NameEleftherios (Kyriakos) Venizelos President of Greece
Birth17 Aug 1862, La Canée, Crete, Greece/Hellenes
Birth MemoSturdza says 23 Aug 1862.
Death18 Mar 1936, Paris, France
Note 1President of Greece. He supported Greece’s involvement on the side of the Allies in WWl, leading to the abdication of the Greek king who had opposed him. He was given the second automobile to enter Greece by Charalambos Grekousci.
Note 2Studied law at the University of Athens.
FatherKyriakos Venizelos (?-?)
MotherStyliani Fournaraki (?-?)
Other spousesMaria Eleutheriou-Katelouzos
Marriage21 Sep 1921, Highgate, London, England
Married MemoThe marriage was registered at the St. Pancras Registry Office, London, 14 Sep 1921. The religious ceremony took place at the residence of Sr. Arthur and Lady Crosfield.
SpouseHelena (John) Schilizzi, 9G Granddaughter
Birth18 Sep 1873, 93 Westbourne Terrace, Bayswater, London, England
Death7 Sep 1959, Paris, France
Burial10 Sep 1959, Paris, France
Baptism11 Oct 1873, Church of Our Saviour, London Wall, City of London, England
Note 1Seriously injured during an assassination attempt on her husband in June 1933 at Kephissia, Athens, after which, in protest she sold her house in Athens rather than give it to Greece and it thus became the British Embassy in Greece.
Note 2Brought up and educated in London. Made serious efforts to persuade the Greeks of the Allied cause in WWl and then organised medical and other supplies to Greeks serving under French commanders on the Macedonian front.
Note 3Funded the Athens Maternity Hospital, named after her very close friend of Maria/Marika Iliadi/Eliadis (née Omiro) who was born in Smyrna and died on 26 Dec 1924 and is buried at West Norwood Cemetery with husband Michael.
Note 4Published her memoirs in 1955 ‘A l’Ombre de Venizelos’. Her estate became the Schilizzi Foundation which gives grants to Greeks studying in England. She gave her house at 51 Upper Brook Street, Mayfair, London, to Greece as the Ambassador’s residence.
Marr. WitnessMr & Mrs Stephen John Schilizzi (her brother and sister-in-law); her mother; Lady Crosfield; and Maria Iliadi (née Omiro) - see The Times 15 Sep 1921.
God-parentsHypatia P. Sechiari (her maternal grandmother).
MotherVirginia (Pandia) Sechiari (1849-1929)
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