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  1. Subject: Asquith
    Date: 31-12-99 17:36pm
    Received: 31-12-99 19:17pm
    From: John S. Moremen, JMore52451@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    Dear Christopher – I would be certain you are familiar with the book Raymond Asquith, Life and Letters which was published first in 1980 and then in 1998 by Clocktower Paperbacks. He was referred to by Churchill as being a very brave soldier in a description that went something like this: "the war which affected so many men, never got to the bottom of him and when the Grenadiers went into the crash and thunder of the Somme, he went to his fate, poised, matter of fact and debonair". In these letters which are so literate that one feels somewhat overwhelmed, he makes specific references to the Royal Welch Fusiliers as being short, slovenly, and not very satisfactory soldiers. I thought that Graves and Sassoon were quite proud of their men which was the first battalion of the Welch, I believe, and was surprised to see them criticized so sharply. You will enjoy the book, I think.

  2. Subject: Byzantine Heraldry
    Date: 28-12-99 15:15pm
    Received: 29-12-99 00:11am
    From: Nicolas Ciaravola, nicolas.ciaravola@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    I am looking for Byzantine emperors' blazons [armorials]. Can you help me? Best regards, Nicolas Ciaravola, Brest, France

  3. Subject: Rodocanachi
    Date: 25-12-99 19:56pm
    Received: 25-12-99 22:22pm
    From: Hélène de Rochefort, hderochefort@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    I found your site on the Rodocanachi family with great pleasure. You should contact the Parisian Rodocanachi family to complete your genealogy on them at [address provided]. Hope to hear from you. Hélène de Rochefort.

  4. Subject: Escape & Evasion WW2
    Date: 25-12-99 05:21am
    Received: 25-12-99 06:41am
    From: cmcgrath, ppch@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Mr Long, ... A fantastic read [Secret Papers] and I eagerly await Sherri Ottis' thesis. It is amazing what the human spirit can achieve when put to the test. Thank you. I have re-read your [up-dated] website. Keep it up – great job. Has there ever been a movie based on 'The Tartan Pimpernel'? Cris McGrath, Bungendore, Australia.

  5. Subject: WWI Battlefields
    Date: 25-12-99 18:42pm
    Received: 25-12-99 22:22pm
    From: (Requests anonimity)
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Dear Christopher, By pure chance I stumbled onto your Battle of The Somme web page while searching for some details on the Salonika front. As an aficionado of sorts of another WWl front-line – the Isonzo – I was deeply moved by your account. And I recognized the feeling, as I have done exactly the same thing, first in the search for, and ever since in memory of, my great-uncle. Maybe it's something to do with covering wars that makes one understand the futility and acquire a special sort of attachment to battlefields of wars past. Actually, I think we know each other from Bosnia... Just wanted to congratulate you on understanding and balance. Wish you a merry Christmas.

  6. Subject: Vlasto
    Date: 20-12-99 03:30am
    Received: 20-12-99 22:39pm
    From: MchiltonW@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Dear Mr. Long, I ran across your site quite by accident and read it. I wonder why you did not include the Istanbul Vlastos once prominent in the Greek community. You could probably get some information from Paul Myer of Athens, Greece. He is the grandson of Elpiniki Vlastou who died of typhoid in Sivas in 1904. She was the first Greek graduate of Constantinople College (the American College for Girls which later merged with Robert College) and became a teacher herself – most unusual for one of her background and wealth. She married Isiah Montesanto, a Greek diplomat, and they had three children: Emil, Dorothy, and Nike. Paul is the only child of the late Nike Montesanto Myer (who died in Athens in 1986) and the late Lee Hershey Myer of Pennsylvania. Paul Myer has an older cousin in Athens, Cassiani Tsonidou Kosena, who would also have information on her cousins and other relatives in this branch of the family. The last of this branch of the family I knew here in Istanbul, Gregory Vlasto and his sister Maria, died in Athens ten or more years ago. Their brother (Alec?), a captain, died at least 15 years ago.

  7. Subject: World War 1
    Date: 17-12-99 17:09pm
    Received: 17-12-99 21:38pm
    From: JMore52451@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    As a long time student of British military history, instigated by reading Goodbye To All That, I thought your recitations of the Battle of the Somme was excellent, poignant, and clearly factual. I visited the battlefield several years ago, without the proper maps, but my wife and I saw the huge memorial in the Somme area dedicated to the men who had never been found and on that gray, drizzly morning, I was quite moved by the tragedy and angry that something like that could happen in this century. I haven't explored all of your web site but the piece about Churchill was also very interesting and you are a very engaging writer. John S. Moremen, Louisville, KY, USA

  8. Subject: Pitsis
    Date: 06-12-99 02:12am
    Received: 06-12-99 11:06am
    From: Tyrone Pitsis, tyrone.pitsis@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    G'day Christopher, I read the genealogy of the Vlasto family with great interest, especially given my surname came up a few times. My father George Pitsis was born in Egypt (1921) but his family originates from Greece. His parents were Anastasio and Irini Pitsis. They had, I am told, over 20 children. Do you think I may be related to the Vlasto or Ralli clan? Tyrone S Pitsis, School of Management, University of Technology, Sydney.

  9. Subject: Chios Island
    Date: 01-12-99 06:48am
    Received: 02-12-99 08:38am
    From: Elaine Pagones, pagones@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Christopher: I very much enjoyed viewing your web site recently, and especially admired your excellent review of Chian history. I was born on the island, from parents of Chian descent, in 1959 and would like to obtain a video tape of your TV documentary on the Mediterranean and Chios. Please contact me to discuss potentially obtaining a copy. Warmest Regards, Anthony Pagones

    [This documentary has not yet been shot and is still in the research/planning stage – CAL]

  10. Subject: A Big Question: OSS Weapons
    Date: 26-11-99 02:53am
    Received: 26-11-99 03:50am
    From: Dale M. Sather R.N., brandr1@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,; webmaster@[nospam]; rebel9966@[nospam]; decose@[nospam]

    Gentlemen, My uncle who served in the OSS in WWII told me of a weapon given to resistance groups. It was a .45 ACP rifle with a short barrel and a silencer built onto it and used for sniping. In Ranger training we heard of it again but only in passing. Have you heard of it? Are there any photos or information on this rifle? It's driving me nuts trying to find out about it. Thank you, Dale M. Sather R.N.

    [Can anyone help him? – CAL]

  11. Subject: Chios Visit
    Date: 25-11-99 17:36pm
    Received: 26-11-99 03:50am
    From: Michail Kyriakidis, mkyr@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    Dear Sir, I was born in Chios, 35 years ago. I would like to express my sympathy to you for what had happened in Chios but please accept another point of view of the whole situation. I can give you – I think you don't need me [to] – many, many examples of similar or more violent behaviour of police authorities towards Greeks or other foreigners in many countries including UK. When an unfortunate or even criminal event that happened to ourselves in a foreign country is considered to be so vital that we – by ourselves – have the morale right to blame the citizens, the culture and the economy of the other country, [it] is at least egoistic and believe me doesn't help anything or anyone. And please don't tell me it's different, because the 'travel order' which you published, it is actually a blame to what? The mountains of Chios or the sea or the police? It's against the people of Chios and the economy of Chios island. My deep sympathy anyway P/S. Forgive me but I love Chios, people and justice world-wide. Michail Kyriakidis

    [Nowhere in the article referred to by Mr Kyriakidis is there criticism of anything or anyone other than the ill-disciplined local police force. In fact, by 1999, this site was promoting the history, culture and attractions of Chios to a greater degree than any other – around 10 Megabytes' worth! – CAL]

  12. Subject: London Underground
    Date: 09-01-97 15:07pm
    Received: 22-11-99 03:42am
    From: wannsee@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    I have just seen your site on closed [London Underground] stations and could not agree more with your views. Have you ever thought about trying to do something about it [creating a museum within one]? I am trying to preserve Queens Road Station, Battersea, but an underground station [museum], that would be fantastic! Kind regards, Martin Foley.

  13. Subject: Antonio Bournias, Chios
    Date: 17-11-99 16:01pm
    Received: 17-11-99 16:36pm
    From: Steve Bournias, stevebournias@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    Dear Sir: I am currently reading the account of the Massacre at Chios. Do you have access to any additional information about Antonio Bournias? Hope to hear from you and best wishes, Steve Bournias, Warren, Ohio.

  14. Subject: Re Zarifi Geneology
    Date: 16-11-99 22:20pm
    Received: 17-11-99 05:37am
    From: Virginia Zarifi, V_H_Zarifi@[nospam]

    With regards to the descendants of Georges Zarifi, who begat Leonidas, who begat Consantine, who begat Nora, Phrosso, and Leonidas... [She provides corrections and additions]... Je vous remercie mille fois pour tous le travail que vous avez fait! Virginie Helene Zarifi (160)

    [Prompted by the Zarifi family genealogy – CAL]

  15. Subject: Ian Garrow
    Date: 15-11-99 09:39am
    Received: 16-11-99 16:15pm
    From: Jean Gareau, jgareau@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    Mr Long - Would it be possible to get more information about Ian Garrow. I would like to know his genealogical data or anything about him. Thank you. Jean Gareau

    [Prompted by the feature Secret Papers – CAL]

  16. Subject: Zarifi Family Genealogy
    Date: 12-11-99 03:38am
    Received: 12-11-99 05:30am
    From: Costa Zarifi, czarifi@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    Mr Long: My name is Constantine Zarifi. My congratulations on a job that must have taken the better part of a lifetime to collate. I was lucky enough to be directed to your site by a fellow with whom I have recently traded a couple of entirely non-related emails; he saw my surname and forwarded your URL. Talk about a small world!
    I have a few additions and corrections that I'd like to bring to your attention. [He lists some genealogical information]. I hope you find these corrections helpful. I have also taken the liberty of forwarding the address of your site to several other members of my family (our family?) and I hope they will be able to help you with dates and other items of interest. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Yours Sincerely, Constantine Zarifi

    [Prompted by the Zarifi family genealogy – CAL]

  17. Subject: Vlasto
    Date: 05-11-99 08:42am
    Received: 05-11-99 17:08pm
    From: Jeff Sechiari, JSechiari@[nospam]
    To: '',

    Just a note to say how impressed I was with your web site. I note your comment about genealogy so will not hit you with a lot of questions... [a personal request for a private address]... Kind regards, Jeff Sechiari

  18. Subject: Escape & Evasion
    Date: 29-10-99 16:08pm
    Received: 29-10-99 20:23pm
    From: M LeBlanc, white@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    Hi Christopher, I've only been on the net for a week and surfed on to your page through pure good fortune. I found contacts I never thought I'd ever find. I've been an avid researcher and student of evasion lines [World War ll Escape & Evasion] for a number of years and for a long time have felt I was one of the few people in North America, aside from Sherri Ottis, who had a passion for this fascinating subject – outside of the circle of evading war vets and their families. I'd be in your debt if you would post my note on your page in hopes others sharing an interest in escape lines might contact me. Regards, Michael Moores LeBlanc.

  19. Subject: Re: Gilson
    Date: 28-10-99 17:04pm
    Received: 29-10-99 2:31am
    From: Don Sucha, dsucha@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    Christopher: Thank you for taking the time to write expressing your opinion on my website. I took a look at your Battle of The Somme site and found your analysis both interesting and insightful. Your analysis of WWI being the start of a loss of identity for Britain is very insightful given that the conflict, and the South African conflict before it, are looked upon by many in Canada as incidents which helped forge our national identity.
    As you have probably guessed, I am interested in cemeteries as historical resources: the names Vimy and Pachendale are common on monuments in the pioneer cemeteries in Calgary as memorials to those who never returned. The field of honour in our oldest cemetery contains the graves of men who died of wounds after their return home. Unfortunately vandalism is a problem in this cemetery and the cross of Sacrifice in our Field of Honour was severely damaged this year.
    I was also interested in your observation of people touring the actual battle sites. As a museum professional, I know that 'the real thing' has a power that cannot be felt through multi-media presentations and visiting a battlefield is even more powerful. I had the opportunity of visiting a battlefield in Western Canada (Frenchman's Butte, the site of a battle during the North West Rebellion) and found it an experience that I can not describe. Even though this battlefield has no explanatory panels or visitor centres, the sheer weight of the history upon one, when you walk upon the ground, is awe-inspiring. Thank you for pointing me to your site: I will add it to my set of links in the near future (if it is all right with you). Don Sucha

  20. Subject: Picture
    Date: 19-10-99 6:40am
    Received: 19-10-99 11:35am
    From: Paul Koecher, paul_koecher@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    Mr. Christopher Long, I am a Cadet in the United States Reserve Officer Training Corps, and was wondering if I could use your picture of the sinking of the Ostfriesland on the cover of a paper I'm writing. I would greatly appreciate your consent. Paul Koecher, C/3c, AFROTC Air Power Officer.

    [Prompted by the feature on General 'Billy' Mitchell – CAL]

  21. Subject: Feedback on your website
    Date: 09-10-99 2:00am
    Received: 11-10-99 12:44pm
    From: Jim, jsmart@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    Christopher, I happened upon your site whilst looking into the genealogy of Sir Winston Churchill, following up on a family rumour. I found your story of sorting him out a most enjoyable and enlightening read.
    From there I looked further and came across the image of 'the evolution of man' in your trivia selection. Having recovered from the mental outpouring it evoked, I am wondering if you would be able to direct me to the source of the image, I would wish to use it on my own pages, which are currently under a major review.
    I then moved on to other items within that area, and was similarly moved with emotion. When I reached 'The Memory Bank', I was disappointed to find pages purporting to contain more information about it were not linked.
    I have digressed from my research. However I felt compelled to drop you a note of thanks for making the information available for all. I must now move on. I enjoy your style and shall surely return for more reading. Thank you. Jim Smart. Brisbane, Australia.

    [The Memory Bank was conceived by the author as a project to form part of Britain's official millennium commemorations. This non-profit-making, voluntary project was however abandoned/rejected by the New Millennium Experience Company in 1998 – on the grounds, it appears, that it was not their own idea and was not designed to be commercial or profit-making – CAL]

  22. Subject: Mayor of Chios
    Date: 07-10-99 6:06am
    Received: 07-10-99 20:36pm
    From: dxioy2@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    To Mr Christopher A. Long Vlastos
    Dear Sir,
    A friend of mine, Mr Stefanos Hatzigeorgiou, informed me about you and your polite intentions for Chios island. Actually, it's so touching to meet persons like you, who nevertheless live all their life abroad, and they have so many feelings for their own country. All those pages that you have written in e-mail [sic] about Vlastos family and Chios in general, impressed me so much.
    Sincerely I'm very sorry for the unlucky event that happened to you during your last visit at Chios and I'd like personally to apologize to you. Waiting to welcome you in your next visit to Chios and especially in my office, I remain, Sincerely yours, Petros Pantelaras, Mayor of Chios

  23. Subject: Regards – Greek War of Independence
    Date: 25-09-99 9:36am
    Received: 25-09-99 13:59pm
    From: Antonis, akok@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    My research for the 'roots' of my grandfather John Kokkini (b. Bornova 1870 – d. Saloniki 1925) – a tenor and the founder of the 'National Greek Melodrama' of 1901 – led me to the Greek uprising of 1821 and in particular to the islands of Hydra-Spetsai and the period 1771-1815 that 'prepared' the ground. The Kokkini family... with their relatives and business associates (Bouboulina, Countouriotis, Tsamados, Vokos, Oekonomou, Giusti, etc.), were among the first 'prokriti' of Hydra to join the Filiki Etairia. They organised the uprising and carried out the first attack against an enemy ship in April 1821 in the Kos straits. Lazaros 'Musiou' di Anastase Kokkini-Anastase was consul of Russia in Hydra until 1808.
    One of Anastase's sisters was married to a James Lafontain, a French Huguenot, who arrived in Smirni-Bornova in 1797 with a British passport issued following a special decision of the British parliament. He was therefore an agent of the British. Descendants of the Lafontains went to the Whittalls-Charleton, Liverpool. He became head of the Levant Co. and later formed his own company. He was also Canning's agent and co-ordinator of the Eastern expansion, and connected to the Couturier family who forced the Kokkinis to revolt following an enormous (equivalent of 15 ships) claim (1808-1819) for compensation. This throws new light on the revolt and who was behind it. Lord Strangford's and consul's Werry's indignation for the Turkish atrocities are just hot air! Another of Anastase's sisters was married to a Giudici of Chios. The role of this family in the events during the massacre has yet to be scrutinised...
    [... He lists some of his other interests in Greek history...]
    My great-great-great grandfather was the engineer Michael Petrou Kokkinis who was sent to Missolonghi by [President] Mavrogordatos and died in exile. History says he was from Chios but I found that his father was from Hydra. His sons found refuge and grew up in Bornova where the Whittalls and the Lafontaines lived. The elder became Bornova's first Greek mayor: Deli 'Madman' Petros Kokkinos. Regards – Antonis Kokkinis, 56, a retired engineer.
    PS congratulations for your site.

    [This letter has been edited to make it more easily understood in English! – CAL]

  24. Subject: The Massacre of Chios
    Date: 20-09-99 16:11pm
    Received: 22-09-99 20:10pm
    From: S C, sthat@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    Christopher, I am very sorry of what happened to you in Chios and hope that this whole terrible incident hasn't changed the way you feel about our island. I would like to congratulate you on yet another great job in promoting our history. Did you have any news or an official apology from the city of Chios yet? I myself have... books on the island. If you need anything just let me know.
    ... a local publisher is publishing 'The History of Chios', by [Alexander M.] Vlasto. A copy will be sent... for your family's records.
    I hope to hear from you. Stefanos Petrococcino-Chatzigeorgou.

    [... and later...]

    ... I would suggest... if you agree... at some time in the future to include in your excellent work what was the situation in Chios before the Massacre, the Genoese era and how it was before the Genoese rule and how it was transformed first by the Zaccari and then by the Giustinniani into what it was before the Massacres, the take over by the Turks etc.
    I myself am a Petrocochino from my grandmother's side, who was a daughter of Marino Petrocochino Hamartolos. From my grandfather's side we are related to the Cryssoveloni family.
    There is a book in Greek by Dr Damalas that explains the economic history of the island from ancient times up to the point of the Massacres, giving a very clear view of the situation in Chios during these years. Have you thought of publishing your works so that more people can come in contact with their past? Stefanos Petrococcino-Chatzigeorgou.

    [... and later again...]

    I believe that times have changed a lot [on Chios] and at least amongst some of the people I know, ignorance is giving way to thirst for knowledge for the past history of our island but there is still a very long way to go because, after all, if one doesn't know his history then he cannot appreciate his future. To tell you the truth I owe you more than you can imagine. I am only 21 years old, and since I was so young I hadn't really been preoccupied with learning about my past, apart from stories I heard from my grandmother and some relatives. It was just after last Christmas that I read your page and made me aware of all of the great history of our island. Since then, not even a year yet, I have managed to pull together all the resources I could get my hands on and rebuild my grandfather's library on books on Chios that had been burgled several years ago. Most of my books are in English, to my father's disappointment who, despite the fact that he pays for them, doesn't get the chance to read them. Stefanos Petrococcino-Chatzigeorgiou.

  25. Subject: Ralli Genealogy
    Date: 15-09-99 21:14pm
    Received: 22-09-99 20:11pm
    From: Francesca Ralli, fraralli@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    I'm looking for information about my family. My name is Francesca Ralli and in Italy the family has two origins:
    1. Orte
    2. Roma
    My father's name is Ormisda (Persian name), my grandfather Wolfango, his father Ormisda again. All that I know is that my family participated to the 'Crociate' and no more. The name 'Giovanni' is meet very often in my family. (Do you know Giovanna Ralli, the actress?) I try to give you other information as soon as possible. Francesca Ralli.

    [Prompted by Ralli Family Genealogy – CAL]

  26. Subject: Recent Book on Former Yugoslavia
    Date: 31-08-99 13:59pm
    Received: 01-09-99 0:33am
    From: Mick Buckley, m_buckley@[nospam]
    To: '',

    Dear Christopher, I wonder if you can help me. I have been using the web to try to find a recently published book by a UK journalist about his experiences in the Yugoslavian conflict and the effect it had on him personally. Your web site was the nearest thing I could find. Do you happen to know the author or title of the book (it was recently reviewed in The Independent)? If you could provide either I'd be very grateful. Thanks – Mick

    [Presumably prompted by Stress In War Zones, The Observer 1993 – CAL]

  27. Subject: From Fr. Christodoulos – a Chiote
    Date: 20-08-99 19:24pm
    Received: 29-08-99 14:01pm
    From: Smyrna1922@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    Dear Mr. Long, I am an American of Chian descent. My father, Elias Michalakis, was born on Chios in 1935 (Kourounia). I visited the island in April-May of 1998 soon after being ordained to the Deaconate. I fell in love with the island and the people as you can understand. I have been the producer of a weekly T.V. program seen all over New York City for the last six years called Orthodox Christian Television. Recently I have been producing a series on the history of Chios from pre-history up to today. We are currently producing episodes covering the period of the Massacre, or should we say Holocaust, of 1822. As a colleague I am asking for some help regarding verification of an incident that took place during the Massacre of 1822. It has been said that people were massacred near the Castro of Chios-town when they refused to step on a Crucifix that had been placed on the ground by the Turks. These people were given the choice of converting to Mohammedism, stepping on the cross and living or stepping around the cross and losing their heads. I have been told that 30,000 people lost their heads that day. The consistent element of the legend is that not one person stepped on the cross. At the end of the day there was a big pile of heads but no converts. Have you ever heard of this incident?
    Mr. Long, I was shocked to read your account of what happened to you at the hands of the local police. As an American I am particularly outraged since we Greek-Americans like to think that Greece is at the forefront of Western Civilization. I still believe this. I wish you justice, swift justice, in this case.
    Mr. Long, I would like to point something out to you. Including this incident as you do on your website is not helpful to your cause which is, I believe, to bring the tragedy and glory of Chios to the attention of the world. This terrible atrocity that you experienced in Chios is not, you will admit, a typical one for tourists who visit the island. I know hundreds of people from America, non-Greeks included, who have visited Chios and never heard of anything like this happening. To include this on the world wide web for the entire world to see is magnifying an admittedly isolated, horrible incident. This I feel may do irreparable damage to Chios and the island's image in the world and its image in history may become tarnished and/or diminished. This all depends on how many people visit your site and/or link up with it. En Christo, Archdeacon Christodoulos, Monastery of the Holy Ascension, Woodstock, New York USA 12409

  28. Subject: Copyright Information
    Date: 06-08-99 21:16pm
    Received: 07-08-99 11:44am
    From: David Cole, davidcole98@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    I am writing a commemorative report on Billy Mitchell. I saw the picture of the Ostfriesland (yellow-tinted) on your web page and am interested in using it. I would gladly include the copyright on the report. If possible, I would be most appreciative for a reply by Saturday. My greatest graditudes. David M. Cole

  29. Subject: Chios [& Schilizzi]
    Date: 04-07-99 23:23pm
    Received: 07-07-99 14:45pm
    From: Richard Schilizzi, schilizzi@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    Dear Mr Long, I came across your Web page while searching for references to the name Schilizzi. You have put together a lot of fascinating material on the history of Chios and its families. My knowledge of the families on Chios comes from Argenti's book and from Bishop Timotheos' work on our family. I was somewhat alarmed to read your warning to visitors to Chios since my wife and I plan to spend two weeks there in September. Do you really advise against visiting there? One of the reasons for going is to see what's left of the Schilizzi presence on the island. Is there someone still on the island who is an authority on the old families whom I might contact ahead of time? Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. With best wishes, Richard Schilizzi
    P.S. I was born in London in 1945, grew up in Sydney, and have spent the last 20 odd years in the Netherlands working as a radio astronomer.
    Prof. Richard T. Schilizzi, Director, Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe

  30. Subject: Family History, Earl's Court, Troubadour
    Date: Thu, 01 Jul 1999 15:08:26 +0100
    Received: 04-07-99 21:56pm
    From: Hereward Wake, h_wake@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    Dear Mr Long, I have just stumbled upon your website, and think it is brilliant – especially in regard to your family history. Not everyone has such rich material as yourself, but those who do often fail to appreciate it or are unable to do it justice by writing it up as splendidly as you have. Your treatment at the hands of the police on Chios was unspeakable and I hope you have reconsidered your decision to donate valuable archive material to a people who have in any case shown themselves unworthy of the Elgin marbles! Having looked at your photograph I think it quite possible that we know each other by sight from the Troubadour. You are lucky to have [had! – CAL] such a luxurious base in Earl's Court Square. You may be interested in another Earl's Court web site – dredged up in the same batch as yours by the redoubtable AltaVista. You may or may not find it amusing (I do) or rabble-rousing(hmmm), but a squib like that certainly gives a new lease of life to the Response crowd – assuming they or their ilk are behind it.
    Looking forward to your next instalment(s), Regards, H. Wake

  31. Subject: Obituary to Paul Jenks
    Date: 01-07-99 18:33pm
    Received: 04-07-99 21:56pm
    From: JenksPJ@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    I found the 1992 Obituary you wrote in the Independent. For some years I've been trying to locate Paul Jenks, my cousin. If the Paul Jenks mentioned in your story was born in about 1952, had served in the British Army and had a mother named Malvine (Mal) and a father Bertie, was married to a German woman and had children, then I may have – too late – found him. Please let me know – Peter Jenks.

  32. Subject: Familles Chiotes
    Date: 15-06-99 22:28pm
    Received: 25-06-99 15:24pm
    From: Thierry Depaulis, depaulis@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    Chèr Monsieur Long, J'ai découvert avec beaucoup d'intérêt votre site personnel et en particulier les excellentes pages que vous consacrez à l'histoire de Chio et de ses familles. Félicitations! Une bonne surprise de l'Internet! [...a list of specific questions follows...] Meilleures salutations. Thierry Depaulis

  33. Subject: The Balkans
    Date: 17-05-99 12:24pm
    Received: 17-05-99 13:59pm
    From: Litha, Litha@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Hello, I'm writing in response to the map you have posted on the web of the Balkans... there is a blue area and then the rest of the map is of normal color. I'm presenting a speech on the war in former Yugoslavia and I'm trying to sort out the details which seem to be many. One problem I've been having is defining what the Balkans and what former Yugoslavia actually encompass on the map. Any info you might have on the borders would be very helpful and much appreciated. If you don't have the time I totally understand. It's finals week here (and probably there) so I'm burning out as much info as I can. Thanks – Ash, Army of Darkness

  34. Subject: Your Writing & Our Documentary
    Date: 13-05-99 20:48pm
    Received: 15-05-99 19:20pm
    From: Gail Ostrow, fullgail@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Dear Mr. Long: We are in the pre-production phase of a feature-length documentary that explores how people choose to respond to suffering and injustice and how that is reflected in their work and everyday life. A chance meeting with a man who was a prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials was the catalyst for this film about self-reflection and transformation, especially in light of today's increasing technological assaults upon individuals and community.
    We are in the process of identifying the other "voices" for this piece, namely people such as yourself whose direct experiences or writings, philosophy, life's work, art, music, etc. speak to the questions raised by the film. We have read some of your pieces on Yugoslavia and are interested in your opinions. We are hopeful that you will be interested in participating in this project with us. To that end, we request permission to arrange a brief pre-interview meeting, either on the phone, via email, or in person, at your earliest convenience.
    I have taken the liberty of including a copy of Henrietta's mission statement for your review (the 'I' there is my daughter, Beth Pielert). I look forward to hearing from you and request that you contact me by any of the means listed below. I thank you in advance for your co-operation and participation. Gail Ostrow, Bridgeport, CT.

  35. Subject: Millenium Dome
    Date: 10-05-99 12:52pm
    Received: 11-05-99 10:53am
    From: Katrina Wells, katrina.wells@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Dear Christopher – I am a researcher working with the Ford of Britain team at Imagination. We are currently working on the Journey Zone which will form one of the major exhibition areas in the Millennium Dome from 1st January 2000. Part of the exhibition comprises a walk-through the history of transport from 10,000 BC to the present day. We hope to feature key developments, from Quaffas to Egyptian Royal Barges, the Age of Sail to the Age of Steam, vehicles used in warfare and for empire building through to use in travel and tourism.
    We have to hand-over the Journey Zone to the New Millennium Experience Company in November and will therefore need to work with this deadline in mind. I have found your web-site and am hoping that you can direct me towards an organisation that is still making Coracles. We would possibly like one to be made for exhibition inside the Dome. Better still if you know of anyone that could possibly lend us one. If you can contact me a.s.a.p. I would appreciate it as time is of the essence as you can probably appreciate.
    Regards – Katrina Wells, Imagination, 25 Store Street, South Crescent, London WC1E 7BL.

  36. Subject: Ian Garrow
    Date: 03-05-99 01:47am
    Received: 06-05-99 09:57am
    From: Rod Kirkpatrick, Rod.Kirkpatrick@[nospam]
    To:'Christopher Long',

    Christopher – Richard Broad is my uncle. He wrote a book some years ago (published privately) which I will re-read to see if Garrow is mentioned. He scored himself a Légion d'Honneur and a Croix de Guerre or two and was apparently one of the first guys (English) into Hitler's bunker. He had a chunk of desk to prove the point. The book was actually quite a good read. If Hollywood made a movie no one would believe it.
    On another matter: do you know if WWII service records are public or not and if so are they accessible via the web. I wanted to look up my father's. He was in Kohima and doesn't speak of his time there at all. All I can find on Kohima are small references here and there which are quotes from the 40s saying that no one will remember Kohima in a few years time – which seems about right. Rod Kirkpatrick

  37. Subject: [Mitchell Commemorative Stamp]
    Date: 01-05-99 5:28am
    Received: 01-05-99 11:58am
    From: Steven M. Brainerd, stevenmbrainerd03@[nospam]
    To: '',

    Nice website on General Mitchell. Answered my questions. Are you aware that the Post Office is going issue a stamp late May or June for the General probably in Milwaukee? Regards, Steve Brainerd

  38. Subject: Ian Garrow
    Date: 30-04-99 8:10am
    Received: 01-05-99 11:58am
    From: Rod Kirkpatrick, Rod.Kirkpatrick@[nospam]
    To: 'Christopher Long',

    Christopher – I've read your web page with interest and am wondering if you have any info regarding one Richard Broad (SOE). His story is remarkably similar to Ian Garrow's. Did the two meet/work together? He rates a mention in Nancy Wake's book The White Mouse if you have a copy. Rod Kirkpatrick

  39. Subject: [Somme Casualties?]
    Date: 26-04-99 20:39pm
    Received: 26-04-99 23:38pm
    From: Katherine Slaughter, kate@[nospam]
    To: '',

    Hello there, I wonder if you could help me. I am looking for some figures of the number of casualties that occurred in The Battle of the Somme. I have looked on every web page I can find and can't find any.
    Thank you in advance for the time spent on this. Kate Slaughter

  40. Subject: World Magazine
    Date: 14-04-99 0:58am
    Received: 20-04-99 21:24pm
    From: KMulvaney@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    Hi Christopher, Just stumbled across your paean to World Magazine. As one of your early contributors, it was nice to find. I miss World, as a reader and as a contributor; thanks for the nice reminder. Hope all is well. Kieran Mulvaney.

  41. Subject: Billy Mitchell
    Date: 13-04-99 20:28pm
    Received: 14-04-99 0:22am
    From: JOJO5OH@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    Hello, I've been doing some research on Gen. Billy Mitchell for a friend of mine, and one point that we seem to be stuck on is what the General's middle name was. If you happen to know, and would be wailing to email me with it, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your consideration. Joe Rice

    Can anyone help?

  42. Subject: Chios
    Date: 05-04-99 3:05am
    Received: 06-04-99 1:06am
    From: Peter A. Agelasto III, agelasto@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    My brother located your Chios page and we found if very interesting. We would be interested to purchase a copy of Greek Fire if you know where it might be available. If you have a copy of the Libro d'Oro you will know much about our family. We have made the acquaintance of a number of persons over the years including Ralli, Constantinidi and Calvocoressi and other Agelasto families. My great grandmother was a Mavrogordato and her mother a Ralli. We know the Argenti family and some years ago visited back and forth with them. You obviously are very interested in the history of the Island.
    In 2000 we hope to visit Chios and must find a place to rent for a week, etc, etc. We are also thinking of staying on Corfu. Thank you for providing the bibliography and historical information. Peter A. Agelasto III

  43. Subject: Help
    Date: 02-04-99 0:05am
    Received: 04-04-99 20:10pm
    From: Mikalic, Joseph, JWMikalic@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    My great-grandfather and grandfather jumped ship in 1906 in Philadelphia. He always talked about his home town. It was a city on the sea. I have noticed from maps only Labin. He talked about town called and this maybe wrong but Lorain.
    Can you help and what side are we suppose to be on in this conflict going on? Thanks – Joe Mikalic

    [No idea what prompted this request but the 'conflict' is presumably Kosovo – CAL]

  44. Subject: International Adoption
    Date: 01-04-99 20:12pm
    Received: 04-04-99 20:10pm
    From: Kozelek, Maria, KozelekM@[nospam]
    To: '',

    My husband, son and myself are interested in adopting a Croatian refugee that has been orphaned. Do you have any contacts or information that may help?
    Thank you in advance. Maria Kozelek, Columbus, Ohio 43214.

    [This unappealingly nationalist request was presumably prompted by articles in the General Index – CAL]

  45. Subject: Hoping...
    Date: 25-03-99 16:21pm
    Received: 27-03-99 12:08pm
    From: Colton G. Perry, cgperry@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    Hi Christopher – I am hoping this e-mail still works. I came across an abstract of an article you wrote about former Yugoslavia. I am an American but was a foreign volunteer serving in the ranks of the Croatian Army from 1991-1992. I had contact with a British photo-journalist that I have been trying to get in contact with for years now. Maybe you can help?
    His name is David Craig and he spent time with my unit in the Mala Bosna area of Vinkovci in January of 1992. I wish I could remember his agency, but I can't. He was probably in his early 50's at the time and said he had also spent time in places like Afghanistan. If you could offer some help it would be most appreciated!
    Thanks! Colton Perry, Senior Administrator, Information & Technology Services, Hagler Bailly Incorporated

    [Unsure which of the articles in the General Index prompted this – CAL]

  46. Subject: The Massacre of Chios
    Date: 21-03-99 16:44pm
    Received: 22-03-99 11:28am
    From: S C, sthat@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    Mr. Long: My name is Stefanos Chatzigeorgiou. I am currently studying shipping at the University of Plymouth. I stumbled across your superb web page on the Massacres of Chios and was amazed by the wealth of information. I myself am a descendant of the Chrisovelonis Family and the information you provided about the interpretation of family arms was extremely helpful to the interpretation of my family arms.
    In the list of References to the Article there is a book by Helen Long called Greek Fire: The Massacre of Chios, which I can't trace in order for me to purchase it. If you could provide me with any more information on the publisher or an ISBN number I would be most grateful. Obliged, Chatzigeorgiou Stefanos

  47. Subject: Pamella Bordes's Story
    Date: 09-03-99 4:50am
    Received: 09-03-99 19:37pm
    From: jlcccxmf, jlcccxmf@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    Dear Mr. Christopher Long, Today I found your webpage. I am very interested for Pamella Bordes's story. Can you give me about her story by e-mail to me? I hope to get your help. Thank you.

  48. Subject: Data Protection
    Date: 08-03-99 20:47pm
    Received: 09-03-99 19:37pm
    From: Terry Francke, tfrancke@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    Dear Mr. Long, In California we are facing state legislation that would adopt the Data Protection Principles of the European Union. There seems to be no exemption for journalistic research or news gathering. Do you or anyone you know have information on how this scheme has, if at all, forced news organizations in the affected countries to modify their procedures? Is this the real problem for journalism that it appears to be? Terry Francke, General Counsel, California First Amendment Coalition

    [Presumably prompted by items in the Subject: Your Website as Cause of Insomnia
    Date: 26-02-99 11:57am
    Received: 27-02-99 21:15pm
    From: Richard Bond, RichardBond@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    I was just looking for some minor info on
    Sir Isaac Wolfson and spent the last (two hours?) on your site. Why haven't I heard of you before? Gee!

    [Presumably prompted by The Chios Diaspora – CAL]

  49. Subject: Journalism – Land Rover
    Date: 26-02-99 20:24pm
    Received: 27-02-99 21:15pm
    From: Christopher L. Goodwin, cgoodwin@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    Mr. Long, My name is Christopher Goodwin. I am a documentary cameraman and journalist living in London. I have recently started a conversion on my Land Rover Defender for use in remote locations. Modifications include:
    GSM Fax/Internet/email system linked to a laptop – Solar charging system for multiple batteries – Stove/sink/shower/refer – VHF radio – GPS system linked to a laptop for navigation – Compressor – Roof tent system – Water purifier
    The laptop I am using is a Panasonic CF 27. This unit has an optional GSM phone built in, is water and shock proof and seems to provide many of the features you are looking for.
    I have worked with Panasonic on several expeditions and they would be happy to put you in contact with the Director of Marketing who supplied my unit. There is another company you may be interested in known as Iridium, they have produced a GSM phone which links to low-orbiting SATs when no cell network is available. [He then lists contact numbers for suppliers] Good web site... CG

  50. Subject: General 'Billy' Mitchell
    Date: 25-02-99 5:04am
    Received: 18-08-99 23:49pm
    From: Ronello98@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,
    CC: Ronello98@[nospam]

    Dear Mr. Long, I am a member of the Maine Aviation Historical Society and am preparing an article on General Mitchell's activities in Maine, which were quite extensive. I am including a brief thumbnail sketch of his life and would like permission to make reference to your work. I will be glad to share any information I have on the General with you.
    An upcoming issue of Atlantic Flyer will have an article I wrote on Merle Fogg, a pioneer Maine aviator. I make a brief reference to General Mitchell in it. Sincerely, Charles Francis, Maine 04951.

  51. Subject: Informations
    Date: 05-02-99 22:51pm
    Received: 08-02-99 19:42pm
    From: Toumazis Toumazis, toumatom@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    Mr Long, My name is Toumazis Toumazis and I am from Cyprus. I would like to know if you know anything about the Toumazis family. You refer to it at the Vlasto Family Genealogy, No.92. Any informations are welcome. Yours sincerely, Toumazis Toumazis

  52. Subject: New on the Block
    Date: 09-01-99 7:55am
    Received: 09-01-99 9:36am
    From: Brad McLean, bradp@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    I came across your web site when looking for a second-hand laptop (Mac of course) in preparation for commencing (believe it or not) a course in Journalism next month. I have a health background and have managed to get into a journalism post-graduate course at the most media reputable university in Sydney.
    My initial intention was to specialise in medical journalism (which most people seem to think is a significantly growing market). The life that is portrayed through your web site is certainly an exciting and committed one.
    Reading the intro to your journalism handbook was inspiring and I thank you. Do you take kindly to offering advice via email? I am sure it's probably a bit of an ask but I certainly would appreciate the opportunity to run things by you occasionally when I start studying.
    Do you still use a Duo laptop? As the story was written four years ago I am interested to here whether you still use the same workhorse and whether it is still as effective. I am interested to know your suggestions regarding configuring a laptop for most benefit to a journalist.
    I am also interested in whether you still use Claris? It has been suggested to me that there are less RAM hungry word processing programmes around that may be useful for a memory limited laptop (which is about all I could afford). I guess the problem with less popular word processing programmes is less compatibility. What do you tend to use.
    Chapters 1 and 2 were not available on my server, which is disappointing. What do they pertain to? Is this handbook published and if so who is the publisher?
    Thanks... happy New Year from Sydney Australia. I hope you have a successful and productive year and keep your head down in the war zones! P.S. I bet you email me back demanding that I learn to spell! Brad McLean

  53. Subject: Memory Bank a Splendid Concept
    Date: 06-01-99 17:26pm
    Received: 06-01-99 18:21pm
    From: Reidar, reidar@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    I read further and wish to give you another compliment: the MemoryBank is a wonderful concept! Best regards, Reidar Holmsen

  54. Subject: [Constantinople Connections]
    Date: 06-01-99 16:40pm
    Received: 06-01-99 18:21pm
    From: Reidar, reidar@[nospam]
    To: Editor @ JTN,

    Hello, I took a look at the very interesting page – Vlasto Publications.
    One of my relatives signed the guestbook that is cited at the end of the page. It is probably General Johannes 'Ivan' Holmsen with his Russian born wife. Ivan was a cousin of my father and was a general in the Imperial Russian Army. During the Revolution he and the family took part on the White side. After the Revolution Ivan (and his son Nicolai) was organizing the help for Russian refugees in Paris.
    Could you tell me more about the book. Would there be an silhouette of General Holmsen and wife? (Another name in the list could be misspelled: Colonel Pomiankowski could probably be Colonel Poniatowski.)
    I am Norwegian, living in Stockholm, working with intranet/extranet solutions. My family took part in WWII and it was interesting to read about the bibliographic references.
    Complimenting you on the very nice and interesting web site I take the opportunity to wish you the very best for 1999.
    It is a bit late for Christmas Carols but if you have RealPlayer you can hear us sing in the Royal Church Storkyrkan in Stockholm. Best regards, Reidar Holmsen

  55. Subject: Secret Papers [& Caskie]
    Date: 02-01-99 0:18am
    Received: 02-01-99 0:41am
    From: Webmaster, ppch@[nospam]
    To: Christopher A Long,

    Christopher: I found the book [The Tartan Pimpernel] impossible to put down. I can't stop thinking about how Caskie kept describing himself as 'not as brave as...' Considering what he achieved and under what difficult circumstances, despite his faith, he certainly was brave. Also it is interesting that the 'enemy' didn't just remove him earlier.
    Thanks again for the informative website [Secret Papers]. I still have [not] gone through it all.
    By the way I better explain, my email might have mentioned 'webmaster'. I am the webmaster of the Australian Capital Territory Government it is not a big site only 15,500 approx. pages with an intranet of 7,560 pages. Cris McGrath, Australia.

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