NameMichael (Isidore) Androuly
Birth6 Nov 1871, Syros, Greece/Hellenes
Death1929, Syros, Greece/Hellenes
Note 1Did he have a daughter ‘Cornelia Androuliz’, photographed on Syros or Athens/Piraeus with ‘Evange Petritzi’, ‘Evange A. Petrizi’, ‘Menelas Petrizi’, ‘Platon Negroponte’, ‘Melville Price’, ‘Marie Calothy’ and ‘Milan Djimitch (Serbian army Captain)?
FatherIsidore Androuly (?-?)
MotherCornelia Spanoudi (?-?)
Marriage31 Oct 1900, Syros, Greece/Hellenes
SpousePolonia (Pandely) Negroponte, 10G Granddaughter
Birth20 Jul 1875, Syros, Greece/Hellenes
FatherPandely (Zorzis) Negroponte (1845-1907)
1 FCornelia (Michael) Androuly !, 11G Granddaughter
Birthabt 1901, Syros, Greece/Hellenes
Birth MemoPresumably Syros, perhaps Athens... or brought up there...
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