NameIon I. C. ‘Ionel’ (Ion) Bratianu
Birth20 Aug 1864, Romania
Death24 Nov 1927
Note 1Leader of the Romanian Liberal Party. President of the Romanian state Council. In 1919 a signatory to the peace treaty between Romania and the Central Powers.
Note 2Prime Minister of Romania.
FatherIon C. Bratianu (1821-1891)
Marriage16 Feb 1898, Ruginoasa, ?
SpouseMaria (Alexander) Mourouzis, 10G Granddaughter
Birth14 Apr 1863
Death26 Oct 1921, Jassy/Iasi, Romania
Burial1921, Jassy/Iasi, Romania
MotherAdele Sturdza (?-1905)
Other spousesAlexander Cuza Bey
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