NameTheodore Polychronis (Polychronis) Cozzika
Birth30 Sep 1899, Cairo, Egypt
Death17 Apr 1965, Le Mesnil-le-Roi, France
BurialFirst Cemetery, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
Note 1Before his marriage he had an intimate friendship with the American actress Pearl White (1889-1938). They spent much time together in France and at Theodore’s villa in Cairo. He was with her when she died and she left him her house and property in France.
Note 2President of the Greek community in Cairo and of the Greek Chamber of Commerce in Cairo. Owned a stud farm in Les Bréviaires until 1961 where he bred Colonist ll, sold to Winston Churchill ca. 1946.
Note 3He was the owner of several Rolls-Royces, among them a Phantom II (Chassis No. 57RY) which may have been destined for the King of Greece. Another Phantom II (146 MY) was also delivered to Theodore but may have been for the King.
Note 4Theordore was also the owner of two other Rolls-Royce Phantom lll (3DL102 and 3DL142).
Note 5Aide-de-camp to Prince Andrew of Greece. He provided friendship and help to the exiled King George ll of Greece during WWll when he was in Egypt (before he settled in South Africa).
FatherPolychronis (Theodore) Cozzika (1860-1922)
MotherMarie Peza (1874-1955)
Marriage4 Jul 1940
SpouseDespina (Alexander) Benachi °, 11G Granddaughter
Birth17 Jan 1917, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
Death2 Apr 1996, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
BurialFirst Cemetery, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
Note 1Appears in a Vlasto family holiday photograph dated 1927 at Overstrand, England, with her brother Manoli, Cyril and Fanny Argenti, and the Vlasto children Helen, Christian, Pogy and Nancy (CAL’s collection).
Note 2Lived in France from 1949.
MotherMarie (Michael) Sinadino (1885-1932)
Birth13 Jun 1941, Cairo, Egypt
Marriage11 Jul 1974, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
2 FMarie (Theodore) Cozzika, 12G Granddaughter
Birth16 May 1942, Cairo, Egypt
3 FAlexandra (Theodore) Cozzika °, 12G Granddaughter
Birth26 Apr 1943, Cairo, Egypt
Marriage10 Sep 1964, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
ChildrenDespina (Alexander) (1965-)
4 FEirene (Theodore) Cozzika, 12G Granddaughter
Birth21 Apr 1945, Cairo, Egypt
MarriageSep 1973
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