Family Group Sheet
Family Group Sheet
NameChristopher Aidan (Aidan) Long °, Source
Birth18 Sep 1948, Sevenoaks, Kent, England
Baptism23 Oct 1948, Westerham, Kent, England
MemoBaptised by his grandfather The Rev. Guy S. Long (grandfather). Also baptised into the Greek Orthodox church in an impromptu ceremony in the gardens of 441 Avenue du Prado, Marseille, by his cousin Cyril Argenti (the Archimandrite ‘Cyrille’ of Marseille) in 1954.
Residence2001, Le Bosquet, Pont-Farcy, Normandy, France
Residence1980, 14 Earls Court Square, Kensington, London, England
Residence1977, 6 Napier Place, Kensington, London, England
Note 1Compiler of this genealogy and interested in his forebears because:
Note 2One quarter were Byzantine Phanariot Greeks fleeing nationalist and cultural persecution and genocide on the island of Chios in the early C19th and who settled in Britain, France, Austro-Hungary, Romania, etc...
Note 3One quarter were Norman Huguenots from around Rouen, fleeing persecution by French Roman Catholics in the C17th and who found refuge in London...
Note 4One quarter were Scots (many of C11-12th Norman origin).
Note 5One quarter English (predominently of Saxon and Low Countries origins) who settled in Britain from the C5th onwards and were willing to offer a refuge from persecution and danger to others in the centuries thereafter.
God-parentsGeorges Michel Zarifi, Michael Croil Vlasto and Mary Macnutt (née Long).
OccupationJournalist, Editor, Broadcaster, Foreign Correspondent. Sheep farmer and struggling writer in retirement.
EducationLaverock School, Limpsfield (1953-57), The Hill School, Westerham (1957-62). St Edmund’s School, Canterbury (1962-67). The Hon. Soc. Inner Temple (1967-72).
Flags***, Argenti, Boscovic, Cantacuzene, Caralli, Coressi, Croil, Denn, Desormeaux, Dickson, Dwerniki, Gilson, Giustiniani Fi, Giustiniani Pi, Kaplanoglou, Le Noble, Long, Mavrogordato, Maximo, Mitchell, Petrocochino, Poole, Rodocanachi, Sanderson, Scanavi, Shives/Chivas, Vlasto, Zarifi
FatherDr Aidan George Gabriel (Guy) Long ° (1915-2003)
MotherHelen Croil (Michel) Vlasto ° (1920-2001)
Other spousesPatricia June 'Tricia' (John) Reinsma °
Marriage14 Jun 2003, Pont-Farcy, Normandy, France
Married MemoAt the Mairie followed by a blessing by The Venerable Archdeacon John Long at Le Bosquet on that same day.
SpouseSarah Ruth (John) Furze °
Birth14 Oct 1960, Bishop Auckland, Co. Durham, England
Residence2001, Le Bosquet, Pont-Farcy, Normandy, France
OccupationProfessional English language teacher.
EducationSherborne School for Girls (1974-78); St Hilda’s, Oxford (1979-83).
Note 11st married to Philip Jaquiery. Assistant compiler of this genealogy!
Marr. WitnessSylvia Gallia (née Walker), Chantal Taylor, Daniel Manchon, Dominic Vlasto.
God-parentsElizabeth Furze, Peter Fenwick and Verity Brown.
FatherJohn Marshall Furze (1930-1992)
Other spousesPhilip Jaquiery °
No Children
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