NameIoannis ‘Jean’ (Constantin) Sinadino
Birth1820, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Death19 May 1890, Milan, Italy
OccupationBanker in Alexandria and London. Financier of the Suez Canal.
Note 1Founder of the Anglo-Egyptian Bank (1864), the Bank of Alexandria, London (1872) and the General Bank of Egypt. Founded in 1860 a merchant trading house in Alexandria with the Marseilles ship-owner Jules Pastré (created a count by Napoleon lll).
Note 2Created single-handed the Anglo-Egyptian Bank (1864) which played a pivotal role in financing the Suez Canal. This bank then led to the creation in London of the Bank of Alexandria (1872) and of the General Bank of Egypt in Alexandria..
Note 3After his death these banks were controlled by his son Constantin and his nephew Themistocles who financed the building of Egyptian railways for which the Sinadino family had a monopoly under a ‘firman’ from viceroy Mehemet Ali.
Note 4His branch of the family appear to have been known as ‘ les Sinadino d’En Ville’.
FatherConstantin (Ioannis) Sinadino (1790-1873)
MotherMarigo (Zannis) Rodocanachi (?-?)
Other spousesCarolina (---) Cazati
Marriage15 Feb 1848, Alexandria, Egypt
SpousePolyxeni (Ambrouzis) Schilizzi, 8G Granddaughter
Birth1832, Smyrna, Turkey/Asia Minor
Death12 Aug 1871, Marienbad, Austria
Note 1(Araba)
MotherMaria [Schilizzi] (?-?)
1 FCleopatra (Ioannis) Sinadino, 9G Granddaughter
Birth12 Jan 1847, Alexandria, Egypt
Death28 Aug 1896, Alexandria, Egypt
Marriage18 Jan 1864, Alexandria, Egypt
ChildrenMichael (Pandia) (1865-1866)
 John (Pandia) (1866-<1943)
 Themistocles (Pandia) (1871-1897)
Birth12 Aug 1857, Alexandria, Egypt
Death28 Dec 1919, Alexandria, Egypt
Marriage18 Dec 1873, Alexandria, Egypt
Married MemoRalli family tree says 1874.
ChildrenAmbrose (George) (1874-?)
 Polixene (George) (1876-1883)
Birth17 Sep 1848, Alexandria, Egypt
Death24 May 1902, Alexandria, Egypt
Marriage1 Aug 1872, Marseille, France
Married MemoRalli family tree says 1869.
ChildrenJohn (Constandi) (1872-1930)
4 FCalliope (Ioannis) Sinadino !, 9G Granddaughter
Birth18 Jan 1851, Alexandria, Egypt
Birth MemoAnother source says 24 Dec 1850.
Death23 Oct 1927, Paris, France
Death MemoDied Paris XVlème. Tino Synadinos believes she died in 1937.
Marriage3 May 1869, Alexandria, Egypt
ChildrenMichel (Jean) (1872-1914)
 Jacques (Jean) (1871-?)
Birth3 Jan 1855, Alexandria, Egypt
Death14 Jun 1919, Alexandria, Egypt
Marriage17 Jul 1884, Paris, France
 Marie (Michael) (1885-1932)
6 FChariklea (Ioannis) Sinadino, 9G Granddaughter
Birth6 Nov 1858, Alexandria, Egypt
Deathaft 1902
Death MemoAnother source says 1893 but she attended her son’s marriage in 1902.
Marriage16 Oct 1875, Alexandria, Egypt
ChildrenAugustis (Theodore) (1876-1939)
Spouse--- Pinto
Marriage? , Paris, France
Birth? , Alexandria, Egypt
Death? , Alexandria, Egypt
Marriage? , Italy
Birth18 Jul 1861, Alexandria, Egypt
Death3 Oct 1914, The Lodge, Southfields Road, Eastbourne, Sussex, England
Marriage6 May 1894, Alexandria, Egypt
ChildrenPolyxene (Nicolas) (?-?)
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