Family Group Sheet
Family Group Sheet
NameJohn (James) Croil, 1C4R
Birth19 Apr 1824, Glasgow, Scotland
MemoPresumably Glasgow.
Death26 Jun 1890, Sunnyside, Aultsville, Ontario, Canada
ResidenceSunnyside, Aultsville, Ontario, Canada
OccupationFarmer in Aultsville, Ontario, Canada.
EducationGrange Academy in Durham County, England.
Note 1Emigrated to Canada in 1843. The youngest of the four brothers who settled on or near Croils’ Island, he bought a farm west of Aultsville and called his home ‘Sunnyside’ (owned in 1933 by the Rev. Mr. Sinclair).
Note 2At Aultsville he “set out a fine orchard, and was a popular lecturer on agricultural and horticultural subjects”.
Flags***, Croil, Richardson
FatherJames (Thomas) Croil (1777-1826)
MotherJane (William) Richardson (1790-1882)
SpouseMargaret (Robert) Hunter
Birthabt 1821
Death26 Jul 1859
MemoDied aged 38.
FatherRobert Hunter (?-?)
BirthNov 1850
Death11 Nov 1850
BirthNov 1851
Death30 Apr 1860
Birth22 Jan 1853
Birth16 Oct 1854, Aultsville, Ontario, Canada
Birth6 May 1856
Death15 Dec 1919
Marriage12 Dec 1877, Irroquois, ?, USA
Married MemoCanon /White/
 Donald Ross (James) (1891-1918)
Birth1 Jul 1858
Death14 Jul 1858
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