CHRISTOPHER A LONG - Sheep Worrying In The Bocage

Sheep Worrying In The Bocage Virois

From La Voix Le Bocage 21-12-2007

By Christopher Long

This article, is self-explanatory. I am very grateful to Isabelle Innocenti of La Voix Le Bocage for her article about the small tragedy that occurred within our flock of Dorset Horn and Dorset Down sheep in the early morning of 16-12-2007.

One irresponsible owner and two dogs were responsible, within the space of a few minutes, for killing a young pregnant ewe and injuring most of the rest of the flock of 24 animals.

The scene that greeted us that day was devastating and heart-breaking after five years of hard work and dedicated effort.

Since the owner of the suspected dogs denies they were involved, there is every chance that further attacks will follow, either to us or to others. Sadly very few dog-owners understand that their cuddly pets are all capable of following their natural instincts and doing the same thing – and that when they've done it once they'll make every effort to do it again and again.

I am deliberately publishing a rather small image of the ewe killed in this attack. I suggest you do not click to see the enlargement if you are squeamish by nature.

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The story and photographs above, by Isabelle Innocenti, appeared in La Voix Le Bocage on 21-12-2007.

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Christopher Long

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