Relatives of SARAH LONG (née FURZE)
Sarah Long



Relations of SARAH LONG

This genealogy represents work and research compiled from a variety of sources and in particular I am indebted to a great many friends, relations and contacts for information. As with any genealogy, it contains errors and its accuracy should not always be relied upon. It can in no way be viewed as complete and more relevant information will always be welcomed, as will contact from any of my 'cousins' searching for their roots!
1. Forenames in (brackets) are patronyms ­ i.e. they indentify the individual's father. This is to help distinguish between the many individuals who bear similar or identical names.
2. Surnames in (brackets) indicate that the birth name is not known and the spouse's or mother's family name is being used for identification instead.
4. Names followed by a question mark '?' are to remind me that further or better research is needed.
7. Where a unique identification code/number appears beside a name, this may change in future editions of this genealogy as more information
becomes available.

Further reliable information, corrections or updates are always warmly welcomed at


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