NameColonel Petros (Thrasybulos) Manos, 8G Grandson
Birth7 Apr 1871, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
Death17 Apr 1918, Zurich, Switzerland
Note 1Greek army colonel. Served with distinction in Macedonia and Balkan Wars of 1912-13. He accompanied the Greek Royal family into exile in Italy (12 June 1917) and then Switzerland. He appears to have died in mysterious circumstances.
Note 2Appointed Sub-Master of The Horse by King Constantine. In 1896 he was among several Greek officers to travel to Crete to support a local uprising against the island’s Ottoman rulers.
Marriage15 Jan 1895, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
SpouseMaria (Jacobus) Argyropoulo, 9G Granddaughter
BirthAug 1874
Death1926, Capri, Italy
Death MemoSturdza says 1930.
Note 1Petros’s first wife. Reverted to her maiden name following her divorce in which she was granted custody of her two children.
1 FAspasia (Petros) Manos, 10G Granddaughter
Birth4 Sep 1896, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
Death7 Aug 1972, Ospedale al Mare, Venice, Italy
Marriage17 Sep 1919, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
ChildrenAlexandra (Alexander) (1921-1993)
2 FRoxanne (Petros) Manos, 10G Granddaughter
Birth28 Feb 1898, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
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