NameCount Spyridon (Lev) Tolstoy
Birth9 Oct 1858, Greenwich, England
Death4 May 1922
OccupationArmy captain.
Note 1Corps of Pages 1878; Sub Lieut. Chevalier Guards Regiment; Lieut. 1883; General Staff Academy 1883-86, then again in Chevalier Guards for a few months followed by Cavalry School for Officers 1886-8; Lieut. Captain 1888 and retired that year.
Note 2College assessor and commissioner for d.Yanov. Marshal of Mozyr nobility, 1891; court councillor, 1892; honorary magistrate in Rzhev-Mozyr district, 1893; agent for Imperial estate at Murgab, Turkestan, 1900.
Note 3Assistant to chief of the general administration of apanages 1903. State councillor. Chamberlain at Court, 1903. Landowner at Baranovo, d. Podolsk, in 1902 and at Maly Bokov, d. Mozyr.
FatherCount Lev Tolstoy (1818-1870)
MotherVera Vladimrova Panaev (?-?)
SpousePrincess Sophia (Leonid) Cantacuzene, 10G Granddaughter
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