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X CHRISTOPHER LONG is a British journalist, editor and broadcaster. Born and educated in England, he began reading Law at the Inner Temple in London before training and working in marketing management in Britain and overseas. In 1978 he became a journalist.

From 1978-1983 he was a reporter for the London Newspaper Group and a London news and current affairs specialist. He was a feature writer and diarist (e.g. London Evening Standard), a columnist and leader writer for several publications (e.g. London Portrait Magazine) an editor of newspapers and books and an occasional radio broadcaster (e.g. LBC, BBC).

From 1987-1990 he was the founding editor of the award-winning World Magazine and of The Music Magazine, both later acquired by the BBC.

X From 1991-1999 he was one of the longest-serving war correspondents in the Balkans reporting for British and overseas press, radio and television.

He reported from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia / Kosovo to newspapers such as the London Evening Standard) and to news radio services such as Reuters, the BBC and BBC World Service. He was a contributor to B-Sky-B News and Channel 4/ITN News) and produced a war documentary for NHK TV (Japan).

In 1992-1993 he was an investigative reporter for The Observer (London) and in 1994-95 became a founder member of the Internet Developers' Association as one of the first web site developers, with a particular interest in 'news on demand'.

In 2001 he settled in France where he contributes to French newspapers and magazines and continues to edit web content. He is also an independent French/English interpreter for museums, associations, web sites, businesses and lawyers (see links below).

In 2008 he saved a WWll British Bailey Bridge, a relic of the Battle of Normandy, which is now a permanent memorial in Pont-Farcy in memory of our liberators in 1944.

In 2012 he preserved a WWll 'Whale', a 27-tonne component of the floating roadway of the Mulberry B artificial harbour built in 1944 at Arromanches, Normandy. In order to ensure its survival, he presented this to the Imperial War Museum at a ceremony at Duxford in 2016.

In their spare time he and his wife Sarah breed pedigree Dorset Down sheep on five hectares of grassland in Normandy.

From 1918 to 2021, he and his wife built (with their own hands) a modern 'mediaeval hall' in oak, clay and glass, as an extension to an existing C16th hall on one of their fields.

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Christopher Long

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