NameSpyridon (Ioannis) Trikoupi
Birth8 Apr 1788, Missolonghi, Greece/Hellenes
Birth MemoOr 19 Apr 1788.
Death9 Mar 1873, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
EducationStudied in Patras, Paris and Rome.
Note 1Greek Ambassador to London (1834-38, 1841-43, 1850-61). Ambassador to Paris (1849-50). Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs (1843). Greek Deputy. Worked closely with Pandia ‘Zeus Ralli, nominal head of the London Greek community.
Note 2Made the funeral oration for Lord Byron, Zaïmis, Mavromichali and Panoutso Notara. First President of the Council of the new Greek state (1833). Author of the classic ‘Histoire de la Révolution Hellénique’. “A brilliant speaker and a true scholar.”
Note 3Catsiyannis says he had six children (of whom he records four).
FatherIoannnis Trikoupi (~1753-1824)
SpouseCatherine (Nicolaos) Mavrocordato, 6G Granddaughter
Birth23 Jul 1832, Naplion, Greece/Hellenes
Death11 Apr 1896, Cannes, France
2 FAglaia (Spyridon) Trikoupi, 7G Granddaughter
Birthabt 1829
Death15 Sep 1842, London, England
Death MemoAged 13.
3 FSophia (Spyridon) Trikoupi, 7G Granddaughter
Birth20 Apr 1837
Death1916, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
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