NameJohn Evangelos 'Vania' (Stephanos) Vlasto, 10G Grandson
Birth21 Dec 1863, Taganrog, Black Sea
Death3 Mar 1930, Alexandria, Egypt
Note 1A keen horseman whose extravagant tastes often led him into financial difficulties.
MotherMarietta (Ambrouzis) Ralli (1842-1913)
Marriage28 Oct 1893, Liverpool, England
SpouseZenobia 'Mabie' (Aristide) Cornelios, 12G Granddaughter
Birth18 Mar 1873, Liverpool, England
Death28 Dec 1962, Athens, Greece
Baptism5 May 1873, Greek Church of St Nicholas, Liverpool, England
Note 1“Mabie was jolly, bouncing and very plain. Her swarthy complexion could not be blamed on the khamseen nor her shapeless figure on the fleshpots of Alexandria. Her marriage had been a ‘joyous success, so why waste time in titivating the irredeemable’.”
Note 2Her grandson describes her as a wonderful person, full of stories, and a familiar and popular figure in Alexandrian racing circles at the two hippodromes. Settled eventually in Athens.
God-parentsStephen Schilizzi.
1 MStephen (John) Vlasto, 13G Grandson
Birth1 Jan 1895, Calcutta, India
Death24 Dec 1961, Alexandria, Egypt
Birth16 Jul 1897, Liverpool, England
Birth MemoArgenti says 28 Jul 1897 (Julian calendar).
Death1973, Athens, Greece/Hellenes
Birth4 Mar 1900, Alexandria, Egypt
Death1 Jun 1932, Alexandria, Egypt
4 FLois (John) Vlasto, 13G Granddaughter
Birth1 Jul 1903, Alexandria, Egypt
Death29 Jan 1939, Alexandria, Egypt
Marriage14 Dec 1924, Alexandria, Egypt
Birth14 Oct 1905, Alexandria, Egypt
Deathabt 1975, Milan, Italy
Death MemoOr 1976?
Marriage? , Milan, Italy
No Children
6 FJeanne (John) Vlasto, 13G Granddaughter
Birth28 Feb 1908, Alexandria, Egypt
Death29 Jan 1939, Alexandria, Egypt
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