NameJack Anthony (Anthony) Vlasto °, 11G Grandson
Birth12 Aug 1903, London, England
Death5 Feb 1988, Royal Berks Hospital, Berks, England
Baptism31 Oct 1903, St Sophia, Moscow Road, Bayswater, London, England
OccupationRalli Brothers from 1922, director in 1931. Succeeded his father as vice-chairman (later chairman) 1951-61.
Note 1Last chairman of Ralli Brothers. Deputy Joint Controller of the Ministry of Supply 1939-45. Left £1,093,715 in his will. One of two people who inspired Christopher Long to further and widen the genealogical researches of Philip Argenti.
God-parentsEliza Scaramanga.
MotherErato (George) Scaramanga (1873-1966)
SpouseElizabeth Olivia Marie 'Betty' (Hubert) Brock
Birthabt 1907
Death15 Apr 1994, Goldsborough N/H, Highgate, London, England
FatherHubert Tabor Brock
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