Family Group Sheet
Family Group Sheet
NameLucas Alexander ‘Luke’ (Alexander) Ionides, 9C3R
Birth22 Mar 1837, London, England
MemoVassiadis says 10 or 22 March.
Death18 Mar 1924, London, England
Burial21 Mar 1924, Chelsea Old Church, Cheyne Walk, London, England
Baptism9 Apr 1837, Chapel of Our Saviour, Finsbury Circus, City of London, England
Residence1875-1895, 17 Upper Philimore Gardens (North), Kensington, London, England
MemoLater lived in Dartford, Shepparton and Glebe Place, Chelsea.
OccupationMerchant. Stockbroker.
Note 1Painted three times by G. F. Watts, by Legros, by Richmond, twice by Arnold and by Whistler in Paris in 1859 (sold in 1968 to M. E. Carruthers). Lost his money in 1895 and died leaving £533.00. “Luke was a great friend of Whistler and Burne-Jones.”
Note 2Catsiyannis suggests that losing his fortune led to the marital separation after which Luke lived in a small house in Chelsea while his wife lived with their son Basil.
Note 3A variant of the Dorthea Butterworth (née Ionides) family tree says he dictated his memories in 1923. His portrait painted by Sir William Blake Richmond R.A. may have been lost...
God-parentsConstantine Ionides.
Flags***, Avierino, Calvocoressi, Ionides, Petrocochino, Scanavi, Sevastopoulos
MotherEuterpe (Lucas) Sgouta (1816-1892)
Marriage29 Aug 1869, London, England
SpouseElfrida Elizabeth (George) Bird
Birth8 Oct 1848, London, England
Death19 May 1929, London, England
MemoA variant of the Dorthea Butterworth (née Ionides) family tree says 1928.
Note 1Her portrait was painted by Sir William Blake Richmond R.A. (1879, exhib. Grosvenor Gallery 1882) in a red dress, seated on a couch, and also by L. Stillman and an unknown artist.
Note 2“Abandoned the family.”
FatherDr George Hardacre Bird (?-?)
MotherHadyn Mary Anne Atherstone (?-?)
Birth8 Apr 1870, London, England
Death2 Feb 1945, London, England
MemoHe died after one day’s illness.
Burial6 Feb 1945, Golders Green Crematorium, London, England
Marriage31 May 1897, St. Augustine's Church, Highbury, London, England
Married MemoSee The Times 2 Jun 1897.
ChildrenElfrida Mary (Alexander) (1898-1988)
Birth27 Nov 1871, London, England
Death26 Dec 1945, Newton Abbot, Devon, England
Marriage8 Oct 1895, Dartford, Kent, England
ChildrenMary Euphrosyne H. ‘Tod’ (Benjamin) (1896-1908)
SpouseHugh (Thomas) Woolner (1866-1925)
Marriage13 Aug 1912, London, England
ChildrenAlexander Hugh ‘Sandy’ (Hugh) (1914-)
Birth30 Oct 1873, London, England
MemoVassiadis says 24 Oct 1873
Death20 Aug 1960, Bosham, Sussex, England
Marriage17 Dec 1898, Wilmington, Kent, England
Married MemoSee The Times 20 Dec 1898.
Birth19 Apr 1875, London, England
Death16 Sep 1972, Surrey, England
Marriage23 Apr 1900, Staines, Middx, England
No Children
Birth24 Oct 1876, London, England
Death15 Jan 1958, Parkstone, Dorset, England
SpouseNorah Mary (James) Addie (1880-1957)
Marriage4 Feb 1920, London, England
Married MemoSee The Times 5 Feb 1920. Philip D Ionides and Nora M Neilson registered their marriage Jan-Feb-Mar 1920, St Martin, London, Volume 1a, Page 1016.
No Children
Birth25 Jan 1878, London, England
Death7 Aug 1961, London, England
Marriage22 Jul 1896, Dartford, Kent, England
ChildrenDorothea (Alfred) (1897-1954)
Marriage26 Jan 1916, London, England
Birth20 Jun 1884, London, England
Death23 Sep 1950, Hove, Sussex, England
Burial26 Sep 1950
MemoCremation. Memorial service 28 Sep 1950, St. Margaret's Church, Buxted, Sussex, England.
Marriage23 May 1930, London, England
No Children
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