NamePrince Gregory (Gregory) Ypsilanti, 8G Grandson
Birth17 Sep 1835
Death19 Feb 1886, Paris, France
Note 1Greek minister in Vienna (1867-80), Paris (1876-80). In 1873 was the only diplomat able to remain in post when Athens withdrew its ambassadors for lack of funds, thanks to his wife’s colossal fortune. He and wife were both roulette addicts.
SpouseBaroness Eleni (Simon) Sina, 9G Granddaughter
Birth12 Mar 1845, Vienna, Austria
Death16 Oct 1893, Vienna, Austria
Note 1Roulette addict. Between them, she and her husband frittered away her fortune until family lawyers stepped in to stop them.
1 FChariclea (Gregory) Ypsilanti, 10G Granddaughter
Birth8 Oct 1863, Paris, France
Death22 Jun 1902, Schillingsfürst, ?
Marriage10 Jan 1882, Vienna, Austria
2 FIphigenia (Gregory) Ypsilanti, 10G Granddaughter
Birth3 Jun 1869, Paris, France
Death27 Jan 1943, Munich, Germany
Marriage1888, Vienna, Austria
Birth30 Apr 1877, Paris, France
Death17 Dec 1940, Vienna, Austria
Marriage23 Feb 1902, Vienna, Austria
Married MemoSturdza says 24 Feb 1905.
ChildrenEleni (Emmanuel) (1904-1957)
 Henriette (Emmanuel) (1905-1951)
 Gregory (Emmanuel) (1909-1975)
 Thomas (Emmanuel) (1909-1966)
Birth10 Nov 1881, Vienna, Austria
Death14 Feb 1943, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
Marriage15 Sep 1922, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
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