website that one Matthew John (John) Calvocoressi is linked to the 'Woodfall Family' by marriage to Agnes Woodfall. With your permission I would like to put a linkage on our website of the Woodfall Family to your website, as well as mentioning this connection in an in-family booklet that I am producing. Our website is not an advertised site but only passed on normally to members of the Woodfall family around the world by means of verbal or email contact. Looking forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely, Gary Woodfall.

  123. Subject: Demetriadi
    Date: 04-02-2004 18:27
    Received: 04-02-2004 18:32
    From: Janet Considine, jan@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Hi, Have just finished reading your web page which I found quite interesting as my grandfather, Henry Ede Cox was chauffeur to Mr [Athanasios] Demetriadi who lived at the Heathlands in Prestwich. His brother, James Thomas Cox, was chauffeur to Mr Demetriadi's brother Mr George Constantine Demetriadi who lived at the Holme in Sedgley Park, Prestwich. My uncle who is 95 remembers them both quite well and I remember going to the Heathlands as a small girl with my father and twin aunties to see my grandad and we have buried somewhere in the house several photos. Manley Knoll does come into the equation somewhere as we used to visit relations there and when I go to see my uncle this weekend I will make further enquiries and will send any further information to you. Kind regards, Janet Considine (née Cox)

  124. Subject: Kokstad
    Date: 04-02-2004 13:19
    Received: 04-02-2004 21:08
    From: Graeme Wall, Graeme@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Christopher, I gather you have done research into families in Kokstad, South Africa [see Gilson]. Have you by any chance come across The Rev. Frederick John Adkin? He was a curate at St John's Pro-Cathedral, Umtata from 1881 to 1884 and then Rector of Holy Trinity Church, Kokstad. I believe he was the officiating priest at the funeral of General Christian Botha. Regards, Graeme Wall.

  125. Subject: French Helpers in World War ll
    Date: 30-01-2004 13:31
    Received: 31-01-2004 12:46
    From: T1548296@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    As an erstwhile evader (April 1944) thank you for a most comprehensive site. I was looking particularly for details of a proposed reunion of the RAFES in May, I believe, at Stratford. Also I was seeking information on escape routes over the Pyrenees from Pau (1944). It's a long time ago but a family of French helpers in Pau by the name of 'Hourquet' never seem to get a mention anywhere. Best wishes, T. J. Maxwell, DFC, (622 Squadron Mildenhall 1943/45).

    [... and later...]

    Thank you for your response. For the record Peter Jezzard was killed three years after the war ended (1948). I take it that the abbreviation after Hyde's name 'nfd' means No Further Details. I believe that the details on him are 'somewhere' but in spite of having several contacts in Calgary doing their best to find out anything about his time in France, the whole episode surrounding him became an increasing enigma, which only added to the desire to know more. I am familiar with the repressive restrictions of the Canadian National Archives (CNA) and there was no point in pursuing the matter with them. Whilst most of the others had at least heavy landings in the darkness, Hyde appears to have literally landed on his feet. Information of sorts filtered back to the Squadron that he 'got lucky' and was living in, let's say, 'some comfort' in Paris. But in any case he never came back and after being sent back to Canada was 'discharged'. I could not find out more than that. The CNA records which were taken over from the RCAF in 1967 remain a closed book until 25 years after Hyde's death, which will make me 105... say no more. However I always assumed that there must have been interrogation records in England somewhere when he was brought back (reluctantly) to UK. He was on the loose for about 5 months from March 1944. Forgetting it is easier said than done. Nearer home, I was intrigued at the reference to my own details: 'Evacuated via the Burgundy Line'. I have never come across this reference before, nor heard of the Burgundy Line, and wonder how I can find out more about it please (at this late stage)... But better late than never...

  126. Subject: Ralli Family
    Date: 30-01-2004 02:05
    Received: 30-01-2004 10:16
    From: Kristen Larsen, klarsen5@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Christopher: I just happened on your website about the Ralli family while doing a 'google' search about my great-great grandfather, Jonathan Dixon. Yours was the first website to come up in the search and lo and behold I saw my grandmother's name, Elisabeth Ralli, on the list. Quite a surprise! Elisabeth (grandma) did pass away in 1995 after a long, long bout with cancer. Just wanted to reach out and say hello to a distant cousin! Sincerely, Kristen Larsen, New Jersey, USA

  127. Subject: Sanderson
    Date: 29-01-2004 22:26
    Received: 30-01-2004 10:16
    From: ChrisSanderson, Chris@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    From one Chris to another Chris: I have been researching my family tree in Lincolnshire for some time now and I am interested to know what connections and/or info you may wish to share with me re: 'John Sanderson... extant 1662... descendant of Robert Sanderson, Bishop of Lincoln, author of Service For Those At Sea in the Prayer Book of 1662' and particularly the reference to Robert. I have managed to trace my umpteenth grandfather, William Sanderson born 1690 in South Willingham, Lincolnshire. He married Anne Crompton in 1709, and I appear to be a little stuck. I have heard of Robert, Bishop of Lincoln, and wondered if there was any connection with his nephew William Sanderson, previous owner of Blyth Estate in Nottinghamshire, who sold out in 1663 to the Mellish family and my William above. Could you throw any light on the matter? Yours Chris Sanderson of North Lincolnshire

  128. Subject: Mallides/Mallidis
    Date: 28-01-2004 00:24
    Received: 28-01-2004 16:22
    From: sueguthrie, sueguthrie@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Sorry to trouble you but have you any information pertaining to a family named Mallides, Mallidis in Chios? Unfortunately I cannot give you the Greek spellings due to fonts. Looking forward to hearing. Sue.

  129. Subject: Victoria Station
    Date: 23-01-2004 19:14
    Received: 23-01-2004 19:37
    From: Kevin Flanagan, KFlanagan@[nospam]
    To: '',

    With reference to the images contained in the article attached [Victoria Station, London]. Could you please either send a copy of the article with better quality images, or please let us know where these images were sourced. We are architects presently studying the area. Best regards, Kevin Flanagan, KPF, London.

  130. Subject: Casanova and Chios
    Date: 23-01-2004 15:18
    Received: 23-01-2004 17:35
    From: margaret georgiadou, margaretgeorgiadou@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Mr Long, My husband's grandmother was a Sophia Casanova (b. Chios and d. Chios 1950-60). Her father was Stamatios Casanova married to a Marigo ?. Her paternal grandfather was Stephanos Casanova married to a Theodora ? (1st child, Stamatios, born 1905). One of their relations, [Zorzis] Georgios Casanova was publicly hanged in Vounaki Square during/after the massacre by the Turks... his name is on the monument in Vounaki Square. I have had only tantalising glimpses of the Libro d'Oro which tell me the Casanova family were amongst the noble families there and that they intermarried with other noble families. Also that they were there in 1750 at least, and that they are a branch of a Genoese family called fieschi de canneto. Do you have access to the Libro d'Oro? If so, is there any further mention of the Casanova family other than what I have found? I would be immensely grateful if you could provide any further info on this family! Yours in hopes! Margaret Georgiadou.

  131. Subject: Craies / Ionides Family
    Date: 20-01-2004 22:19
    Received: 20-01-2004 23:08
    From: Greg & Jenny Easlea, easlea@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Hi, I have just visited your website about the Ionides family. This is a wonderful collection of information. I am researching my husband's family history. William Fielden Craies who married Euterpe Ionides was my husband's g-g-grandfather's brother. The other members of William Fielden Craies's family were raised in Australia. After their parents died each child was raised by different family friends. William Craies was sent to England just before his mother died. I believe it was to relatives, but have not yet proved it. We have some letters written by William Craies to his brother: the first is from 9 Holland Villas Road, Kensington on October 17th 1866. I am wondering if you have any further information on the family. My husband's mother kept in contact with Zoë Craies until she passed away in 1967. We are very interested in a family history for the Craies family which we believe William Craies completed. One of his nephews visited him in the 1920s and copied a family tree on top of which he has written 'extracted from a full history by William Fielden Craies". We would be interested in tracing a copy of this if it still existed. I wonder if you may have any suggestions about where this may be. I wonder if, after William Octavios Craies died, some family papers may have been given to an archives. Hoping to hear from you, Jenny Easlea, Australia

  132. Subject: Edward Lloyd, Husband of Agnes Croil
    Date: 17-01-2004 16:43
    Received: 17-01-2004 18:49
    From: maraix, maraix@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    In the course of my research to find out what took my Warwickshire ancestors to Liverpool and Mold in the late 1830s, I have learnt that Agnes Croil's husband was Edward Lloyd (1789-1860), son of Edward Lloyd (1750-1840) of Hendrefigillt, Halkyn. He seems to have been in the same line of business as James Croil, as he was in Haiti in the 1830s. He was over 60 when he belatedly decided he needed an heir. Despite being over 35, it looks like Agnes obliged several times over. MAR in France.

    [and later...]

    ... I am not descended from the Lloyds or Croils but bumped into them when trying to discover how my gt-gt-grandparents, with roots deep in Warwickshire, came to be in Liverpool in 1838 and Hendrebiffa in 1840. I was following a theory that they must have moved in service with a family living near Warwick, possibly the Lloyds. And when I found the widow Agnes in Hendrebiffa in 1881 with sons born in Liverpool I decided to try and find out who her husband had been. The Lloyds in Warwickshire were actually from Manchester and I believe they may have been cousins to Edward Lloyd. MAR in France...

  133. Subject: SOE – Holland
    Date: 14-01-2004 18:43
    Received: 15-01-2004 00:33
    From: Dave Railton, david@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    I have just been reading your interesting website 'Clandestine Operations 1939-1945' and I wonder if you can help me with some information. In 1973 a lady by the name of Mary Loraine died in a house fire in Brighton. Mary had been born in 1914 and was the daughter of the Edwardian actress and dancer, Mabel Love. It has been suggested that Mary was recruited by SOE during the war and was parachuted into Holland on at least one occasion. Mary could have been known by a number of different surnames. Her mother's real surname was Watson. Her mother was at one time married to a Mr Ward. Mary's surname at birth could also have been Grant. In her mother's will Mary is referred to as Mrs R. E. Thomas. Mary was also, supposedly, at one time married to an Anthony Christopher Loraine. So the name could be Mary Watson/Ward/Grant/Thomas/Loraine. Do you have any information about Mary or know where I might enquire further? David Railton.

  134. Subject: Demetriadi-Doman
    Date: 12-01-2004 09:36
    Received: 12-01-2004 10:20
    From: Ali Dhaini, adhaini@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long, Editor@[nospam]

    Dear Sir, I am trying to contact Mr Jan Alexander Doman or his wife Mrs Philippa Demetriadi-Doman. I will appreciate your help, is there a way that I can have their contact (email, tel), or pass to them my email? Best regards, Ali Dhaini

  135. Subject: Cousin to Billy Mitchell
    Date: 08-01-2004 17:50
    Received: 08-01-2004 19:18
    From: Bonnie Cassell, cassellbon@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    In reading your article about Billy Mitchell you said you are a cousin to him. My dad, Elmer L. Mitchell, told us that his dad was a third cousin to Billy Mitchell. In researching [searching] the [your] genealogy, I have yet to find the connection. I found that William's father was John Lendrum and his grandfather was Alexander from Aberdeenshire, Scotland. I can trace my direct line back to Scotland but don't have the brothers. Our line started with Samuel in Scotland (c. 1700), to Francis in Ireland ( b. 1801), to Robert in Ontario, Canada (b. 1847) to Francis Ernest (b. 1890). Any of those sound familiar to your line? Thank you for any assistance. Sincerely, Bonnie Jean Mitchell Cassell.

  136. Subject: Cahen
    Date: 08-01-2004 13:36
    Received: 08-01-2004 16:36
    From: Philippe BRAT, phbrat@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Hi, Very interesting the different branch of the family. My grandmother lived about 10 years in France with Ugo Cahen d'Anvers. Have you more details concerning the Count Edoardo, his wife Christina and their 2 sons? Thanks. Regards, Ph Bratz, Paris /France.

  137. Subject: Ralli Family
    Date: 04-01-2004 12:23
    Received: 04-01-2004 13:45
    From: fww.seabrook, fww.seabrook@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Mr Long, I was interested in the obituary of John Lucas Ralli which appeared in The Daily Telegraph on New Year's Day following his death on 10 December 2003. My interest in the family goes back to 1939 when I was evacuated to Mr & Mrs Godfrey Ralli [later Sir Godfrey & Lady Ralli] at 'Hillier's', Bucklebury Common Berks. I see from your listings that Sir Godfrey is living not far from here at Sandwich. Can you confirm from your records that he was living in Berkshire in 1939? I remember him wearing a military uniform. Mr & Mrs Ralli were very kind and welcoming to my family. The house had about 50 rooms, a long drive, horses and stables. Our Christmas gifts from them were Meccano sets, dolls house, etc. I was 7 years old at the time. I look forward to hearing from you in due course. Mr F. W. Whittaker.

    ... and later...

    ... I mentioned the Christmas present of a Meccano set – it must of been one of the first sold. I remember being taken by Mrs Ralli in a chauffeur driven car to a store in either Reading or Newbury to choose more toys. I also remember the names of two of their black horses 'Paddy' and 'Pooks'...

    ... and later...

    ... My mother and younger brother and sister lived at Battersea London. I cannot be sure of the date of arrival at Bucklebury Common but I think we travelled early 1940 because we were not in London for December 1940 bombing. My mother was pregnant at the time giving birth to my second brother in 1941 in Newbury hospital. I remember being looked after by the Ralli's staff during my mother's absence. I recall my family were given our own rooms including a games room with billiard table. We used to 'assist' the gardeners. I recall raking up huge amounts of leaves from the lawns and putting them in wheel barrows that had high side boards to take the volume. In addition to the horses they had gun dogs. I am certain that the house was called 'Hilliers': it was large and approached by a long drive. In the meantime my father had been called up for the army (London Irish Rifles) but he was killed in action at Anzio March 1944. We had returned to Battersea before then where we remained for the duration of the war. I would say that we were with the Ralli's for about twelve months including Christmas, before being moved into a farmer's cottage in Bradfield quite near the College, returning to Battersea in 1942. I started at senior school in September of 1942. My mother died last year aged 88...

  138. Subject: Rodocanachi, de Maulde, de Landreville, Taittinger & Le Gouz de Saint-Seine
    Date: 04-01-2004 12:04
    Received: 04-01-2004 13:45
    From: Jean-Michel Duday, jean-michel.duday@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Sir, I just found your interesting genealogy site and discovered there some complements to my own researches about our family's history. Count Robert de Maulde (m. Marie Rodocanachi) is son of Count Robert Henri Marie Adrien de Maulde (b. 31-05-1851, d. 31-01-1914 at Hyères) and Jeanne de Maillard de Landreville (b. 1855). Jeanne was a great grand aunt of my wife and my mother-in-law still owns plates with crests Maulde/Landreville (I attach a picture). Pierre Rodocanachi married Colette Taittinger (they are mentioned in Bottin Mondain 1950 with their address: 32 rue de Lübeck, Paris, and one son Patrice). Other information can be found in different editions of Bottin Mondain. If you are interested, I will do transcriptions. Another point of interest for me is the alliance with family Le Gouz de Saint-Seine. I have a partial genealogy of this family (also related with my wife's family). With kind regards and apology for my poor English. Jean-Michel Duday, Taverny, France.

  139. Subject: Maurits Kiek & MI9?
    Date: 03-01-2004 23:40
    Received: 04-01-2004 00:10
    From: marianne van praag, mvanp@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Sir, Have you ever come across my father's name: Maurits Kiek? He was Dutch, came to England with the Princess Irene Brigade, was 'lent' to MI9 by the Dutch Bureau Inlichtingen, and was dropped over occupied territory near the French-Belgian border in 1943 (1944?). His chief... was Airey Neave. His code name has been 'the Black Cat'. About 3 months after he was dropped he was arrested by the Germans. He was in a number of prisons until the end of the war. Airey Neave in his book Saturday at MI9 mentions my father in a footnote somewhere. I have tried everything to find out more about what my father did during those years, but he himself was not allowed to tell me. The Dutch military archives have hardly anything on him (because he was not run by the Dutch but by MI9), and out of the British military archives I have not been able to get any information because the Official Secrets Act prohibited it. My father died in 1980 and although I stopped trying long ago, I never gave up hope completely. Now I saw your website and thought: after all these years, let's give it one more try. Who knows? Thanking you very much in anticipation for your reply, I remain, Yours sincerely, Robert A. Kiek

  140. Subject: Richard Michael Vlasto
    Date: 03-01-2004 13:17
    Received: 03-01-2004 13:41
    From: Clive Dewey, dew2@[nospam]
    To:Christopher A. Long,

    Dear Mr Long, I should be very grateful if you could possibly let me have an address or phone number or email for Richard Michael Vlasto... I'd like to get in touch with him... I had his address etc., but lost it due to a defect in the hard disc of my computer. Best wishes, Clive Dewey. Chateau La Perriere, 37500, France.

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