NameDr Alexander Michael (Michael) Vlasto
Birth1814, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Death14 Jun 1844, Livorno, Italy/Tuscany
BurialLivorno, Italy/Tuscany
OccupationPhysician. Historian. Wrote or translated several medical works into Greek.
EducationStudied medicine at Livourno (Leghorn).
Note 1Author in Trieste of 'A History of the Island of Chios, AD 70 - 1822' (originally published Syros 1838-40), the second being translated into English and publised by J. Davy & Sons at the Dryden Press, London 1913.
Note 2A tomb stone in the Greek cemetery in Livourno records the names of Zangolio Rodocanachi and Alexandre M. Vlasto.
FatherMichael (Stephanos) Vlasto (1762-1849)
MotherAlexandra (Ioannis) Caralli (~1774-1851)
Marriage24 Jan 1836, Livorno, Italy/Tuscany
Married Memo(See 'Libro D'Oro' 177 page 180)
SpouseZangolio ‘Joanna’ (Pandia) Rodocanachi, 9G Granddaughter
Birth1815, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Death8 Jan 1846, Livorno, Italy/Tuscany
BurialLivorno, Italy/Tuscany
Note 1(Vlachou) A tomb stone in the Greek cemetery in Livourno appears to record the names of Zangolio Rodocanachi and Alexandre M Vlasto.
FatherPandia (Paul) Rodocanachi (1783-1846)
Birth7 Jan 1837, Livorno, Italy/Tuscany
Death28 Aug 1838, Livorno, Italy/Tuscany
Birth11 Jun 1839, Livorno, Italy/Tuscany
Death23 Jul 1847, Livorno, Italy/Tuscany
3 FAlexandra (Alexander) Vlasto, 10G Granddaughter
Birth19 Jul 1843, Livorno, Italy/Tuscany
Birth MemoArgenti says Constantinople though another source more credibly says Livorno.
Death11 Feb 1908, London, England
Marriage26 Apr 1860, Livorno, Italy/Tuscany
ChildrenMaria ‘Marigo’ (Alexander) (1863-1932)
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