NameDemosthenes (Michel) Agelasto
Birth5 Mar 1831, Marseille, France
Death3 Dec 1912, Paris, France
BurialSaint Pierre Cemetery, Marseille, France
OccupationMerchant in London and Marseilles.
Note 1Officer of the Order of The Saviour. In business in London in 1874 (London Gazette). In business with his brother Dimitrios 1872-75.
FatherMichel (Pandia) Agelasto (1793-1853)
MotherArghyro (Dimitrios) Petrocochino (1801-1849)
Marriage8 Jan 1859, Marseille, France
SpouseArghyro ‘Augustine’ (Georges) Sechiari, 8G Granddaughter
Birth30 Oct 1837, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Death28 Jun 1916, Paris, France
Note 1Michael Agelasto says she was known as Augustine.
Birth12 Jul 1860, Marseille, France
Death28 Feb 1915, Paris, France
ChildrenGertrude-Micheline (Michel) (1907->1971)
2 FMarie (Demsothenes) Agelasto, 9G Granddaughter
Birth30 May 1862, Marseille, France
Birth MemoSugdury says 1862. Argenti says 9 Oct 1866.
Death4 Apr 1919, Paris, France
Death MemoSugdury says 1923.
Marriage12 Oct 1885, Paris, France
Married MemoSugdury says 1884. Marriage certificate says 12 Oct 1885.
ChildrenAlexandra (Alexander) (1892-1949)
3 FArghyro (Demosthenes) Agelasto, 9G Granddaughter
Birth23 May 1867, Marseille, France
Birth MemoAccording to marriage certificate, though Argenti says 25 May 1867.
Death7 Jul 1955, Paris, France
Marriage11 May 1886, Paris, France
Married MemoArgenti says 15 Jun 1886.
ChildrenGeorge Alexander (Charles) (1887-1889)
 Hélène (Charles) (1891-1988)
 Suzanne (Charles) (1892-1986)
Birth14 Feb 1876, Marseille, France
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