NameDionysos Alexander ‘Denis’ (Ambrosios) Ionides, 12G Grandson
Birth23 May 1912, London, England
Death29 Nov 1978, Horham Eye, Suffolk, England
Death MemoLung cancer.
Baptism29 Jun 1912, St Sophia, Moscow Road, Bayswater, London, England
Baptism MemoConfirmed in the Anglican church.
OccupationWorked briefly but not very happily with Ralli Bros. Seed merchant.
EducationSandroyd Prep School. Eton College. Oxford.
Note 11939 Field security force. 1941 Lieutenant Welch Regiment. 1942 Special force with Yugoslav partisans. 1945 German Control Commission (5 years in Middle East).
Note 2His war service included working in Egypt, in SOE, parachuting into Yugoslavia and on peace being declared, entering one of the concentration camps in Germany.
Note 3After the war he and his wife and daughters moved (1949) to a smallholding in Palgrave, Suffolk. After eleven years they moved to a smaller property at Horham, also in Suffolk.
Note 4“As a father he was loving, had a great sense of humour, tolerated our many kittens which were smuggled into bed on winter nights, loved our cooking, enjoyed his grandchildren and played cards with all of us.”
Note 5“He read us the Greek myths and, having a love of the arts and artefacts took us to art galleries: which we still like doing. He was always supportive in what we chose to do.”
God-parentsIsabella Ionides.
Marriage16 Oct 1936, Holy Trinity Church Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London, England
SpouseBarbara Helen Edmonda (Cyril) Carpenter
Birth23 Nov 1913, Isle of Wight, England
Death30 Jan 1990, Horham Eye, Suffolk, England
Note 1Motor Transport Corps in WWll.
FatherRev’d Cyril Edmond Carpenter (?-?)
MotherPriscilla Warren Pattison (?-?)
Birth8 May 1938, London, England
Marriage17 Oct 1964, Cape Town, South Africa
Birth17 Mar 1948, London, England
ChildrenChristopher (James) (?-)
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