NameCount Pericles (Theodore) Rodocanachi, 8G Grandson
Birth1841, Odessa, Ukraine
Death12 Nov 1899, Paris, France
Note 1According to Argenti: Honoured in Odessa 1832. Ennobled 19 Dec 1896 by Tzar Alexander ll ‘for the development of his trading house’. Knight of the Order of The Saviour.
Note 2But George Gainsburgh points out that Tsar Aleksandr II Nikolaievich was assassinated in 1881, his son Tsar Aleksandr III Aleksandrovich died 1894 and his son Tsar Nikolai II Aleksandrovich reigned 1894-1917.
Note 3According to Wolfgang Sartor: His chief heir was his adopted son Pavel Stanislavovich Iurevich, and secondly Konstantin Petrovich Kalotti and Matvei Nikolaevich Mavrogordato
FatherTheodore (Paul) Rodocanachi (1797-1882)
SpouseWienczyslawa Barczewska
Birth MemoAccording to information provided by Eugene Eugene Barilo v. Reisberg.
Death Memo1877 in Odessa according to information provided by Eugene Eugene Barilo v. Reisberg.
Note 1According to Eugene Barilo v. Reisberg: Mme Wienczyslawa Jurjewicz Rodocanachi, née Barczewska (1834-1877) was the subject of four known portraits by Franz Xaver Winterhalter (1805-1873).
Note 2She had descendants, presumably from her first marriage to Marshal Jurjewicz.
Other spousesMarshal --- Jurjewicz
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