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Long Family – 1950s

An attempt to identify who's who among a vast quantity of C19th and C20th photographs (the majority of which have yet to be located and processed) while there are still people who remember what's what...

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The Long Family
A Gathering At Hay Tor, England, c. 1951

Back row, left to right: Rosamond Long (née Fisher) holding Sarah Long; Elisabeth Joyce Long holding Penny Macnutt; Mary Macnutt (née Long); Rev'd John Sanderson Long; Eirene Long; Peggy Long (née ?); and Helen Croil Long (née Vlasto) holding Rosemary Helen Long;
Seated, centre: Ivy Marion Long (né Gilson) holding Frances Long; and Rev'd Guy Stevenson Long holding Adrienne Long;
Seated, front: Andrew Macnutt; Daphne Long; Carol Macnutt; Dr Aidan George Gabriel Long holding Christopher Aidan Long (the author).
Absent: Rev'd Cuthbert 'Guy' Desormeaux Long serving as a Royal Navy chaplain.

The author and his cousin Carol Macnutt at the Hay Tor gathering.

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