NameGeneral Baron Edouard de Reineck
Birth2 Nov 1796, Eisenach, Thuringen, Germany
Death26 Oct 1854, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
BurialAthens, Greece/Hellenes
Note 1Sturdza also calls him Friedrich Wilhelm von Reineck... Created Baron. Prussian officer, one of the first philhellenes to go to Greece at the time of the War of Independence, where he fought alongside Prince Alexander Mavrocordato.
Note 2Organised Missolonghi’s defence. Made an honorary Greek citizen, he went to Munich to offer the Greek throne to Prince Eugène de Beauharnais, Duke of Leuchtenberg. Governor of Crete (1828). Commander of the Officers’ School (1829-40). Governor of Argos.
SpouseEuphrosyne (Nicolaos) Mavrocordato, 6G Granddaughter
Birth14 Feb 1800
Death4 Jan 1885
Birth1 Aug 1831, Naplion, Greece/Hellenes
Death14 Oct 1904, Therapia, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Death MemoOr 27 Oct
ChildrenAmalia (Aristides) (1855-1938)
 Emmanuel (Aristides) (1856-1916)
 Edward (Aristides) (1857-1918)
 Sophia (Aristides) (1858-1956)
 Helen (Aristides) (1861-1953)
 Alexander (Aristides) (1863-1896)
 Christine (Aristides) (1864-1959)
 Julia (Aristides) (1865-1945)
 Elise (Aristides) (1866-1964)
 Elpis (Aristides) (1868-1963)
 Theodore (Aristides) (1870-1970)
Birth1833, Naplion, Greece/Hellenes
Death1933, Lausanne, Switzerland
Birth1834, Naplion, Greece/Hellenes
Death1897, Bucharest, Romania
Birth1840, Piraeus, Greece/Hellenes
DeathNov 1922, Bucharest, Romania
Marriage27 Apr 1872, Bucharest, Romania
ChildrenAlexander (Cimon) (1873-1941)
 Dimitrios (Alexander) (1874-1895)
 Zoe (Cimon) (1875-1911)
 Theodore (Cimon) (1876-?)
Birth1834, Naplion, Greece/Hellenes
Death1913, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
Marriage? , Romania
ChildrenEleni (Aristides) (1861-1949)
 Edouard (Aristides) (1863-1934)
 Maria (Aristides) (1871-1950)
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