NameAndrea 'Drouly' (Aristides) Simeonoglou
Birth1916, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Birth MemoSan Stefano, Constantinople
Death24 Nov 1981, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
ResidenceAthens, Greece/Hellenes
Residenceaft 1963, Sounion, Greece/Hellenes
OccupationOwner of the St George Flour Mills in Athens
EducationHaute Ecole Superieure de Commerce, Marseille.
Note 1Managed the family’s vast flour mill in Piraeus until German occupation in WWll where his parents joined him. Shared management with his cousin Nico Boudouroglou (till the latter’s death in 1960). Active as a Greek volunteer and conscript 1940-45.
FatherAristides Simeonoglou (?-1945)
MotherAlexandra Stavro (?-?)
Marriage11 Jan 1947, San Stefano, Alexandria, Egypt
Married MemoOver 1,000 guests attended the reception.
SpouseSofia 'Sonia' (Stéphane) Zarifi, GGG Granddaughter
Birth1922, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
Residence1947, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
Residenceaft 1963, Sounion, Greece/Hellenes
Note 1Author of ‘My Life Dossier to 1981’ - an excellent personal account of her forebears, family, pre-war Alexandria and Greece during and after WWll.
Flags***, Giustiniani Pi, Kaplanoglou, Mavrogordato, Maximo, Ralli (Chaviara), Vouro, Zafiropoulo, Zarifi
FatherStephane (Leonidas) Zarifi (1886-1971)
1 FSandra (Andreas) Simeonoglou, GGGG Granddaughter
Birth1947, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
SpouseAndreas (Thanos) Roussopoulos
MarriageJan 1969, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
ChildrenKathy (Andreas) (1970-)
 Sonia Sophia (Andreas) (1972-)
SpouseNicos E. Alevras
Marriageaft 1979
2 FMarie (Andreas) Simeonoglou, GGGG Granddaughter
Birth1949, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
SpouseStavros (Christodoulos) Lanaras
MarriageJan 1970, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
ChildrenChristos (Stavros) (1977-)
 Andrea (Stavros) (1981-)
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