Bird Population Study at Le Bosquet — 2008

An ornithological project in cooperation with Jean Collette and GONm.

In 2004 Jean Collette of the Groupe Ornithologique Normand (GONm) kindly agreed to select our tiny farm in the Norman Bocage as a site for a long-term study of its permanent, seasonal and migratory bird population. By carefully noting any changes in the immediate and adjacent environment, we hope that from regular censuses over a period of time we may learn more about our resident and visiting bird populations. (See also Small Farm Structures in the Bocage Virois.)

We are extremely grateful to Jean 'William' Collette for his constant help, advice and regular visits to compile the census information which appears below. When he began his monthly visits in 2004, we were sufficiently impressed by the numbers of birds he was able to identify. By 2006 we were astonished to find him recording, flora, fauna and fungi in extraordinary detail. "Merci, cher William! Quel travail, quelle diligence, quel bonheur!".


Censuses by Jean Collette. Compilation by Christopher Long


Sadly, owing to personal circumstances, Jean Collette was unable to make his monthly bird censuses during the period March 2007 to January 2008. He recommenced his visits in February 2008.

Visit 30 — 25-09-2008

Visit 25 — 15-04-2008

22. On 12-02-2008 the following species were recorded (8:45 - 10:15; Frost, sun, no wind):

23. On 17-03-2008 the following species were recorded (XXX):

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Anyone interested in birds and the preservation, conservation or protection of their natural environments in the Normandy region should consider joining the Groupe Ornithologique Normand (GONm): 181 Rue d'Auge, 14000 Caen, France. Tel: +33 2 31 43 52 56 Fax: +33 2 31 93 27 07. Email GONm.

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