NamePrince Nicolaos (Alexander) Mavrocordato of Moldavia & Wallachia ‘Voda’, GGG Grandson
Birth1670, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Birth MemoSturdza says 3 May 1680.
Death3 Sep 1730, Bucharest, Romania
Burial1730, Monastery of Vacaresti, Bucharest, Romania
Note 1Grand Drogoman to the Sultan 1697 or 1698. Governor of Wallachia (Dec 1715 - Nov 1716 and Nov 1719 - Sep 1730). Governor of Moldavia (1708 or Nov 1709 - Oct 1710 and Nov 1711 - Dec 1715). According to Sturdza’s dates, he was Grand Drogoman at age 18...
Note 2Deposed owing to the sultan’s suspicions in favour of Dimitrios Cantacuzene but restored in 1711 and soon after became Hospidar of Wallachia. In 1716 he was deposed by the Austrians but restored after the Peace of Passarowitz.
Note 3The first Greek set to rule the Danubian principalities. Introduced Greek manners, Greek language and costume and set up a splendid court on the Byzantine model.
Note 4Responsible for establishing the system which indigenous Romanians despised for 100 years. Enlightenment, founded libraries and the author of a curious work entitled ‘Ilepi Kad-ri Kovruv’ (Bucharest 1719).
Note 5Buried in the Monastery of Vacaresti, Bucharest, which he had founded. He also founded the Stavropoleos Church, Bucharest, containing a mural mosaic/fresco of himself, his wife Smaragda/Smaranda Stavropoleos, and their five children.
Note 5Presumably the Nicolas described as Prince of Wallachia and a member of the Pentada in the Phanariot branch of the Mavrocordato family (see 'Adventure Account' by Rallis India Ltd in 1998).
Marriageabt 1700
SpousePrincess Cassandra (Dumitrascu) Cantacuzene
Note 1Having thought she might have been the daughter of Serban (Constantine) Cantacuzene, Edouard Boutmy said she was in fact the daughter of Prince Dumitrasco Cantacuzene and Ruxandra.
FatherPrince Dumitrascu (Mihai) Cantacuzene of Moldavia (?-?)
MotherRuxandra [Cantacuzene] (?-?)
Birth16 Apr 1701
Birth MemoSturdza says 16 May 1701.
Death1725, Bucharest, Romania
2 FRoxandra (Nicolaos) Mavrocordato, GGGG Granddaughter
Birth12 May 1702
No Children
3 FTarzia (Nicolaos) Mavrocordato, GGGG Granddaughter
SpouseAlexander (Constantine) Soutzo , 5G Grandson
ChildrenGeorge (Alexander) (?-?)
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