Sadly, the Genealogy of the Long Family has had to be removed...

... an explication and some words of thanks to all who contributed to it.

By Christopher Long

First, we owe a huge debt of thanks to the scores of cousins, friends and genealogists who, over the past sixteen years, contributed so generously to the Long family genealogy that used to exist here. From about 1995 these contributions, in text and images, formed the basis of a rich and useful set of pages that apparently interested several thousand visitors each year, of whom many became contributors (see Feedback pages).

Sadly our younger cousins will no longer have this opportunity to discover their roots. These pages had to be withdrawn following receipt, on 21-08-2011, of a message from a descendent of the Long family. In the interests of openness and clarity the text of this lady's message is reproduced below.

One day the pages that were once here will reappear but, in the meantime, we are all most grateful to everyone who helped to make these pages so interesting. Even if we cannot publish them here and now, the fruits of all this work remain of course well known and well archived elsewhere!

C.A.L. (21-08-2011)

Subject: Family Tree
Date: 21 August 2011 16:23:53 CEDT

Dear Christopher

Following someone’s comment I have recently logged in my name and your entries on the family tree you have posted on line have come up.

Firstly, several of the points you have posted about me and my branch of the family are incorrect. Secondly, and more importantly, you did not ask permission of any of use (sic) that this information be posted on line. I know some members of our grandparents descendants have specifically required that their information is not posted on line. Your action in not asking everyone first is a breach of the Data Protection Act for which legal action could be taken against you.

Please ensure that all references to my parents’ branch of the family tree at least are removed instantly.

Many thanks
Daphne Lott (nee Long)

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Christopher Long

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