NameGeneral Count Nicolas (Ianaki) Mavros, 8G Grandson
Birth1781, Phanar, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Death1868, Bucharest, Romania
Note 1Russian general and an Austrian count. Collegiate counsellor in Russia (1836). Inspector-General of Russian quarantines on the Danube (1830-51).
Note 2Responsible for Russian intelligence services in the Romanian Principalities. Austrian consul in Bucharest from 1840. Renowned numismatist who also initiated archeological digs in Wallachia.
FatherIanaki Mavros (?-?)
SpousePrincess Sevastie (Alexander) Soutzo, 7G Granddaughter
Death16 Nov 1886
Note 1Apparently lived in Wallachia. Along with other rich Romanian Phanariot families she contributed (2,000 ducats) in support of Panayotis Mourousis’ Greek/Slav forces in the Crimean War (1854).
MotherMaria Lapithi (?-?)
1 FMaria (Nicolas) Mavros, 9G Granddaughter
Birth1829, Bucharest, Romania
Death28 Nov 1902, Calinesti, Prahova, Romania
Marriage17 Apr 1846, Bucharest, Romania
ChildrenZoë (Ioan) (1847-1920)
 Maria (Ioan) (1848-1892)
 Sevastie (Ioan) (1853-1945)
 Constanta (Ioan) (1857-1948)
 Ioan (Ioan) (1863-1934)
 Alina (Ioan) (1866-1915)
 Elena (Ioan) (1866-1944)
 Olga (Ioan) (1871-1931)
Birth1834, Bucharest, Romania
Marriage1856, Bucharest, Romania
Marriage1862, Paris, France
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