NameMichael ‘Mike’ (Augustus) Vlasto °, 11G Grandson
Birth18 Aug 1915, Calcutta, India
Death7 Jun 1997, Pen Selwood, Somerset, England
OccupationRalli Bros from 1936-39 and after WWll till 1966.
Note 1Sqn Ldr RAFVR, DFC and Bar (2 dispatches) 1939-1945. Perhaps the last of ‘the family’ in Ralli Bros., India. See: ‘The Forgotten War’ by Jon Latimer, pp. 168-169:
Note 2“A 31 Squadron Dakota flown by Flying Officer Michael Vlasto evacuated 17 Chindit casualties after landing in a small clearing only 14 miles from a Japanese fighter airstrip...”
Note 3“... He tried once and failed, recalled Major Walter Scott of No. 8 Column. Two days later he ‘dropped a streamer telling me to mark out a strip with parachutes...”
Note 4“... He tried once and came around again, the second time he landed.’ Accompanying him was the Life photographer Bill Vandivert, who thus scooped a great story...”
Note 5“... 'Boy was I afraid!' said Vandivert afterwards. 'When I looked at the pilot after we cleared the trees there was a pool of sweat in Michael's lap. Was I glad to see those trees go by! ...'”
Note 5“... Vlasto got an immediate Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC), but more importantly the rescue proved it was possible to land large transport aircraft behind enemy lines and get away with it."
SpouseMargaret 'Maggie' Mancor °
Birth20 Mar 1921
Note 1She was the mother of Michael and Janie from her Pitcairn marriage. She and Michael Vlasto had one son, John.
Other spouses--- Pitcairn
1 FJane (---) Pitcairn ° (Adopted), 12G Granddaughter
2 MJohn (Michael) Vlasto °, 12G Grandson
Birth11 Jul 1964
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