Family Group Sheet
Family Group Sheet
NameDr John (David) Allan
Birth10 Oct 1815
Death2 Mar 1891, 23 Milner Square, Islington, London, England
MemoOr 02-08-1891.
Burial1891, Highgate Cemetery, London, England
Residence23 Milner Square, Islington, London, England
Note 1According to Margie Warren in 2011 John had siblings: Anne Thomas Allan, Louisa Allan and James Gordon Allan.
Note 2Anne Thomas Allan married James McKie in Antigua on 24 March 1838 and died ca. 1846 (her youngest child, b. 1844, was aged two when she died), buried Demarara, West Indies.
FatherDavid Allan (?-?)
MotherMary Anne Stilling (1779-1849)
Marriage29 Oct 1840
SpouseJane (James) Croil, 1C4R
Birth30 Jun 1816
Death5 Mar 1901, 10 Leigh Road, Highbury, London, England
MemoBuried in Highgate Cemetery.
BurialHighgate Cemetery, London, England
Note 1She is referred to as jane Donaldson Allen although Donaldson was in fact her step-father.
Flags***, Croil, Richardson
FatherJames (Thomas) Croil (1777-1826)
MotherJane (William) Richardson (1790-1882)
1 FJane Donaldson (John) Allan, 2C3R
Birth3 Sep 1841
Death14 Apr 1859
2 FMary Anne Stilling (John) Allan, 2C3R
Birth20 Jan 1843
MemoOr 29-01-1843.
Death14 Apr 1911
Memo"On Good Friday... leaving one son and two daughters"
SpouseRichard Foulkes (1834-1885)
Marriage18 Aug 1863
ChildrenAllan Lloyd (Richard) (1864-1901)
 Richard Arthur (Richard) (1865-?)
 Mary Jane (Richard) (1868-1874)
 Agnes (Richard) (1870-?)
 Herbert (Richard) (1871-1872)
 Beatrice Mabel (Richard) (1873-?)
3 MJohn Alan (John) Allan, 2C3R
Birth21 Feb 1844
Death26 Jul 1876
4 FAlice Jane (John) Allan, 2C3R
Birth22 Jan 1846
5 FAgnes Maud (John) Allen, 2C3R
Birth23 Aug 1847
Death5 Aug 1868
6 MJames Donaldson (John) Allan, 2C3R
Birth7 May 1850
MemoOr 01-05-1850.
Death11 Feb 1851
7 MGordon (John) Allen, 2C3R
Birth18 Apr 1852
MemoOr 18-11-1852.
Death18 Apr 1852
MemoOr 18-11-1852.
8 FLouisa Sarah (John) Allan, 2C3R
Birth1 Jan 1857
Death17 Apr 1903, London, England
BurialHighgate Cemetery, London, England
9 FIda (John) Allan, 2C3R
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