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Editor's Page 00-04-1987

Editor's Page for Preview Issue – by Christopher Long

Surrounded by spectacular mammals and in the company of over one hundred special guests, World Magazine was officially launched at the Natural History Museum in London.

The first British magazine devoted to people, places, races, wildlife and the environment has at long last provided opportunities for dozens of our most excellent naturalists, photographers and specialist writers.

Some of these appear in this first issue of World Magazine – notably Gareth Huw Davies whose article on the future of Antarctica discusses the greatest challenge ever to face conservationists and the health of the planet.

About a third of World Magazine will be devoted to regular columns on space, wildlife at risk, books, the sea, travel, profiles, capital cities and unusually adventurous leisure activities. However, the remaining two-thirds are devoted to major features.

Non-political and non-partisan, we hope nevertheless that they will always be fearless, factual, fair and fascinating and that this month's items on Dolphins, Butterflies, Wigan, China and the Hidden Nine-Tenths will be an exciting foretaste of things to come.

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