Family Group Sheet
Family Group Sheet
NameAlexander (Alexander) Pallis JP
Birth15 Mar 1851, Piraeus, Greece/Hellenes
Death17 Mar 1935, 20 Aigburth Drive, Liverpool, England
MemoArgenti and his obituarist say 18 Mar 1935 Liverpool.
Burial20 Mar 1935, Anfield Cemetery, Liverpool, England
Residence1895-1935, Tatoi, 20 Aigburth Drive, Liverpool, England
Residence1888, Bombay, India
Residence1890, 18 Brompton Avenue, Liverpool, England
OccupationPartner in Ralli Brothers, head of the Liverpool branch.
OriginIoannina. British citizenship 4 Sep 1897 when in Liverpool.
Note 1Fellow director of Ralli Bros (Liverpool) with Eustratius ‘Strati’ Ralli and Peter Paspati. Prominent Greek man of letters. Translated English and Greek texts (e.g. Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice’ and ‘Henry lV’) into modern Demotic Greek.
Note 2His translation of the New Testament gospels into Demotic Greek provoked the ‘Gospel Riots’ in Athens in 1901. See his obituary in the ‘The Times’. His bust stands on the lake shore at Ioannina Greece.
Note 3His gross estate was £223,339/14s/1d all left to his wife and children. ‘A scholar of European fame’.
Note 4In a group photograph he appears seated, with hookah pipe, probably in Greece, beside an elegant unknown girl and behind them, perhaps, members of his mother’s Contsouri family, known to have been very poor.
FatherAlexander (Anastasis) Pallis (?-1852)
MotherPanaghiotissa Contsouri (?-?)
Marriage31 Dec 1881, Liverpool, England
Married MemoArgenti says 31 Dec 1880.
SpouseIoulia ‘Julia-Eliza’ (Pandia) Ralli, GGG Granddaughter
Birth6 Aug 1857, London, England
Death3 Mar 1940, 20 Aigburth Drive, Liverpool, England
Burial6 Mar 1940, Anfield Cemetery, Liverpool, England
Baptism15 Sep 1857, Church of Our Saviour, London Wall, City of London, England
Note 1(Pitsis) Julia appears in a photograph with Emma Aebischer on the water-front in Liverpool. Emma appears to have been a ‘companion’ to Julia’s husband and nanny to Andreas and Marco as well as assistant housekeeper and lady’s maid...
Note 2She apparently wrote to her daughter Marietta (paraphrased): 'Your father is being quite impossible, terrorising the whole household. Were it not that I want to die in my own home I would pack my bags and go' - and he was dead a year later.
God-parentsAikaterini Ralli.
Flags***, Argenti, Cantacuzene, Coressi, Cornelios, Giustiniani Fi, Giustiniani Pi, Grimaldi, Mavrogordato, Maximo, Petrocochino, Ralli (Chaviara), Ralli (Pitsis), Ralli (Spechlis), Rodocanachi, Vlasto
FatherPandia (Theodore) Ralli (1809-1860)
1 FMarietta (Alexander) Pallis, GGGG Granddaughter
Birth26 Oct 1882, Bombay, India
Death30 Aug 1963, Norwich, Norfolk, England
MemoSt Helen’s Nursing Home, Bishopsgate, Norwich.
Burial5 Sep 1963, Long Gores, Hickling, Norfolk, England
2 MAlexander Anastasius 'Alec' (Alexander) Pallis, GGGG Grandson
Birth20 Oct 1883, Bombay, India
Death26 Jun 1975, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
BurialMonastery of Philanthropini, Ioannina
3 FAziza Katherine (Alexander) Pallis, GGGG Granddaughter
Birth5 Oct 1884, Liverpool, England
Death25 Jan 1986, Cambridge, Cambs, England
MemoAnother source says 1985.
SpousePeter Theodore (Theodore) Vlasto , GGGG Grandson (1879-1941)
Marriage23 Oct 1909, Liverpool, England
ChildrenAlexis (Peter) (1910-1910)
 Dominie (Peter) (1911-2007)
 Alexis Peter (Peter) (1915-2000)
 Adrien (Peter) (1924-2020)
4 MAndreas Pandia (Alexander) Pallis, GGGG Grandson
Birth1 Dec 1888, Bombay, India
Death7 Jun 1977, Oxford, Oxon, England
5 MMarco (Alexander) Pallis, GGGG Grandson
Birth18 Jun 1895, Liverpool, England
MemoA Vlasto source 1894.
Death5 Jun 1989, Compton, Surrey, England
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