Family Group Sheet
Family Group Sheet
NameMichel (Pandia) Agelasto
Birth17 Jul 1793, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
MemoAccording to Michael Agelasto. Argenti says 1792.
Death7 Dec 1853, Marseille, France
Burial1853, Saint Pierre Cemetery, Marseille, France
MemoAccording to Michael Agelasto.
Residence1824, 87 Montgrand, Marseille, France
MemoAccording to Michael Agelasto.
Residence1826-31, 8 Rue Canogne, Marseille, France
MemoAccording to Michael Agelasto.
Residence1849-53, Allée de Meilhan, Marseille, France (known as 45 Allées des Capucines)
MemoAccording to Michael Agelasto.
OccupationMerchant, insurance broker, accountant.
OriginChios. French naturalisation 15 May 1834.
Note 1His business was at 47/49A Allées des Capucines, Marseille, in 1850-52. After his death the company was known as Agelasto, Michel & Fils (from 1855) run by his sons and grandson Theodore.
Note 2He arrived in Marseilles in 1819 working in business as Petrocochino & Agelasto. Took French nationality following the catastrphe on Chios but only permitted to do so on a second application in which he renounced allegiance to Greece.
FatherPandia (Michael) Agelasto (?-?)
Mother---- [Agelasto] (?-?)
SpouseArghyro (Dimitrios) Petrocochino, 6C6R
Birth1801, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Death2 Jul 1849, Marseille, France
Burial1849, Saint Pierre Cemetery, Marseille, France
Note 1(Katsaros)
Flags***, Petrocochino
MotherMaria Paspati (?-1863)
1 FFranga (Michel) Agelasto ?, 7C5R
Birth1800, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
MemoHer tomb stone appears to say she was born Chios 1800.
SpouseMichel Katinakis (?-?)
ChildrenMiltiades (Michel) (?-?)
 Dimitrius (Michel) (~1829-)
2 MPandia (Michel) Agelasto, 7C5R
Birth7 Feb 1824, Marseille, France
Death16 Sep 1871, Marseille, France
Burial1871, Saint Pierre Cemetery, Marseille, France
SpouseIphigenia (Theodore) Rodocanachi , 5C3R (1834-1895)
Marriage1854, Odessa, Ukraine
ChildrenMichel (Pandia) (1855-1890)
 Theodore Pandia (Pandia) (1856-1934)
 Matthée (Pandia) (?-1857)
 Dimitrios (Pandia) (1864-1865)
 Arghyro (Pandia) (1865-?)
3 MDimitrios (Michel) Agelasto, 7C5R
Birth25 Nov 1826, Marseille, France
MemoArgenti says 27 Nov 1826.
Death20 May 1885, Marseille, France
Burial1885, Saint Pierre Cemetery, Marseille, France
4 MDemosthenes (Michel) Agelasto, 7C5R
Birth5 Mar 1831, Marseille, France
Death3 Dec 1912, Paris, France
BurialSaint Pierre Cemetery, Marseille, France
SpouseArghyro ‘Augustine’ (Georges) Sechiari , 4C6R (1837-1916)
Marriage8 Jan 1859, Marseille, France
ChildrenMichel (Demosthenes) (1860-1915)
 Marie (Demsothenes) (1862-1919)
 Arghyro (Demosthenes) (1867-1955)
 Georges (Demosthenes) (1876-1880)
5 FArgentou (Michel) Agelasto ?, 7C5R
SpouseEustache (Demosthenes) Eugenidi (?-?)
6 FDespina Theano (Michel) Agelasto, 7C5R
Birth6 Dec 1835, Marseille, France
MemoArgenti says 8 Dec 1835.
Death8 Jul 1932, Paris, France
SpouseStephen Petros ‘Etienne’ (Petros) Schilizzi , 6C1R (1830-1886)
Marriage24 Aug 1854, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
ChildrenPeter (Stephen) (1855-1897)
 Michael (Stephen) (1856-1934)
 Marigo ‘Maria’ (Stephen) (1857-1858)
 Argyri (Stephen) (1857-1883)
 Marigo (Stephen) (1860-1940)
 Emmanuel (Stephen) (1865-1930)
 Aryieta ‘Henriette’ (Stephen) (1867-1893)
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