NamePrince Constantin (Ioannis) Caradja, 6G Grandson
Birth13 Nov 1799, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Birth MemoAnother source says 1793. Yet another says 1795.
Death16 May 1860, The Hague, Holland
Note 1Minister of Turkey to the Hague.
MotherEleni (Dimitrios) Scanavi (1755-1839)
SpouseEcaterina Tabacopoulo
Death12 Apr 1893, Paris, France
Note 1Second wife of Constantine.
Note 1Second wife of Constantin Caradja. Or Tambacopoulo?
Birth8 Feb 1850
Birth MemoAnother source says 1851.
Death27 Jun 1871, Caen, Normandy, France
Birth18 Aug 1854, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Death6 Mar 1910, Paris, France
Marriage16 Feb 1878, Paris, France
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