Family Group Sheet
Family Group Sheet
NameConstantine Michalis 'Costi' (Michalis) Ralli, GG Grandson
Birth18 Feb 1821, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Death26 Oct 1889, Paris, France
ResidencePark Mount, Ullet Road, Sefton Park, Liverpool, England
ResidenceMerrion Place, Higher Broughton, Salford, England
ResidenceOffice: Ralli & Psicha, 14 Brunswick Buildings, Liverpool, England
OccupationMerchant with Ralli & Psycha (Liverpool).
Note 1(Pitsis) In his Will he enjoins his children to marry Greeks of the Orthodox faith, to help their mother Country, not to forget that our relatives perished unjustly at the hands of the Turks and that ‘I myself was sold as a slave’.
Note 2He also asks his children not to forget to contribute to the ‘Church of St George in Scio [Chios] where my father and mother are buried’. His Will was proved on 26 Apr 1890 in the UK.
Flags***, Giustiniani Pi, Mavrogordato, Maximo, Negroponte, Ralli (Pitsis), Ralli (Spechlis)
Marriage31 Oct 1851, Amsterdam, Holland
SpouseZanetta Catharina ‘Jeanette’ (George) Psycha
Birth29 May 1830, Amsterdam, Holland
Death3 Feb 1917, Liverpool, England
Note 1Her husband refers in his Will to his brother-in-law George Psycha...
Note 1See 9 photographs by Bedford Lamar (c. 1891) of the interior of their house: Iona, Liverpool (now part of the RCHM archive collection, London).
FatherGeorge Zannis (Zannis) Psycha (~1800-?)
MotherCatherine Pateraki (~1805-?)
Birth17 Jul 1853, Liverpool, England
MemoRalli family tree says 1852.
Deathabt 1947
Marriage1 Oct 1874, Liverpool, England
Married MemoOr 1 Aug 1874.
ChildrenNicholas (Zorzis) (1875-?)
 Arietta (Zorzis) (1876-1908)
 Constantine (Zorzis) (1878-1903)
 Arghyri (Zorzis) (1881-?)
 Alexander (Zorzis) (1884-1962)
2 FArghyri (Constantine) Ralli, GGG Granddaughter
Birth29 Apr 1854, Liverpool, England
Death24 Mar 1880, Calcutta, India
Burial1880, Greek Cemetery, Calcutta, India
SpouseAmbrose Pandia Theodore (Pandia) Ralli , GGG Grandson (1851-1899)
Marriage23 May 1879, Liverpool, England
ChildrenPandia 'Bunny' (Ambrose) (1880-1880)
Birth22 Jan 1858, Liverpool, England
Death4 Aug 1910, Vichy, France
MemoAnother source says he died 19 Jun 1911. Obituary in ‘The Liverpool Courier’, 27 Jun 1911.
Marriage22 Nov 1884, Paris, France
Married MemoOr married 24 Nov 1884.
ChildrenJoanna ‘Jeanne’ (George) (1887-1958)
Birth17 Oct 1860, Liverpool, England
MemoArgenti says 20 Oct 1860.
Death28 Nov 1910, Liverpool, England
SpouseAntonina (Antonios) Ralli , GGG Granddaughter (1866-1941)
Marriage21 Nov 1885, St Sophia, Moscow Road, Bayswater, London, England
Married MemoHis first marriage.
Divorcebef 1895
ChildrenTheodore (Constantine) (1889-1914)
Marriage28 Apr 1896, Liverpool, England
ChildrenPhilip (Constantine) (1899-1943)
Birth7 Nov 1866, Liverpool, England
MemoRalli family tree says 1865.
Death25 Dec 1913, London, England
Birth30 Jun 1871, Liverpool, England
Death19 Oct 1929, Le Coq, Belgium
Marriage5 Aug 1896, Alexandria, Egypt
Married MemoLes Grandes Familles de Grèce by Philip Sturdza says the marriage was , 22 Oct 1872.
SpouseZenovia (Dimitrios) Galati (1875-1945)
Marriage21 Dec 1911, Liverpool, England
ChildrenGeorge Theodore (Miké) (1912-1982)
 Victor (Miké) (1915-1944)
Birth25 May 1875, Liverpool, England
Death8 Jun 1931, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England
Burial11 Jun 1931, All Saints’ Church, Childwall, Lancs, England
SpouseMina (Theodore) Vlasto (1883-1946)
Marriage23 Jul 1910, Liverpool, England
ChildrenMarietta (Alexander) (1912-1988)
 Dorothea (Alexander) (1918-1998)
Birth1852, Liverpool, England
Death1852, Liverpool, England
Birth20 Aug 1856, Liverpool, England
Death1 Mar 1858, Liverpool, England
Birth16 Feb 1864, Liverpool, England
Death25 Dec 1864, Liverpool, England
MemoDOD as reported in the register of burials, The Greek Church of St Nicholas, Liverpool, England. Argenti says 05 Jan 1865.
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