NameLeonidas ‘Leoni’ (Pandély) Argenti
Birth7 Sep 1823, Marseille, France
Death23 Oct 1882, Marseille, France
Note 1(Chadzi-Leonidi) Commander of the Order of The Saviour (Academic Palms). Portrait in the Koraïs Library, Chios. His first son was born in London while he was living there. He then moved to Paris and then, before 1860, to Marseilles.
Note 2The still-born child of an L. Argenti is recorded on the tomb of Pandia Stephanos Ralli as buried there - the child having been born on 16 July 1852.
FatherPandely Leonidas (Leonidas) Argenti (1791-1830)
MotherIoanna 'Zennou' (Zannis) Vlasto (1798-1876)
Marriage8 May 1851, Marseille, France
SpouseJulia (Augustus) Ralli, 10G Granddaughter
Birth22 Jul 1830, Marseille, France
Death6 Oct 1922, Paris, France
Note 1(Chaviara-Axeskoufotos) ‘Followed her brother and her husband’s sister to London’ according to Catsiyannis.
MotherSozonga (Stephanos) Ralli (1804-1878)
Birth10 Nov 1853, London, England
Death6 Oct 1911, London, England
SpouseFanny (Ioannis) Schilizzi , 12G Granddaughter
Marriage14 Feb 1880, St Sophia, Moscow Road, Bayswater, London, England
Birth8 Nov 1854, Paris, France
Death7 Apr 1935, London, England
Marriage4 Dec 1873, Marseille, France
ChildrenMary ‘Mamie’ (Lucas) (1875-1961)
 Julia (Lucas) (1877-1952)
 Zenni 'Jenny' (Lucas) (1881-1959)
3 FSuzanne (Leonidas) Argenti, 11G Granddaughter
Birth29 Sep 1855, Paris, France
Death18 Nov 1891, London, England
Marriage19 Feb 1878, Marseille, France
Birth14 Mar 1860, Marseille, France
Death3 Nov 1923, Paris, France
Marriage16 Feb 1918, Paris, France
SpouseHelena (John) Schilizzi , 12G Granddaughter
Marriage28 Jul 1895, Paris, France
Married MemoAccording to Publications des bans de mariage de Paris et Ancienne Seine, 1860 à 1902 (Paris, France & Vicinity Marriage Banns, 1860-1902). Her parents’ names are given: John Stéfandoich Schilizzi and Virginia Sechiari.
5 FMaria Julia (Leonidas) Argenti, 11G Granddaughter
Birth3 Jun 1870, Marseille, France
Death8 Oct 1877, Marseille, France
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