Family Group Sheet
Family Group Sheet
NameGeorge (Michael) Schilizzi
Birth24 Oct 1876, London, England
Death3 Sep 1925, Lynmouth, Devon, England
Baptism18 Nov 1876, Church of Our Saviour, London Wall, City of London, England
Residence1916-1925, Glen Lyn, Lynmouth, Devon, England
Residence58 Audley Street, Westminster, London, England
Note 1He owned a 1904 or 1905 Rolls-Royce (No. 24RB) whose driver was a Mr. French. He atended Le Mans once at Brooklands several times after it opened in 1907.
Note 2Harry Grinstead, was in service to Mrs Schilizzi and after her death became valet to Mr George Schilizzi and remained so until the death in 1925. His executors were Ambrose Parasqueva Sechiari and Alexander Nicholas Argenti.
Note 3He was a race horse owner (probably pre-1910) who travelled widely to racing fixtures in England and was a great benefactor to British servicemen and local charities.
Note 4Joined the army early in the Great War but was discharged on medical grounds after only a short time in service. He then devoted every available space at Glen Lyn for food production for the rest of the war.
Note 5Bought the beautiful Glen Lyn house and its world famous gorge from the estate of W. K. Riddell for about £9000. A frequent visitor was Ambrose ‘Tom’ Sechiari; others were Mrs Eugenidi, Mrs Scrini and members of the Lambrinudi and Ralli families.
Note 5At his funeral (or semding flowers) were Mr T. Lechiori, Mr A. Lechiori, Mrs Damala, Mrs Facheri, Miss Tamvaco, Mr Argenti, Mrs Argenti, Mrs Eugenidi, Mrs Scrini and Mrs Schilizzi.
God-parentsOriettou D. Argenti.
Flags***, Argenti, Avierino, Cantacuzene, Casanova, Coressi, Giustiniani Fi, Giustiniani Pi, Grimaldi, Mavrogordato, Maximo, Petrocochino, Ralli (Chaviara), Ralli (Pitsis), Rodocanachi, Scaramanga, Schilizzi, Sechiari, Vlasto
MotherVierou (Ambrose) Argenti (1842-1902)
No Children
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