Land Rover Defender 110 County Station Wagon 200Tdi

LAND ROVER 110 DEFENDER 200Tdi County Station Wagon



SAL Manufacturer code: Land Rover
LD Model: Defender (for early models: Ninety, or One Ten)
H Wheel base: 110 inch
M Body type: 4-door station wagon (LWB)
F Engine type: 2.5 litre Tdi diesel, model 11L (200Tdi) or model 16L (300Tdi)
7 Steering and transmission: Right-hand drive (RHD), 5-speed manual (LT85, LT77, LT77S, R380 or other)
H Model year: 1991
A Assembly location: Solihull, UK
904198: Serial number

Pictures below show various stages in the re-build of a 22 year-old Land Rover Defender 110. This project was undertaken in November 2013 by Mark Kelly Land Rover Services of Tavistock, Devon, UK, which specialises in re-builds based on a new galvanised chassis and bulkhead.

Visit: Mark Kelly Land Rover Services +44 1822 611 353


Author's comments...
a list of moans...

X I've had remarkably few serious problems with my Land Rover 110 and I would not want to own or drive any other vehicle on a regular basis. I've been familiar with Land Rovers all my adult life and have owned this one since 1993. But while the engineering and mechanical qualities are second to none, Land Rover's persistant failure to address known problems was notorious, while the quality of some of its 'trim and finish' components was very poor. Here is a moan list:

1. Frequent problems with the power-steering box (Gemma): the lower seals fail and all fluid and power is lost. This unit was never robust enough for the work it was required to do (and was not designed for Land Rovers). The expensive, conventional solution is to replace the power-steering box. A laborious but equally effective solution (costing very little) is to replace the seals from below, leaving the unit in position. This will probably last as long as a new/renovated unit.

X 2. In temperatures below around -18 degrees (common in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Canada, etc.) door-locks can freeze solid and many rubber components solidify and fail. It is inexcusable that the locks fail: I'm fairly certain the original 'recessed' Land Rover mechanisms would not fail in these circumstances. The silly 'improved' push-button handles are rubbish – see below. The rubber items include the seals around the doors (which then cannot be properly closed); engine mountings and all the bushes. This is unforgivable in a vehicle supposedly designed for rugged all-weather conditions. However, these problems disappear in warmer temperatures and seem to cause no long-term damage.

X 3. A design flaw can make it impossible to fully close the driver's or passenger's windows when the wind is blowing in certain directions. The solution is to open the opposite window a small amount for a few seconds while you try again. I'm not joking...!

X 4. A frequent cause of problems is the rear A-frame ball joint (situated above the rear axle). This 'link ball' is particularly susceptible to wear if the vehicle is frequently used for towing. When worn it causes 'lurching' and 'knocking' in the suspension. It needs to be kept well-greased and replaced as soon as a problem is detected. It's advisable to check on its condition when buying a second-hand vehicle because it can indicate how much heavy-duty work the vehicle has experienced.

X 5. The heating system in many models (e.g. 1991/92) is infuriating and quite inadequate. Frequently the heater produces about twice as much hot air on the passenger's side (in right-hand drive models), making it impossible to achieve a satisfactory balance for both driver and passenger. One solution is partially to block the heater outlet, e.g. with chewing gum, on the passenger's side!

X 6. Land Rover began 'prettifying' its models in the late 1980s and early 1990s with lots of fancy plastic trim, plastic door-cards, saloon-car style interior panels and flimsy dashboard controls which were all designed to make Land Rovers look more like 'cars'. This demonstrated how little the manufacturers understood the needs and priorities of their client base. Poor design and poor quality control led to a terminal decline in Britain's car manufacturing industry in the 1970s and 1980s. So, it was astonishing to see Land Rover's best-engineered and best-selling military-quality vehicle being dragged down-market with trashy door-handles, locks that rusted and failed, flimsy plastic dashboard trim and exterior plastic trim that fractured easily in cold weather. The vehicles even boasted an indicator system whose audible warning sounds could not be heard above the sound of the engine.
X This accounted for the number of Land Rovers driving around with their indicator lights flashing unnecessarily. To make matters worse, the visual warning signal too could be difficult to spot in bright daylight.

7. One of the most irritating and thoughtless design flaws in the Defender range of Land Rovers is the positioning of the hydraulic clutch fluid reservoir in the engine compart-
Xment (attached to the bulkhead). Bearing in mind that the good condition of the clutch function is essential to the vehicle, it seems extraordinary that this reservoir (which needs to be checked every 1,000-5,000 miles) is surrounded by other components and pipes which make it almost impossible to unscrew the reservoir's cap. I've watched British army mechanics defeated by this problem.

X 8. Beware of inviting elegantly-dressed female passengers to sit in the front seats. Land Rover has thoughtfully provided a locking clasp to the two under-seat storage compartments that is guaranteed to catch and wreck expensive stockings or tights. Instead, encourage female passengers to stretch themselves out elegantly along the rear seats.

X 9. Another irritation is the protruding door-handles (introduced in the late 1980s). For decades Land Rover had sensibly produced vehicles with robust, recessed door-handles. Eventually the entire motor industry followed suit – recognising the advantages: improved aerodynamics and safety while reducing risk of knocks and damage.
X This of course was precisely the moment when Land Rover decided to introduce old-fashioned protruding door-handles with a flimsy mechanism.

10. Many 200 Tdi engines have a tendency to vibrate at precisely the frequency necessary to loosen the nut on at least one of the rubber fuel lines. When loose, diesel then pours down the right-hand side of the engine. You can expect this to happen only when you're wearing your smartest clothes and it's pouring with rain. If you own one of these extraordinary vehicles be sure to keep a 7/16 (inch) spanner available at all times. When this occurs, explain to your partner or passenger that it will be vital that you yourself stay in the cab gripping the steering wheel very firmly while he or she goes outside, raises the bonnet, finds a suitable box to stand on, reaches inside the engine compartment to locate the leak, tightens the offending nut(s) while holding a torch gripped between their teeth, etc...

11. Corrosion: One of the most infuriating aspects of the earlier Defender series was that the manufacturer allowed aluminium body panels to be in direct contact with steel-work (bolts, fittings, etc) which soon led to a chemical reaction between the metals that led in turn to corrosion. This was an inexcusable engineering design flaw. It even extended to the welding of aluminium components in the 'extended' 110 version. Despite years of evidence that this was a design fault, Land Rover continued to sell new vehicles which it knew would suffer exactly the sort of corrosion problems that the expensive aluminium bodywork was supposed to eliminate. Furthermore, in luxury versions of the Defender series, which were fitted with carpeting throughout, a non-aluminium strip was placed parallel with the front door sills and door seals, to keep the edge of the carpet in place. This strip quickly corroded and destroyed the door seals. Anyone restoring a Land Rover Defender should nowadays replace any steel components (bolts, brackets, welds, etc) with stainless steel or aluminium equivalents wherever possible.

X 12. A word of warning! Land Rovers are supremely well-designed for all-terrain, all-weather conditions (despite the remarks above). They keep going under almost any conditions. But because they take uneven ground and remarkably steep gradients in their stride, many drivers expect too much of them on bends and lateral slopes. Land Rovers are not as stable laterally as many drivers imagine and can roll easily. Although they are powerful, always remember that performance (and safety) are directly related to the extent and quality of the contact between the tyres and the road surface. This interface consists of an area of perhaps as little as 10cm x 10cm on each tyre. So, while tyres which are effective on sand may be far less effective on snow or a motorway surface, all tyres can be lethal on ice. Land Rovers can weigh up to two tonnes, have very powerful brakes and some carry up to a dozen passengers and all their kit on high-pressure tyres – all of which makes the vehicle hard to control on ice. Sadly I've seen too many of my colleagues injured or killed in roll-overs and skids – often because they believed Land Rovers were capable of almost anything under all circumstances.

Land Rover Defender and General History

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Land Rover Defender Service Schedule

Check. Top up. Engine Brake Fluid Reservoir 500
Check. Top up. Engine Clutch Fluid Reservoir 500
Check. Top up. Engine Cooling System 500
Top up. Engine Oil Level 500
Check. Top up. Engine Wiper Reservoir 500
Check. Electricals, Lights, etc 1000
Check. (fr. 28 lbs; re. 48 lbs). Wheels & Tyres 1000
Check/top up. (EP oil) Axle Front Oil 6000
Check/top up. (EP oil) Axle Rear Oil 6000
Check/refit for leaks/wear. Brake (front) Pads, Callipers & Disks 6000
Check/refit shoes & drums, clean out dust, check cylinders. Brake (rear) Drums & Shoes 6000
Check for leaks/wear. Brake, Fuel, Clutch Pipes 6000
Check. Top up. Engine Brake Fluid Reservoir 6000
Check. Top up. Engine Clutch Fluid Reservoir 6000
Check. Top up. Engine Cooling System 6000
Check for leaks, hoses, condition. Engine Crankcase Breathing System 6000
Check & adjust. Not camshaft drive belt. Engine Driving Belts 6000
Check & adjust. Engine Idle Speed 6000
Check & adjust. Engine Ignition Timing 6000
Check or replace. Engine Oil & Filter 6000
Check. Top up. Engine Power Steering Reservoir 6000
Check adjust lubricate linkage. Hand Brake 6000
Lubricate. Hinges & Doors 6000
Check. (Red automatic transmission oil). Main Gearbox Oil 6000
Check. Oil Swivel Pin Housing 6000
Check for leaks. Steering, Suspension & Hydraulics Piping 6000
Lubricate. Suspension Rear Upper Link Ball 6000
Check/top up. (EP oil). Transmission Transfer Box Oil 6000
Check all wheels & tyres. Wheels Remove 6000
Check clear. Axles Front & Rear Breathers 12000
Check condition. Brake Servo Hose 12000
Check for rust, etc. Chassis and all structure. 12000
Check none. Engine & Transmission Oil Leaks 12000
Lubricate. Engine Accelerator Linkages 12000
Clean or replace. Engine Air Cleaner Dump Valve 12000
Check for leaks, pipes, condition. Engine Air Injection/Pulsair System 12000
Check. Engine Air Intake Temp. Control 12000
Clean. Engine Breather Filter 12000
Drain and replace with coolant every winter. Engine Cooling System 12000
Replace. Engine Fuel Filter 12000
Check condition. Engine Heater Plug Wiring 12000
Clean. Engine Steam Cleaning 12000
Check & adjust. Engine Tappets 12000
Check. Engine Throttle Assembly 12000
Check & adjust. Engine Valve Clearances 12000
Check. Exhaust System 12000
Lubricate. General Lubrication Greasing 12000
Check. Headlamp Alignment 12000
Check for leaks. Heater & Cooling System 12000
Check all joints. Steering Unit 12000
Check. Suspension Fittings 12000
Check tightness of bolts. Transmission Propeller Shaft 12000
Clean. Transmission Steam Cleaning 12000
Check. Wheel Alignment 12000
Check or replace. Windscreen Wipers 12000
Drain & replace system. Engine Hydraulic Brake Fluid 18000
Check condition & no leakage. Engine Diesel Injectors 23000
Replace. (EP oil). Axle Front Oil 24000
Replace. (EP oil). Axle Rear Oil 24000
Check. Engine Turbo Pressure 24000
Replace. (Red automatic transmission fluid). Gearbox Oil 24000
Replace. Oil Swivel Pin Housing 24000
Lubricate. Transmission Prop. U/V. Joints 24000
Replace. (EP oil). Transmission Transfer Box Oil 24000
Replace. Brake Hosing & Seals 36000
Replace. Brake Servo Filter 36000
Replace flexible hoses, seals & check or replace wheel cylinders and calliper cylinders. Engine Hydraulic Brake System 36000
Remove & check. Suspension Dampers 36000
Clean. Electric Fuel Pump filter 48000
Clean. Engine Intercooler 48000
Replace. Engine Camshaft Drive Belt 60000
Date Item Miles Cost
1991-10-24 Rover spec. service – see Log. 1038 n/k
1992-01-15 Rover spec. service – see Log. 5173 n/k
1992-05-19 Rover 12000 service – see Log. 17548 £424.27
1993-01-00 New front brake pads – see Log. 34500 n/k
1993-01-00 Oil change – see Log. 34500 n/k
1993-01-00 New oil/fuel/air filter – see Log. 34500 n/k
1993-02-15 New clutch plate – see Log. 35800 n/k
1993-02-15 Gearbox oil change – see Log. 35800 n/k
1993-02-15 New pressure plate – see Log. 35800 n/k
1993-05-17 New camshaft belt – see Log. 44000 n/k
1993-05-17 Full service – see Log. 44000 n/k
1993-09-22 Oil change – see Log. 54400 n/k
1993-09-22 New oil/fuel/air filter – see Log. 54400 n/k
1993-09-22 Checked pads OK – see Log. 54400 n/k
1993-12-21 Split charge unit fitted. 59925 £0.00
1993-12-21 Rover spec. service – see Log. 59925 n/k
1993-12-21 BOUGHT BY C. A. LONG 59950 £11,950
1993-12-27 General service. Front right wing roughly pulled into shape. (Carnelutti, Udine, Italy) 63000 £150.00
1993-12-27 New camshaft/drive belts. (Carnelutti, Udine, Italy) 63000 £0.00
1994-01-08 Full 6000 service – see Log. 64000 £0.00
1994-01-11 Alarm system unreliable (fixed by Land Rover, Thessaloniki) 64000 ?
1994-02-07 Full 24000 service – see Log. 66632 £335.27
1994-03-12 New rear lens fitted. 70000 £10.98
1994-05-25 New rear wiper unit – see Log. 75000 ?
1994-05-25 Full 6000 mile service – see Log. 75000 235.56
1994-05-25 New rear brake shoes – see Log. 75000 ?
1994-10-18 Fixed fuel return pipe leak. 77000 £5.00
1994-12-20 New rear lens fitted. 79000 £7.76
1995-01-10 New spare tyre fitted. 80000 £30.00
1995-01-07 Replaced front n/s tyre with spare. 80000 £0.00
1995-03-30 New u.v. joint – not fitted. 81500 £18.00
1995-03-28 New rocker head gasket. 81500 £10.40
1995-03-27 Engine oil replaced. 81500 £45.80
1995-03-30 New air filter fitted. 81500 £34.00
1995-04-03 Steam clean engine & t/mission. 81700 £25.00
1995-04-04 Transmission re-greased. 81700 £60.00
1995-04-05 New front wipers. 81700 £10.00
1995-04-05 New turbo heat shield. 81700 £47.00
1995-04-18 New bonnet release cable. 82200 £10.00
1995-04-18 New A-frame ball/bushes. 82200 £144.50
1995-04-19 Refitted rear n/s lamp guard. 82250 £0.00
1995-04-21 Replaced front n/s side-light bulb. 82300 £0.00
1995-04-21 Removed bull bar (for safety). 82300 £0.00
1995-04-24 Topped up oil c. 2 litres. 82400 £0.00
1995-05-07 Replaced front n/s tyre with spare. 82800 .
1995-05-12 Fitted 3 new Avon radial tyres. 83000 £311.96
1995-05-12 Bought 6th (2nd spare) wheel. 83000 £30.00
1995-05-22 Bought set brake shoes & pads. 83400 £45.00
1995-05-25 Lubricated door hinges. 84600 -
1995-08-23 Replaced fuel filter. 91850 £14.36
1995-08-23 Fitted two new carpet studs. 91850 £0.73
1995-08-23 Replace fuel filter. 160600 -
1995-08-23 Replaced oil filter. 91850 £11.32
1995-08-23 Replaced air filter. 91850 £27.54
1995-08-26 Replaced front brake pads. 91950 -
1995-08-26 Checked rear brake shoes OK. 91950 -
1995-08-27 All tyre pressures checked & adjusted. 92020 -
1995-10-02 Greased all nipples. 93251 -
1995-10-02 Replaced fuel return pipe banjo bolt and washer. 93251 £6.80
1995-10-02 Replaced Gemma power steering box. 93251 £220.09
1995-10-06 Replaced all engine oil and water/anti-freeze. 93333 -
1995-10-06 Replaced head & exhaust gaskets & oil seals + stripped & de-coked valve assembly (Manolo Garage Clapham) 93333 £206.44
1995-10-16 MOT Test – unconditional pass. 93646 £27.38
1995-10-16 Adjusted O/S headlight. 93646 £0.90
1995-10-16 Replaced front bumper. 93646 £55.77
1995-10-25 Newest front O/S tyre puncture repaired (now spare). 94000 £15.00
1995-12-21 Replacement dashboard bulbs (4). 97060 £4.71
1996-02-21 Replaced broken windscreen washer jet + fitting. 98500 £25.30
1996-02-21 Replaced 2nd battery + fitting. 98500 £47.32
1996-02-29 Replaced rear N/S tail light bulb. 99272 £0.57
1996-02-29 Replaced anti-freeze. 99272 £18.80
1996-02-29 Replaced two engine pipe gaskets. 99272 £8.18
1996-02-29 Replaced light switches on driver–s door and bonnet. 99272 £0.00
1996-02-29 Replaced fuel filter. 99272 £0.00
1996-02-29 Replaced cam belt. 99272 £123.28
1996-02-29 12,000 mile service – see Log. 99272 £225.58
1996-02-29 Replaced air filter. 99272 £0.00
1996-02-29 Replaced oil filter. 99272 £0.00
1996-07-28 Replaced fuel filter. 106513 £9.00
1996-07-28 Replaced air filter. 106513 £11.00
1996-07-28 Replaced oil filter. 106513 £9.00
1996-10-07 Replaced n/s headlight and o/s rear brake bulbs. 108315 £10.94
1997-02-07 Repaired puncture – new tube. 113600 £16.50
1997-02-12 Four new gas shock absorbers. 113700 £265.55
1997-02-19 Replaced air filter. 113813 £19.92
1997-02-19 Replaced windscreen wiper blades. 113813 £8.01
1997-02-22 Checked all fluids. 113975 £0.00
1997-02-22 Replaced rear differential pinion seal. 113975 -
1997-02-22 Overall check of vehicle OK & labour. 113975 £70.00
1997-02-22 Replaced fuel filter. 113975 -
1997-02-22 Replaced oil filter. 113975 -
1997-02-22 Welded sheared exhaust bracket. 113975 £8.00
1997-02-22 Checked rear brake shoes. 113975 £0.00
1997-02-22 Replaced front brake pads. 113975 £47.00
1997-02-22 Repaired hole in exhaust pipe. 113975 £0.00
1997-02-22 Topped up differential oils. 113975 £0.00
1997-02-22 Replaced engine oil. 113975 £15.00
1997-04-28 Brakes bled all round. 116150 £5.00
1997-06-19 Two new Rangemaster tyres – rear. 117906 £245.00
1997-06-25 Replaced all clutch parts. 118165 £262.77
1997-06-26 Three new Rangemaster tyres. 118170 £0.00
1997-11-25 Steering box bolts tightened. 121540 £15.00
1997-11-25 New brake + clutch pedal rubbers. 121540 £9.21
1997-11-25 New n/s rear anti-roll bar joint. 121540 £58.65
1997-11-25 New n/s drag radius arm bushes. 121540 £35.70
1998-02-18 Replaced air filter. 122000 £25.84
1998-09-22 Replaced engine oil. 126888 £15.00
1998-09-22 Replaced fuel filter. 126888 £15.00
1998-09-22 Replaced exhaust system. 126888 £115.00
1998-09-22 Replaced oil filter. 126888 £15.00
1999-01-05 Replaced front O/S brake disk/pads 128000 £205.00
1999-01-26 Replaced both batteries (Finland). 131000 £74.00
1999-02-10 Replaced both belts (Poland) 131811 £26.00
1999-02-12 Repaired old puncture. 131870 £6.00
1999-02-23 Replaced front wiper blades. 132000 £10.50
1999-03-04 Repaired puncture. 133000 £15.75
1999-03-11 Repaired/reactivated alarm system. 134400 £0.00
1999-03-11 Replaced lost side-panel rivet. 134400 £0.00
1999-03-11 Replaced front brake shoes/bled system. 134400 £0.00
1999-03-16 Repaired power steering unit. 135300 £29.70
1999-04-26 Replaced water pump. 138900 £121.00
1999-09-00 Fixed loose turbo heat-shield. 142000 £0.00
1999-09-00 Re-rivetted damaged N/S sill. 142000 £0.00
1999-09-00 Fixed loose power-steering belt. 144440 £0.00
2000-04-08 Replaced power steering pump belt 150418 £10.00
2000-03-08 Adjusted steering column coupling 150418 £20.00
2000-03-08 Replaced fuel filter 150418 £5.00
2000-04-08 Replaced steering idle arm joint 150418 £60.00
2000-03-20 Replaced oil filter 150418 £5.00
2000-03-20 Replaced air filter 150418 £5.00
2000-04-08 Replaced track rod end. 150418 £50.00
2000-04-08 Two halogen headlight units + bulbs 150418 £35.00
2000-11-03 Repaired old puncture on crossply tyre. 159800 £22.15
2000-12-27 Oil, air, fuel filters, oil change, all lubrication 160600 £43.40
2000-11-29 Replaced drop-arm assembly 160600 62.50
2001-03-23 MOT. Replaced n/s track-rod end. 165548 ?
2001-05-18 Replaced universal joint, rubber fuel feeds, n/s steering ball joint 167245 £152.00
2001-07-13 Replaced exhaust/silencer unit. 169260 £100.00
2001-07-13 Clean brakes & replace fuel pipes + exhaust pipe. 169280 £120.10
2002-04-23 Replaced two front tyres. 179500 €200.00
2002-06-04 Front wheel alignment. 180130 €30.50
2002-08-31 Replaced rear brake cylinders and shoes. ? ?
2002-08-31 Replaced power steering box and arm. ? ?
2002-08-31 Replaced headlights with LHD versions. ? ?
2004-09-09 Cam belt kit fitted by Mike Emmins ? €149.94
2004-09-09 Rear fuel tank straps fitted by Mike Emmins ? €40.02
2004-09-09 Air deflector fitted by Mike Emmins ? €38.81
2004-09-09 2 x new battery fitted by Mike Emmins ? €77.00
2004-09-09 Reconditioned radiator fitted by Mike Emmins ? €127.00
Not known Replaced steering column joint (Mike Emmins ?) ? ?
2007 ? Replacement front right wing (supplied s/h by Colin Killick) J-P Tardif ? ?
2007-05-28 Colin King collected Land Rover parts from England (gear-box –) J-P Tardif ? ?
2009 ? Replaced right front headlight assembly (J-P Tardif) ? ?
Not known Replaced alternator with reconditioned unit which soon failed (supplied by ?) J-P Tardif ? ?
Not known Replaced alternator with reconditioned unit which soon failed (supplied by ?) J-P Tardif ? ?
2010-01-00 Replaced hand-brake cable after it broke and jammed on at saw-mill (J-P Tardif) ? ?
2011-02-11 Fitted a battery cut-off switch (J-P Tardif) ? ?
2013-10-28 Full 12,000 mile service: filters, lubricants, wiper blades, bulbs, fuse, CT (J-P Tardif) 224554 €335.65
2013-10-28 Replaced head gasket (supplied €30.00), cam belt (supplied), UV joint prop shaft (supplied), 65 amp alternator (supplied by M. Perrard: €140.00) (J-P Tardif) 224554 &uro;?.??

Restoration planning in 2013 at 220,000 miles

Kit, spares and supplies 1993-1999
















Land Rover Gallery 1993-95 and 2001-2013

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