Family Group Sheet
Family Group Sheet
NameRev’d William MEEK
Birthabt 1773
Death5 Feb 1837
OccupationDoctor of Divinity, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
Note 1Minister of Torphichen 31-08-1797 to 1821 and then of the First Charge, Hamilton. "Baptised every one of his ten children, died February 5th 1837 in the 64th year of his age and the 40th year of his ministry."
Note 2In 2008 Forbes Meek (no relation) said that a Meek married a George Miller, a West Indies merchant of Frankfield, Glasgow, who gave his name to a loch formerly known as Cam Loch, while Frankfield is also a place name in Jamaica.
Note 3Forbes Meek also says the family were Covenanters with a link to Graham of Claverhouse (Bloody Clavers), one of them being imprisoned after the Battle of Bothwell Bridge. A member of the family founded the Falkirk Banking Company.
Note 4Forbes Meek says that the family bought Fortissat in the 1660s from the Marquis of Hamilton’s family, it having been a former hunting lodge.
Note 5“The family appears to have aquired Fortissat from the Hamiltons in the 1660s having originated in West Lothian, attached to the Laird of Houston 1560s.
SpouseChristina (Thomas) Croil, GGGG Aunt
Death22 Feb 1865
Flags***, Croil
FatherThomas (James) Croil (1745-1825)
MotherJanet MILLER (1755-1817)
1 MWilliam (William) Meek, 1C4R
Birth21 Nov 1810
Death4 Apr 1829
2 FJanet (William) Meek, 1C4R
Birth12 May 1813
Death2 Sep 1891
SpouseRev’d W. M. Hetherington (1803-1865)
ChildrenThomas (W.) (?-?)
 William (W.) (?-?)
3 MThomas (William) Meek, 1C4R
Birth12 Sep 1814
Death28 Nov 1814
Birth2 Mar 1816
Death15 Nov 1893, Cadzow Bank, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland
SpouseAnn Richardson (James) Croil , 1C4R (1826-1896)
Marriage17 Jun 1846
ChildrenJohn (John) (1847-1881)
 William (John) (1849-?)
 James Donaldson (John) (1853-1906)
5 FChristina (William) Meek, 1C4R
Birth12 Sep 1817
Death5 Jul 1896, Dollar, Perthshire, Scotland
SpouseRev’d W. P. FALCONER (?-1886)
Marriage26 Jan 1841
ChildrenJohn Meek (W.) (1842-1843)
 Christina Croil (W.) (1844-1906)
 William Meek (W.) (1846-)
 John Meek (W.) (1848-1850)
 Alexander Croil (W.) (1850-1903)
 Elizabeth Jane (W.) (1852-?)
 Jessie Hetherington (W.) (1854-1864)
 Robert Hill (W.) (1856-?)
6 MJames (William) Meek, 1C4R
Birth27 Sep 1819
Death28 Sep 1819
7 FMargaret (William) Meek, 1C4R
Birth4 Mar 1821
Death12 Feb 1823
8 FMargaret (William) Meek, 1C4R
Birth1 Aug 1824
Spouse--- Ogilvie (?-?)
9 FJane (William) Meek, 1C4R
Birth9 Oct 1827
Death19 Nov 1909, Glasgow, Scotland
10 MWilliam (William) Meek, 1C4R
Birth31 Oct 1832
Death8 Jun 1861, Martinez, California, USA
MemoApparently died of a fit.
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