NameEmmanuel (Theodore) Schilizzi, 7G Grandson
Birth14 Jun 1784, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Death28 Mar 1864, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Burial1864, Baloukli, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Burial MemoArgenti says at St John of the Chians, Galata, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium. Catsiyannis says he was buried at the church of Zoodohos Pighi, Baloukli, Constantinople in Sechiari-Schilizzi mausoleum.
Note 1(Orphanoi) Emmanuel Th. Schilizzi’s family mausoleum at Zoodochos Pighi, Baloukli, Constantinople, is shared with Pandia Paraskeva Sechiari (1816-1880).
Note 2It appears that he may have spent periods of his adult life in Marseilles, London and Constantinople.
Marriage1816, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Married MemoArgenti says 12 Jan 1822 which cannot be right...
SpouseVierou (Leonidas) Argenti
Birth26 Apr 1801, Chios, Greece/Hellenes
Death28 Sep 1868, Marseille, France
Burial1868, St John of the Chiots, Galata, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Note 1(Chadzi-Leonidi) Portraits of her appear in the Koraïs Library, Chios. She also appears in the death-bed scene of Marouko Argenti (née Sechiari 1767-1849) in the Koraïs Library, Chios.
FatherLeonidas Pandely (Pandely) Argenti + (1743-1822)
MotherMarouko (Augustus) Sechiari (1767-1849)
1 FMaria (Emmanuel) Schilizzi, 8G Granddaughter
Birth18 Sep 1817, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Death20 Jul 1819, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Birth5 Oct 1819, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Death15 Sep 1889, Brighton, Sussex, England
SpousePandia (Paraskeva) Sechiari , 8G Grandson
Marriage1846, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
ChildrenEmmanuel (Pandia) (1843-1843)
 Arghyro (Pandia) (1847-1932)
 Virginia (Pandia) (1849-1929)
 Emmanuel (Pandia) (1850-1864)
 Marie (Pandia) (1855-1928)
 Julia (Pandia) (1856-1906)
3 FPhilomèle (Emmanuel) Schilizzi, 8G Granddaughter
Birth17 Mar 1824, Marseille, France
Birth MemoAnother source says 17 May 1824.
Death23 Jan 1894, Genoa, Italy
Marriage20 Nov 1842, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
ChildrenStamati (Dimitri) (1844-1899)
Birth14 Apr 1840, Constantinople, Turkey/Byzantium
Death17 Nov 1887, London, England
SpouseHypatia (Ioannis) Schilizzi , 8G Granddaughter
Marriage28 Apr 1866, Church of Our Saviour, London Wall, City of London, England
Marriage12 Oct 1872, Church of Our Saviour, London Wall, City of London, England
ChildrenNina (Theodore) (1879-1951)
 Anthony (Theodore) (1875-1950)
 Pandia (Theodore) (1876-1903)
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