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Please note that JTN has been taken off-line pending its move to a new Web address at WWW.JTN.CO.UK later this year.

This project was developed in association with Axcess Media Ltd.

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JTN – A brief summary...

The Journalist Tracking Network is a new service particularly intended for the news & current affairs media. It enables broadcasters, news agencies and publications to find out exactly where journalists are in the world, enabling fast and efficient contact to be made in those circumstances when time is of the essence.

All too often newsrooms don't know where their correspondents are – or have trouble locating them. Furthermore, when a fast-moving story breaks, a contributor with specialist knowledge, skills, access or language ability may suddenly be needed. Merely being able to find 'someone' half-way the globe with recognised professional reporting skills can be difficult. The Internet and the World Wide Web are tailor-made for finding the right person in the right place at the right time!

What all this means is an easier and more efficient way for journalists and the news media alike, to conduct their business. The Journalist Tracking Network is just one step towards revolutionising the future of newsgathering.

JTN was conceived, designed and developed by professional journalists for professional journalists. In the past few months JTN has been joined by journalists from all around the world and by professional organisations which recognise its significance.

The service and its 'Search' functions (designed for use by subcribing news organisations) will soon be operational for trials and testing.

If you are a professional, accredited journalist, and you wish to join us, send your details now on the Registration Form. You can register until the end of March 1996 without charge, for a period of one year, after which time it will cost just 30 Pounds Sterling per year, which includes free updates on your location as you travel around.

You can inform us of your new locations by fax, post or e-mail, or by simply using our online Journalist Update Form (JUF). Remember that if you sign up with the JTN you should keep us continually updated as to your whereabouts so that we can keep the system up to date.

JTN has been suspended. It is likely to re-appear in due course in a different guise as soon as the software on news room computer terminals is more widely capable of supporting and accessing internet services. It has been a source of frustration to many of us that the news-rooms – supposedly at the hub of communications – have been among the last to provide such access to its news-gathering staff as a matter of course.

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