Family Group Sheet
Family Group Sheet
NameGeneral Dimitrios (Panayotis) Mourouzis, 7C6R
Birth23 Jan 1847, Jassy/Iasi, Romania
Death23 Jan 1916, Romania
OccupationRomanian general. Governor and deputy for Dorohoi (known as the ‘Kneaz’).
Note 1Prefect of Police in Bucharest. In a family group photograph at the Acropolis in 1860 (the funeral of Rallou Mourouzis née Mavrocordato) he is the boy sitting extreme left.
Flags***, Callimachi, Calvocoressi, Ghika, Giustiniani Pi, Mavrogordato, Maximo, Mourouzis
MotherAglaia Plagino (?-?)
Marriage14 Apr 1873, Bucharest, Romania
SpouseSmaragda (Grigore) Cantacuzene
Birth1848, Vienna, Austria
Death14 Mar 1925
Note 1Or Smaranda.
FatherGrigore (Iordache) Cantacuzene Nababul Branch (1800-1849)
MotherLuxita Kretulescu (?-?)
Birth14 Apr 1875, Bucharest, Romania
Death28 Jan 1938
SpouseScarlatos Rosetti (?-?)
Marriage30 Sep 1901
Birth10 May 1876
DeathNov 1939, Bucharest, Romania
SpouseAdine Stirbey (?-?)
Marriage25 Apr 1899, Bucharest, Romania
ChildrenAlexander (George) (1900-1957)
 Maria (George) (1902-?)
SpouseEleni Barcanescu (?-1976)
Birth14 May 1877
Death1 Nov 1918
SpouseMaria Mavrocordato (?-?)
Marriage29 Dec 1904, Jassy/Iasi, Romania
Birth18 Oct 1882, Bucharest, Romania
DeathApr 1960, Jassy/Iasi, Romania
SpouseIoannis Duca (?-?)
Marriage12 Jan 1905, Bucharest, Romania
SpouseMichael Bratianu (?-?)
SpouseLascar Rosetti (?-?)
Birth17 Dec 1892
DeathFeb 1962, Romania
SpouseLupu Balais (?-?)
Birth14 May 1877
Death1 Nov 1918
MemoStudza says 1917.
SpouseMaria (Alexander) Mavrocordato , 8C5R (1885-1976)
Marriage29 Dec 1904, Miroslava, Jassy/Iasi, Romania
Married MemoSturdza says 1901.
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