Family Group Sheet
Family Group Sheet
NameNicolas (Pandely) Petrocochino, 7C5R
Birth16 Mar 1808, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Death2 Feb 1885, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Note 1(Katsaros) Presumably the N. P. Petrocochino was was a Demogeront of Chios in 1848, 1860, 1866, 1880. Circumstantial evidence suggests he had an additional daughter Hypatia who herself had daughter born on Chios in 1868.
Note 2A report in the American ‘Abstract of Principal Occurrences’ for 1924, says a Constantine and Pandias Ralli (brothers) with a Nicholas Petrocochino and an Alexander Paspati had escaped to Malta from where these boys travelled to the USA.
Note 3Is this the Nicholas Petrocochino who escaped the massacres on Chios and later left Malta for an education in the USA?
Flags***, Avierino, Calvocoressi, Paspati, Petrocochino, Schilizzi, Sevastopoulos
Marriage1857, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
SpouseHariclea (Leonidas) Macheriadi
Birth1836, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Death17 Jul 1921, Smyrna, Turkey/Asia Minor
FatherLeonidas Macheriadi (?-?)
Mother---- Thalassinos (?-?)
Birth8 Mar 1859, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Death1 Jan 1924, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
SpouseZannis (Augustis) Galati , 6C3R (1844-1925)
Marriage18 Nov 1883, Smyrna, Turkey/Asia Minor
ChildrenEugenia (Zannis) (1884-?)
 Maria (Zannis) (1890-?)
 Augustus (Zannis) (1891-?)
 Nicolas (Zannis) (1893-1925)
 Dimitrios (Zannis) (1895-?)
 Lucy (Zannis) (1899-?)
Birth23 Oct 1860, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
SpouseAntonios (Vasilios) Patouna (1856-1881)
Marriage9 Nov 1878, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
SpouseSocrates (Antonios) Carava (1839-1907)
Marriage23 Apr 1883, Smyrna, Turkey/Asia Minor
Birth2 Feb 1862, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Death1866, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Birth3 May 1864, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Death1868, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Birth3 Feb 1868, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Marriage28 Mar 1892, Smyrna, Turkey/Asia Minor
ChildrenAngela (Christoforos) (1894-?)
Birth4 May 1870, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Marriage31 Oct 1894, Smyrna, Turkey/Asia Minor
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