Family Group Sheet
Family Group Sheet
NameJohn CROIL or CROYLE of Forth, 6G Grandfather
Birthabt 1690
ResidenceForth, Scotland
Note 1The only evidence of his existence is from Cargill Parish records where four baptised children are described as offspring of ‘John Croyle of Forth’.
Note 2In the reign of Edward 1 of England: “... Bertram de Croil held the manor of Seaton, in Kent, from Edward I, on the condition of his providing a man to lead three greyhounds, when the king went into Gascony...”.
Note 3Who was the Elizabeth Croil who was the wife of William Echyngham of Etchingham, Sussex, towards the end of the C15th? (See Fitzallen family genealogy)
Note 4Is it mere coincidence that the scientist James Croll (2 January 1821 – 15 December 1890) was born on the farm of Little Whitefield, near Wolfhill, Perthshire, the Whitefield Farm belonging to the Croil family (i.e. do Croll and Croil share etymology)?
Flags***, Croil
1 MJames (John) Croil, 5G Grandfather
Birthabt 1717
SpouseMary Margaret HAGGARD , 5G Grandmother (?-1815)
Marriageabt 1745
ChildrenThomas (James) (1745-1825)
2 FJane (John) Croil, 6G Aunt
Birthabt 1719
Birthabt 1723
Birthabt 1733
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