Family Group Sheet
Family Group Sheet
NameLeonidas John (Zannis) Chryssoveloni
Birth4 Mar 1831, Syros, Greece/Hellenes
Death22 Jul 1900, Piraeus, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
Note 1Knight of the Order of The Saviour.
Flags***, Argenti, Chryssoveloni, Giustiniani Fi, Giustiniani Pi, Mavrogordato, Maximo, Petrocochino, Rodocanachi, Vlasto
FatherZannis (Andreas) Chryssoveloni (1792-1870)
MotherFranga (Michael) Mavrogordato (1807-1875)
Marriage15 May 1869, Manchester, England
SpouseMaria (Zannis) Schilizzi
Birth27 Mar 1851, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
Death22 Jan 1928, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
Marr. WitnessMichael Philippe Paspati and M. Schilizzi associated with Paul Schilizzi.
Flags***, Argenti, Avierino, Cantacuzene, Caralli, Coressi, Giustiniani Fi, Giustiniani Pi, Mavrogordato, Maximo, Negroponte, Paspati, Petrocochino, Rodocanachi, Scanavi, Scaramanga, Schilizzi, Vlasto
FatherZannis (Leoni) Schilizzi (1797-1865)
MotherLoxandre (Philip) Paspati (1817-1875)
1 FAlexandra (Leonidas) Chryssoveloni
Birth23 Feb 1879, Manchester, England
MemoArgenti says 11 Feb 1879.
SpouseGeneral George (Vassilios) Papaconstantino (1865-?)
Marriage28 Sep 1906, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
2 MMiltiades (Leonidas) Chryssoveloni
Birth1 Nov 1877, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
DeathSep 1881
MemoArgenti says 3 Jan 1881, Manchester.
Burial1881, Orthodox Cemetery, Manchester, England
3 MJean (Leonidas) Chryssoveloni
Birth5 Feb 1870, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Death7 Jul 1925, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
4 FFanny (Leonidas) Chryssoveloni
Birth13 Aug 1875, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Death21 Nov 1931, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
SpouseTasso (Christophore) Helmy (1868-1928)
Marriage2 Jun 1901, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
5 MPhilip (Leonidas) Chryssoveloni
Birth14 Nov 1876, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Death11 Jul 1945, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
SpouseMelpomene (Demosthenes) Samiotaki (1886-1937)
Marriage15 Aug 1909, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
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